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Fun time with friends!


This is my old article! But I want to share with all of you today since I get time to take my mom on a California trip with my other two sisters.

My Mom!

Dad used to joke, “If your mother leaves me, she’d just end up taking you five to the Mỹ Thuận ferry and begging from passersby.” When they had just gotten married, she was awfully sheltered. She couldn’t even cook a pot of rice properly, let alone braise some fish.

The day Dad introduced Mom to Grandma, she told Dad off for “liking a mouse, not a woman” because Mom is a quiet Southern girl. All she could say when she first met Nana were polite greetings, and that was that. Whatever Nana asked, she answered; she couldn’t make small talk as naturally as the Northern girls that Nana would have preferred Dad marry.

Mom told me that they had an argument once. Dad stormed home and told Nana that he’d agree to marry “black Tuyết” (a nickname my dad used for her, because the name meant “snow” but her skin was so dark - Nana liked her a lot because she was a law student and very good at flattering her). She was overjoyed and went to their place to begin talks. Two days later, Dad and Mom made up, so he went back on his word. Nana raised Cain about it.

Mom was the youngest child. She lost her mother when she was 6, so her childhood lacked a mother’s love. Marrying Dad, Mom stepped from the gates of school into a comfortable, peaceful family life. We had two cars for weekend leisure trips. She didn’t have to concern herself with “normal” life at all until our country fell.

In the years afterwards, that family life was turned upside down. She took an U-turn from being just a housewife, flipping the script to face down the tempest. She took a gaggle of five children to escape to America after Dad went to prison.

She wondered: what would she do in America to raise her children? She thought that she could apply to be a taxi or bus driver, and it would all be OK. People would look at her with exasperation. What could a single mother do to take care her five kids? Yet, she did it. Barely 3 years later, she managed to buy a small two-bedroom place for herself and us. But when Dad came over too, we had to sell the house and rent a three-room apartment. She had to work even more to support Dad’s studies for four straight years until he graduated.

Mom started out sewing sample clothing for Sears, so I always got to wear new stuff before they hit the stores. At the time, Sears was still a high-class brand. Everyone at church thought Mom brought tons of money over because we were always decked out in fashionable clothing. It was the same when we moved. Our aunt rented an one-room condo near the church for us. All our furniture was second-hand from the church. Thanks to her eye for decoration, her church group would be wowed every time they visited. So the word spread: they said Mom must have brought a lot of gold and diamonds along.

Because she was busy at work, Mom taught me to do housework, cook, look after my siblings. No matter which task, she had to teach me over and over again. She never got angry, though. Her tone never rises above “measured”, while I take after Dad and scream the house down whenever I get set off.

My Mom is Southern, but she’s more finicky and detail-oriented than my Northern Dad. She must have learned it from Nana and Auntie. Mom taught us that a girl should be gentle with her words and movements, sit with her back straight, cross her legs and put her hands on her thighs. Unfortunately, all of those teachings went in one of my ears and out the other. Tường, my sister was the only one who followed them. When I set the table, Mom made sure everything was correct. Bowls must go on plates, spoons and chopsticks must be separate and in their own places. I was too clumsy for the kitchen and broke everything I touched, no matter how much and how carefully she tried to train me out of it. She consoled me, “it’s alright if you don’t know how. You’ll get to be less busy.”

For easy tasks - my mom shopped for food every Sunday, washed vegetables and marinaded meat, then put them in the fridge; she only needed 20 minutes after coming home to finish whipping up a hot meal. My chore was to make rice after I came home from school. Every time we changed the brand of rice, I’d end up feeding the family mushy, dry, or half-cooked rice, until I managed to get the hang of things. Mom still patiently taught me things and never yelled.

When we were new in the States, of course, the government gave us aid because she was raising five kids all by herself. However, a Vietnamese woman interviewer tried to pry into whether she had hidden money. How come she was able to buy a house after just three years? Mom angrily threw the file on the table. “I bought that house with only 5% down payment. You can read that in my file. If you don’t want to give me aid, then fine!” They still gave us grocery money for two whole years. Eventually, Mom just stopped going to the interviews. “If they don’t give me funds, I can take more sewing in and stay up a few hours later at night. Why do I have to beg them and shame myself?”

In the few years that Dad wasn’t there yet, Mom went to work and brought more things home to sew. I’d go to sleep with the hum of the overlock machine as a lullaby, and startle myself awake when the sound stopped. Even after a long hour of work, she went through our beds and ruffled all our hair before climbing into bed with her youngest. In those years, I think Mom was only able to sleep 4 or 5 hours a day.

Dad eventually came over, but he couldn’t share much of the family burden at first because he had to study again. The sewing machine still whirred every night. Then, Mom formed her own garment company. She’d get supplies from large companies and divide them up for people to take home and sew. Once, the truck driver for the company got sick. She ended up delivering things in the big rig herself.

The more the company grew, the busier she got. She made much more money than my dad’s engineer salary but she consults him on every decision in the family, large or small. No matter how frantic work got, she was never absent from the family meal.

I eventually got married and had children. She took care of all of my kids, and they all started out sleeping in her bed because Mom was concerned that I don’t know how to take care of them. Honestly? I was actually terrified of raising them wrong. Without her, I don’t think I would dare to have any kids at all.

