The Bakery

The Bakery


Your pies and goodies are AMAZING!! So was your Chai Tea!! Are you open all year round?
Can I order some croissants for Tuesday or Wednesday?
Is there an app to order on-line?
MAPLE SQUARES!!!!! I want to thank Patrick for putting me in a maple square coma this morning!!! So good!!! Now does anyone know of a donut rehab near by?
Stopped at The Bakery this morning, outstanding. The strawberry/rhubarb pie "was" excellent and the Baker Owner was very nice.
Donuts today??
I saw the sign as I made the turn to Acadia NP last Sunday, 5/26/19. It's not a huge place and not too many selections. However, what I had was delicious! the chocolate croissant was really good. I bought a slice of cinnamon something, oh my gosh, I ate every little crumb because it was that good! I wished I bought more to take home with me. The focaccia bread is one of the freshest and great tasting I've eaten. Thank you to the gentleman (the owner?) for sharing your talent to make great tasting food!
Hi Patrick ... hope you're having a wonderful winter! ... I've got bad news and good news ... the bad news is I'm not going on my annual winter getaway to my little Bahamian island because my friends aren't available this year ... the good news? I'm taking some of the savings from that trip and putting it toward A FULL MONTH in Corea this coming summer, again breaking our record for longest stay in Maine. So that means you'll have to have twice the yummy baked goods as last summer to keep me happy ... and I know you're up to that task! See you in mid August 2019! Enjoy!
Best bagel ever it's better then the one's in new York.
Great opening day at The Bakery, Winter Harbor Maine !
Lots of people, yummy homemade muffins, pies, cookies and delicious fresh brewed coffee was had by all.......great place to be THE BAKERY
Thanks for taking a look at my page. I'll be sending updates. Bring a fork and come visit!

127 Main Street Winter Harbor

Photos from The Bakery's post 12/23/2022

Getting in early to wish all our followers the merriest of Christmases and the happiest of Hanukahes, filled with peppermint chocolate treats and sweet breads galore. Hope you pause, look around you then smile, knowing we're thinking of you and wishing you warm holiday wishes. You are loved! ( The lemony white wine next to the peppermint frosting had absolutely no affect on this post) Best wishes from The Bakery! ❄️


Happy holidays, friends! ⛄ 🎄


SO I CHEATED!!!! Have YOU ever had our sweet potato pie? You would, too!!

Wishing all our friends, customers and family a relaxing Thanksgiving filled with blessings and memories. We're thankful for magical moments of unity and togetherness.

Love, Hannah and Patrick


Why I love to bake! This.

Photos from The Bakery's post 11/08/2022

Another great hike for Election Day! 44 degrees at the summit, but the sunshine is warm. Elevation 2334'. A real huffer and a puffer on the way up, but the destination was worth it. See the small "mound" in the lake photo? That is Shelving Rock Mountain, yesterday's magic moment! Go climb a mountain while the weather is great!! Miss you all!!


Try to post important stuff:

Vote today - check

Win the Powerball -!!

Photos from The Bakery's post 11/07/2022

Like a summer day today at elevation 1151! A great fall hike, 70 degrees, November 7!! Don't forget to vote tomorrow!!!


Good luck Jonathan!

Hey everyone! In case you are out of the rumor loop, I just wanted to reach out to my loyal customers and confirm that the store is, in fact, being sold. It’s been my honor and privilege to serve this community for the last 22 years. My moving on will be bittersweet as I’ve been lucky enough to spend half my life, thus far, serving the cast of characters and personalities that make our beloved town of Winter Harbor…both unique and, in my opinion, the best place to live in the entire State of Maine. I’m taking with me a multitude of quips, stories, and life lessons from those who have gone on before me that will echo in my mind for the rest of my life. The new owners are philanthropists at heart and have been stewards to the Schoodic community for decades. It’s my belief that their vision, combined with the expert leadership they’ve brought on board will ensure that the Foodservice will not only survive but THRIVE well into the future. It was my goal when I bought this place in 2011 to make it a better place to shop for the Schoodic Peninsula residents, and by selling to these folks I can officially say mission accomplished. From what I’ve heard big changes are coming, and I’m just as excited as you all are to see what lies in store for this central hub of our community. My final words as owner are simple. Honor your elders. Respect them, help them when they need help and listen to what they have to say. Help your neighbor, especially those that can’t help themselves and, above all, cherish every moment that you get to spend in this, the greatest town in the world, Winter Harbor, Maine! My thanks to all who have supported me over the years!
~Jonathan Stanley
Winter Harbor Food Service

