The Evolving Center, LLC

The Evolving Center, LLC

Dr. Judith Ehrman-Shapiro is a dance/movement therapist and a transpersonal/humanistic therapist Welcome to the Evolving Center! We are opening in January 2014, and will provide individual and group dance-movement therapy sessions, Wellness classes in Stress Management and Parent-Infant Attunement, Social Skills Classes for children called "Moving Interaction", and Dance classes including an Intergenerational Dance Class and Dance for the Differently Abled.

Operating as usual

Timeline photos 12/22/2021

Timeline photos

Let pain serve its purpose 💔


This is a wonderful tool for stress reduction!


So important!!!


After a long pandemic, meeting outside, online, and on the sun porch, the The Evolving Center, LLC will reopen our original space!!

A therapist says the most mentally strong kids always do these 7 things. Is your kid resilient? — CNBC 03/17/2021

A therapist says the most mentally strong kids always do these 7 things. Is your kid resilient? — CNBC

A therapist says the most mentally strong kids always do these 7 things. Is your kid resilient? — CNBC As a parents, we often overlook the importance of teaching our kids how to build mental strength. This kind of resilience helps them build character and overcome life's toughest challenges. A therapist explains how to raise mentally tough kids with a growth mindset.

Timeline Photos 03/14/2021

Timeline Photos

There are many reasons to start therapy, you don't have to wait until you're in a crisis.
Image via letstalk.mentalhealth 11/30/2020

Welcome! You are invited to join a webinar: A Corrective Perspective on Empowerment after Trauma: 9 Steps to Freedom - Part 1 with Judith Ehrman-Shapiro. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email about joining the webinar. Changing the common perspective of trauma from victimhood, pathology, and shame to one of empowerment and possibility can be achieved by adopting a participatory framework. This webinar series will present 9 essential steps to positive change. In Part I, discussion will focus on recognizing trauma a...



Let's normalize talking about our mental health and being supportive of others.
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BrainPower Neurodevelopmental Center

06/23/2020 11/16/2019

Take a yoga class and depression and anxiety improve - Neuroscience News Yoga intervention reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety while increasing feelings of positivity. 11/13/2019

Why Does Talk Therapy Take So Long? The case for open-ended psychotherapy.


American Dance Therapy Association

Around the world, communities, schools, businesses, faith groups and people from all walks of life are taking big and small steps in solidarity with refugees. This World Refugee Day, we challenge everyone to join together and take a step with refugees.

How can dance/movement therapists advocate for the refugee community?

Find out more by watching our ADTA Talk featuring Amber Elizabeth Gray, MPH, MA, BC-DMT, LPCC, NCC. Gray is a pioneer in the use of dance/movement therapy with survivors of trauma, particularly torture, war and human rights abuses. 05/14/2019

Talk Therapy Vs. Mind-Body Practices: Why You Should Consider a Body-Centered Psychotherapist | Mindfulness | 30Seconds Health Ever been in talk therapy? Don't like talking about things? Many people feel like they have reached a plateau in traditional talk therapy and therefore discontinue it all together. Research is showing that our entire body, not just our minds, store life experiences and traumas. Talking about the...


Chicago Dance Therapy

"The body holds answers to questions that the mind doesn't even know to ask."


Tuesdays at Charym!


Elephant Journal


Somatic Experiencing® Trauma Institute (SETI)

Free-thinking Friday


Dance for Connection

A succinct description of dance/movement therapy.


Chicago Dance Therapy

Reposted from @ericahornthal - I truly believe that someday the will be addressed by all in the field. Until then is a comprehensive that can allow an individual to utilize the body as a resource and tool for enhanced mental health. *******
- 01/27/2019

Tempted to Skip Savasana? 10 Top Yoga Teachers Explain Why It’s the Most Important Pose When you’re time-crunched, it can be tempting to sneak out of yoga class before this final resting pose. Here’s why you should reconsider.


Families of the RCMP for PTSD Awareness 01/05/2019

Walk Backward to Better Memory Backward motion through physical space can improve our recall of the past. 12/04/2018

Moments in Dance/Movement Therapy - YouTube

What happens in dance/movement therapy? Credentialed dance/movement therapists share meaningful moments from actual DMT sessions. To learn more about dance/movement therapy, visit


With gratitude, the Evolving Center says goodbye to the West Street Yard and hello to the Cabin in Winsted!!


Chicago Dance Therapy

We see dance therapy as a body-centered psychotherapy. Did you know you can use the body to center your mind?


Orit Krug

Ilene Serlin provides dance/movement therapy in different countries to address intergenerational trauma due to loss, isolation, ostracism, and more. Listen to find out why dance/movement therapy is the perfect tool to help survivors express their fears, memories, and beautiful hopes for the future.

Ps. WE'RE ALMOST AT EPISODE #50! 50th anniversary offer coming so soon and it'll only be available for 50 hours!!



Dance Therapy Awareness Campaign Day 2

It is very important to understand the difference between the two in terms of training and what each has to offer. Dance Movement Therapists give years to training themselves as clinicians and
not anyone who teaches dance or offered a space to dance for clinical populations can call themselves dance therapists. It requires training in psychological and movement therapy approaches both.

Stay tuned to this page to know more over the next few days.
Please write to us if you want to know more and understand this field better

Chicago Dance Therapy Design Dance




The Surprising Connection between Posture and Resilience Pat Ogden, PhD, founder of somatic psychotherapy, describes her work with a client who had suffered years of abuse as a sex worker. In helping her client expand her "movement vocabulary," Pat was able to help her client move toward healing.


ADTA 2017 Year in Review

A year in review for the American Dance Therapy Association 2017.


Dance for Connection

"A new study, published in the open-access journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, shows that older people who routinely do physical exercise can reverse the signs of aging in the brain, and dancing as a form of exercise is the most effective."


Dance for Connection

Hear, hear!



I'm loving teaching dance to those with Parkinson's....and this dance is just plain awesome!



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