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Adding curb appeal to compliment the modern renovations at Northern Ground. Ginkgo is a great choice for this Harbor View neighborhood.

Goodmark Nurseries, LLC New Holland Agriculture Northern Ground
The future of our industry is bright in the hands of these leaders. We're proud that three of this year's class of GPN - Greenhouse Product News '40 under 40' come from IGIA member companies. Check out the article to learn a few fun facts about the people who are shaping the future of horticulture.
Midwest Groundcovers LandscapeHub Goodmark Nurseries, LLC
THANK YOU to the Summer Field Day Committee for planning a great event and of course to Goodmark Nurseries, LLC for hosting the 58th Summer Field Day last Thursday!
A beautiful day to be at the annual Illinois Landscape Contractors Association Summer Field Days! Thanks to Goodmark Nurseries, LLC for hosting this awesome event!
We can’t serve struggling families without the help of our community! Today we were the grateful recipients of a donation from an event held at Chicago Botanic Gardens. Thank you to Acres Group and Goodmark Nurseries, LLC/South Branch for their collaboration and generosity! Special thanks to Jamie Horner for referring us!
Just a quick arboreal reminder that Illinois Landscape Contractors Association Summer Field Day is coming up August 1st at Goodmark Nurseries, LLC. It's great chance to win prizes and snag some discounted product! Don't miss it!
🍁A huge thank-you to the Village of Niles - Municipality for choosing us to be the recipient of their 2019 Arbor Day Tree. We felt honored to have Mayor Andrew Przybylo and a few of the other Village Trustees join us on this special afternoon yesterday. Special thanks to Goodmark Nurseries, LLC in Wonder Lake for donating this [soon to be] beautiful Sun Valley Red Maple Tree. We look forward to growing with it over the coming decades. More photos and videos to follow!
Summer Field Day
August 1, 2019
Hosted By: Goodmark Nurseries, LLC, Wonder Lake, IL
At the close of Day 2 of ILandscape 2018, Roger Purcell raises a toast to several of our finest customers. From left, Mike Scheitz of Goodmark Nurseries, LLC, Dan Livingston of Fox Ridge Nursery, Arthur Weiler of Arthur Weiler Nursery andJonathan Stickel of Mariani Plants
THIS WEEKEND! JOIN US in beautiful Wonder Lake!
Nursery auction! Includes trees, plants and shrubs!
GREAT DEALS for homeowners, contractors & municipalities!

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Goodmark Nurseries, LLC
produces a full line of award winning Controlled Release Fertilizers for Nurseries,
Greenhouses, Agriculture, and Professional Landscapers check us out!

The tree you plant today, will be growing long after you depart. Leave a Goodmark!


Video of our new container area! The plants will begin rolling on to availability after the next trim.


Our new Wisconsin and Minnesota sales rep., Fred Goldman claims to be 6' tall (with boots). Here he is standing next to 6' emerald green arborvitae. One of these two is a liar.

The liar is the arborvitae they are almost touching 7' and we have around 600 available.


We are excited to announce that our harvest has started! Reach out to your sale's reps to reserve your spring order now.

A little about our process on new orders:
Day 1: You place your order with one of our wonderful reps.
Day 2: The inventory team will tag and quality control your order.
Day 3: Your order will get dug.
Day 4: Your order is transferred and staged in our holding yard.
Day 5: Your order is ready for pickup.


The all new Ilandscape booth is set up and ready to go. Stop by and say hello. We are all looking forward to seeing you for another great trade show! A special thanks to our own Adam Miller for this great design and build.

Covering Houses 2021 11/10/2021

Covering Houses 2021

The cold is coming, so that means it is time to put our plants away for the winter. Here is a video showing the hard work put into covering hoop houses.

Covering Houses 2021

Wholesale Nursery Illinois - Wholesale Tree Nursery | Goodmark Nurseries 09/23/2021

Wholesale Nursery Illinois - Wholesale Tree Nursery | Goodmark Nurseries

Our website has a new look, full of exciting new features helping you discover our nursery. Search our crop availability, see crop photos, make better pest management decisions with our GDD tracker, and learn why Goodmark should be your number one supplier.

Wholesale Nursery Illinois - Wholesale Tree Nursery | Goodmark Nurseries Work with Illinois’ leading wholesale tree nursery to source trees, shrubs, perennials, and more. Choose carefully-cultivated, high-quality specimens from Goodmark Nurseries.


Starting to build next 2 acres of container production. The land will need to graded next for good drainage. Great plants start with great facilities!


Why Sunflowers? We use sunflowers for our cover crop for a few reasons:

· The sunflowers form a protective canopy that reduces the impact of rain drops on the soil surface thereby decreasing the breakdown of soils. This greatly reduces soil erosion and runoff.

· The sunflowers will increase soil organic matter, leading to improvements in soil structure, stability, and increased moisture and nutrient holding capacity for plant growth.

· The sunflower’s tap root will help break up clay soils, improving soil air holding capacities and reducing soil compaction.

· The sunflowers act to store nitrogen in the soil instead of running-off into waterways. The plants suck up the nutrients and store them in the crop until they are mulched. They will then release the nutrients back into the soil to be used by the next crop. This reduces the amount of fertilizer we need to apply in spring.

· The sunflowers shade reduces w**d growth under the crop reducing the need for pre-planting Round-up usage.

