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💐🌸🌺🌹🌷 Luna Floral & Design
Brighten up your home and yard with some gorgeous plants and flowers! All plants are from Luna Floral & Design!

All proceeds will go to Kids Food Basket

Come visit us at our Cogswell Dr location and purchase a beautiful plant from Luna Floral & Design today! All proceeds will go to Kids' Food Basket.

Today we were excited to present a check for $1,773 to the Jaeger Foundation. This money was raised in February through staff donations, partnering with Luna Floral & Design for a flower sale, and partnering with Boardwell Mechanical Services Inc. for the What a Catch Ice Fishing Tournament.

Thank you everyone for helping us raise this money for this amazing foundation.
Time for tulips at Luna Floral & Design!
We had a lot of fun at our Student Run Credit Union at Montague High School! Thank you Luna Floral & Design for the gorgeous flowers!

Save the date at Luna Floral & Design!
New gear at Luna Floral & Design! 🧢
We’re tempted to take one (at least) of each, Luna Floral & Design! 🍀
We received a nice surprise visit from Vanessa at Luna Floral & Design today! Thank you for our beautiful flowers!
Luna Floral & Design
🌹 Luna Floral & Design

We are your everyday florist! Fresh flowers for your kitchen table, a bouquet for grandma to sharing


Checkout Bliss Bakery we are here in Hamilton!

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🪴Plant Sale! 15% all Houseplants the rest of this week! 🌱
🌹Dozen Roses- Grab’n’Go are $20 The rest of this week as well!
💜Treat yourself and someone your thinking about!
Wednesday-Friday 10am-6pm
Saturday 10am-2pm
💃Also- Homecoming flowers- today is the LAST day to guarantee flowers for this weekend dance. So make sure you stop in or swing by to place your order!
🏷Tag a plant lover or Someone you think deserves some roses! We will be giving away a $20 Gift card to the store! Make sure to Comment and Share for your chance to win!


🌹Dozen Roses for $20 goes all this week! Swing in after work and bring home a beautiful surprise! 🌹

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It’s never to early to think about getting ready for Christmas! Especially if it’s something you want personalized! We can put your logo or name on just about anything! Even our Hot Cocoa bombs can get custom made stickers with your company logo on them! Thanks Lake Michigan Credit Union for your continued support!


🌱 Plant Live, And Vase recyclingng Winner!

Photos from Luna Floral & Design's post 10/03/2022

🌹Rose Special- While Supplies Last‼️ What’s the best way to show someone your thinking of them? Give them some flowers! 💐
Dozen Roses Grab-n-Go only $20!


🪴Plant of The Week!

Peperomia Frost!

Peperomia Frost is sometimes called Peperomia Silver Frost, is an adorable peperomia cultivar that looks like it’s been covered in a layer of…frost! Frost is native to Brazil.

☀️Peperomia Frost does best when placed in bright, indirect light, but it can also grow in medium-level light. Indirect light means the sun’s rays should not be shining directly on your peperomia. That would be direct light, and it could end up burning your pep! Grow lights are also acceptable for situations lacking natural light. Be sure to rotate your pep weekly, as they are sure to get the lean if not.
💧Water your Peperomia Frost when it’s almost completely dry. Peperomias are not succulents, but their leaves are succulent-like. When your plant is thirsty it might start to droop slightly and its leaves will be a lot more flexible since they are no longer full of water.

🌱Plant Pep Frost in a well draining houseplant mixture is fine. Potting soil, bark, perlite is a nice combination. You can also use Bonsai mix in place of the orchid bark. Peperomia Frost is an epiphyte, meaning it grows on the surface of another plant, maybe a tree without harming it. It takes its moisture and nutrients from its surroundings rather than up from the ground.

Peperomias have small root systems. They’re also slow growing and they like to be root bound. These three factors add up to one thing—this peperomia does not need to be repotted often!

🚿Fertilize your Pep during its active growing season, any houseplant fertilizer will do.. Cut back fertilization during the winter months.

Pruning your Peperomia Frost isn’t necessary except to remove any dead or dying leaves. You should be able to easily pluck these away.

🐈🐕‍🦺All Peperomias are safe and non toxic to pets.

Show us any of your Peperomias- there are so many varieties!


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🔮Hocus Pocus bombs have been restocked! And all orders are ready for pickup today in store until 2pm! ☕️
🌺It’s also homecoming for some schools- so we will run a flower special- all pre-made arrangements in the cooler- 15% off!!
Don’t forget Whitehall/Montague homecoming preorder price ends Monday at the end of the day so make sure you get your orders in to get the discount!

