Kim's Fieldhouse Fitness

Kim's Fieldhouse Fitness


I’m not at the gym today my mom is having surgery. I left my phone at home. If you need anything pm Megan Stephenson and she will let me know.
I am not at the gym today. My mom is having surgery today and I am with her. Along with that I also forgot my phone at home. If anyone needs me send me a PM and my daughter will let me know. Thanks
OK, guys! It's Thursday. Coming at you again today with a great program - mostly weights, a little cardio, a lot of fun! You guys have been doing so good, we're ramping it up a little more this week.

Bring your favorite set of dumbbells from home, if you have them; 5s, 8s, 10s, or 12s should be fine, your choice. Come ready to work & bring a friend. Only $8 for non-members. Starts at 5:30pm. I'll have you out of there in time for supper.

Guys, WE DID IT!!! I am so proud of everybody who showed up & showed out tonight. You guys exceeded my expectations. And nobody PUKED, FAINTED, or DIED. No ambulances were called & everybody left the gym under their own power. I was even able to stay in it with them for most of the workout. I guess I'm gonna have to make it a little bit harder since we all did so well.

Thanks everybody for your effort & hard work. You guys are doing great & making me push myself.
Omigosh! Y'all are gonna hate me so much!

All you need is water & a towel - OR TWO - and a dream to be better than you were yesterday. We're gonna sweat it out tonight. Load up with your favorite preworkout drink if you're into that sorta thing. You're gonna need all the energy you can get.
Bring a friend with you. This is gonna be the funnest class so far.

Kim's Fieldhouse Fitness
$8 for nonmembers
Guys, we're doing weights tomorrow night in class. If you have any at home, please bring yours. A light & medium set should be fine - 3s & 5s, 5s & 8s, or 8s & 12s. We sometimes run a little short on dumbbells with so many people in class these days. Come claim your spot & get your πŸ’ͺ on with us. $8 for non-members; free for members. 5:30 pm at Kim's Fieldhouse Fitness.
Guys, I have been cooped up in my house since Sunday & I'm about to climb the walls. I'm sure you are too. Let's work off some of that pent up energy & break a sweat together.

I have worked & reworked a great CARDIO routine for you guys this evening. But don't be scared. It's low to moderate intensity. About 40 minutes in length. I'll even show you the modifiers.

Our first class last week went really well & I'm really excited to bring another one to you tonight. Join us at 5:30pm at Kim's. Bring a friend. This one is gonna be fun & you don't want to miss it!
Do y'all have a couples discount
How much is a basic membership?
How much is a membership? Like the monthly pay?

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Life is like a book, you move from chapter to chapter. Yesterday I closed one chapter of my life & to start a new one. As many have already heard I sold the gym to a wonderful family. Ive meet and made alot of friends over the years as the owner of Kims Fieldhouse, I call them my gym family. I am so greatful for everyone who support me the last several years. Thank you !! Your loyalty is greatly appreciated. With that being said, congratulations to Tyler & Reagan Simmons on a new chapter in your life. If you do not know this couple stop in Fieldhouse Fitness and meet them, if you do know them then go support them.
There will not be any changes to your membership. Prices remain the same, codes remain the same. They will still offer classes Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday afternoon. I will continue to personal train. You can check out whats going on by going to their page Fieldhouse Fitness.
If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact myself, Tyler or Reagan.
Again thank you everyone that has supported me through the years. Forever in my heart.


Due to the weather & power outage I am cancelling class today. The gym will reopen as soon as electricity is back on. Everyone stay safe!!!


Sorry for any inconvenience but due to the power outage the gym will be locked until in the morning.


I promised y'all something different tonight & it's gonna be so much fun. No weights required. 30 seconds of work; 30 seconds of rest. Good, old fashioned circuit-style training. You know, just to give our muscles a little break & to keep our bodies guessing.

5:15pm @ Kim's. Bring your water, a towel, & a friend. $8 for non-members.


I always try to keep class fresh & fun so we're doing something a little different tonight. Long holds & compound movements, working our muscles in a little different way than usual. Don't be scared. You all are perfectly capable. This is a good makeup workout for missing last week.

5:15pm @ Kim's. $8 for non-members. Bring your water, a towel, & a friend.


Guys, I hate to do it, but I'm gonna have to cancel class tonight. I tweaked my back earlier in the week & have been on a heating pad since Tuesday. I can barely bend over or twist my lower back. I had hoped yoga on Tuesday would loosen it up, but I haven't got much relief. I apologize but I don't want to cause permanent injury. Again, I'm sorry. Y'all know I don't do well being laid up & not able to move & work out.


A little something different tonight. An almost exclusively Upper Body (arms, shoulders, & chest) workout- with maybe just a little bit of cardio & core thrown in. It's gonna be fun & a little different. This one is gonna be fun, y'all & a little different format than usual.

5:15pm @ Kim's. Bring your water, a towel, & a friend.


Great turn out on this wet Monday Evening! Brandi did an amazing job instructing her Step class! We had fun while we burned calories!


Alright, class! We're ramping it up a little each week. I'm still putting class together for tonight, but you all know pretty much what you can expect. A little weights, a little cardio, a little core; A LOT of fun.

5:15pm @ Kim's. $8 for non-members. Bring your water, a towel, & a friend.


This afternoon 5:15. What will you be doing? πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ˜. Clayton will be back in the FB world next week πŸ™πŸ‘πŸ€£


Yoga with Michelle will start back on Tuesday Feb 4th!


