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Christ•is•Faith Ministry


Heading out to volunteer a few hours at Christ•is•Faith Ministry. They have in date yogurt for FREE.

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hey im looking for some things can u pm me please

The ministry desperately needs the help of the community.
This afternoon at approximately 4:30 pm a 16foot utility trailer with tandem wheels was stolen from Christ Is Faith Ministry.
The camera footage below shows the truck that was used along with the trailer, as the thieves were leaving the ministry with the trailer. They also stole some vinyl siding. If anyone has seen this truck or trailer or if you know anything concerning this please, contact Martha at 515-7147 or the Whitley County Sheriff's Department at 549-6017.

This trailer was used to pick up much needed food and supplies to help those in our community. Please share this post and keep your eyes and ears open. We really need this trailer to continue to serve those in our community.
God Bless,
Are you All open today. If so please tell me what time ty
Where are you located?

A ministry helping those in need. Drop off hours 8 a.m - 6 p.m

Your welcome to call anytime at (606) 515-7147

Christ•is•Faith Ministry updated their business hours. 09/16/2022

Christ•is•Faith Ministry updated their business hours.

Christ•is•Faith Ministry updated their business hours.


Please be in PRAYer for Glen Bolton. He is having hip replacement surgery this morning.
We PRAY that GOD will be with the Dr’s and guide their hands. We PRAY that he will have a successful surgery and a full recovery.

Thank you for your PRAYers.


Have a family in real need of a refrigerator they are three kids in the home and one is a infant desperate need. Please let me know if you have one or know of someone that want to help.


Friday evening Aug. 26, Ministry is in need of volunteers.
We will be boxing up items that has been donated for our CHRISTmas & Easter events, hanging up clothes, rearrange shelves, ect. 
If your able to to help in anyway messsge or give me a call.
Thank you, GOD BLESS


Ever wonder what would happen if we treated our Bible like we treat our cell phone? We carried it in our purse. We flipped through it throughout the day. We went home to get it if we forgot it. We received messages from the text. We couldn't live without it. We gave it to kids as gifts. We used it in case of emergency. One more thing, it would never be disconnected. Jesus has already paid the bill. :)♥


I found a pair of glasses in the parking lot of the Ministry yesterday. If anyone that thinks they may have lost here stop or call the Ministry.


Don t forget tomorrow is our bake sale come out and support the Ministry.

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We have Yogurt in this morning at Ministry.

If you bring back the box tops we will be donating them to Galilean children’s home.


My cousin ( Melinda Rogers) has put alot of volunteer hours in at the Ministry in past year. 
Tomorrow she goes for a heart cath making sure no blockages then she will be facing open heart surgery in the days to come. Please help me in keeping her in your PRAYers. GOD’s in control


We were BLESSed with a large donation of sheets, pillow cases, (Queen, some King) if there anyone in need stop by the Ministry tomorrow.


We will not be doing the giveaway till tomorrow due to the rain Sunday July 10th at 2 p.m Thanks & have a BLESSed Day


Update: we will be doing the food giveaway tomorrow at 2pm due to possible rain have a BLESSed Day.
Food Giveaway
Drive Threw Only

Tomorrow Saturday July 9th,
Time: 6 p.m
Place: Parking lot across from the Woodbine Post Office
40 Hwy 6
Woodbine, Ky 40771

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It's came a long way THANKful & BLESSed


The Ministry had been working with a friend in helping a lady several months ago in moving in a assistant living apartment better arranged for her in her condition. She has been with health problems, colostomy bag since she was a teenager now in her sixties. She is in dare need of a walker with a seat on it. If anyone has one or knows of someone that has one not using that would like to help this lady out contact or bring by the Ministry I’ll see it gets to her. GOD BLESS

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Food Items/Sweet Potatoes

Today Friday June 24, 2022
Time: 6:30
Place: Across from the
Woodbine Postoffice


Darrell and Donna have been a BLESSing and spend lots of time helping me move to the new building. Please remember him in PRAYers for a safe return home.

Missing Adult Male With Dementia
Name: Darrell Carter
Age: 75
Clothes: Red Checkered Shirt, Blue Jeans, and Brown Boots
Date Missing: 6/12/22

Area: Rockholds, Gail Hart Rd

Darrell Carter entered the woods off Gail Hart Rd in the Rockholds area searching for Snake W**d. Carter does have a history of dementia. He did not return to his residence at the time he designated. Search and Rescue has been in the area attempting to locate. Anyone with information about his whereabouts is encouraged to contact Whitley County Sheriff's Office through dispatch at 606-549-6017.