Swing in and grab some goodies for your weekend! 💜

Photos from Luna Floral & Design's post 09/30/2022

🔮🎃 Our Hocus Pocus Bombs were a Hit and we are SOLD OUT- but We are Taking orders for pickup TOMORROW! 🔮 You can order them individually or by the 4, or 6 pack. Comment below or send us a message to get your name added to the list! We are open 10-2 tomorrow, Saturday Oct 1st. 🎃

Photos from Luna Floral & Design's post 09/29/2022

🎃🪄🔮 Hocus Pocus 2 is released Tomorrow! In honor of a classic we did a limited run of Hocus Pocus Hot Cocoa Bombs 🔮 Swing in and grab some for your watch party this weekend!! 💜 Available as singles or 4 packs

Photos from Luna Floral & Design's post 09/28/2022

🚨 New Product Alert 🚨We now carry US31 Engraving keychains and signs- there will be more coming! We met Ryan & Kasey last fall and we get our Pumpkins, Gourds and Cornstalks from their farm in Shelby. This year they have ventured into sign making and keychains- so of course we had to support them! Swing in and help support this New Local Small Business! They can also do some custom items so let me know if you have any ideas!

Photos from Luna Floral & Design's post 09/28/2022

💃Homecoming Dance this weekend? There’s still time to order your corsages and boutonnieres! 🌺
Give us a call or stop in to order! We have over 100 colors of ribbons, rhinestones, glitter and more to choose from!

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☕️New Flavor Release Tuesday!
🍫Classic Chocolate Peanut Butter Hot Cocoa Bomb
🍓White Chocolate Covered Strawberry
🌧 This rainy weather is perfect for a nice mug of flavorful hot cocoa or cappuccino! All previous flavors are still available in store and will be through February!
☕️Pumpkin spice, Original Hot Cocoa, Andes Mint, and English Toffee Cappuccino


🪴Plant of The Week! Philodendron Birkin.

These popular houseplants are loved for their easy-going nature and large, glossy-green variegated leaves.
🪴This once rare mutation of the hybrid Philodendron Rojo Congo stands out because of the unique creamy white or yellow streaks on the green leaves. The variegation only appears on mature plants, and sometimes it might produce leaves with a reddish tone or part red, part creamy white stripes. If your plant completely reverts, try cutting it back and increasing its light exposure.
🌱Birkin is slow growing, making it perfect for smaller spaces. Birkin needs the right levels of warmth, moisture, and bright, indirect light to thrive and show off its impressive variegation. Just avoid being too attentive⁠. Over fertilization and overwatering are not this plant's friends.

Birkin’s do not have a climbing habit, a support pole might be helpful for top heavy plants, & you'll want to wipe down the leaves with a damp cloth every few weeks to promote variegation and keep them glossy and healthy.
🪴Birkin needs well draining soil. A mixture that drains well and doesn’t stay soggy for too long. Our Luna Signature Blend is perfect!
💧One of the biggest problems is overwatering. Allow the top few inches to dry out before you water. It is always best to under water your plants than to overwater.
☀️While you don't want the plant to completely dry out, don't panic if you forget to water it occasionally. They're pretty forgiving and usually perk up after a thorough watering. Be sure to drain away any excess water.
🚿These tropical plastics thrive in warmth and humidity⁠, they're great for bathrooms. Temperatures need to stay consistently above 55°. If the home environment is particularly dry, the Birkin won't be a good choice.
🏠Birkin will grow in most homes, though, with ideal temperatures ranging from 65 to 85°.
🪴Feeding with a balanced, weak solution of houseplant fertilizer every couple of months during the growing season promotes faster growth, improved variegation, especially in brighter conditions. If the leaves start to develop brown tips it is likely because you need to up your watering or provide higher humidity levels.
☠️Birkins are toxic to people and pets. Be sure to display your Birkin out of reach from children and pets.

Show us your Birkin!

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💃🪩Homecoming Dances are right around the corner! Our Build Your Own Corsage Bar is up and ready for you to come design your dance flowers! Order Early to lock in the Pre-Order price! Have a date? Order your corsage and boutonniere at the same time for a $5 savings!


🪴New Plants! Sampling of Bliss Products and our Signature Lunas Blend Coffee until 2pm!

Photos from Luna Floral & Design's post 09/24/2022

🍁 Well Fall is here and we def. Have fall weather. Today Bliss Bakery is doing a huge fall restock in the store and we will be doing samples of our signature Luna cookie and something from her fall menu! Swing in and grab some sweets and some flowers for yourself! It’s always a great Pick me up! 💐PLUS Destiny is in store all day today! Swing in and say Hi to her!
We are open 10am-2pm today (Saturday!)

Photos from Luna Floral & Design's post 09/22/2022

💙 We love a good fundraiser- and when Destiny organizes it for Montague FFA I couldn’t say no. So I introduce “Products for a Purpose!” They are collecting supplies for the Muskegon Rescue Mission. These are some of the suggested items but any new unopened home/health products are welcomed. 🪥🧴 There are so many daily items we take advantage of using at a moments notice, donating can help ensure the rest of our county has the same luxury. 💙

Exchange student from Spain stars for Montague volleyball, receives surprise homecoming invite - CatchMark Sports 09/22/2022

Exchange student from Spain stars for Montague volleyball, receives surprise homecoming invite - CatchMark Sports

Isaiah ordered a special bouquet to ask Montague Exchange student to homecoming. When he came to pick up he was excited to ask her and wanted to make sure it was extra special as she had never been to a homecoming dance before. 💙 Great Job Isaiah we were happy to help you make the night extra special with a thoughtful bouquet!

