Finch and Fern Flower Farm

Finch and Fern Flower Farm


Had the honor to document an amazing gorgeous wedding for Grayson and Josh in Holden Beach Saturday shooting for ! Check out these teasers! Such an amazing setting and super awesome couple.
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Happy Wednesday ☁️
🍽 Florida Octopus Served with Homeade Taziki & White Cucumber Salad!

🌻 New Flower Arrangements by Finch and Fern Flower Farm- Go Check Her Out! 😍

Happy Birthday to Finch and Fern Flower Farm's very own Lily Byrd !

Finch and Fern Flower Farm, LLC is a second year cut flower farm.

We are located in Winnabow, NC and grow specialty cut flowers for Brunswick County and Wilmington, NC.


A late summer bouquet 💐 ⁣


End of summer subscribers get the prettiest antique colored hydrangeas 🪷 ⁣


Rainy day bouquet 💐 ⁣


🌸🌸🌸 ⁣


📢 LAST DAY to place your order for our July subscription! ⁣


Summer 🌼🌸🌼🌸🌼


Everyone’s favorites 💙💙💙 ⁣


Zinnias have my heart. Summer bouquets would be nothing without them. ⁣


Country wildflower vibes 🌻✨ ⁣


In continuation of the introduction of our chicks, here is Cosmo! 🌸 Cosmo is the largest chick in our flock of four. I love watching her change as she is a bit ahead of the others. I need to take more pictures. She’s already changed so much since this was taken a couple of weeks ago. ⁣


Sunflower, cynoglossum, cosmo, agrostemma, coreopsis, zinnia, and marigold make quite a lovely arrangement. ⁣


Happy Friday flower friends!⁣

There are some new faces around here so I’d like to reintroduce myself.⁣

My name is Lily, it’s meant to be, I know! I never, in my wildest dreams, saw myself as a small farmer of any kind. I’m fact, I knew I would grow up to become someone important in the medical or dental field lol. Life happened and I met my husband, a good ole country boy who loves nature and the outdoors more than anything in this world (except for me of course. 😉😌) I fell in love with his lifestyle and began to see the world through his eyes.⁣ Now I can’t imagine sitting in an office or building working a 9-5 for the rest of my life. Becoming a full time flower farmer has been the most liberating thing I’ve ever experienced.
As I’ve began to find myself I’ve realized how important it is for me to take care of the piece of earth the Lord has given my husband and I. I’ve implemented sustainable and regenerative growing practices, we’ve planted food for ourselves and our native wildlife, I’m working on bringing back native plants and grasses to create a balanced environment on our acres. ⁣There’s lots to do out here and lots to tend to. In my free time I enjoy reading, drinking tea, and making jams and breads. Thank you all, as always, for following me and supporting this local flower farm! 🌼💛 ⁣


🤍🤍🤍 ⁣


I spent golden hour weeding my perennial cutting garden. I’ve planted some annuals such as cosmos and sunflowers as placeholders for more perennials to come. ⁣


The harbinger of summer 🌼 ⁣


I had the pleasure of creating some arrangements for Wilmington’s newest restaurant, The Half, ! They will have their grand opening today at 12PM and are located at 510 1/2 Red Cross Street. A huge congratulations to them for accomplishing all they did to bring this place to life. Stop by sometime today, if you can, to welcome them! ❤️ ⁣


I planted a native wildflower area specifically for our pollinators, and I’ve noticed the bees go crazy for this coreopsis. 🌼🐝 ⁣


Heard on the radio that the 4th of July is only 28 days away. Am I the only one that is scratching their head in confusion? Seems like the year just started. ⁣


Glad to have glads ❤️💕 ⁣


Cosmo “Double Click.” I’ve only been growing white but I’m thinking of growing the rest of the colors of this variety next year. ⁣



Our website has been updated. You can now order DIY flower buckets, bouquets, and summer subscriptions of course! You can also find market dates, locations, and times. ⁣


Happy Memorial Day from your local flower farm! If you’re looking for something to do today come out to Oak Island! We’re set up at the market from 8AM-1PM. 💐🌼💐🌼 ⁣


Absolutely breathtaking 💐🌺🌼 ⁣


Just when I thought I couldn’t love lilies more this beauty opened up. ☺️🌼☺️⁣

⁣A huge thank you to those of you who purchased our May subscription! I hope you enjoyed your weekly arrangements. Our June subscriptions start this coming Friday. We still have slots available. To purchase head on over to . ⁣


Bucketloads of lilies for tomorrow’s subscription arrangements 🌺 ⁣


In case you missed my stories, we got chicks yesterday! Meet Clover, a brave little thing. She came right up to my hand the minute I met her while her three sisters stayed away. I can already tell she’s extremely intelligent. I’m excited to raise chickens for the first time ever. It’s interesting to see that each chick already has it’s own big personality.🐥🐣🐥 ⁣


Such a lovely day for a farmer’s market! Come out to Oak Island, we’re here from 8AM-1PM! 🌼💐🌞 ⁣


This warm weather has brought on a huge flush of lilies. Thankfully we’re scheduled to be at the first Oak Island Farmer’s Market of the year this Monday 8AM-1PM! Come out to kick this market season off with us. ⁣


Thankful for being able to call this “work.” ⁣


Mid spring buckets full of gladiolas, yarrow, larkspur, lilies and plenty of pretty greenery 💐 ⁣


Our yarrow season has officially started! I love it’s dense tiny flower clusters tucked into bouquets. ☁️🤍 A fun fact about Yarrow is that it is also a medicinal plant that has been used to stop bleeding and to aid with digestive issues. We love a multipurpose plant! ⁣


Sometimes I can’t believe flowers are real. Look at these colors!! 💕🌼 ⁣

Finch and Fern Flower Farm updated their business hours. 05/06/2022

Finch and Fern Flower Farm updated their business hours.

Finch and Fern Flower Farm updated their business hours.


Orders have been pouring in for our monthly flower subscription option! Y’all are hooking your moms up with an entire month of fresh cut flowers huh?! They’re going to love them. Just a few more slots open before we officially sell out the month of May. 🌱🌼 ⁣


Enjoying a walk around my perennial garden this morning 🌱 ⁣


What a striking bloom. I can’t wait to see the other peony colors next year. ⁣


Friday flowers for my subscribers. Your Easter tables are going to be divine 😍💐😍💐😍💐 ⁣


The yarrow patch is looking so lush and healthy 🌱🌿 can’t wait for this flower to return! ⁣


I’ve pinched off hundreds of peony buds but decided to leave just this one to see at least one flower. 😭 The plants first buds are pinched off to force the plant to focus all of its energy into producing strong healthy roots rather than spending energy on short and small stems and flowers. ⁣


Friday flowers 💐 ⁣


Subscription delivery! This bright yellow door made my day. 💐☀️💐☀️💐 To purchase a subscription go to ⁣


Thankful for my family who is always there to lend a hand, even our family dog, Ranger was here to oversee the operation. We finally got around to putting the last of the Peonies in the ground. We should have usable stems next year! 🥰🌸 ⁣


April blooms. 🌸💐 Subscription deliveries have begun, it’s not too late to order yours! 🥰🌸 ⁣

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