Die Firma Redl - Home of Innovation und Ihr Partner PourMyBeer waren mit unseren Mietbikes in den Weinbergen am Kamp unterwegs.

Ihr habt wirklich bestes Wetter erwischt ☀️😊
🍻 Unsere Partner PourMyBeer sind aus den USA zu uns gereist! Bei strahlendem Sonnenschein waren wir in den Weinbergen am Kamp unterwegs, erkundeten Wien mit VR-Brille und nahmen uns natürlich Zeit für den Austausch kommender Projekte. In Kolarik im Prater konnten wir auf die gute Zusammenarbeit anstoßen, auch mit selbstgezapftem Bier 😉

The lessons from the pandemic are clear: Technology will continue as a beacon to help businesses better connect with customers. Branded's hi-tech partners are empowering restaurant operators with solutions that are bringing brands to the next level.

Check out our hi-tech partners:
Chowly Inc Inc.
Spirits Network


Brizo Food Metrics
Meez - The Professional Recipe Tool

GoTab Inc.
Dispatch Goods
Simple Marketplace


Ecotrak Facility Management Software

Ottonomy IO


Come check out our new 30 tap self pour beer wall!PourMyBeer
Thank you PourMyBeer for featuring the blog on your ’In the News’ section!!!

Read about it: https://bizcolumnist.com/preview-phoenixvilles-newest-bar-featuring-a-self-pour-tap-wall/

Make sure you follow us on Instagram () to see our latest giveaway collab with PourMyBeer!
Do you know the benefits of wine on tap or how to execute it to increase sales? In PourMyBeer's latest webinar Tana Rulkova chats with Barclay Webster, VP of Business Development at Free Flow Wines and 2 experienced hospitality operators who serve wine on tap to provide you with insights you need to start your self pour journey.

This webinar focuses on the following:

- [7:17]: Benefits of Self-Pour Wine
- [29:04]: How to Execute Self-Pour Wine
- [42:01]: The Future of Self-Pour Wine


We are often asked if our Taphouse is like a brewery, and the answer is NO! ❌

Our Taphouse will utilize modern, self-serve technology with a 26 tap beer wall.

PourMyBeer has created an exciting system that allows you to serve the beverage of your choice, while being in complete control of the serving size, cost, and flavor profile that works for you!

Follow our profile to stay up to date on the local beverages we have on tap! 🍻
🍍Welcome to our new MRLA Members who joined in the month of July! We look forward to providing you with !

🍍July New Members🍍
Crystal Mountain
Experience Jackson
GRNoir Wine & Jazz
Happy Hour Bar
IHG Hotels & Resorts
Papa Chops Eatery
Wood Shop Social
Young's Getaway Beachfront Resort
Sieht aus wie Urlaub? 😎 Es hat uns beruflich in den sonnigen Süden verschlagen. In den Wasserparks Aqualand El Arenal Mallorca & Marineland Catalunya Barcelona gibt es ab sofort Getränkespender unseres Partners Coca-Cola Europacific Partners mit Self Service-Technologie aus dem Hause Redl PourMyBeer.

Another preserved piece of history in the taproom: The 1960s #342 Peoria City Bus went from a long resting spot near Kickapoo, IL into the hands of many sheet metal workers at Mechanical Service Inc.🛠 Once it made its arrival into our taproom, MSI and PourMyBeer transformed it into a massive cooler and pour your own tap system.

What are the odds that 342 was the bus number and one of the most common three digits for a Galesburg phone number?! I think that is a sign that our taproom is it’s final resting spot. 🍻 🚌

Comment below if you helped out in the process of moving, restoring, or building the taproom bus! ⬇️
Summer vibes für Jürgen, Reinhard und Dominic in Deauville Beach in der französischen Normandie. 🌞 Die Teilnehmer des Triathlon Deauville Normandie werden mit unseren Self Service Solutions der Redl Technologies versorgt. Danke an unsere Partner PourMyBeer und CCEP!
Enjoy your Sunday with some pizza and PourMyBeer!
Our Team attended the 2022 National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago last week. We are so excited about the many new products we'll be offering to help you grow your business and innovate in your kitchen! (Pic of Dave and Brant with the PourMyBeer mascot for attention!)
Well, we teased you a couple weeks ago, The time is now...the best patio bar in a 20 mile radius is opening tonight. THE PATIO Cardo's Pizza & Tavern will open tonight featuring our new PourMyBeer Tap system. 24 taps including wine and craft cocktails. Come out, enjoy the great weather, great music by AJ Angelo, and pour yourself a beer.

