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We can get it!

Let’s get these tires moved.

Coastal Plains 3/30/24 First pass

A little more on Mark Nessler's beautiful BBF FORD pulling truck... What do you do when you build a truck and have some decent success pulling in your local sanctioning pulls.. You have a strong BBF but want that little extra... you build a new engine with the Widowmaker intake... (available on our website )... then you get it on... takes a few pulls (2)... to get the new combination sorted out... but you get it lined out and then YOU WIN 15 EVENTS IN A ROW!!!!! In 2000 the Braves won 15 in a row. Mariners in 2001, NBA Houston Rockets in 1993, Lakers in 01 AND 02...... We've got some elite among that 15 in a row throne! Granted Mark has done it with just a little less budget than those others mentioned above but he did it with a BBF and Pegasus Widowmaker Intake. Mark’s truck started out as a 1976 F250 highboy. From there he built a profiler headed bbf with a single dominator carb. Wet sump oil system with daily engineering external pump with 2 stages of vac....the heads have been heavily ported and with the high compression pistons come in at around 16:1. Most of the time it sings in the 8800-9200 rpms depending on track/gearing. It has a 3 speed profab trans with scs drop box rounding out the drivetrain. Whats all that mean? It makes A LOT of noise pulling past 300 feet for the Full Pull dragging several thousand pounds behind it (again… 15 events in a row)…. So we congratulate you Mark on your 15 event win in a row achievement and know there are many more to come.

First round, made a decent hit. 60ft was terrible ....