Ruff Enuff Cable Leads & Hog Dogs

Ruff Enuff Cable Leads & Hog Dogs


Y’all sell dogs?
When playing hard pays off!!!! It's much more fun to win then just buy out right, even "IF" you paid more for tickets(🤫which I didn't) than the product cost. It's like country but lottery!!🤠😁
Playing hard payed off!!!! Even "IF" you spend more in tickets(🤫which i didn't) it is much more fun getting stuff in the mail that you "win".
Mail call/ pick-up call Garmin Alpha, Map Card , collars and leads . My son was super excited and ready to hit the woods! Thanks Ruff Enuffs Blake Waldrop and Dawn Waldrop yall were amazing and we really appreciate it!!!!
I placed a order the other day and shipped the same day great company and received the product a day early very well pleased with the product and was very impressed with the quality great company great people will buy from them in the future
Wom thru Big Country BigCountry Wilson raffle page! Love it!
Just received my order and couldn’t be happier! The tie out for my Kawasaki mule is perfect! No more tangling and untangling leads every time we load up! Thank y’all
Appreciate vest and collars!!
I have my Astro 430 and 3 tt 15 collars up for discussion it been used a couple of times and still works great pm me if interested
If not allowed I do apologize
I’m looking for a wireless fence for dogs!!
Petsafe wireless containment system
Ang help would be greatly appreciated
Wanna thank RUFF ENUFF CABLE LEADS & HOG DOGS for sending this to me. It will be used
Thanks for the business bud..

US made with American materials: collars, leads, couplers and more for the houndhunter. Custom work available by request, accepting paypal, or square with minimum purchase.

Operating as usual


If we woke up tomorrow morning and a foreign power had invaded our shores the US citizen has more options than the citizens of any other country on this planet.

Just a friendly reminder of those that would try to do harm to the USA.

You will have to fight these folks also. I see a fleet of off road vehicles equipped with communications gear and experienced "trigger pullers" to operate them.

Our still hunting brothers make up the largest standing private infantry unit in the world.

Our bow hunters are some of the best at using concealment to hide and get close.

The HOUNDSMEN are literally the Cavalry. They know how to coordinate a hunt over large distances and are quite skilled at hitting moving targets.

We might argue and fuss among ourselves but you outsiders best leave us alone. The US hunters as a whole make up the largest standing army on the planet. Many of us are veterans.

Think about it...written by Todd Edwards


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Ready for the weigh in Caldwell, TX.
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Ready for the weigh in, come to our tack trailer!!
Ruben Perez
Wild Boars of Texas


Longer battery life!!


Fightin songun here!
Rip Bleu, one of the last hogs he caught, been a year now since he passed from heart cancer

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Authorized Dealer
Garmin Alpha 10

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Everything works as it should, posting for a good friend. Well taken care of system and collars.
Shipping available at buyer’s expense


Caught hog y’all!! Love them night hunts #getahead #getout #boarhog #huntingdog #hog hunt #bayedup #ruffenuffcableleads #nighthunt #catahoula #curdog #yelladog



Don’t forget we have glow in the dark!!


We started an Instagram!!
Go follow us please!

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Get ready for a fun time!!!
Contact the good men at the bottom of the flyer!!!
We’ll be there with our tack trailer too!!


T5s available!!
Brand new $249.99 each plus shipping
Pm us, get em while they’re here!!!


Ol dude’s comment underneath really hit home 😅


Holler if it’s yours we’ll get in touch with the finder


Or ever 👀


Shop is here!!!
Lots to do inside to get reorganized but we SHOULD be up and going by Monday!! 💪💪
We’ll run power when we can but it’s fixin’ to be useable without power!!!


Just because it’s not “your way” doesn’t mean it won’t be.
Stick together and keep all of our passions safe and alive!!!!
Dog huntin is dog huntin, winged furred or hooved.


We are relocating to Apple Springs, TX. The shop will be down for a few weeks while we get situated. We should have a few new things to offer at that time, keep an eye open and check out our website in a few weeks too!!


Hope y’all have a safe and wonderful new year!!


We all know that guy 😎


Merry Christmas to y’all!!!


Talkin bout dogs will help too!!


**SALE** New Aluminum Polaris 900 or 1000 Rail Ride Dog Boxes

CHRISTMAS sale!! $100 OFF


All aluminum two bay rail rides, expanded metal divider, 3.5 gallon water tank built in, wind rack, folding top gates for convenience. Lockable slam latches with keys.

Regularly $950, CHRISTMAS sale $850
Pm us if interested!!!


Time can turn a dog’s muzzle grey. It can add a little weight to his frame and maybe slow his step a little.

But it can’t take the intensity from a good hound’s eyes nor truly diminish his love for the game.

On the outside he looks a little different than the dog I was hauling 5 years ago. The inside hasn’t changed. We don’t get to hunt together as much as we used to, which is the normal way of things as he has transitioned into life as a daddy. But when we do get to go, there’s no joy more pure than hearing he and his brother’s voices pierce the silence in their familiar way. It’s a sound I’ve heard thousands of times in their lifetime but it still makes my heart leap.

We look at dogs when they’re young and in their prime, and we may think they’re pretty good dogs. I’ve found that as the years pass, often we realize they were great.


Ok who’s yella dog is this?!?!


From our pack to yours, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

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Tori Pegoda Ranch Catahoulas got top gyp in Nixon!!!
Blake Waldrop on far left with the head honcho of it all!!


Time to get it on your mind’s! 3 days and counting!


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430 & (2) T5s




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