We are the leading self-service technology provider with 500+ locations in 30 countries.


Calling all beer aficionados and flavor explorers! With an astounding 70 beer taps, you're in for an unrivaled journey through a world of brews. From crisp lagers to zesty ales and everything in between, you'll surely find your new favorite right here.
Check out CraftWorx Taproom!🍺

Photos from Victory Pickleball's post 08/24/2023

The behind-the-scenes magic before the PourMyBeer magic!
We cannot wait to see our technology in this location!! 🍺

Self-serve bar Eupouria aims to enrich Columbus nightlife, opens end of August 08/24/2023

Eupouria is coming soon to Columbus with 40 self-pour taps, including beer, wine, seltzers, and some nonalcoholic options like ginger beer, root beer, and nitro cold brew coffee!🍷🥃🍹

Self-serve bar Eupouria aims to enrich Columbus nightlife, opens end of August As its name implies, Eupouria — amusingly pronounced you-pour-ia — is built upon the principle of self-service. The bar is not yet open for business, but will soon open its doors in the popular Gat…

Tapster opens in Philly with 54 self-service taps for beer, wine, cocktails 08/21/2023

We would love to welcome another Tapster location to the PourMyBeer Family!

Located in the city center of Philadelphia with 54 self-pour taps and a wide range of beer, wine, and cocktails to choose from!

Tapster opens in Philly with 54 self-service taps for beer, wine, cocktails The pour-your-own setups allow customers to sample drinks at their own pace.

Innovative Tap Solutions is a 2023 Inc. 5000 honoree 08/16/2023

We’re thrilled to share that Innovative Tap Solutions (DBA PourMyBeer) has earned a spot on the list, ranking as the 4559th fastest-growing company in the U.S.!

#142 in Pennsylvania
#126 in Food and Beverage

This remarkable achievement wouldn’t be possible without our team's dedication and hard work. This is our third time on the list, and we have no plans of slowing down anytime soon!

A big thank you to our valued PourMyBeer Family for their trust and support on this journey. Cheers to another year of growth and lots of self-pour beverages!

Innovative Tap Solutions is a 2023 Inc. 5000 honoree Innovative Tap Solutions: Eliminating lines so guests can pour and pay by the ounce for beer, wine, cocktails coffee and non-alcoholic beverages

Self-Pour Technology Success Stories | PourMyBeer 08/10/2023

Ready to tap into the power of possibility? PourMyBeer is the solution you've been searching for! 🙌 From sports stadiums to hotels, our innovative self-pour technology has helped countless venues achieve remarkable results. 💪 Don't just take our word for it, check out our success stories and see for yourself how PourMyBeer can unlock success for your establishment! 🏆

Self-Pour Technology Success Stories | PourMyBeer View success studies to see how business owners have used self-pour tech to double revenue and reach ROI in record time.

Photos from PourMyBeer's post 07/31/2023

The Lounge at Spangdahlem Air Base in Germany features a 12-tap, 12-screen self-pour beverage wall where service members can socialize, unwind, and enjoy a rotating selection of delightful craft beers. Our self-pour technology provides an efficient and seamless pouring process. No more waiting in lines – service members can spend their time off-duty having fun and creating memorable moments with fellow service members!

Operator Reporting System | PourMyBeer 07/28/2023

Unlock your venue’s potential with PourMyBeer's advanced reporting! 🚀 Our exclusive cloud-based business intelligence platform provides location-specific insights to help you optimize your operations. PourMyBeer makes data-driven decisions easy by assisting in:

✔️ Enhancing product selection
✔️ Discovering customer preferences and market trends
✔️ Acquiring crucial sales & marketing intelligence
✔️ Reducing operating costs for improved profitability

Ready to elevate your venue's revenue? Reach out to learn more!

Operator Reporting System | PourMyBeer PourMyBeer’s self-serve beverage wall is an innovative way of dispensing a variety of beverages. Learn more about the BKG reporting system from PourMyBeer!