I have families in need of the following if anyone has or knows of anyone who would like to donate.

*Baby fomula Similac 360 Total
*Twin beds
*Twin mattress
*Coffee table, end tables

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We will be doing a food giveaway this evening until food is gone, it will start @3pm come join us and have a BLESSed day. It will be located at Friendly food mart in woodbine


Hope each and every Mother has a BLESSed day.

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I have been restocking this week been BLESSed with lots of donation clothes, kids clothes putting out formal dresses, shoes and Easter Dresses stop by the Ministry.

Closed today
Open tomorrow 8 a.m to 5 p.m

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We’re excited and looking forward in joining Just For Kids Free in a day of fun. 

Saturday April 16, 2022
Time: 4 p.m
Place: Oak Grove Elementary ball field.

There will be food, games, egg hunt, Easter baskets filled with toys and candy.
The Easter bunny will be available for pictures.
We look forward to seeing everyone there.


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I have been fortunate enough to have a few cans of various kinds of Baby Formula to give away. Unfortunately, I only have a limited number of each. These will be given away on first come first serve basis. Please pick up at the Ministry after 12 noon.
We also have potatoes available.

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For several years Margie Rogers volunteer at the Ministry she was family , a friend and loved helping others. She always had use laughing enjoying life. Please help me in remembering her family in PRAYers as they lay her to rest today.


We have several families in real need asking for twin beds, and a baby mattress. If anyone has one to donate, or knows of someone that may what to help these families., please contact the ministry.


Food Giveway

Saturday March 19, 2022
Time: 3 p.m to 5 p.m
Friendly Mart Parking Lot


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Walker/ stroller if anyone needs one stop by the Ministry.

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More pictures from this past tuesday giveaway.

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If I don’t think everyone
enough I do appreciate each and everyone who helped whether it was unloading the truck, making up food bags or distributing them out. I thank GOD for each and Everyone.

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**Food Giveaway**

Saturday March 5th
12 -2
Friendly Mart Parking Lot
Woodbine, Ky.


Easter is a ways off but we are working on our event now. Have had lots of donation came in that can be used for this Easter. Been checking around with families and getting ideals if interested in a program this year. Maybe even coming together with Just for Kids Free. Easter is a joyful event reminding families of the real meaning of Easter along with helping the children with filled with toys, candy.
Keep a watch on our page we will post all information soon.


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If anyone is in need of these items please come by Ministry today.

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Photos from Alice Barton's post


Hello everyone. I hope that you are staying warm and having a wonderfully BLESSed day. I felt the need to stop and take a few minutes to thank GOD for answering our PRAYers, as he always does.
After posting the need for warm bed covers on our page. There have been several warm blankets and bedding, household items and furniture donated. Several wonderful, kind hearted people have stepped up to help where there was a need.
I cannot begin to tell you just how much this BLESSes my heart when things like this happen. That is the reason that I love what I do here at the Ministry.
The kindness, generosity, love and support that each of you have displayed, means so much more than a "Thank You"
Your donations are what BLESSes and helps so many families in our community. GOD BLESS You All!

Christ is Faith Ministry
Romans 12:13 KJV


There are a few families in our community who have had to reach out to us for help. We have been fortunate enough to be able to supply their needs with food, clothing and hygiene items. We have one family who has suffered a tremendous loss due to a house fire.
During this bitter cold winter season the Ministry is in desperate need of blankets, comforters and warm bed covers. Some of these families also need various furniture items.
If you or anyone you know of are able to donate these items so that we may help these families. Please contact me @ (606) 515-7147 or stop by the Ministry. Your kindness and donation will be greatly appreciated.
The greatest need of all, we need to PRAY for each other.

Thank you in advance,
Christ Is Faith Ministry


Ministry will remain closed today but if your in need of something contact me I will try to make arrangement to help.


Today Wednesday Jan 12th @ 1:30 we will be giving out food items at Friendly Mart parking lot.
40 Ky 6 , Woodbine


My friend Dave Raines from North Carolina needs our PRAYers he has Covid and only has 25 percent of his heart working plus he has a difibrillator please PRAY for a healing touch for my dear friend.


If anyone is still needing to pick up at Ministry please call make arrangements to pick up in next few hours.




40 Hwy 6 (behind Friendly Mart Store)
Woodbine, KY

Opening Hours

Monday 8am - 6pm
Tuesday 8am - 6pm
Wednesday 8am - 6pm
Thursday 8am - 6pm
Saturday 8am - 6pm