Sweet Southern Treats

Sweet Southern Treats

Looking for something special or just have a sweet tooth? You are at the right place message with your wants and needs and lets get it done!!

[05/12/17]   still wont let me update my info. i am now located in Wisner, Louisiana. and my new number is 439-5657

[12/16/16]   Fudge, cornflake candy, Oreo balls, and so much more coming next week for all my Christmas sweet boxes. Anyone need any special items made?

[12/07/16]   Don't forget to place your orders for holiday treats. Fudge, cornflake candy, cakes, cookies etc.....

[12/02/16]   This holiday season if you were to receive a goodie box with sweet treats what would you like in it??

[11/23/16]   I need new recipes to try. Wanting to expand my variety

[11/03/16]   Looking for new recipes and new ideas to try. Bored with the old.

[08/25/16]   Taking orders for the holidays.

[05/19/16]   Wanting to try some recipes first week in june anyone interested or needing a sweet treet let me know

[03/08/16]   Were still here taking orders for any sweet treats..... Let us help make your day sweet.

[11/20/15]   What would you most likely buy at a bake sale? Comment your first choice and favorites!!

[11/11/15]   Anyone needing any sweet treats made for holidays or just because let me know....

[10/22/15]   Okay, sorry to everyone forany inconvenience but for some reason the app to get messages on this page is not working to message me you will have to send to my personal page Gabby George. Again sorry for any inconvenience

[09/18/15]   The holiday season is approaching. What are your favorite sweet treats??

[09/15/15]   Good Morning facebook family and friends, hope everyone has a great day. Don't forget if you need to place a order or have any questions send me a pm to my private page Gabby George

[09/13/15]   To whoever send me a private message my phone will not let me download the app to open them please send all messages to my personal page Gabby George. Sorry and thanks in advance

[09/13/15]   Good Morning family and friends. The holidays are approaching us very quickly. Feeling overwhelmed with list of food to cook? Let us help you by taking over your sweet treats.

Photos from Sweet Southern Treats's post 09/13/2015

Happy birthday amy nicole hutto hope you enjoy it!!!

[09/10/15]   So a day early but a big shout out to my cousin for her birthday tomorrow!!! Amy nicole hutto dont forget to come see me i will have your cake for you tomorrow :))

[09/09/15]   Anyone needing a sweet treat or goodie this month? Let us know

Mobile Uploads 09/08/2015

Banana pudding cake. Very good.

Banana pudding cake. Very good.

Mobile Uploads 09/07/2015

My first try at oreo cake. It cracked and im annoyed... Oh well

My first try at oreo cake. It cracked and im annoyed... Oh well

[08/24/15]   I need new cake and sweet treat ideas to try my hand at.. Wyg???

[08/20/15]   Going to start back backing next month.. Stay tuned..

[07/17/15]   Anyone needing any sweet treats?

[05/17/15]   Sorry for the long period of quietness but just a heads up i am back and wanting to try to pick up business again. If you are in need of a sweet treat for a special occassion or just want a homemade treat for after supper contact Sweet Southern Treats for all your needs...

[01/13/15]   Please keep in mind that when refering to a order please pm us or via pm on my personal page Gabby George...

[01/13/15]   Its a new year and were back on our game let us know of all your cake and sweet treat needs!!!! Help us get our name out there!!!... God Bless

[09/08/14]   Please keep this in mind when you message us wanting to place a order we need at least 3 weeks in advance to avoid over booking. Thanks

[09/08/14]   Cara Adams your two free dozen of red velvet cake pops are in route to you now!!

[09/08/14]   Where can i find custome printed labels?

[09/05/14]   Stocking our kitchen so we can start making up all our sweet treats!!!

[09/03/14]   Bake Sale this month!!! Comment your ideas and sweet tooth cravings




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