Switching Your POS Made Easy | GoTab 07/27/2023

Join our partners at GoTab on August 9th for a webinar with Chris McCarrick, the owner of CraftWorx Taproom, a 70-tap self-pour venue. Chris will take the virtual stage to share his expertise and insights on the transformative power of PourMyBeer and GoTab's cutting-edge solutions.

Discover how he's integrated these technologies to provide an unparalleled customer experience, all while staying ahead in a fiercely competitive market.

Register at the link below! ⬇️

Switching Your POS Made Easy | GoTab Switching Your POS Made Easy | Aug 09, 2023


Our team recently attended the 2023 ALSD Show with our partners at GoTab and Cartsyde to showcase the power of self-pour technology in large stadiums and arenas! Our Tap Trailer is the perfect solution for high-volume venues for many reasons:

✅ Ability to serve multiple guests simultaneously
✅ Reduced wait times resulting in increased guest satisfaction
✅ Seamless and efficient beverage program
✅ And more!

Check out this video to see how much fun we had at the show!

How to Batch Margaritas: Cocktail Tutorials 07/24/2023

It's National Tequila Day, so it's only fitting that we share this video that walks you through the process of batching margaritas! Learn how to perfect this recipe so you can add cocktails on tap in your venue!

How to Batch Margaritas: Cocktail Tutorials During this video, you'll join Tana Rulkova, VP of Marketing at PourMyBeer, and Jim Wright, Director of Operations at Stanley Beer Hall, batch Margaritas. Yo...


Can't decide which drink to try? With self-pour technology, you can taste every delicious beverage on tap before making your decision. The best part? You only pay for what you pour! So go ahead, be adventurous and savor every sip.


There's a lot that goes into setting up a perfect beverage wall. From helpful how-to graphics and videos to ensuring ADA compliance, our comprehensive guide has all the information you need to create a successful beverage wall in your establishment. Learn more below!


Photos from PourMyBeer's post 07/13/2023

Buddy's Bar, located in Newtown, Australia, is all about creating good times with good people. As the first self-serve boozery in Sydney, Buddy's has become a popular neighborhood watering hole. We recommend adding this unique spot to your list of bars to visit, as owners Duncan and Jimmy will greet you with a smile and treat you like one of their mates! 🍻

Draft System Services | PourMyBeer 07/12/2023

We're thrilled to announce that PourMyBeer is now the first self-pour provider to offer comprehensive draft system services.🔥 Let us handle the planning, design, and installation of your draft system, saving you time, money, and effort! With our team of certified technicians boasting decades of experience, you can expect precision and the perfect pour every time. Learn more below.

Draft System Services | PourMyBeer The Premier Dispense System Design, Planning, Sourcing, and Installation Solution! Learn more about our draft system services today.

Leveraging Data and Analytics to Improve Hotel Sales: Best Practices and Case Studies - PourMyBeer 07/10/2023

Looking to improve your hotel sales? By leveraging data, you can better understand your customers' preferences and make informed decisions on your beverage offerings.🍺🍷🥂

With PourMyBeer's self-serve system, you can track sales in real time and adjust your menu accordingly. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to increased profits!

Leveraging Data and Analytics to Improve Hotel Sales: Best Practices and Case Studies - PourMyBeer Discover best practices and case studies on how to increase hotel sales. Learn actionable steps for improving revenue and guest satisfaction from PourMyBeer.

Photos from PourMyBeer's post 07/07/2023

Join us, GoTab, and Cartsyde, for a refreshing self-pour drink at the ALSD Show in Indianapolis from July 9th to 11th! Swing by Booth 575 to check out our brand-new Tap Trailer and experience its effortless setup and seamless integration with GoTab. Trust us - you won't want to miss this ultimate beverage experience! See you there!

Taproom & Bar Licenses & Permits | PourMyBeer 07/05/2023

Ready to turn your passion into a thriving business? Discover the essential permits and licenses you need to open your dream establishment in our latest blog post. Get started by reading the post below and make your business dreams a reality! 🌟

Taproom & Bar Licenses & Permits | PourMyBeer Opening a bar or taproom is a multi-step process and one is getting all the licenses. PourMyBeer is here to make this step easier with our checklist!

