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Providing Business and Residential Trash and Recycling Service to Jackson County since 1995. Specializing in clean outs: Whole House, Garages,Out Buildings

Operating as usual


Hello everyone, due to dangerous road conditions we will be operating on a limited pick up schedule this week. Anyone with snow or ice on their driveways we will get you as soon as possible. Today Monday is a holiday and dumps sights are closed all day, this will also add to delayed pick ups. thank you for your understanding.


Happy Halloween, be safe.

The Environmental Disaster that is Fuelled by Used Clothes and Fast Fashion | Foreign Correspondent 08/27/2021

The Environmental Disaster that is Fuelled by Used Clothes and Fast Fashion | Foreign Correspondent

Be kind not blind.

The Environmental Disaster that is Fuelled by Used Clothes and Fast Fashion | Foreign Correspondent The dark side of the world’s fashion addiction. Many of our old clothes, donatedto charities, end up in rotting textile mountains in West Africa. This is a s...


Hope everyone is ok after the storm, we had a power pole go down taking out our power,phone and internet.
The power is back on but the phone lines will not be repaired until hopfully later today.
Thanks and stay safe.


Lets all try to be better, peace.

"I witnessed this sanitation employee return a trash can to the side door of an elderly lady's home this morning. After speaking with her, I learned her mobility is limited and this man does this for her every week. It may seem so insignificant to you or me, but to her it's greatly appreciated! Small acts of kindness, such as this, will not change the world, but it changes her world. I didn't get your name sir, but you are awesome!"

Credit: Teresa Headley

Plastics: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) 03/22/2021

Plastics: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Some strong language and a lot of truth.

Plastics: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) Plastic is in everything, from the clothes we wear to the water we drink. John Oliver explains how plastics are harming the planet, why recycling isn’t the s...

Jackson County 03/04/2021

Jackson County

Jackson County Jackson County


Due to bad weather on Friday we will be collecting Fridays trash on Thursday (today) Thank you for your understanding and please stay safe every one. Peace

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Little Tuffy the new fleet truck. Helping us to better serve you.


Hello everyone, if we can not safely get to your trash on your scheduled pick up day, please leave it where we can get it at our earliest opportunity. thank you for your patience and understanding.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Thank you all.


every body needs to slow down

Manmade materials now outweigh all living matter in Earth. Plastic alone is greater in mass than all land and marine creatures combined.
And that’s not even including waste.
These are two findings from research published in the journal Nature, which noted that humanity’s footprint on the globe has doubled every 20 years since the beginning of the 20th century.
The aim of the research was to measure and illustrate the real balance between humans and nature, countering the widespread belief in ‘the immensity of the globe and the seeming infinity of the natural world.’
The production of concrete, metal, plastic, bricks and asphalt now exceeds the living biomass on Earth, including every single plant, animal and organism, it says. It also found that, on average, every person on the planet is responsible for the creation of anthropogenic mass greater than their body weight each week.
Researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel, studied changes in biomass and human-made mass from 1900 to now. They used dry weight estimates, excluding water, and defined anthropogenic mass as the mass embedded in inanimate solid objects made by humans. It doesn’t include waste.
The paper even makes the claim that its findings should define our current historical era.
‘The impacts of these activities have been so abrupt and considerable that it has been proposed that the current geological epoch be renamed the Anthropocene,’ it says.

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Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone at the Heritage Christain Preschool especially the 3s for your special gift basket! 06/20/2020

Say 'thank you' for National Waste and Recycling Workers Week

Your welcome.✌️ Take a minute to say ‘thank you’ to those keeping our communities clean. This week is National Waste and Recycling Workers Week, a time to honor the hardworking men and women of the industry! Say 'thank you' for National Waste and Recycling Workers Week. This year, workers have been work... 06/19/2020

Say 'thank you' for National Waste and Recycling Workers Week

Thanks aren't necessary but it is nice to hear now and then. Take a minute to say ‘thank you’ to those keeping our communities clean. This week is National Waste and Recycling Workers Week, a time to honor the hardworking men and women of the industry! Say 'thank you' for National Waste and Recycling Workers Week. This year, workers have been work...


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Please tie your bags, thanks 😃

Tying trash bags securely helps protect the sanitation workers who serve our communities.



cool stuff

I'm on a roll with these 13 recycling hacks! 04/29/2020

Supporting Sanitation Workers

Give a hoot, don't pollute. Show your appreciation.


All together now

Thank you! ❤️🙏


City Lights Bookstore

Virtual Event starts in an hour!

Native Bees and Beneficial Insects Virtual Talk + Q&A | Saturday, March 28 at 3PM
Tune into for a special Facebook Live presentation with the creators of the book, A Guide to the Wonderful World Around Us: Notes on Nature. Enjoy a live reading, followed by a dynamic presentation on native insects complete with a question and answer session. Virtual participants can leave questions in the comments throughout the program which will be collected and answered at the end of the presentation.


Great store, read a book.

