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Are you the one on Online Garage Sales who has a large inventory of chalk paints ? If so where are you located. I am needing white to paint a small table. Thanks

Love vintage furniture w/ the perfect patina, painted statement pieces, all things mid-century/boho/eclectic, or even a little weird?! Welcome to my tribe!

PLUS Stocking the best DIY Supplies: Country Chic Paint, MudPaint & Zibra brushes!! Your local retailer of: Country Chic Paint (my favorite all-around brand for furniture redesigns—including their signature clay based self sealing paint, finishing products, & brushes); MudPaint (also clay-based with the best adhesion to all surfaces that I have ever found & beautiful self leveling properties); & m



SUNDAY SOLO--YARD SALE LEFTOVER GOODIES & LOTS OF NEW STUFF | West Monroe, LA | 36864965 | SUNDAY SOLO--YARD SALE LEFTOVER GOODIES & LOTS OF NEW STUFF. Find garage sales, yard sales and estate sales in West Monroe by viewing a map.

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I own hundreds of digital images available to print in any size--hit me up with inspo I will customize a gallery wall for you. Just a few of them as examples. But I have some in almost every decor style and color scheme and everything from minimalist to extreme maximalist (like me 😉)

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It doesn’t get much cooler than finding an original Howell design so healthy by Wolfgang Hoffman along with the original advertisement for the collection!! What a full circle retro vintage moment!! ❤️ This chair was part of the ChromeSteel collection, released in 1940 and sold thru the 50s.  is cantilever chrome shape is often mistaken for a CESCA/Marcel Breuer chair. But these have a different less boho vibe and I love them!! what do you


Stayed tuned in the next few days for rebranding and new painted pieces as well as some unexpected goodies from my lil new lil shop. Missing y’all I guess 😉


It’s official! I have finally done a bit of a redesign on the shop and added all kinds of new goodies! Open 10 to 530 tomorrow! Y’all go check it out! While you’re there, send me a private message and I will send you back a surprise discount code (a GOOD one!!!)
215 Trenton Street
Shoppes On The Alley
Brandi Boutwell

Timeline photos 04/17/2021

Timeline photos

Our smallest size container of paint is our 4 ounce. MudPaint is hard-working and long-lasting - a little goes a long way! These 4 ounce pots of paint are perfect for smaller projects like mirrors, end tables, trim work, outdoor planters, picture frames...the list is nearly endless!
Stop by your local MudPaint retailer and pick up a few power paint pots in your favorite colors for upcoming projects!

@midmodmike on Instagram • 161 photos and videos 03/22/2021

@midmodmike on Instagram • 161 photos and videos

So one of the absolute coolest parts about being part of the vintage community in this area and especially the virtual vintage community, is that when you and another person share a love of a certain type of design (especially Mid century I have found) you know that you are at least somewhat made of the same cloth. And you’re always going to have something to talk about even if it’s only love of history or furniture design or just good old fashion diy tips (well those usually come from me only right Michael jk jk) 😂😂…

But every now and then you meet people you didn’t even know that u were dying to be friends with until You both find yourselves completely unable to stop chatting, even if one of you is really supposed to be leaving for a night on the town 😉

So now, for all my friends who also love mid century or just great design and vintage styling to show
Off a showstopper vintage centerpiece, I’m gonna do y’all a huge favor!! YALL GO OVER TO INSTA AND FOLLOW MY AMAZINGLY TALENTED FRIEND

[Even if he has gotten all fancy on me lately being featured in Arkansas magazines and online publications, complete with photo shoots...where he forgets to mention his cool friend in Louisiana who might even 1x or 2x (out of Every 25
Tries 😂) find something he wants to buy.