Class tonight at 5:15
I'm sorry I'm not as creative as Clayton with my post 🀣


Class tonight 5:15
Clayton is taking a break from FB..maybe I should try this 😁. He ask me to let you guys know that even tho there is not a post from him class is still on.



I'm as anxious as you guys are, but we gotta rip that Band-Aid off & get back to work on ourselves.

Fear not! It's gonna be a very basic class tonight. I'm hoping to see some new as well as old faces & don't wanna scare anybody off on our first night back. Come see what it's all about & meet some new friends who will help hold you accountable to your goals & set new healthy habits.

5:15pm @ Kim's. $8 for non-members. Bring your water, a towel, & a friend.


Class this afternoon 5:15!!!
You want even know you are working out. Join us $8.00 for nonmembers.


Step Class today 5:15 pm.
Holidays are over. It's time to get back in our routines. We've all had a break now lets hit it hard. Classes start back today. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 5:15. Starting off slow & working back up. See everyone at the gym!!!


We will be canceling all classes until Jan. Everyone has agreed they are to busy this month. We will be ready to hit it hard in 2020!!!


Class while be cancelled tonight. Everyone is so busy with the holidays that is hard to get a class together. What is everyone's thoughts about cancelling classes until after Christmas πŸ€”πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ



It is with some sadness that I've decided to cancel class tonight. I've got a kinda bum knee & have a race this weekend. Some of you I know are sick & otherwise engaged. We'll try again next week.


Anybody planning on coming to class tonight? I'll be there if y'all will. I know it's that time of the year with parties & commitments & totally understand. If I know there will be at least 3 there, I'll be happy to come.


This time of year everyone is busy with holiday activities. Tonight is the lighting of the town Christmas tree. I'm just doing a check to see who will be at class tonight!!!


Classes will be CANCELLED for the rest of this week. Everyone enjoy your families and we will see you back on Monday ready to work off all that great food you ate!!!



Anybody gonna be at class tonight? It's been a really short turnout the last few weeks. I know it's a busy time of year for everybody, so we're not starting anything new right now. We're just gonna limp through the holidays & get back on track with some new workouts after the first of the year. We're gonna take off next week for Thanksgiving. I plan on being there tonight unless I hear that you guys aren't gonna make. Please let me know if you see this message & will be there.


We're doing something a little different tonight. All moves will require only a single weight, but we'll be going a little heavier than usual. Y'all are gonna like this one. And it's gonna be a great, total body workout.

5:15pm @ Kim's. Bring your water, a towel, & after friend. $8 for non-members.



I know we've missed the last couple of weeks, but we're back tonight. I promise I'll ease us back into it tonight. We're keeping the same format through the end of the year, but I'm working on some new stuff for the new year. The holidays are upon us with bad food choices lurking around every corner & in every break room. Don't be a statistic. Let's finish this year strong.

5:15pm @ Kim's! Bring your water, a towel, & a friend. $8 for non-members.


New way to join & get fit.
We are now participating in the SILVER&FIT Program and THE ACTIVE&FIT Program. Check with your health provider to see if you qualify.


It's Halloween & I'm on my way to Dallas. My treat to you tonight. We'll be back next week. I promise.



Sorry, guys! I have a late meeting in Monroe & won't make it back in time for class this evening. So you get the night off. It's a busy time of year & attendance has been down lately. Will be back next week though.


I am still out of town. Will be back on schedule next week. There is a workout on board for class this afternoon!!


Alright! We're gonna try this one again. We've been trying to do the full workout for 3 weeks now but haven't had a large enough class. Y'all come! Y'all already know what to expect.

5:15pm @ Kim's. Bring your water, a towel, & a friend! $8 for non-members.


I want be at class today but there will be a workout on the board or everyone knows the line dances. Your choice 😁


Back at it again tonight! If you missed last week - and a lot of you did - FEAR NOT! Tonight's your night to make it up. It was a good one.

5:15pm @ Kim's. Bring your water, a towel, & a friend. $8 for non-members.


M. O. T. S. (More of the same!) But brand new moves.

Y'all seem to really like this format, so we're gonna stick with it for bit. Slow, steady, & heavy with some cardio & core thrown in.

5:15pm @ Kim's. Bring your water, a towel, & a friend. $8 for non-members.


Almost forgot to post! We ARE having class tonight. More of what you know & love.

5:15pm @ Kim's. $8 for non-members.


There will not be a trainer for class this afternoon. I'm sorry for any inconvenience. My mom fell and broke her patella and between hospital & Drs I want make it for class. You are more than welcome to go and workout as a group or on your own. Thank you for your understanding.

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Class while be cancelled tonight. Everyone is so busy with the holidays that is hard to get a class together. What is ev...
Just a little clip of our cool down tonight. As you can see we have a dance for any age even the little ones πŸ˜‚
Keep your squats low β€πŸ’œ
Great job ladies!! They always smiling on the outside even if they feel like they  dying on the inside
The only time jumping Jack's are cool!!!
Thank you Meagan Russell for an awesome class. Alot of fun alot of hard work!!
You guys rocked it out tonight. This was not an easy class but yall gave 100% as always and we all walked out 😁  If you'...
Strength & Flex this afternoon @ 5:30Join Michelle Brown Smith this afternoon for an awesome class...everyone needs a li...
Just a little warm up before the fun...great workout!!! Join us every Thurs night at 5:30. Awesome class Clayton.



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