It’s spring now and the end of the toughest week in recent memory. Our Café neighbors are closed for the duration and our amazing crew of booksellers have been let go. 😢 Cedric and Chris are here for phone orders and curbside service only. We’re always open on the web ( for New & Used Books, eBooks, Audiobook Downloads, Gift Card/Codes, etc. We’re attempting to juggle competing goals, but mainly we want people to be okay and we hope to be in a position to reopen our doors once we’re through the pandemic. 03/20/2020

Garbage pick-up is still happening. ‘Scared to death’ haulers aren’t letting us down.

Good article, be safe everyone. Trash collection and recycling pickups can't be done from home.


Guadalupe Cafe

we are still offering take out & curbside— until/if instructed to cease. We will try to post pretty pictures of daily specials & cakes... We are also able to sell bottles of wine, splits of prosecco, 12oz beers & fill growlers with draft beer from local breweries! Everyone stay safe! ♥️


Guadalupe Cafe

Eat local, peace

hi folks! today we have mexican chocolate cake and chocolate coconut milk pudding available TO GO

As well as a lovely ROCKET SALAD with arugula, bacon, and fresh strawberries,

and a chili cheese TAMALE with greens, bacon & herbs.

we’ve also stocked up on single serve drink options:
Buchi local kombucha
Ginger’s Revenge local hard ginger beer
Catawba’s lemon ginger White Zombie beer

a few choices of single serve wine: pinot noir, pinot gris, rose, & prosecco


all together now.

Here at Dillsboro Automotive we have been and will continue to take every step possible to ensure a safe, clean, and sterile environment for our employees and guests. During these unsettling times, we would like to let all our customers know that we are here to help in any way that we can. Please keep in mind that we offer (now and always) the following amenities to accommodate our customers:
• Shuttle service.
• Complimentary pick-up and delivery of your vehicle.
• We have our secure key drop and pick-up box. This gives you the option to leave your keys, along with our information card in a secure box after hours. You will also have the ability to retrieve your keys after hours for pick-up of your vehicle after repairs or maintenance have been completed.
• We can accept credit card payments over the telephone and email receipts.
• We always try to keep the facility clean and sanitary, but in the days ahead we are taking extra precautions and sanitize all high contact areas such as doorknobs, etc.
• We will also in the days ahead sanitize your steering wheels, door handles, and shifters after work is complete or when the vehicle is delivered.
If there are any other provisions you think that may be beneficial or necessary for our customers, please let us know. We value your feedback and opinions.
You can reach us by calling 828-586-1298, text us at 828-276-2078, or visit our website and message us from there. Our business hours are still Monday – Friday 8am-5pm.
Stay healthy and thanks for your business.
Dillsboro Automotive


O'Malley's Pub and Grill

good work guys

(3$) & a 20$ minimum
CARRY-OUT orders will continue.
Our delivery bubble will be to Top Cats, Webster, Dillsboro, Sylva area to the Budweiser plant, & Cullowhee to Forest Hills.


We know that many of you are making adjustments to your day to day life at this time. We will continue to pick up your trash as long as we are allowed and it remains safe to do so. We are taking every precaution to keep ourselves and our community safe . That being said...We will be at your house every week on your scheduled pick up day. If there is anything we can do to assist you during this time please don't hesitate to call the office or ask your driver. The only thing we ask of you is that you make sure bags containing trash are securely tied to help protect us. Together we can do this. Stay safe out there.
Bill, Mike and Amanda


good luck buddy

FOUND: Male, small mixed breed dog, possibly elder. Had a collar, but no tags. Probably been lost for a while, based on his condition. Found on Cullowhee River Club. If you know this little guy or his family, please contact the Jackson County shelter at 828-586-6138. Please share so that if he DOES have a family, we can get him back to them. THANKS.


Meir Kay

Please be kind.

Don't allow a negative experience effect your day for the worse. We may not have the power to control everything that happens to us, but we DO have a choice on how we react to it. We can take control and not allow negativity to creep in and ruin our positve outlook and way of life. Love the people who treat you right and pray for the ones who don't. Wishing you a garbage free day!

David J. Pollay wrote the story we portray in the video. You can find David’s story in his inspiring book, The Law of the Garbage Truck®. To learn more about David and his message, please visit

Buy David's book here:

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Director/Producer - Meir Kay
Cinematographer - Joris Reynaud
Editor - Shmuly Levitin
Uber Driver - Tommie Jessie
Passenger- Meir Kay
Business man - Gys De Villiers
Special Thanks: Bubby Leah


Holiday Residential Schedule
Monday pick-ups will be as usual
Tuesday pick-ups will be done on Wednesday
Merry Christmas!


great exercise

HoOpS for Smoky Mountain Sk8way & FUN ZONE


Possible Hurricane Delay This Week!

The Jackson County Transfer Station closed early Monday 9/11/17 because of the approaching hurricane and may not open until Wednesday 9/13/17. If your pick-up day is Tuesday's it may be delayed a day.
Thanks for your patience



Norway has a brilliant way to get people to recycle more.


All this spring like weather it's a good time to clean stuff out.
Call us for a free estimate! Keep it clean with our weekly Trash Service... Give us a call at 828-586-3080
Share this someone you know who needs our help!



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