I think my mother is a strong person, even though she speaks and carries herself with a gentle grace. She doesn’t often scold her children, or force them to study to become rich and famous. She’s content with us being healthy and happy.

She’s much older now - nearly 80, yet still reigning as the queen of her own domain. She takes her friends to the casino in her own car, surfs Facebook on her phone, and cooks my favorite food for me.

Whenever I have a chance to be in bed by her side, I don’t feel like a grownup. I hold her as she sleeps next to me, playing with her cool arm just like I did as a child.

I think I’m blessed to still have my mother in my life, able to just run over to her place and have her delicious dishes whenever I’m sad.

I thank God every day for letting me be her daughter. It’s an honor few get to brag about.

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Let's have fun in the fall...

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Who says you can't have fun with your nail design then they don't go to Epic Nail Bar? Just tell us what you like we'll make your nail look fabulous.



Where I was?

I was living in Battery Park but lucky I was traveling out of town. The kids stay in with my best friend in Monroe. When we came back, all the window glass are broken.

I have two best friends whose hubby is dying to help others - They are firemen.

Two and a half hours after the first plane left Boston, the iconic “Twin Towers” lay in ruins in Lower Manhattan, and brave first responders and military personnel were scrambling to save lives and secure the country.

Life in America was set on a new trajectory.

In memory - we never forget!

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Preventing ingrown toenails

Of course, it’s best to prevent getting ingrown nails in the first place. Experts Dr. Stock and Dr. Botek offer these suggestions:

* Avoid cutting nails too short and cutting unevenly at the corners. Cut straight across.

* Make sure your socks and shoes fit properly. You should be able to wiggle your toes easily in your shoes.

* Avoid trauma to the toe area. If you run, play soccer or participate in other sports where your toes get a lot of action, try to go barefoot for an hour or two afterward.

How to treat ingrown toenails

At Epic Nail Bar we sometimes
can treat your ingrown toenails. If your ingrown toenail doesn’t show any of the signs of infection — swelling, hot to the touch, oozing, foul odor — you might just try letting the nail grow out. Or “We can remove it, if there’s no infection.”

First we soak your feet in a very warm water with Epsom salt. This softens the skin and reduces inflammation. Using clean nail-cutting tools, nail tech can try to clip the affected area and apply antibiotic ointment afterward,” says Dr. Botek.

After all the nail technician is not a doctor. For an infected ingrown toenail. Sometimes we need to recommend client go see a podiatrist.


Have you ever seen this many colors?
A HUGE new line of colors for the salon! Variety of dip and gels to get you ready for any occasion!
Come to Epic Nail Bar and see all of our new colors for the change of season!


Don't be afraid - Nails are fun.

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Summer - have fun with cool nails to go with a cool motorcycle!

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We love what we do and it shows

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Let's have fun with a hot July nails design.

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Summer - let's have a pedicure and nail with crazy bright colors and design


Weekend relax in Epic Nail Bar


Pamper your nail before wedding ceremony and having fun time with friends


Dear value customers,
In observance of Independence Day our salon will be closed on Monday

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The holiday comes up!

Make an appointment to have your nails and feet done with the fun design by Epic Nail Bar team.

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July 4th comes up soon - let's have fun with nail art design.

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Dip Nails

With recent innovations within the nail lacquer industry, you no longer have to sacrifice your natural nails to achieve gorgeous, long nails. Dip nails are suited for those who love nail art, but who is not a fan of acrylic nails or shellac. It is an easy and simple way to give you perfect nails...

What is Dip Nail?...

Dip nails (original name NexGen as Next Generation nail) are the latest trend in the nail industry, and you might have heard a bit about it already. If you haven’t, you will probably want to know a little more and find out if dop nails should be the reason for your next visit to our salon!

Dip nails look natural, are lightweight and flexible, and are extremely durable so you no longer have to worry about your nails cracking and chipping. Dip nails are also environmentally friendly and are fortified with calcium and vitamin C to keep your nails healthy, water resitant and odor free. Beyond that dip nail give you a gorgeous nails.

Before applying NexGen nails, your manicurist will prep your nails by removing any nail polish from your nails and preparing the nail bed with a fine sand band. If you have sensitive nail beds or cuticles, the manicurist will use a cuticle pusher instead of a fine sand band.

After your nails are prepped, the manicurist will shape your nails to your liking and brush away any residue from your nails. A base coat is applied before dipping your nails into the dip powder and finished off with a final top coat.

The dip nail is available in a large array of colors that will suit every personality. If you’re a nail art lover, don’t worry! Dip nails can be finished with traditional nail polish or gel to allow for your favorite nail design.

How remove dip nail?

Removing dip nails is not take a long time but if the manicures don't do the right way your nail can be damaged as acrylic. Dip nail is only produced is melting so after the nail tech files off the top coach - grab off your nails in foil - give them 3-5 minutes is will melt all out by scrub the color dip out. It's no need to use the drill to your bed nails at all.

If you like to try a Dip Nail application. Call us to make an appointment at (970) 460-0714.

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Have you ever seen this many colors? A HUGE new line of colors for the salon! Variety of dip and gels to get you ready f...
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Pamper your nail before wedding ceremony and having fun time with friends#nailsalonnearme#epicnailbarwindsor#funtime#nai...
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