He directed high school bands for Rock Hill and Clover. Now he’s opening a tap house 07/03/2023

Raise a glass to Hoppin' RH, the newest addition to the Hoppin' Brands family! With self-pour technology and a variety of beverages on tap, the experience is truly yours. 🙌 Congrats to owner Joe Gulledge, who proves that following your passion can lead to great success.

Check out the Rock Hill Herald's article to learn more about this exciting new franchise location!

He directed high school bands for Rock Hill and Clover. Now he’s opening a tap house The self-pour bar, called Hoppin’ Rock Hill, will open in early June and follows the style of a similar site in Charlotte’s South End

Self-Pour Stadiums & Amusement Parks | PourMyBeer 06/30/2023

Another venue that can greatly benefit from self-pour is stadiums. We all know the dreaded half-time or intermission crowd at stadiums all too well, self-pour allows much faster service so you can get back to why you came. For operators, you can maximize beverage sales, have access to data-driven reporting, and much more! Check out the link below.

The 33rd annual ALSD conference and tradeshow in Indianapolis, Indiana is coming fast! We are very excited to bring our new Tap Trailer in partnership with Cartsyde and GoTab. Come say hi to our team and learn more about PourMyBeer’s technology at booth #575. See you then!

Self-Pour Stadiums & Amusement Parks | PourMyBeer Discover the benefits of PourMyBeer's self-pour technology in stadiums and amusement parks for operators and customers today!

The Power of Personalization in Hotels: Connecting with Guests and Driving Revenue - PourMyBeer 06/29/2023

Enhance your guest's hotel experience with personalization!

Discover the power of personalization in the hospitality industry. From pre- and post-stay emails to using guests' names, utilizing technology, creating add-on packages, leaving personalized notes, and leveraging self-pour taps, we've got all the secrets to make your guest's stay unforgettable.

Read our blog for the ultimate guide to personalizing your hotel experience:

The Power of Personalization in Hotels: Connecting with Guests and Driving Revenue - PourMyBeer Discover how to improve customer experience in hotels by personalizing services. Stand out and drive revenue! PourMyBeer can help personalize your hotel!

Gatwick brings wine to the forefront with Vagabond opening 06/26/2023

Vagabond Wines recently opened a location at London’s Gatwick Airport in May. Vagabond offers over 80 local wines and beers on tap. Talk about getting the most out of your layover! Quick service and the power to sample as many beverages as you wish before committing, all at your fingertips.

Check out TRBusiness' full article to learn more about Vagabond!

Gatwick brings wine to the forefront with Vagabond opening Gatwick Airport is drawing attention to the wine category with two new openings: Vagabond, the pour-your-own wine bar, and South Downs, with local offerings.

Crave Hot Dogs & BBQ Recognized as Top Performer in Fast Casual Dining: #13 in Fast Casual’s Top 100 Movers and Shakers | RestaurantNews.com 06/22/2023

Crave Hot Dogs & BBQ has been knocking it out of the park! Crave is one of our most successful franchises with many locations across the country. We think it is safe to safe to say that self-pour, hot dogs, and BBQ are a pretty good combination, landing Crave the 13th spot in Fast Casual’s Top 100 Movers and Shakers.

Check out the full article from Restaurant News to learn more about Crave’s accomplishments and how self-pour has elevated its business model. Congrats Crave Hot Dogs & BBQ!

Crave Hot Dogs & BBQ Recognized as Top Performer in Fast Casual Dining: #13 in Fast Casual’s Top 100 Movers and Shakers | RestaurantNews.com Crave Hot Dogs & BBQ, a prominent fast casual franchise known for its mouthwatering specialty hot dogs, BBQ plates and sandwiches, self-pour beer, and axe throwing lanes, has proudly secured the #13 spot in Fast Casual's prestigious Top 100 Movers and Shakers list.

Seasonal Beers to Try This Year PourMyBeer | PourMyBeer 06/21/2023

Summer is finally here!☀️ As we welcome the heat, we bring out fruity and sour beers, pale ales, and IPAs to keep the party going all season long. We created a list from Untappd of 17 beers that complement the season from great breweries like Dogfish Head, Lawson's Finest Liquids, New Belgium Brewing, and more.

