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Aptar Winsted Plant. Please contact Patriot Industrial Products, Inc. At 860-738-2446 to pay your overdue bill of $2042.72 Do the right thing and pay your bill. We have try to contact your payables department and have sent numerous emails to representatives in your payable and purchasing department. Please contact us with payment details. Thank you.


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Fastener Fact 1

If you’ve ever designed a part with a tapped hole, you may have wondered, “How many threads do I need to make a strong connection?” The answer is that it varies, but six at most. Because bolts stretch slightly when load is applied, the loading on each thread is different. When you apply a tensile load on a threaded fastener, the first thread at the point of connection sees the highest percentage of the load. The load on each thread decreases from there, as seen in the table below. Additional threads beyond the sixth will not further distribute the load and will not make the connection any stronger.


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We all realize at some point that there’s no such thing as a perfect employee or a faultless leader. If recruiters wrote off everyone who showed signs of imperfection during their interview, all of our offices would be empty. If CEOs waited until they reached absolute perfection to launch their startups, we’d have no businesses.

I’ve learned that good leaders put together DIVERSE teams that empower the flaws of their teammates to reach their goals. What am I getting at here?

Consider this. People who are worrywarts tend to work doubly hard to make sure the team gets things done on time and the right way. Flightiness can often be the markings of a creative genius if you encourage them to share their ideas. That cranky employee could just be an introvert who rocks independent projects like no other.

What many see as flaws are normally just indications of a different communication style. As leaders, we must learn to see the potential of what our teammates can be and how to use flaws as diverse strengths for our team dynamic. Transferring that mindset to our employees is invaluable also. If an employee is aware of his/her shortcomings and knows how to channel them positively, they’re ahead of the game.

When you employ a team, acknowledge that communication styles will vary and sometimes even clash. There are four primary communication styles in the workplace and you want all of them on your team. Find personality traits that can transfer into these communicative styles.

This person is task-oriented, deadline driven and is after the bottom line. He or she may seem insensitive at times but they won’t give excuses.

A person who uses a promoter communication style in the workplace is social and high in energy. This is the person you use to get your team excited and connect them on a personal level.

Most people fall under the supporter style of communication. They are calm, collected and balanced. They tend to be good listeners and welcome exploration.

Analyzers are concerned with facts and figures. Measuring success with data makes analyzers an instrumental part of planning.

Putting our team members in a position to succeed is one of the many honorable challenges in leadership. Embracing the strength of diversity will only work to your advantage! 05/24/2017

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It’s tough to enter the workforce these days.

The young workforce is facing challenges many of us never had to deal with.

They are educated, but so is everyone else. A degree doesn’t guarantee you a job. (In fact, many jobs require degrees even though the position doesn’t really need it.)

They can’t walk into a factory or a mill or a mine and start work right away.

They can’t get their foot in the door and work with a company for 30 or 40 years, then retire with a nice gold watch and a pension.

We just don’t live in that world anymore.

And yet, young people are some of the most enthusiastic, intelligent, dedicated, and hardworking people you’ll ever meet. Sure, there are some bad apples, just like every other generation. But most of them want to make their mark on the world and live healthy, productive lives.

As leaders, we don’t have the leverage we used to have. Young people are looking for new opportunities all the time. If your work environment becomes toxic or leader-less, they’ll bounce out. If you don’t provide strong leadership, they’ll find someone who will.

Young people have big expectations of their employers, but that’s a good thing. It makes us all better employees, teammates, and leaders.

If millennials can teach us one thing it’s that we’re supposed to love what we do.

But how do you keep employees engaged? Learning.

By encouraging employees to learn new skills we show interest in their well being and their future. Did you know that 27 million Americans have a fear of public speaking? Now image how many people are required to present in front of others as part of their job. If you are one of the unlucky people to fall into both groups – talk about STRESSFUL!

It’s never too late to learn a new skill – it could be the one thing holding you back from falling in love with your job!


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