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If this doesn’t feel like what I needed to hear to start my week!

I love my work with groups and clients—but I also work in higher education in a leadership position. Sometimes it feels as if my approach to leadership and conflict is not appreciated.

I am trying to be mindful that we can have a kind and compassionate world—even in business—if we all tap in and remember that we are not the roles we inhabit. We are humans—just trying to do a job so we can LIVE!!

I will greet this week with compassion and make sure my ego doesn’t demand more than my true self.

I will STILL be kind. Compassionate and caring. AND THAT’S OKAY


Happiest of Saturdays. Go love yourself!!!! 🤍💫


I did my first Tai Chi class yesterday—I remember living in Colorado and watching (not eerily) my neighbors do Tai Chi.

Yesterday I left the gym through another door (randomly) and saw a colleague leading the class who waved me in.

The sun was setting through the large glass windows and the music for the class was live. Yes—a man was sitting at a table playing soothing music on a keyboard.

In a world that is rushing ALL THE TIME I spent an unexpected hour connecting my mind, body and spirit.

Do something today —be open to what might present itself—that you might not ordinarily do.

Take some time for you. You are worth it 🤍💫

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Well, another beautiful morning! Happy Saturday!

I woke up with this on my mind...so I am sharing it...

I work with a lot of mothers (of all types) and I am a momma too!

Remember, you did the best you could at the time with your babies.

Remember, they are on their own journey. You were a conduit to this world.

Remember, one of the ways we punish ourselves is through making a "ruthless inventory" of all the ways we didn't (do enough, show up, etc.) --It's a false narrative

Put down the heavy emotions of guilt and shame. You did the best you could. Periodt. The end.

Allow yourself some ease and grace today. You deserve it.❤


Happy Friday!!!!

One of the things that I have learned over the years is to use my voice! People cannot hear what I am not saying to them! Of course, I had to begin to unpack where these patterns came from, and perhaps some of these resonate with you people pleasing, good student, good daughter, good mother, etc. but that doesn’t mean that I don’t get to state assertively what my needs are!!!
turns out I had to first discover what those were before I could share them!!!
take some time today and pause.

What is it that you need?
What is it that you want

you deserve to have your needs met!

write and reflect and begin to co-create your reality

it’s through the process of building and rebuilding your self-esteem that you’ll find it easier to use your voice



I can’t tell you how wholeheartedly I believe this! As I mentioned, my word for 2023 is integration.

Part of that means taking everything I’ve learned and starting to practice it. In order to do that, I have to be intentional

I am intentional this year of creating the life I deserve.
I am intentional this year of loving myself as much as I love others.
I am intentional this year of finding joy in the crevices of darkness
I am intentional this year of co-creating my best life!!!


I’ve been on a much need hiatus—but I’m working my way back. Happy Tuesday!!! 🤍💫

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Some things on my mind this Monday evening…


Merry Christmas!!!

Wherever you are and whoever you’re with I wish you joy and peace today.


Come alive again!!!


There is more to you than yesterday. Thank you


Still processing the recent loss.

Be kind to everyone

check on your “strong” friends
Better yet —Stop believing you have strong friends
check on yourself
be kind to yourself
and if you need help. Reach out. You’re not alone.

Depression May Look Different in Black Women 12/14/2022

Depression May Look Different in Black Women

Depression May Look Different in Black Women Variation in depression symptoms could translate to underdiagnosis and missed care


This spoke to me this morning as I am preparing for personal and professional shifts. Maybe it will speak to you as well Happy Saturday 🤍💫


‘One of the best guides to how to be self-loving is to give ourselves the love we are often dreaming about receiving from others’ (All About Love, 2000)

Today what if you poured some of what you give others into yourself.

Here’s my challenge: every time you think of doing something for someone else (including your kids if applicable) also check in with yourself.

Are you hungry? Tired? Need a hug? Wanna talk? Thirsty?

It’s great to do for others—but please also do for you. You deserve it.


However you celebrate, if you celebrate

Families are complex.
Emotions can be a roller coaster

Some of us grieving the loss of loved ones.

Some of us celebrating a reunion with family and friends.

Most of us doing both.

Focus on gratitude.
Focus on love.

Focus on your needs. Honor yourself today.

You are loved.
You are safe.

And I see you. 💫🤍


Happy Sunday.

Here’s to a speedy journey home to yourself 🤍💫

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Happy Friday everyone! The holidays are coming!!!! 😬

This is always a time where I want to be with family —I want to gather and also wanna honor my need for rest. I just wanted to share a few gentle reminders to honor yourself
to listen to yourself
to do it feels good and right
and if you’re a recovering people pleaser—to prioritize your needs

Be gentle with yourself. You’re doing the best you can 🤍💫


❤️ (Words by )


Always plan ahead

Timeline photos 11/17/2022

Timeline photos


Just leaving this nugget right here. Your journey is returning and (re)membering who you are.

You’re in there and you’re WONDERFUL!


Change directions as much as you need to and keep going! 🤍💫


I think in some ways this sums up what I try to do most days.

Create ripples through small acts. Every time I say “yes” to a presentation, no matter how big the audience or how small—I do so because I am hopeful that my message will resonate with someone and create a ripple.

Won’t you join me in making the ocean rise? What small act can you do today?


Good morning!!!!! ☀️


It’s a holistic journey 🤍💫


Just a little Sunday reminder!!! 🤍💫


LOVE yourself into this next evolution 🤍💫


🤍💫believe 💫🤍


It time for healing 🤍💫

Happy Friday!!!!


I’m just saying, try not to have a habit of thinking everything will be perfect when (fill in the blank). Instead, just pause, breathe and remind yourself that
in this moment, all is well.
In this moment you’re safe
in this moment you’re protected and
that THIS moment is perfect.


and the gift you give yourself 🤍💫


An oldie but goody 💫🤍


Happy Sunday!!! I’m out here in these streets fixin’ to do an activity at Kaleideum North children’s museum with the little ones on dealing with your feelings.


Love ❤️

Open yourself up. Boundaries are hard in part because they ask us to be in the moment to decide how open we want our screen door.

I use the example of a balcony with a screen door a lot. If you leave the door and the screen door wide open you get all of the air and all of the breezes, the sunshine and, perhaps a badger runs in.

So then typically we close the door and we get none of those things—no air, no sunshine, no breeze but we feel as if we are safe when in actuality we are removing ourselves from things that actually help us grow so we’re insulated but slowly dying on the vine.

The goal with boundaries is to know that
life is messy
life is hard and
life is sometimes painful


life is joyous
life is glorious
life is full of love 💕

Live your life. Now. And fully.


Rest dear ones. It will all change soon.


What the world needs now is love sweet love ❤️ 🎶

Happy Thursday—May you find love all around you today and every day 🥰

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