So so cool to see you growing like this!! U deserve all good things!! 🤗🤗

@midmodmike on Instagram • 161 photos and videos 3,107 Followers, 287 Following, 161 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from


Just a lil FYI for my people. If y’all thrift u probably see these things all the time. Ever thought of using one? These can of course be made as cute as you wanted with spray paint and cute hooks etc. just thought I would show y’all the quick version ... literally zero work involved


Y’all have got to try Country Chic’s Hollow Hill! It’s a gorgeous green with a slightly neutralized spin that makes it easy to use in all design styles. Gimme a shout if you want to get your hands on a jar and paint a piece and then share using the hashtag for a chance to win a $150 gift certificate!! Win win right?

I have several Sizes of this color in stock currently! Send me a message here and we can get u set up!!

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I have found a couple of cool new goodies over the past few weeks and haven’t posted any of them yet since I was SOOO BEHIND on shipping after my massive clearance sale. One of the perks of this page is that, Now that so many folks know of my obsession with all things retro & atomic, cool stuff sometimes just falls into my lap!!

I am gonna post several things over on my preview group tonight or tomorrow (since the clearance sale shipping debacle and then Snowpocalypse made that group go a bit quiet right after it started 🥴🤦🏼‍♀️). I still have big plans for my preview group so I am excited to show y’all the first look at most of my haul from the past month-ish!!

There is one item I have to share with u guys here already cuz it is something for which I had been hunting for MONTHS for a customer’s retro eat-in-kitchen design before we finally gave up and went with a more traditional wood MCM piece, which will also be a classic of course 😉 BUT that means this cutie is gonna likely be up for grabs —send me a message to discuss if interested.

Check out this adorable red and white Formica dinette with two butterfly leaves (I gotta get after the leaves with some WD40 since they haven’t been moved in a long time it seems) and on original hairpin legs. Indeed, this pic is table as it was found, just wait til I get a chance to clean it up ❤️❤️. These tables are hard to find so I’m super excited to have stumbled onto one!!

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It is so so cool when my day job and this one can come together for such a stinking gorgeous result. My Sales Manager was curious about painting her kitchen island so she asked how MudPaint would work for that...I told her the truth...that she will literally LOVE painting it with MudPaint because the amazing coverage and how it levels itself out!! She chose the color Charcoal (their moody dark dark grey)

Not only did she love painting with it, but is now on her 3rd can OF ...because she ended up painting her island and backsplash and mantle and says she is looking for more things to paint! Says she is “OBSESSED WITH THIS PAINT” ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Look at how gorgeous it came out, and her little testimonial on the screenshot pic!! WAY TO
*morgan isn’t on Facebook, but I got her permission to show the post! ;)**

If you want to try it for yourself, gimme a shout!! I can recommend colors or tools for you as well as consult about method on different types of pieces. I have one or two of each color at the shop but I have more backups at home too!!


I have several of these in stock you guys but Don’t forget to message me for my coupon code for 10% off if you prefer to order direct!!

Are you wondering which colors might look nice with our February color of the month, Ooh La La?

Here are some of our favorite combos to help you build a color palette for your next furniture painting project.

Which combo is your favorite?


I’m a bit late posting this one yall but it is one of my personal faves!! Getting used to this being my night gig instead of primary 😉. But This is my kinda neutral!

Photos from Beehive & Bauhaus's post 01/29/2021

Photos from Beehive & Bauhaus's post

Mid Century Modern Furniture Picking: Hunting for the Best - Home 01/29/2021

Mid Century Modern Furniture Picking: Hunting for the Best - Home

So I had SEVERAL messages from the wider marketplace today, asking me MCM stood for. I had kinda taken for granted that everyone would know that. But let’s be real:: NOOOOBODY “normal” obsesses about furniture and history of furniture like I do DUH!! 🤦🏼‍♀️🤷‍♀️ So I am gonna start a little collection of general info about mid century pieces in case anyone thinks im speaking gibberish!! (Oh and if you are interested in the style or any of that, consider subscribing to
Atomic Ranch, and following me right on down the rabbit hole!! 🐇🐇 Thought some of you might find it interesting or just give a lil more context to what And why I am describing what May look to you like granny furniture or something (oh but once you know better, you have to do better...don’t be talking bad about my love!! Ummm MCM of course ;) Enjoy!

