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Photos from Boyd Rod Company's post 09/26/2021

Art spent this week in the shop with me. Our efforts resulted in this, his first, bamboo fly rod.

Photos from Boyd Rod Company's post 07/27/2021

Franz with his rod made here at BRC in our class last week.


This week has brought an enjoyable challenge. Rather than teaching a rod making class here in my shop I’ve been teaching long distance, via phone, text, and video. The fellow I’m helping is quick to catch on and has made it simple for me. Going back over each step in my mind in hopes of explaining it well has been an enjoyable experience. We’re almost to ferrules, so wish us luck!

Photos from Boyd Rod Company's post 01/10/2021

Meet my new shop assistant, Miss Hazel Darby Boyd, our new grandpuppy. She’s a nine week old red piebald miniature dachshund. The breeder called her Hazel but we like the name Darby. So we’ll call her Darby.


Borrowed from Charlie Craven and edited:

Find a good rod and learn how to cast it. Whether anyone else likes that rod or not does not matter. It’s your rod and you should enjoy it. And be a good caster with THAT rod.

If I can help let me know. 09/01/2020

Pearl River Canoe

In 2021 I'll be offering two rod making classes in Jackson Mississippi thorugh If you would like more information please get in touch with me. Our next workshop will be September 12th. This will be a 2 week intensive class. We will meet daily for two weeks. The workshop will be held at the historic Morris Ice Company on Commerce Street in Jackson, Mississippi. Sign up before August 15th to join us for this memorable experience.


This is a new rod model I’ve been working on, an 8’ 3” two piece five/six weight built hollow. In the 10-20 mph wind this afternoon it performed better with a six. I look forward to seeing how well it handles a five weight line on a calm day.


For several years this eight foot five weight Otter Creek Special has been my most popular rod. Yet somehow I cannot seem to keep one on hand for my own use. So I pulled this one together for myself and don’t plan to let it go.


Jeff working hard on his planing technique in this week’s rod making class.


Two good guys from Tennessee, one from Memphis, one from the Knoxville area spent last week in the shop building their firstbamboo rods with me. I think they did great work! We worked long hours but had a great time.

Frank Ashby


An eight foot #6 headed for Texas soon. This has been an enjoyable project. 10/15/2019

Fly Fishing Is the New Bird-Watching

An interesting read. When you’re ready for a bamboo rod give me a call. It’s the latest “old timey” hobby to gain a dedicated new following.


Wiley caught this 27 1/2” fish on a rod I made for him 15-20 years ago. Well done! 10/12/2019

Wayne Russell Cattanach

Obituary and service info for Wayne Cattanach Wayne Russell Cattanach, age 67, passed away Thursday morning, October 10, 2019 at him home with his loving wife and children at his side, under the care Spectrum Health Hospice. He was preceded in death by his parents; and brother, Warren Cattanach. Surviving are his devoted wife, Patricia Wille


Back in 2008 I wrote this little piece for David Bolin’s blog. With Wayne’s health struggles I thought this was a good time to post it here...

The Influence of Wayne Cattanach on today's bamboo rod makers

A recent thread on the Rodmakers Email List asked what there was to know about Wayne Cattanach other than his Handcrafting Bamboo Fly Rods book and DVD/video series.

Brian Creek from Michigan reminded Rodmakers' readers that Wayne was the first to program Everett Garrison's math for the computer (I think it was in Visual Basic. If you can remember that language, you've been hanging around PC's for a long time) in his Hexrod program. He offered Hexrod as a bonus with Handcrafting Bamboo Fly Rods and as a free download from his website.
Brian also pointed out that along with Ron Barch, Wayne started The Planing Form, a newsletter for bamboo afficionados. "The Makers' Rod" was another of Wayne's unique brainchildren. Eighteen different rod makers contributed a single strip of bamboo, planed to taper, and formed into a one-of-a-kind rod which was auctioned to help raise conservation funds for Michigan streams.

Wayne was the chief impetus behind starting the Rodmaker's Email List, way back in 1994 or early 1995. I still think that List is the single most important source of bamboo rod making information anywhere. The archives go back to January 1995, but the list actually began before that time.

Without Wayne's encouragement I wonder if I would ever have completed a rod. I bought his self-published book back in 1996, and completed my first four bamboo rods in 1997. I still remember the first time Wayne called me on the phone. We talked over an hour, on his dime. In those days long distance wasn't cheap like it is today.

His week long rod making classes in Grayling, Michigan, Mountain Home, Arkansas, and other places introduced scores of want-to-be rod makers to the craft. The outline I use in teaching my own classes largely follows Wayne's original ideas.

I still believe Wayne's book to be the best printed text on making rods, especially for analytical types. Jack Howell's book may appeal slightly more to those with an artistic bent, but Wayne's fingerprints are all over Jack's pages too. Though I have both the hardbound and softcover editions, I treasure the old 3 ring binder with the first edition book. Not just because it's inscribed to me and signed, but because Wayne and I poured over a coupla those pages with him trying to help me understand some point or another.

The Grayrock Gathering was held in Wayne's clubhouse for years. He still attends most years.