Exchange student from Spain stars for Montague volleyball, receives surprise homecoming invite - CatchMark Sports Laura Borras helps Wildcats beat rival Whitehall in four sets, then tops her night with a hoco dance invite.


New Plants! 🪴 Outdoor Fall Decor 🍁 Mums and more!

Photos from Luna Floral & Design's post 09/20/2022

🍫 It’s Tuesday which means 2 new hot cocoa bombs are released today!! 🍫 this rainy weather makes it a perfect day to snuggle up and enjoy a cup of cocoa! ☕️ 1) Andes Mint. 2) English Toffee Cappuccino
Original and pumpkin spice still available in store.

Photos from Luna Floral & Design's post 09/20/2022

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the friends and family of Marjorie Babcock today as they say their final goodbye. It was our honor to create her tribute pieces.
Thank you for trusting Luna floral with remembering your loved ones.

Photos from Luna Floral & Design's post 09/19/2022

🍁Fall has hit the store! We have porch pots, corn stalks, Mums and pumpkins! 🎃 All of our Porch Pots are available to be refilled and turned into Christmas Porch pots Dec.1st and you will receive 10% off for bringing the pot back! 🍁 Our products all come from LOCAL farms- so shopping small with us you are supporting our local farms as well!
Mums $10-35
Porch pots- $45
Corn stalks $6
Pumpkins $6
Gourds- .50

Photos from Luna Floral & Design's post 09/18/2022

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Jason Morrell 🍁 It was a beautiful fall wedding- we had the honor of doing their flowers and helping coordinate their big day. I have been friends with Jason for almost 20 years. It was an extra special day to me- since one of the assistants called in sick- Tyson got to work his first wedding with me, and well he’s hooked now! 💙 Here’s to many years of love and happiness! 🥂

Photos from Luna Floral & Design's post 09/17/2022

🍁 This fall wedding today is making it really seem like fall! ❤️ Don’t forget to swing in and grab your fall Porch Pots, Corn stalks and pumpkins from us!
When you purchase a call porch pot- you get 10% off refilling it and turning it into a Christmas Porch Pot!
We are open 10-2 today!

Photos from Luna Floral & Design's post 09/16/2022

🏈It has been a FUN week seeing all the friendly competition between Montague and Whitehall- at the end of the day there’s only one winner…. And that is ❤️WHITEHALL❤️ It was so close. Whitehall 161 Montague 158. We donated Pink/Red and Pink/Blue carnations for the cheerleaders to hand out to fans (they have a coupon attached so don’t lose it!) Whitehall has a huge box of Swag they will be handing out tonight and we couldn’t leave Montague out so they have some fun stuff too! 🏈💙
Thank You for supporting this friendly competition- and We wish Both teams a FUN night! 💗
The Montague cheer team even made a pit stop on the way to the game! 💙🏈💙

Photos from Luna Floral & Design's post 09/16/2022

🏈💙❤️ It’s Getting Close!! So right now Whitehall is in the lead with 143 and Montague is close behind at 130! ❤️💙🏈 Don’t forget whoever wins gets FREE swag for the cheerleaders to hand out tonight at the game! Final count will be done at 5:45. We are open until 6pm! So swing in and grab some Spirit Gear! Cannot wait to see you all at the Game! We did add a lot of NEW items to the floor today! 🏈 Who do you think is gonna win?!

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Checkout Bliss Bakery we are here in Hamilton!
🌱 Plant Live, And Vase recyclingng Winner!
🪴New Plants! Sampling of Bliss Products and our Signature Lunas Blend Coffee until 2pm!
🪴 New Plant Thursday 🪴🌵 Claim below and pickup within 3 days 💜
🌵Plant Live- Thursday/friday 😂🪴
🪴Vase Recycling Free Flower WINNERS!!!! 💐
🇺🇸 Weekend Events: Heros On The Dunes by The Heroes Operation in Silver Lake!
Flowers for the headstone are a beautiful way to celebrate someone’s life. They can be placed for celebration of life, M...
💐 FREE FLOWER GIVEAWAY 🏺Vase Recycling ♻️
🪴New Plants Thursday!! 🪴 some new stuff and lots of Big Plants! 🌲You can claim on the live video- and it gives you 3 day...
♻️🏺Vase Recycling Winners! 🏺♻️ Sneek Peak of the new Flowers we are hydrating and unpacking today! 💐
🌹To Celebrate the ending of June, we are doing a Rose Special until supplies last! 🌹 $18 for a 1/2 dozen roses wrapped. ...



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