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We are woman-owned and veteran-owned. We are your one-stop shop for plumbing, electric, and appliance repairs in the Wi******er, Virginia area.

When looking for a decent plumbing, electric and appliance repair service, it becomes too tiring to ask the following questions over and over again: "Have you done a background check on your employees?" "Will you tell me if it's better not to fix it?"

But with Shenandoah Appliance Plumbing & Electric, no need to ask those questions because we are licensed and insured for your protection and sati


Save time and money on plumbing remodeling projects by having your plans reviewed by a plumbing contractor before starting. We can point out potential trouble spots so that adjustments can be made before beginning the actual work.


We recommend that you keep a thermometer in your refrigerator and freezer so that you can monitor temperature changes in your unit. If extreme temperature changes do occur, this is something that needs to be addressed as soon as possible, as problems caught sooner are almost always cheaper to fix.


If you have power to your refrigerator but the compressor motor isn’t running, this may very well be a compressor problem, but it can also be caused by other issues: such as the thermostat, the overload/relay/capacitor, the defrost timer, or the condenser fan motor.


You can help prevent appliance fires by keeping them away from wet areas. Areas you should really watch out for this are the kitchen, bathroom, basement and garage. Also, remember to use extension cords wisely, and don’t overload them.


What are a few signs which may indicate that a refrigerator may need professional repairs soon? Inconsistent cooling even at the correct temperature settings, constantly running and if the sides of the refrigerator continually feel hot to the touch.


Think your kids are wasting water when they wash their hands and brush their teeth? One option is to have faucet flow reducers installed in the kid-friendly bathrooms in your home. You'll have plenty of water pressure using less water. It's a simple solution to a pesky problem.


If your tap water is all of a sudden a strange color, this can be a sign that you have a problem with corrosion in your pipes. Rust can actually change the color of the water to a reddish hue and leave rust-colored spots in your sink.


Do you know how long copper piping has been around? It is the same material that the Egyptians used to lay their own pipe more than 3,000 years ago? Copper piping is still the number-one material used for plumbing work today.


If your washer machine automatically stops filling up with water before it is actually full, this could be one of several issues. There could be a problem with the hose or water valves, or this could be an issue with the water level switch.


Are you fed up of having to lug your laundry around to town because you don’t have a washing machine line? Let us show you how affordable it can be to install the necessary water lines.


Replacing grill parts can save time and money. Who wants the hassle of shopping, buying, delivering, and disposing of an old barbecue when one could have their trusted grill back up and running with one or two replacement parts?


Why consider changing the water heater in your home? Twenty-five percent of your yearly utility bill is reserve to the cost of heating water. With a tankless water heater, for example, you could save as much as 30 percent on your water-heating costs.


Have you ever thought you’d use a particular room in your home more often if it had a dimmer switch? Using the services of a skilled electrical contractor can ensure that this seemingly easy installation is handled correctly the first time.


Contrary to popular belief, a refrigerator doesn't produce cool air. Instead, it uses a heat pump that removes the heat from the interior of the fridge.


While many people love to tackle projects around their home on their own, some plumbing projects need a professional touch. For instance, installing a deeper kitchen sink than you already have could involve reconfiguring your existing pipes.


If you suspect that your home may need an electrical update, it’s important not to put this work off. Not only will this significantly decrease your risk of house fire or electrocution, but it will also substantially improve your electrical service.


A big advantage of a solar water heater is that it is good for the environment. For example, a family of four switching over from electricity to solar hot water will save up to 4 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.


You probably already know that Albert Einstein was a genius. Did you realize that he aspired to being a plumber? It's true. He's quoted as saying that if he had it all to do over again, he'd be a plumber.


Most appliance repair services are going to be surprisingly affordable. More often than not, the repairs are simple and require minimal labor, which can help secure significant savings, especially when compared with appliance replacement.


When repairing appliance controls, they are easily tested with a continuity tester. You can determine whether the control is functioning properly by placing the clip on the input side and the tester probe on the output side and activating the controller. Most defective small appliance controls should be replaced, take the part, along with the appliance's model and serial numbers to ensure you get the appropriate replacement.


As the Roman city grew around 500 BC, they quickly outgrew their local water supply. That's why they built large aqueducts to bring water from miles and miles away. Once the water got there, they built a plumbing system to take it to their houses.


Do your pipes rattle when your dishwasher runs? This may mean that your pipes are rubbing against one another or on a rough surface inside the wall or floor.


Did you know the word "plumbing" actually comes from the Latin word for "lead?" The pipes today may not be made from lead anymore, but we still know our way around them.


If your sink sprayer isn’t working, this can be caused by several issues, including a malfunctioning diverter valve, worn washer, or leaking hose. We can quickly replace any of these components to get your sink back to full operability.


The first self-contained refrigerator was built in 1916 by Alfred Mellowes. His design had the compressor attached to the bottom of the refrigerator and tried to mass produce his fridges commercially but was bought out by William C. Durant in 1918. Durant who started the Frigidaire Company in 1918.


It’s important to remember that you’re never stuck with a particular plumbing layout in your bathroom or kitchen. While some plumbing renovations may be more involved than others, we can usually still make it happen.


A survey of a home you are thinking about purchasing is vital. Make sure that whoever inspects the house has the electrical expertise to spot faulty wiring or other issues that could potentially lead to problems in the future.


Are you seeing rust in your water? It is possible that you have galvanized pipes. These pipes are coated with zinc to protect against rust, but once this barrier is corroded, they begin to rust.


While wiring may seem simple, it’s actually part of a vast interdependent network. Typically, the repair will involve other circuits and systems you hadn’t even considered, which is why using a professional electrician is usually your best bet.


It's easy to think of your plumbing system as only bringing in water, but it also has to take wastewater away. Experienced plumbing contractors approach a house's plumbing as a whole system, from the water main connection to the sewer connection.


Does your refrigerated food just not seem quite as cold? A great way to see if your refrigerator or freezer door is closing properly is to close the door on a piece of paper. If the paper can be removed easily, then the seals are worn and it’s time to have them replaced.


Keep in mind that placing hot food in the refrigerator can reduce the overall temperature inside the entire refrigerator – and can lead to unhealthy levels of food borne bacterial growth. Instead, make sure that foods and containers are cooled first before storing them in the fridge.


It’s important to remember that installing a new sink can be more of a challenge than you first anticipated. When the new sink isn’t the exact dimensions as the old one, under the sink plumbing may need to be rearranged.


If you want to sell your home, consider hiring an electrician first for some upgrades that will appeal to potential buyers. These may include switching over to circuit breakers or installing spotlights and ceiling fans throughout the house.


If you are investing in an electrical upgrade, it’s recommended that you plan for future needs. One possible solution may be to invest in a structured wiring system, where all of your wiring is run through a central panel. This allows you to control everything from security, audio, and video, to lighting, telephone, and even your HVAC system.

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