Mid Century Modern Furniture Picking: Hunting for the Best - Home Rob Baker of Modern Mailbox searches far and wide for just the right mid century modern furniture for his 1953 home in Boise, Idaho.

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Two 24x36” colorful retro photography images. Super gorgeous and perfect condition. They just don’t really have a spot anymore. $35 each or $55 for set! Frames are just about worth that. So PayPal or Venmo payment will hold item until can pick up


Catalina is one of the prettiest blues I have ever used! Fully stocked in the shop! And swatched so y’all can see what I mean!! Y’all go check it out!!

There is a reason why blue tops the list for so many as being their favorite color - it is soothing and restful, while at the same time playful and fun! This dresser painted in our Catalina is definitely at the top of our list today! 💙
Catalina is a gorgeous blue and can be found at MudPaint retailers, or online at
Dresser by:

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About 30 new jars stocked today. More to come next trip!!

Photos from Beehive & Bauhaus's post 01/16/2021

Full restock of Country Chic and Mudpaint landed at mi casa this past week. I have returned to work at Konica Minolta as of this last week, so the inventory hasn’t made its way to the shop yet, but I have all here at house with me available for pickup, shipping or local meetup if anyone needs anything today or tomorrow. This restock includes a ton of colors we haven’t previously carried—first timers—as well as larger sizes in some we have previously only carried in sample sizes. So let me know if you are looking for anything in particular and I can likely get it to you!! Will do my best to restock shop by end of day Monday!

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If y’all love before and after photos as much as I do, here are a couple for y’all! Oh the joy of paint!! Before photos above and their afters directly below. Desk/Vanity is
Bold Emerald Night Stand is a Custom mix that includes a whole lotta with a Sherwin Williams yellow green. Clay based paint mixes so well with so many other kinds of paint and helps give it grip and substance!! I do love a makeover!

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Ok you guys I’m trying to gauge interest on a new idea for the shop (that will make better use of the space I have available in there). I have previously offered interesting photography prints that I found inspiring and was able to get rights to in 4x6 & 5x7 (and any of those can be ordered larger as well).

I have now found a group of modern art/pop art images that I can reproduce for sale as well. 🖼 🎨🥰🤓

But I’m wondering how y’all would prefer to see them I need to print in multiple sizes for grab and go purposes? Or would y’all prefer to view them in 8x10 and then order based on the size you need? I have multiple options of full size wall art files available on each of these. But I have a couple days turnaround time on the larger ones. And, kinda making sure this is a thing y’all might be interested in before I front expense of that.

Does anyone else like this type of thing? I am betting the art images will find an audience...but am I the only one who loves the hip hop/pop quotes too?!

I have a ton more. This is just a sample. (Printed on high quality card stock hence the slightly curling until framed).

Notwithstanding the lighting in my workspace and limited self-print capabilities, these are extremely high quality images that are just gorgeous in person and full size!!



You guys, it’s that time—time for a new Country Chic color of the month! January’s color is Pop the Bubbly, a beautiful neutral that looks great on its own or along with almost any other color!! Be sure and copy and paste the link below and use my code as listed on the image for 10% off if you want to order direct from Countrychicpaints!! Or of course, you can wait for my order to get here in a few days and grab at the shop!! What do y’all think? Gorgeous huh?