We also included a few non-alcoholic options, so there is most definitely a drink for you to try. What's your go-to summer beer?🍻

Seasonal Beers to Try This Year PourMyBeer | PourMyBeer A new trend is taking hold of the adult beverage world: seasonal beers styled specifically to emulate winter, spring, summer, or fall. Learn more.


Tim Enarson, owner of Navigator Taproom, joined us in one of our previous Lunch and Learns to discuss how self-pour has benefited his business and helped overcome the current labor shortage.

Watch below to learn more from Tim about the advantages of self-pour and how it can benefit your establishment!

A Thirst for Efficiency: Mastering Beverage Inventory Management in the Foodservice Industry 06/15/2023

We are appreciative to be featured in Total Food Service's article on effectively managing inventory. By mastering the management of your establishment's inventory, you will see costs go down and the number of happy customers go up. Check out their full article below!

A Thirst for Efficiency: Mastering Beverage Inventory Management in the Foodservice Industry Behind every successful beverage program in the food service industry lies an efficient and well-managed inventory system. Managing beverage inventory effectively not only ensures accurate stock le…

Effective Strategies for Managing Beverage Inventory for Venue Owners - PourMyBeer 06/14/2023

Master beverage management for your establishment’s success! We have put together a guide with effective strategies and systems to optimize your beverage program. Stay organized, streamline operations, and boost profits.🍻

Click the link below to learn more:

Effective Strategies for Managing Beverage Inventory for Venue Owners - PourMyBeer Effective inventory management in food and beverage industries is essential to keeping track of available products. Learn more about beverage inventory here!


Get ready for the 33rd annual ALSD conference and tradeshow in Indianapolis, Indiana next month! We're thrilled to showcase our newly released Tap Trailer in partnership with Cartsyde and GoTab Visit us at booth #575 to learn all about PourMyBeer from our self-pour experts. See you there!👋🍻

Maximizing Efficiency in High-Volume Drink Service - PourMyBeer 06/10/2023

Are you tired of the challenges that come with high-volume bartending? Stressful nights and a poor customer experience can have a big impact on your business. But fear not, we have some solutions for you!

Check out our guide on 4 Ways to Boost Your Business's Drink Service Efficiency, where we share valuable tips to help you maximize efficiency in high-volume drink services.

Maximizing Efficiency in High-Volume Drink Service - PourMyBeer Do you operate a high-volume bar? Learn more about maximizing the efficiency of high-volume drink services here to cut down on staff stress and improve sales.

The Self-Pour Revolution At Benny Thunders | The Dana Tyson Podcast | SUNNY 99.1 | Dana Tyson in the Morning 06/08/2023

Benny Thunders is a woman-owned self-pour bar located in Houston, TX. Benny Thunders’ 60-tap self-serve bar with wine, beer, and other beverages has been open almost a year and has seen great success. It has been a joy to see them open their doors and how far they have come. ✨🍷

Watch co-owners, Deborah and Cathy sit down with Dana Tyson from Sunny 99.1 to chat about the touching background of their business and how it has changed their lives.

The Self-Pour Revolution At Benny Thunders | The Dana Tyson Podcast | SUNNY 99.1 | Dana Tyson in the Morning Deborah and Cathy join The Dana Tyson Podcast to talk about Benny Thunders, the self-pour wine and craft beer tavern that they founded.

PourMyBeer Referral Program 06/07/2023

Free money! Sounds pretty good, right? We are launching our new referral program to reward our awesome community members. If you know someone who could benefit from PourMyBeer's self-pour solutions, we're offering a $100 reward for each qualified lead or referral you provide.

Check out the link below to learn more!

PourMyBeer Referral Program Turn your connections into cash with PourMyBeer's referral program! Learn how you can earn $100 by referring your network.


Self-pour in casinos just makes sense! By having a self-serve beverage wall in your casino, you can enhance your guest's experience, offer a wider variety of drinks, and reduce the liability of overconsumption. Not to mention speed and convenience for both your guests and staff.

Watch below to learn more about how self-pour can benefit your casino!