· The bees on our farm love them!


Take a one minute look at our fully finished greenhouse. We have started production with both tree liners and propagation being planted in 2022!


First day of container planting. Take a look below to see all the different steps in using a potting machine. I like to refer to these days as controlled chaos.


As we expand our container program here is a quick video showing orders staged for customers. Reach out to your sales representative to receive the perfect plants for your jobs.


Grower degree days is a way to track accumulated weather (heat) to determine insect emergence and phenology. As of today we are at the same point we were on May 14th, 2020!!! So, if it seems like you're behind, it's because you lost a whole month.


While the spring harvest is going at full speed, planting also is critical this time of year. How do we plant 40,000 liners? Take a look below!


Prism Health will be back on April 15th for the second round of vaccinations. Our instruction was that they will send a text\email with a link for an appointment time and more information. The messages will go out as the date gets closer. If we receive different instructions we will update you ASAP.


We would like to give a very special thank you to the volunteers who came out to provide vaccines for McHenry agriculture workers. It feels great to start the process on keeping everyone safe. They will be returning in 21 days to provide the second dose.


We have vaccines available next Tuesday for local area landscapers!



Started Our Spring Dig Yesterday!

Photos from Goodmark Nurseries, LLC's post 02/22/2021

We are completely enclosed! The next steps are installing floor heat, concrete, and greenhouse components (i.e. the fun stuff). We are still on schedule for production to begin this spring.



A lot of work goes into growing a great tree that most people would never see. But you can see some of it with a 1-minute iPhone video showcasing our bareroot liner tree process. We started receiving liners in from Oregon the first week of February and we will plant them in April.

Thank you to our Oregon Suppliers. J. Frank Schmidt, Robinson, KCK, and John Holmlund. Josh Robinson Roger Purcell


A look at our Arctic Circle nursery location, offering convenient pickup by dog sled. 😂

Timeline photos 11/11/2020

Thank you, Veterans!

Above Ground On Sale Now!!! 10/23/2020

Above Ground On Sale Now!!!

Do you want to stay up-to-date with our sales and the latest info? Our newsletter would be perfect for you. Check it out here!

Above Ground On Sale Now!!! Website Inventory Schedule A Tour Visit Our Blog Contact Us Looking For Trees? Click Here For Availability! We have over 1,000 above ground trees! Ready To Ship Immediately! Call Today! (815)653-9293

Timeline photos 10/09/2020

Andy is our grower and IPM manager at Goodmark Nurseries. He moved from Cleveland, Ohio, and joined the Goodmark team in 2020. He is focusing on overhauling our production practices and plant healthcare program here at the nursery. His focus here at Goodmark will be to improve plant quality, expand our container program, and manage liner propagation in our new half-acre greenhouse.

Andy graduated from the University of Mount Union with degrees in environmental science and geology and has started his career as a nursery grower. He is excited to continue his career as a part of the Goodmark Nurseries team.

Outside of work, he enjoys spending time fishing, hiking, or kayaking. He loves national parks and hopes to visit all of them one day. If you ever are at the nursery picking up an order and want to talk plants or Cleveland sports, make sure to ask if he’s around!

Welcome to Goodmark Nurseries! 09/30/2020

Welcome to Goodmark Nurseries!

Welcome to Goodmark Nurseries!

Welcome to Goodmark Nurseries!


Yard Drive

Starting fall plantings early? We still have many trees already above ground ready for you. Now 10% off.

Photos from Goodmark Nurseries, LLC's post 09/12/2020

Soaking up the last few days of summer!

Timeline photos 09/11/2020

We will never forget. 09.11.01. 🇺🇸


Our team was out early working on Irrigation and snapped this stunning photo. Is there anything more beautiful than sunrise at the nursery? ☺️


Andy is serious about his PPE. Comment below to guess what he is gearing up for!


Hurry before they're all gone! Our container sale is here. 25% off all potted trees, shrubs, and perennials. Call us at 815-653-9293 for details!


Allium is one of our favorite summer perennials! What is your favorite flower?

Photos from Goodmark Nurseries, LLC's post 08/07/2020

Thank you to Melissa Kettner for sharing these precious photos in our sunflowers!


Sunflowers are blooming everywhere at our nursery this week! 🌻🌻😃

Timeline photos 07/09/2020

It's picture day here at Goodmark! Who do you think should win best dressed? 😀

Timeline photos 07/04/2020

Happy 244th Birthday, America!

Timeline photos 07/02/2020

Brooke conducted a very important 🌷 plant meeting this week. She let the team know their growth has been unbeLEAFable! 😉


Place your orders today! Visit or call us at 815-653-9293

Photos from Goodmark Nurseries, LLC's post 05/29/2020

🌱🌷We are happy to announce that Goodmark has a NEW container holding yard! This new yard saves customers the trip of going to a second location for the popular container items. Questions? Call us at 815-653-9293!!

Photos from Goodmark Nurseries, LLC's post 05/14/2020

🌷🌼May flowers are the best! What are your favorite spring blooms?

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Video of our new container area! The plants will begin rolling on to availability after the next trim.
We are excited to announce that our harvest has started! Reach out to your sale's reps to reserve your spring order now....
Starting to build next 2 acres of container production. The land will need to graded next for good drainage. Great plant...
Yard Drive
Goodmark Dig Video



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