Gallivant Coffee

Gallivant Coffee


Everyone check out this great new coffee shop in Woodfin! Enjoying their "forager" coffee this morning. Super knowledgeable owner and wow what amazing brews they have :)
gallivantcoffee in Woodfin is now open for business. The shop offers plant-based coffee drinks made with house-roasted beans and scratch-made baked goods + granolas. Check them out Wed.-Fri., 7:30 a.m.-1 p.m. and Sat. and Sun., 8:30-1:30 p.m. ☕
On this Wednesday, we're discussing:

🏆 NC's most iconic products
🦃 MANNA FoodBank's holiday turkey drive
🏡 The 2021 Asheville Parade of Homes
☕ gallivantcoffee is now open + way more....

roasting favorites+interesting small lots+unique drinks
Plant based for the planet.

Operating as usual


Come grab a slice of baklava cheesecake before it’s all gone! Warm spices, toasted pecans, and creamy filling make this the perfect way to end your weekend 😊


Happy Saturday! Come in for coffee, pastries, and pure joy! See you all soon 😊


Friday is for cookie sandwiches and oatmeal cream better time to treat yourself! Come see us for a cookie and a coffee to kick your weekend off the right way! 😊


This warmer weather means we’re brewing up some fun stuff. Keep an eye out for new new coming soon! 🌞


You know it’s iced coffee season when....😊 we’re restocking our 32 ounce take homes with One World- a delicious coffee from Finca Mira Flores in Honduras. It’s absolutely lovely- hope we’ll see you tomorrow!


Happy Sunday! These swirls and lots of other pastries await you 😊 We have cupcakes, cookie sandwiches, and all sorts of other delicious goods up for grabs, come see us!


Happy Friday! We’re celebrating with iced coffee in one of our favorite mugs. Everybody thankful to have made it to the (almost) weekend?


Happy May the 4th be With You! For today only we have a Princess Leia latte! It’s a sticky bun latte with caramel and cinnamon and then we garnish it with a little space bun 😊 hope we’ll see ya soon!


Roasted more of this absolutely lovely microlot today and we’ll have it back in stock for Wednesday. If you haven’t tried this one, you really should. It’s an absolute treat and we have been enjoying every cup we’ve had. Thanks to @goldmtncoffee for this one. ❤️


Happy Sunday! This could be what your morning looks like... the coffee is flowing and the pastries are plentiful. We’ll see you soon, friends!

Gallivant with us this Mother's Day! 04/29/2022

Gallivant with us this Mother's Day!

-Be sweet with us this Mother's Day-

Mother's Day is coming up soon and we have lovely sweets to please everyone.

Take a look at our preorder options and pick out something for the special person in your life.

Thank you all for your support!

Gallivant with us this Mother's Day! Click here for an update from Gallivant Coffee!


Happy Friday friends! We’ve got a great weekend ahead! Mother’s Day preorders will be up today and we have a big retail restock too. In the meantime, we’re slinging all the delicious drinks and pastries. ❤️


It’s the perfect chilly Thursday morning for hanging out in the cafe a bit and enjoying a latte. Hope you’re all having a great morning and we’ll see you soon! ❤️


Happy Wednesday! Come in for some of this liquid gold to help you get through the day 😊


✅ adventure approved
✅ ceramic interior
✅ keeps your drink the perfect temp
✅ looks great
The reasons go on and on as to why we love these @hyperpureusa mugs...needless to say- we never leave home without ours. 😊


What a beautiful day to enjoy our First Bloom Nitro and do some gardening. First Bloom is a house blended herbal refresher that has notes of crushed mint and complex chamomile. We lightly sweeten and nitrogenate it for the perfect amount of bubbles..this drink is all about spring and great for the warmer days. Come give it a shot and grab some seeds while you’re at it!


Happy Saturday! Coffee is brewing, we have tons of scratch baked fresh from the oven pastries and the day is looking gorgeous. Hope we’ll see you soon! 😊

Photos from Gallivant Coffee's post 04/22/2022

Happy Earth Day! We’re celebrating with this lovely coffee- a new single origin in our lineup. Production of this coffee is focused on sustainability and so it’s the perfect coffee to celebrate the earth with. It’s also packaged in home compostable coffee bags which makes it that much sweeter. Come give this new coffee a try! 🌎✨


We take sustainability pretty seriously, and we’re excited to add Coffee Club to our offerings! When you join our coffee club you get 6 refills at a discounted price in an environmentally friendly glass jar! Buy, brew, refill- it’s as easy as that 😊. We’ll be sharing more of our ongoing sustainability efforts as the weekend goes on and we hope you’ll stick with us in our quest for a more sustainable industry! 🌎☕️


Happy Wednesday! Come in for a pick me up to get through the day 😊


Enjoy this beautiful spring day with an iced coffee and whatever else your heart desires! Pastries are fresh baked and we have lots of options. Hope we’ll see you soon friends!


SURPRISE BOGO half off beverages and pastries until 3 today!

Photos from Gallivant Coffee's post 04/16/2022

✨Saturday Cake Vibes✨ It’s a perfect day for a slice of this luscious lemon wildflower’re you waiting for? See you soon! ❤️


✨Thursday dreams do come true ✨
Bottled lattes are restocked and there are lots of fresh strawberry pop tarts to brighten your day!


Perfect start to a and more coffee! It’s shaping up to be an absolutely beautiful day out and we can’t wait to see you all! 😊


Happy Monday! We spent the day catching up on some roasting so we have all your favorites for the week. And...Keep your eyes peeled for a new April offering coming soon! ❤️


Sunday bun day! Swing by to grab a delicious cinnamon bun and a warm drink. It’s the perfect chilly spring morning for it and we are totally stocked up with everything delicious. See ya soon! ☀️


Sweet little cappuccino along with a coffeecake muffin are exactly what this Saturday calls for! Coffee and Pastries are flowing, see ya soon❤️


Imagine being on the other side of the counter for this one! Wildflower latte garnished with a stunning edible flower from @ashevillemicrogreens. Almost too pretty to drink...almost. 😊 Come see us for this springy light latte, we’ll be slinging the good stuff all weekend!


Ostara blend is on cold brew all this week and it’s beautifully refreshing...pair it with one of our new seasonal shortbreads (lemon and elderflower-yum!) for a winning combination. Happy Thursday, see you soon! 😊


Happy Wednesday! This Horchata latte and giant oatmeal cookie are a whole Wednesday mood and are guaranteed to make your day better ✌️ hope we’ll see you all soon!


Restocked and ready for you tomorrow! We’re featuring some of the loveliest coffees right now in addition to our usual stellar lineup. Come see us! 😊


Lots of glassware arrived today! We’ve restocked all of our bottles AND we have some new and special stuff on the horizon planned for April that we can’t wait to introduce. Hope you’ve all had a great Monday!


Happy Sunday! Have you checked out our Seed Wall yet? Local seeds from Weaverville,by @livingseedcompany -there’s lots of cool choices and even new seeds that arrived just this last week. It’s fun to look while you enjoy a coffee...Come check it out and find something you love for your spring garden. 🌸


It’s Saturday... bring yourself, bring a friend- come grab some super delicious coffee this morning! Hope we’ll see you all soon! 🤗

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126 Elkwood Avenue, #102
Woodfin, NC

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