So this is definitely not a finished piece yet. And cuz it’s glossy I can’t stop the glare from the lights. It’s still a work in progress and I don’t want to totally spoil it (so I blocked out a bit of it). But I did want to do a little color tease. I’m in bright blue heaven! This guy is gonna be part of a lil collection inspired by a few pop art and modern art images I came across (and, on a side note, I also got the rights to sell those images in the shop— prints can be ordered through me—some of the 8x10’s will be displayed but there will be a book of images in the booth that can be ordered in full size wall art—more on that to come). For now, check out this color!! ❤️❤️❤️


Happy New Year to y’all again!! Now that the holidays are over (not sad about that this year, i don’t know about you guys 🥴) but y’all have got to get by the shop tomorrow so you can try out my new obsession!! MUDPAINT!! This is the closest thing I have ever seen to true one coat coverage. Using a natural bristle brush or a damp synthetic and watching that paint smooth like butter is so dang satisfying!! I’m gonna get a video up ASAP of me applying it to a piece so y’all can see what I mean!! Ugh GORGEOUS!! All these colors and more available at the Perfect Patina inside Shoppes at CottonPort on antique alley or by messaging me here for shipping or pickup!!

Harbor • Faded Gray • Catalina
MudPaint was created by an artist and furniture painter initially for painting furniture, but it is great for much more than just furniture! It works beautifully on tile, brick, metal, fabric, canvas, stone - and of course wood!
You can find it at local MudPaint retailers and online at!
. 01/01/2021

From me to you guys, Happy Happy 2021 to all of you and your families!! Here’s to hoping this new year brings us a magic reset button for that 2020 drama!! And thank you all for supporting this one little 2020 highlight for me, starting this little retail location to share my OBSESSION with paint and how it makes things new again (kinda like the New Year!!) May you all prosper and live your best lives in 2021!!


Oooh I forgot last night to post one other exciting announcement!! Through my partnership with Mudpaint, I am now also an official retailer of my favorite brushes (alongside Country chic brushes too). I am a ZIBRA brushes retailer!!! Aaaaggghh!! So many of y’all know that I have been recommending this brush for a couple of years now since the first time I tried it. They are the BEST all-around brushes that also happen to be super affordable (compared to $50+ for some of the “furniture paint brush” brands).

If y’all haven’t tried these, what are you doing with your life?! Come get one: Round brushes at $10 that will make weird shapes like chair spindles easy as pie (and that can be kinda life changing for a painter, believe me 😉) and the Palm Pro Brush also $10 which is a great all around furniture paint brush but also makes cutting in simple and gorgeous with an exact stroke the first time!! Comfy in the hand and weirdly absorbent bristles that hold plenty of paint to eliminate streakiness and are also easy to clean!! Sooooo good! And I’m so excited that we can represent this brand!! ❤️❤️


Guess who is finally restocking the booth with paint and all kinds of other goodies?! This gal! Whoop whoop!! Y’all I got hit so hard by my online shop at the first couple weeks of December and cleaned me out!! I’m just now getting some of my refresh orders. Few Country Chic stocked tonight and Mudpaint hopefully arriving in the next few days (dang fedex is killing me!!)!!

Can’t wait to get Mudpaint in yalls hands (color chart below—for cc chart too, see past posts or feel free to tag me in comments to request one)!! You are gonna love it for those slick projects especially. No additional products needed to get adhesion with this stuff!! Plus, they have the first true jewel toned green I have used in a chalk finish paint (both mine are clay based actually but same finish). Like a beautiful Emerald color that is truly GREEN for those of us who have begged for it (read: ME!!) Just like Country Chic, primer is included in the paint and it is also self-sealing (for normal traffic—we still seal for heavy water exposure items!)

Plus all sorts of painted furniture and MCM accessory goodies going into the booth too!! My poor lil shop was lookin sad!! So y’all come see me and get your restocks and let me know which additional colors/finishes/tools you want to see!!

**plus watch for my pics of the furniture goodies (and be sure to also follow my personal seller profile (under Brandi Boutwell instead) on marketplace to see things that Come straight from my workshop to FB).

Photos from The Vintage Roost's post 11/29/2020

Photos from The Vintage Roost's post

Photos from Beehive & Bauhaus's post 11/29/2020

Hey y’all!! Happy Sunday Morning!! I just wanted to do a little pre-sale post before this item goes to FB marketplace, in case any of my regulars want a first option on it. I have a Full/double size antique Ethan Allen American Traditional solid maple headboard and footboard available for sale if anyone is looking for a nice bed for Christmas gift etc. that will literally last forever!! Mine is in storage but I am happy to go grab it if anyone wants to see in person. This is the bed below but I don’t have the side rails anymore. Headboard and footboard only.
You cannot go wrong with antique Ethan Allen furniture. It only appreciates in value. And this one is negotiable within reason.