Acadia breaks monthly record for September: Island Explorer ridership rebounds - The Ellsworth American 10/29/2022

Acadia breaks monthly record for September: Island Explorer ridership rebounds - The Ellsworth American

Yeah...busy just like July and August!!

Acadia breaks monthly record for September: Island Explorer ridership rebounds - The Ellsworth American The total estimated number of visits to Acadia through the first nine months of this year was 3.35 million.


Hello fall!


Only the best. Hope you got yours this summer! My mouth is watering thinking about the delicious dishes!!

Thank you all for a great season!🌯🌮 It's a blessing cooking for all of you. I'm sure I'll miss you all! Hopefully to see you all next year in the spring! I will wish you all a happy holidays!🎉 Take care and be safe this winter! - The Valencia Family


Just Maine....the annual romance of colors in fall.

Photos from The Bakery's post 09/30/2022

It's a picture perfect morning here in Winter Harbor! Full sunshine, blue skies....and 44 degrees as I send you an update on the last day for The Bakery's POP-UP opening. Yes, the weather say it's time to go when the warmth of the ovens creates condensation over The Bakery front porch windows!

Come today for the following bakery and savory items. Gingerbread scones with a lemon glaze today, along with round two of espresso chocolate chip scones and rosemary scones with honey Rosemary glaze. Or perhaps a strawberry ginger drop biscuit for some fruited options?

Sour cream pecan or apple walnut cinnamon coffee cake, too. Cinnamon rolls make saying good bye for the season sweeter. Whole wheat ginger snaps and triple chocolate brownies today as well!

A lovely bacon, onion kale and fennel strata for breakfast!

Bread lovers unite! Choose between biscuits, focaccia or large loaves of oatmeal bread.

It's been fun baking for you over the last two days. Stop by for a cup of coffee, a scone as we operate on our final day of the season. Cheers to a warm blankets filled winter!

The Bakery
127 Main St
Winter Harbor


What a great day today, "baking people happy!" Yes, Lithuanian Coffee Cake tomorrow, but you might also want to try Gingerbread Butter Scones and Strawberry Ginger Drop Biscuits. Lots to choose on this final day of the pop up bakery. It was so great seeing everyone today! Coffee will be on in the morning. Come say hi!!


What a gorgeous morning for the POP-UP appearance of The Bakery today in Winter Harbor! Looking to be one of the last mild mornings in a while. Grab your fuzzy, grab your jacket and take a stroll over for a scone and some coffee!!

Lemon Strawberry, Espresso Chocolate Chip or Honey Rosemary Scones today! Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Frosting are waiting, too! I made some Lemon Squares, so pucker up and enjoy! Biscuits, Focaccia and Oatmeal Bread today.

Apple Pie, Blueberry Crumb Pie, Blueberry Pie.

Triple Chocolate Brownies and Whole Wheat Ginger Snaps for cookies along with an oat flour and whole wheat Strawberry-White Chocolate Blondie. Not your traditional Blondie - made with olive oil - but a lighter and delicious treat.

Come see what else is waiting at The Bakery. Enjoy our POP-UP creations today and tomorrow as we wrap up more time!

See you later!


Yes...there will be creamy Southern Pimento Cheese tomorrow!!


See you tomorrow!!

Photos from The Bakery's post 09/28/2022

In case you're near Winter Harbor, and are looking for some great coffee, bakery and savory items that will start your day with a BANG...come to an after-season

"POP-UP BAKERY REOPENING" at The Bakery this Thursday and Friday, 9/29 and 9/30, 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

I had a dream that I held a pop-up reopening at The Bakery. Imagine that, rested enough to dream!!! Well, I'm following through on this fun and foolish dream with hopes you'll come and enjoy some of the creations I've baked for you.