It's been a few months since Wayne and I talked. I will always consider him not just a mentor, but a true friend. Most of us have few true friends in this life, and I count myself fortunate to call Wayne one of mine. Though I doubt we've spent more than a few hundred hours together over the last dozen years, each of those hours is precious. I remember some moments spent sitting on a rock together in the middle of Wildcat Shoals on the White River. And other moments with Harold and Eileen Demarest, Rick Crenshaw, Miles Tiernan, and Lowell Davis on the back patio of Unit #7 at Fulton's Lodge. Tami and I still recall with tenderness stopping by Wayne's place unannounced on our way back to Louisiana from Traverse City, and taking Wayne and Brenda to Bennigan's that night. I remember helping him with a Beginner's Workshop at SRG a few years ago, and slicing the stuffings out of three fingers. He laughed and laughed as he ran to grab some band-aids for me.

And a call from Wayne this summer helped me over some bumpy places in my personal road.

What else is there to know about Wayne? Well, let's see. He built his own home with his own hands on the family farm outside Grand Rapids. He's an engineer and HVAC man by training. He's the father of two great kids -- now young adults, but kids when I met them. He's a pretty good fisherman, a good talker, and a great listener. He's putting together a place somewhere on the Manistee. He runs on caffeine and ni****ne and a few kind words.

He's my friend, and I'm grateful for his friendship.

For over ten years I have been helping others learn this craft through demonstrations, classes, forum posts, email correspondence and phone calls. Anyone who has learned from me owes a debt to Wayne Cattanach, as I do.


Which if any of these pieces of spalted pecan strike your fancy?


I share this every year. Husbands, can I get an “Amen “ on this one?


A rod made for a friend a few years ago needed a clear wrap over a hook dig in one tip. Before sending it back I snapped a few photos.


Recent Idaho trip


Kevin Bearden spent a few days making his first rod in the shop. His rod turned out really nice and he picked up nearly every task with grace and aptitude.


Tried out the new plane today. It does a nice job, especially with both really light (.001”-.0015”) cuts and heavier cuts
(.005”+). Still for every day use on the majority of cuts used in making bamboo rods I prefer the Lee Valley standard angle plane. It’s heavier and therefore requires less downward pressure to cut, and it fits my hand a little better. See the little sideways teardrop shape cutout for your fingers? That doesn’t fit me too well.


The first non-bamboo rod I have made in a few years is this 8 foot six piece rod built on an old Lamiglass blank.


Here’s the eight foot four piece rod with two tips I mentioned a few days back. This one was an experiment from the start. It’s radically hollow and features shop-made micro ferrules. Casting this rod in the yard is enjoyable. I look forward to trying it out on some fish.


Finished up my very first 4-piece bamboo rod this week. It’s a variation off my standard two piece 8’ six weight. The four piece version is radically hollowed and weighs — less — than it’s hollow two piece relative. Lawn casting report is an A+! Pictures and fishing report to come later.


A nice surprise arrived in the shop over the weekend. This came from a friend/former student who loves using these Lee Valley planes in his shop. I spent a few minutes adding a 2* micro-bevel to the main 35* angle on the iron(s) and look forward to trying this new plane out when I have some planing to do.

Sleek and almost sexy looking, huh?


From five or six years ago...


Just finished the restoration project i featured here a few days ago. This old Heddon #35 turned out to be a stunner! I managed to save every single wrap by carefully, tediously removing the finish with a few hundred Q-tips. None of the original markings were damaged. Sets were removed and ferrules were freshly japanned. Not only did I enjoy this project I learned from it as well. Thanks to those who provided assistance and encouragement. 03/01/2019

Building a Bamboo Fly Rod

I thought this was really nice!! Thanks Mike! In 2016, David Weingold and I drove to Winnsboro, Louisiana to attend Harry Boyd’s 2 1/2 day rod making class. In 2 1//2 days you make a bamboo rod blank from scratch and leave with the fini…


Starting a restoration on a Heddon #35 DeLuxe from 1939-41. Should be a spectacular old rod when complete. This rod was one of Heddon’s top models, made by one individual from splitting to varnishing. In no way is this a factory rod or a mass produced rod. Excited to get further into this project.


Hi! This is Brian ######xx from G###xa xx. You got me started building rods a few years ago at your place. I’m just writing to say thanks again for the help then and answering my questions when I’ve had them. I’m going down to ### X###### next week to donate a couple of Paul Young rods that I made to the guy’s at Project Healing waters. My rods have come along far enough that I’m proud of them. I’m also going to give them a short talk on building bamboo fly rods. Something to break-up the winter cabin fever for them I hope.
I just wanted you to know what a positive influence you’ve had on me and that you have made the world just a little bit better place through your teaching’s.

Yours truly


Just finished my first rod making class of the year. I really enjoy helping others learn the craft that is a big part of my life. 😊


Wishing all the best to my Alaskan friends and customers. We’re pulling for ya down south.


Just curious to see if this will fly. According to Facebook I can reach 80K people within 30 miles of Winnsboro. Hmm, I think they may be exaggerating just a little.


Our February class is filled. Other dates are available for Winter and Spring. Contact me at [email protected] to schedule a date which works for you.


Bamboo rods, heat treating fixtures, and heat treating ovens



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