The Countdown Begins: Crave Hot Dogs & BBQ to Open Newest Location in San Antonio, TX! | RestaurantNews.com 05/31/2023

The award-winning franchise, Crave Hot Dogs & BBQ opens yet another location!🌭🍻Crave is now coming to San Antonio, TX with delicious barbeque, hot dogs, and fresh self-pour beverages. Some Crave locations even have axe throwing!

Check out the full article from Restaurant News on Crave’s expanding empire and its newest location coming soon:

The Countdown Begins: Crave Hot Dogs & BBQ to Open Newest Location in San Antonio, TX! | RestaurantNews.com Looking for a restaurant that'll leave your taste buds craving more? Look no further than Crave Hot Dogs & BBQ, the award-winning restaurant franchise that's taken the fast casual restaurant space by storm.


Experience the abundant benefits of self-pour technology, tailored to enhance various types of venues in remarkable ways. At PourMyBeer, we have successfully empowered numerous businesses by streamlining operations and amplifying profitability. Discover the exceptional advantages that await you in the video below!

Streamlining Beverage Service and Boosting Revenue in Venues and Parks - PourMyBeer 05/26/2023

The amusement park and venue industry is a fast-paced environment for guests, sometimes due to labor shortages, beverage service does not match the hustle and bustle of the establishment. Self-service beer, wine, cocktails, and non-alcoholic options allow for a higher volume of guests to be served.

Read our guide on how to streamline beverage service and boost revenue in parks with self-pour tech!🎡🍻

Streamlining Beverage Service and Boosting Revenue in Venues and Parks - PourMyBeer Discover how PourMyBeer's self-pour technology can streamline beverage service, reduce wait times, and boost revenue in venues and amusement parks.

Photos from PourMyBeer's post 05/25/2023

Happy National Wine Day!🍷✨ Did you know that in 1880, 80% or more of the Italian population relied on the booming wine industry for a living? Crazy! We hope you have a grape day and enjoy a nice glass of wine.

What's your favorite type of wine?


We recently launched the Tap Trailer, PourMyBeer’s latest mobile self-pour technology! We're proud to be featured in AP alongside our partner Cartsyde The Tap Trailer allows you to experience the ultimate mobile pouring experience with PourMyBeer's self-serve technology and Cartsyde's expertise in trailer beverage systems. Cheers to the future of mobile pouring!🍻

Read the full article below!


Learn how you can transform your lobby and community by implementing self-pour in your apartment or building by visiting the link below! 🏢

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How We Got Started

Josh (our founder) was meeting up with some friends at a packed neighborhood bar in Federal Hill to have a few drinks before an Orioles game. Getting a round of drinks and battling for position in a busy bar is never a fun process. While his friends were complaining about how bad the service was, Josh focused on a solution to the reason poor service exists. On this evening, there were 150 thirsty patrons trying to get the attention of one of the four bartenders to place their order and get a drink. Even if you were lucky enough to grab the attention of one of them, they had to open a tab, swipe your credit card, enter the sale, pour the beer, wine or cocktail, then process the sale.

This inefficiency wasn’t just a problem for the thirsty guests, but also for owners, as they were losing out on sales because of the bottleneck. Josh had an itch to bring about a solution for both sides of the market. To that end, he came up with an idea to create a system that would function like an ATM for beer, wine, and cocktails. This idea turned into a business plan, which turned into a single self-pour tap, and that one tap has turned into thousands.

Read more at https://pourmybeer.com/about/

Videos (show all)

Golf Club's Experience With Self-Pour Technology
Do you have underutilized space in your venue that you want to turn into a money-making machine? 🤔Our self-pour stations...
Happy Fall, Friends! 🍂 We're tuning in live from Craft Food Halls - Revolution in Lexington, MA, and pouring some delici...
How to Use an RFID Wristband at a Self-Pour Establishment
WEBINAR | How to Increase Beverage Sales in Your Establishment
Cocktail Tutorials: How to Batch a Mai Tai 🍹
Check Out This Cool PourMyBeer Location In UK!
PourMyBeer Attends the National Restaurant Association Show
Why the Owner of Region Ale Loves PourMyBeer
How to Use the QR Code Functionality
PourMyBeer is Coming to Seattle!
How It Works At Crave Hot Dogs & BBQ



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