Two days only... Thursday and Friday ONLY. Im rested and ready to go. Be spontaneous, come hungry and enjoy something good! I'm looking to share some creations with you!

P.S. Watch out...the chocolate chip espresso scones might start to call your name, "Linda!!"


New ideas, new recipes drive me forward! Look at the pre-bake butter pieces in these new-idea scones I want to offer you soon. Two new tender, butter flaked creations I've created and want to share are just waiting for you. Stay tuned if you'd like to try these, as well as many familiar creations that will quell your withdrawal symptoms from The Bakery! Coffee, baked goods and...yeah, MORE! Ready, set.....


Brownies? Who wants brownies? Triple chocolate - cocoa, dark and creamy milk chocolate! Hmmm, soon?


"Donut" cha know, The Bakery has closed for the season!

We'd like to thank all the donut, cinnamon rolls, breads, pies and brownie lovers who supported our little bakery and shared much of what we made with friends and families! You're all the best!

Until we meet again,
Your friends at The Bakery

The Bakery updated their business hours. 09/04/2022

The Bakery updated their business hours.

The Bakery updated their business hours.

Photos from The Bakery's post 09/04/2022

Rise and shine Winter Harbor!

Lots of delicious goodies available for you today!
Our amazing sour cream banana loaves, Amish oatmeal bread, and biscuits are available today!

Along with: Wild Maine blueberry cake, Maine camp coffee bars, ginger and peach drop biscuits, apple cinnamon walnut coffee cake and blueberry oat scones!

is brewed and waiting for you so make sure you stop by to grab a cup of hot or iced!

Also today is our last day open for the season! So make sure to stop on by if you can and grab your final treat from The Bakery for the 2022 season!
Thank you to everyone who has supported and helped us this season! It was amazing to see the returning customers from past seasons as well as all the new ones enjoy everything we have to offer! We appreciate you more than you know ❤️

Photos from The Bakery's post 09/03/2022

Good morning Winter Harbor! A bright sunny morning here and we are loving it!

Lots of goodies if you today: wild Maine blueberry cake, German plum cake, and pumpkin raisin scones with maple cream cheese icing! !

Along with cinnamon rolls and rhubarb coffee cake with coconut Walnut crumb topping!

Stock up on bread items as well! And our yummy bacon onion and kale strata!

Enjoy the Labor Day weekend! See you soon!

Photos from The Bakery's post 09/02/2022

Good morning Winter Harbor! Chilly morning means stop by the bakery for a cup of hot coffee! Coffee by design is ready for you!

Today we have blueberry oatmeal scones, cinnamon rolls, a delicious and buttery wild Maine blueberry buckle, ginger peach drop biscuits and rhubarb coffee cake with coconut walnut crumb top!

We also have our delicious homemade buttermilk donuts with vanilla glaze! Grab them while you can because today is the last day we will have donuts for the season!

Demi baguettes available, perfect for making your own bruschetta or sandwiches at home!

Toasted coconut bread, biscuits, focaccia bread, Amish oatmeal bread available as well!

Pounds of our wonderful breakfast blend coffee, the Atlantic sunrise roast, are available for purchase and we can grind the whole beans anyway you like it!

Quarts of black bean salsa soup are back and pints of our creamy pork and vegetable soup! Perfect for the chilly nights approaching!

Stop by and grab blueberry pie, blueberry crumb pie or apple pie for your Labor Day weekend today as well!

Savory breakfast items today are our bacon onion and kale Strata as well as our famous breakfast tortillas with our house made olive tapenade!

Have a great day and see you soon!

Photos from The Bakery's post 08/30/2022

Another Misty morning on the coast! Lots of goodies for you to grab on our “Friday” (Tuesday) because we are closed Wednesday and Thursday! Today is also the last day of the farmers market in town!

Chocolate croissants, lemon orange cream scones and ginger peach drop biscuits today!

Lemon poppyseed mini loaves, raspberry blueberry crumb cake, rhubarb coffee cake with coconut walnut crumb topping and cinnamon rolls!

Lots of bread choices available for you! Toasted coconut bread, focaccia bread, biscuits, Irish soda bread, zucchini bread, sour cream banana loaves, Amish oatmeal bread and Demi French baguettes!!

