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We have created this page so family and friends know when we have honey, eggs, and fresh produce av



I Love My Dog

Repeat after me: β€œI will NOT eat bees!” 🐝 😝 🐢 🐾



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Heating honey that has crystallized

Best way to reheat crystallized honey. Place jar in pan, on a rack, in water. Heat water and leave going till honey is liquid again. Do NOT reheat honey in microwave because it kills the natural enzymes that you buy raw honey for. We did have some honey in a plastic bear, tried to reheat but of course, the bear melted πŸ˜‰.


Just finished my first patchwork skirt. Thank you Rain Country for the tutorials. Now to gather fabric for my next one.


Swarms can be found anywhere! Hubby just sent this picture so at this time don't know if they will become ours or not.

05/16/2020 02/05/2020

Beehives vandalized at Ceballos Honey Farm; damages estimated in thousands

This is so sad Fabens, Texas (KTSM) – Beehives run over by a vehicle out in Fabens, Texas has left many bees dead and the Ceballos Honey Farm has taken a huge loss because of the incident. Beehives destroye…


Humor meets comics


Two Women and a Hoeβ„’

🐝🌼🐝 12/18/2019

December 18th is National β€œI Love Honey” Day! #HoneyDay Here are today’s five food things to know about honey: Greeks and Roman referred to honey as a food fit for the gods. A honey wine was developed, and largely consumed by many. Its given name … 12/05/2019

The 'World's Smallest McDonald's' Is Actually A McHive For Bees

I think we need to make a village for our hives! There's even a mini drive-thru. 10/10/2019

Flea Loves Bees: The Red Hot Chili Peppers Bassist is an Avid Apiarist The oft-shirtless bassist dons a beekeeper costume these days.


Honey coming out of extractor and running through a double filter. We don't heat or thin down. Just filter to get junk out. Then bottle.


Extractor spinning honey out of the frames.


π“π‘πž 𝐁𝐞𝐞𝐀𝐞𝐞𝐩𝐞𝐫

β†’πŸ Photo.
Your Local .


NYC Beekeeping

London (UK) beekeepers made a giant backlit pyramid of honey to show off all the different pretty shades. Very nice.


Simply Bee

Happy National Honeybee Day from the staff at Simply Bee πŸ’•πŸπŸ’•


Country Livin' 07/24/2019

Bees Voted To Be The Most Important Living Beings On Earth The 2008 meeting of the Royal Geographical Society of London saw a conclusion be the Earthwatch Institute which I would consider rather tremendous in stature. Bees have been declared the most important living beings on this planet and this is a very important step, considering that they are on the e...


The Bee Man Candle Company

A little PSA as we move into the summer time!


Finding a local beekeeper and someone that sells eggs will give you better quality food. On honey, even though the label at walmart says raw, doesn't mean it is. If using it for allergies, local is best since you want local pollen as well. It may cost a little more, but you will greatly enjoy the taste more. Visit farmers mkt during summertime for good food and help them buy seeds for next year. I will also add, duck eggs are fabulous to bake with! 07/20/2019

This Dutch city has transformed its bus 🚌 stops into bee 🐝 stops 🌼 In the Dutch city Utrecht 316 bus stops now have a green roof and bees love it


Permaculture Pirates 07/13/2019

Bees Love H**p! Researchers Discover H**p Provides Food and Habitat For Bees H**p could help save the bees, providing an excellent source of nutrition during the season they need it most, new study finds Expanding h**p cultivation in the United States could provide food for the bees during a time of year when few other options are available to them, a new …


Lafayette Square

A polite PSA to everyone who visits our park.


Sunflower Vibes

Let it bee 🌻🐝 06/11/2019

France Becomes First Country in Europe to Ban All Five Pesticides Killing Bees France has taken a radical step towards protecting its dwindling bee population by becoming the first country in Europe to ban all five pesticides researchers believe are killing off the insects.



🐝Did you know?

πŸ“·Imgur/Rochita 05/27/2019

Morgan Freeman Turns His 124-Acre Ranch Into Huge Honeybee Sanctuary to Save the Bees The 81-year-old celebrity converted his Mississippi ranch into a gigantic honeybee sanctuary to save threatened bee colonies. 05/27/2019

Should I Wash my Chicken Eggs? Fresh eggs shouldn't be washed until just before you use them. There's a natural bloom that protects them in the meantime.


Check out these beauties cleaning their home. Love to watch them work.

05/26/2019 05/23/2019

'World's Smallest McDonald's' Restaurant For Bees Is Now Open It may be tiny, but it can still seat thousands of diners


Guerilla Beekeepers

Handy comparison list

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Heating honey that has crystallized
Honey coming out of extractor and running through a double filter. We don't heat or thin down. Just filter to get junk o...
Extractor spinning honey out of the frames.
Double yoke
Bees on my hummingbird January!
Not getting extremely close because not in suit and they love me but you can see some activity and hear the buzzing.


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