Photos from Beehive & Bauhaus's post 11/29/2020

Finished this guy today!! It is a huge honor to me that one of the other vendors at the Shoppes At Cotton Port asked ME to paint this table for her (and y’all there are approximately 40 amazing artists, designers, and craftspeople that have booths inside this vendor mall)! Having your work appreciated by other artists is the best compliment!! Diane, I do hope you love your new house and love this table in it!! I think it is a perfect fit for one of the only ladies I know who literally glitters!! ❤️❤️❤️


Y’all I just want to say thank you!! Y’all are clearly loving the Shop as much as I do!! Thank y’all for supporting my lil baby booth and making it so worth it!! Happy thanksgiving to all of you and your families!! And from the bottom of my heart, thank u!!

Photos from Beehive & Bauhaus's post 11/26/2020

•Spend $25 or more on Country Chic Paint, get a free Magic Paint Sponge (while supplies last)!!
•All Unframed photography images are buy one get one free!!
•PLUS 30% off everything else in the booth!! COME OUT AND SEE US!! **JUST SHOW THIS AD TO GET YOUR 30% OFF OR YOUR BOGO OR MAGIC SPONGE**


Hello my loves!! Just a lil note for all of you that have picked up one of Country Chics “MAGIC PAINT SPONGES”.

These are specially formulated to work with Country Chic paints and finishing products in a variety of ways (wet dry or whatever) . However, they can absolutely be used with other paints! But in those cases, think of these like a beauty blender for paint! They show their best magic when damp!

(1) wet it under the faucet, squeezing a couple of times while under the water stream...
(2) ring out thoroughly
(3) coat the flat surface with paint or glaze or whatever. (4) use long strokes, trying to do one long pass and lift up gently at the end of your stroke. Just trying to avoid lil short back and forth motions—just like u would with a brush

Then the magic is that they give you a nice even coat and make your paint last sooo much longer!! They are also a dream for things like chair spindles that are so hard to paint with a brush!!

Beehive & Bauhaus updated their phone number. 11/20/2020

Beehive & Bauhaus updated their phone number.

Beehive & Bauhaus updated their phone number.

Photos from Beehive & Bauhaus's post 11/19/2020

Y’all have got to check out these paints and the coolest painting tool I have ever used (there is a reason I call it the “magic” paint sponge) at for all your holiday decor goodies!! Use my code for 10% off and as a way to support my lil business. Or come and take a look at my booth inside Shoppes At Cotton Port on Antique Alley to see the colors in person!!

Photos from Beehive & Bauhaus's post 11/18/2020

Prices listed on items in pic captions. This is part of my storage you guys so these are all still available since they have never been brought to the shop.


Y’all this color!! Country Chic’s Cranberry Sauce is making all my Christmas craft dreams come true!! Can’t wait to get my ornaments into the shop when all done!! You can get this gorgeous rich red from my booth at Shoppes at Cotton Port or you can use my code to get 10% off of your order from the site. You are gonna love it as much as I do!! Cranberry sauce with antiquing wax, one of my fave combos, pic in the comments!!



Country Chic Paints; Mudpaint; Zibra brushes made for furniture painting & finishing; Painted Furniture; Collectibles; nostalgic pieces; eye-catching decor; and always taking custom orders for paint projects or hunting down a certain piece.




215 Trenton Street
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Opening Hours

Monday 10am - 5:30pm
Tuesday 10am - 5:30pm
Wednesday 10am - 5:30pm
Thursday 10am - 5:30pm
Friday 10am - 5:30pm
Saturday 10am - 5:30pm

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