Pick up a 1 pound bag of coffee by design and bring it home with you! It comes as whole beans but don’t worry we can grind it in house for any type of coffee machine you have!

Hot and fresh buttermilk donuts with vanilla glaze along with our double chocolate butterscotch brownies, chocolate chip cookies made with French chocolate, and our Maine molasses cookies!

And don’t forget our deli items! Kalamata olives, green queen olives, Barley salad, hummus and creamy southern pimento cheese! We have a wonderful danish blue cheese available- 10% off for our farmers market special along with a gorgeous French ground mustard and tart cherry cacao nib crackers!

And for the pup we have our paddy cakes! Apple, oat and peanut butter homemade dog treats!

And yes we do have sandwiches! Jambon de winter harbor and the fresh mozzarella, tomato, cucumber and pesto! (Limited supply)

See you soon Winter Harbor!


Photos from The Bakery's post 08/29/2022

Happy Monday! Start your week out right by coming to The Bakery!

Grab a chicken salad sandwich or fresh mozzarella and pesto sandwich for lunch later today!

In some of our final days open we have created for you a delicious line up! Lemon blueberry bread pudding, blueberry turnovers, chocolate croissants, lemon orange cream scones and cinnamon rolls!

Irish soda bread and sour cream banana loafs are available along with our normal bread selection of mush oatmeal, focaccia, French baguettes, and biscuits!

Hot out the fryer buttermilk donuts with vanilla glaze as well!
2 types of crumb cake today and sour cream pecan coffee cake!

We also have our deli items, pints of creamy pork and vegetable soup, quarts of black bean salsa soup, and quartz of corn chowder with bacon red bliss potatoes and onions. Along with that we have our creamy southern pimento cheese spread, homemade hummus, Kalamata olives, green queen olives house made olive tapenade and our delicious barley salad!!

Have a great day and see you soon!

Photos from The Bakery's post 08/28/2022

Good morning Winter Harbor! The morning sunshine is back! Chilly morning means the fall is rolling in and summer is coming to a close!

Buttermilk donuts with vanilla glaze hot out the fryer this morning!
Chocolate croissants and cranberry walnut scones as well!

Apple cinnamon walnut coffee cake, sour cream pecan coffee cake and Wild Maine blueberry cake as well!

Along with single servings of lemon blueberry bread pudding!
We also have peach and blueberry crumb cake!

For sandwiches chicken salad is back! Our chicken salad is made with fresh herbs from our garden and toasted pecans and sliced red grapes served on a Demi baguette with lettuce!
We also have everyone’s favorite fresh mozzarella sandwich that’s made with tomato, cucumber, pesto, and mayo on the Demi baguette as well!

Pickles are back in stock! Grab a container along with our homemade tapenade, hummus, barley salad and creamy pimento cheese spread!
Perfect pairings with our olives and baguettes or focaccia bread!

Since the chilly fall air is here we’ve made lots of soup for you! Corn chowder with bacon, red bliss potatoes and onion, black beans salsa soup, creamy tomato soup, and creamy pork and vegetable soup!

Always something delicious to grab at the bakery so stop on by to get it while you can!


You have been asking for it and we got it! Chicken salad by the pint! Come grab it now!

Photos from The Bakery's post 08/27/2022

The stages of a beautiful lemon meringue pie being made!

Come grab it today while you can!

Photos from The Bakery's post 08/27/2022

Good morning Winter Harbor! Here’s hoping the sunshine breaks through these clouds later!

Lots of goodies for you today!

Cinnamon sugar buttermilk donuts are hot out the fryer!

Chocolate croissants, lemon orange scones and ginger peach drop biscuits!
Blueberry crumb cake and more!

Come grab your sandwiches now for lunch later! Served on a Demi baguette these babies will fill you up and taste delicious!

We also have many bread choices for your dinner needs!
As well as pints of out creamy pork soup and quarts of our lentil and vegetable soup!

Pies today are: blueberry crumb, blueberry and strawberry rhubarb!

Come snag one while you can!

Have a great day and see you soon!



Photos from The Bakery's post 08/26/2022

Good morning Winter Harbor and happy Friday! Yes, your favorite bakery is back open today! Don’t forget you can always pre-order items online for same-day pick up or stop by and see what’s at the window!

