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Edge Computers is all about giving you the most for your money. From computers to phones and beyond, At Edge Computers, the customers are the main drive.

Without all of you, there is no business. I will always make completion of jobs and your happiness with the services rendered my top priority. One on one consultations:
When possible, I will always speak directly with you about what you need done. Follow up:
I like to follow up on all services in order to assure utmost happiness with services rendered. Whether you had a full computer built, or jus


Edge Computers is back from hiatus!
Unfortunately other work obligations have kept me away from operations here. In the off time I have gained some updated information as to services offered!
Edge Computers can now offer comprehensive cell phone repair service.
As this is a fairly new field of service for me, I currently cannot make any promises on time frames for job completion. This is due to me still learning in this field and also due to a lack of in stock parts for repair. Replacement parts are currently being ordered only as they are needed. However, I do have functional units to offer on loan while repairs are in progress. They are older units and are thus limited in capabilities, but I hope to expand my base of loaner units for all repair services in the near future. This includes computers, tablets, phones, etc....
Loaner base will be expanded beyond the above mentioned as need arises.

As always, Edge Computers greatly appreciates any and all business! Being a fledgling company operated by a single person, things get rough. Life gets in the way sometimes. But I want you all to know that the customer is always going to be my top priority when possible.

How I feel after seeing the games on Steam sale (and knowing my PC can't handle any of the games) 06/14/2015

How I feel after seeing the games on Steam sale (and knowing my PC can't handle any of the games)

If this is you right now, man have I got some ideas for you.

How I feel after seeing the games on Steam sale (and knowing my PC can't handle any of the games) Click to see the pic and write a comment...


Time to start gearing up for the steam summer sale!!!
Maybe you have been planning for this sale, maybe not. Either way, we at Edge Computers have the solution for you!
Everything from clean slate builds to upgrades on existing systems. We are your center for Steam sale system solutions!


Offering a couple sale prices on mainstream electronics until 01/12/15!!
32 GB Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro brand new for $550 14% discount (5 available)

Samsung 46" Class 1080p 60Hz Smart LED HDTV $500 34% discount
(Possibly getting one for myself so there might only be 1 available)

Feel free to make inquiries on any other sale prices for items you may be seeking. Chances are high I can find it


Wanted to do a quick post to make sure everyone is aware of this little extra here.
Edge Computers also occasionally offers sale rates on finished, high end electronics such as televisions, laptops, headsets, home theater speaker systems, etc...
Check in occasionally for updates on specials!
As an added bonus, I will personally handle any installations of televisions or home theater speaker systems upon request at no extra charge!

Get ready 12/09/2014

Get ready

So this is going to be a thing soon.
Will you be left feeling unfulfilled by poor frame rates and low texture details on all those games you are about to purchase?
If your answer to that is even a maybe, it might be time to consider a new computer.
But have no fear! There are still great core component deals all over the place! If you act in the next few weeks you could get a mid to high end gaming computer built for as little as $700!
(Compared to what Edge Computers has spent on equipment this year, that is a steal)
Due to the holidays and cash being tight all around, I am also more than willing to discuss payment plans on any builds. However I can only do a few more builds this year, so act fast if you want a build done by a technician you can trust.

Get ready Click to see the pic and write a comment...


Edge Computers will be putting together a few basic build formats in various price ranges to give potential customers a better idea of what they are looking for. The lists should be in within the next 48 hours.

It has begun... STEAM SALE IS UPON US! 11/27/2014

It has begun... STEAM SALE IS UPON US!

Worried about the upcoming steam sale?

It has begun... STEAM SALE IS UPON US! Click to see the pic and write a comment...


Massive sale on core components for the next few days! Up to 50% off! If you have been wanting to get a computer built, this is a deal you just can't miss!


With Black Friday and the Christmas season quickly approaching, components are reaching their lowest costs of the year! There are few better opportunities to jump on that gaming computer you have been dreaming about!
And in the spirit of the Christmas season, Edge Computers is now offering a three stage payment option! 50% parts cost upfront, labor charge due upon delivery, and remaining parts cost due by December 15th! Get this deal while it lasts!
Three stage payment option valid on orders made before thanksgiving(11/27/14). 5% interest will be added to account for every week final payment is late.


And in a surprise twist, Edge Computers will now also be offering digital media recovery services.
*sales pitch time*
Did you accidentally delete precious memories of a family vacation? Did you accidentally delete your entire music library? Or maybe you lost that term paper that's due in two days? Have no fear! Edge Computers can recover almost any lost digital media!
(See pricing outline note for full details)


Hello everyone!
Just wanted to make the announcement that Edge Computers is on the final step to becoming a fully registered business! It should be no more than 3 weeks!


Been awhile since I have done a shout out, but this one is potentially profitable for you, the customer!
Edge Computers needs to build up a small collection of laptops to loan out to customers who's needs cannot be met same day. On that note, these laptops need not be top of the line. They also don't necessarily need to be functioning. Most things can be salvaged with some work. Depending on physical condition and level of hardware functionality, I am willing to make offers on old and unwanted machines.
Edge Computers is also in the market for old or unwanted desktops. There is a preference for machines less than 5 years old however. Though the primary technician on staff (namely myself) is reasonably well skilled, practice never hurts. And better to practice on machines that won't matter instead of on a customers computer. Same thing here as with the laptops. Offers will be made on a basis of physical condition and hardware functionality. Though they will be used primarily as test beds it is always possible that they could become part of a sale down the road.


The Steam summer sale is here! Is your computer up to the challenge? If not, have no fear! At Edge Computers we not only build custom gaming computers but can also upgrade existing systems! Just ask for a estimate!


In recognition of the upcoming Steam summer sale I have decided to cut my labor rate in half on any orders placed by 11:59 pm on June 19!
That means 5% the cost of parts or $7.50 an hour! Whichever is cheaper will be the labor cost!

Tools and projects 06/10/2014

I have here a fairly complete tool set. There isn't much I can't do as long as I know how to do it and I have the right tool for the job.

Profile pictures 06/10/2014

Computer I built for my family. I3 intel processor, 8 GB's of RAM, riding on an ASUS motherboard.
Will add some internal pictures and specifics on other parts at a later time.




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