Zucchini bread and sour cream banana loaves available today along with our Amish oatmeal bread loaves, focaccia bread, biscuits and toasted coconut bread loaves!

We have rhubarb coffee cake with coconut walnut crumb topping, and delicious cinnamon rolls topped with cream cheese glaze!
We also have for donuts today cinnamon sugar buttermilk donuts!!
Wild Maine blueberry turnovers made with our homemade butter danish dough! And two types of scones: Lemon orange cream and cranberry walnut!

You can also pick up one of our chocolate mint cakes for your weekend festivities!

Or try one of our delicious pumpkin bars that has chopped cranberries and topped with maple cream cheese glaze and chopped walnuts!

Pies available as well today! We have: blueberry crumb, blueberry, strawberry rhubarb, and apple Galettes!

Fresh mozzarella pesto tomato cucumber sandwiches available as well as our Jambon de Winter Harbor (ham, Djon and Swiss)!

You can also grab a pint of creamy pork soup or a quart of our vegetable and lentil soup!

Have a great day and see you soon!

Photos from The Bakery's post 08/25/2022

Soup available as well for this weekend!

We have a delicious creamy pork and vegetable soup with a little bit of spice from some green chiles! Think mild southwestern flavor! Available in pints!

And a wonderful lentil and vegetable soup made with a smoked ham hock for flavor! Available in quarts!

All of these can be grab at the window in person!

Photos from The Bakery's post 08/25/2022

Mint chocolate, chocolate cake! Topped with a creamy minty chocolate frosting with fresh mint leaves and sliced York peppermint Patties! This moist dark chocolate cake is a winner! Serves 6 and is available tomorrow! Order online or ask at the window, only 3 available! Pick one up for your dinner party this weekend!

Photos from The Bakery's post 08/23/2022

Rainy morning but we have the best coffee to warm you up!
Stop by for a cup of today!

Lots of goodies available for you chocolate croissants, Lithuanian coffee cake with cream cheese glaze, citrus cream scones and raspberry wild Maine blueberry muffins!

We also have cinnamon rolls available!!

As always we do have our Amish oatmeal bread, toasted coconut bread, biscuits, and focaccia bread! Plus don’t forget to grab a French baguette as well!

We also have lemon blueberry bread pudding for two and apple crisp for two!

For donuts today we have buttermilk donuts with wild Maine blueberry glaze!

Sandwiches are ready as well so grab one this morning for your lunch this afternoon! Or even most people eat them for breakfast because they are that good!!

Strata and breakfast tortillas available as well!

Lots of grab and go items like our homemade: hummus, olive tapenade, creamy pimento cheese spread, pickles, and barley salad!
We also have grab and go containers of Queen green olives and kalamata olives!

Enjoy the day and see you soon!


We enjoy the pleasures of the Mexican table 🌮🌯🫔


Apple crisp for 2! Perfect dessert treat!


Pickles are back stop by now to grab some while you can! Limited quantity available!


A local bake shop with home made bakery items and coffee for sale! Baked goods are made fresh each day right on site!

Scones, muffins, pies, OH MY! So much to buy at The Bakery! Cheese, pickles, pate, olives! Cold drinks and hot coffee too! Lots to see and choose!

We create new seasonal treats all the time but still carry classics!

Some of our products include:

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Whipping up a carrot cake sheet cake for tomorrow! Lots of treats to be found at our website for ordering and even more ...
Can’t wait to see you all this season!
Ok, 'tis the season for delicata squash...and a steak. Just saying bakery lovers! Wish you were here!!
No lobster here...just a ratatouille tomato pie tomorrow at The Bakery.  Grab some for lunch or dinner warm up.Only at T...
We have a wide array of pies tomorrow for your Labor Day Weekend plans, including Sweet Potato Pie Tarts with Toasted Pe...
Small batch Southern Pimento Cheese! At The
Wake up, Winter Harbor! Smell the coffee!
More toil...but no trouble...just boil and bubble...fresh galettes just out oven the oven. Baking with the Boston Sympho...



127 Main Street
Winter Harbor, ME

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