Austin Natural Healing Center Inc.

Austin Natural Healing Center Inc.


Drs. Zhang, a father/son team, are world class experts in their field, providing sophisticated care in a simple, clear fashion. I have experienced immediate benefits from my treatment for low back pain within a few short weeks, by explicitly following the recommendations made for dietary changes and herbal supplementation. HIGHLY recommend them; wish I’d gone three years ago.
Hello, Drs. Zhang, I am reading "Healthspan" and it makes so much sense to me! But there are none of the related videos on the website, that are mentioned in the book. Is there another link to access them? Thank you!

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Operating as usual


Dr. Zhang is seeing patients again at the clinic. ANHC is once again fully open for business.

Dr. Zhang is seeing patients again at the clinic. ANHC is once again fully open for business.


Austin Natural Healing Center is ready to come back! Oct 4th will be the targeted reopening date. We will take extra measure to insure health and safety for our clients during the Covid outbreak. Masks required. Plastic and paper coverings on treatment surfaces. Only 1 patient per treatment room per day. Cleaning and sanitizing after every visit. Only 1 patient being treated at a time during business hours. Because of these precautions taken there is a limited amount of appointments per day (4-5). Thanks and see y'all soon!


Acorn Tea now comes in convenient form of k-cups for Keurig brewers. Try one today at


ANHC is not back in business yet, but we are returning soon. In the mean time patients are welcome to setup phone consultations and order herbal products online through our email [email protected].


If you are enjoying a drink at home during the lockdown why not take some herbs to help you reduce side effects. Make some Acorn Vodka if you have time too.


The weather is warming up. Last chance to get some Spring Tonic from ANHC. Don't tell me you don't have time to make it at home.


Easter can be no fun with social distancing, masks and gloves, but..


Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe! Keep your spirits up.


Archeologists discover amazing evidence of Acorn Tea in ancient China. This painting was from the Ming dynasty when the refined tasted of Acorn Tea is quite popular amongst the scholars of the time.

[04/01/20]   there has been many similar epidemics in Asia since ancient times. An Interesting historical story; Zhang Zhong Jing, the writer of "Treatise on Cold Pathogenic and Miscellaneous Diseases" which is considered the corner stone of traditional Chinese medicine today, lost most of his extended family during one of the epidemics which drove him to study and write the book. The book itself "was mainly on a discourse on how to treat epidemic infectious diseases causing fevers prevalent during his era". A related fun fact is that some contribute the creation of asian style dumplings or Goyza to him as well. Yum yum.

[03/28/20]   ...Of course avoiding public areas where a lot of people gather is a good. Wash hands correctly for at least 20sec and avoid touching face and and nose. Some people are more at risk such as the elderly, people with chronic diseases, especially respiratory, male more than female, some report even say type A blood are more vulnerable as well. Drinking hot green tea or acorn tea:) also helps since the coronavirus stays in the nasal and throat area early after infection. During this early period the virus replicates and the patient can be asymptomatic. The temperature of various hot (135 F) drink as well as the anti-viral properties of green tea can be helpful in keeping the virus at bay. ..

[03/27/20]   How to avoid covid-19?
The good thing about viruses including the novel coronavirus is that they don't have wings and come after you like a hungry mosquito. They only effect you after you have come into contact. So theoretically one just need to avoid contamination to avoid disease. This however is easier said than done as it require you to avoid direct and indirect contact with people who are carriers. Small details such as pressing elevator buttons, sharing credit card checkouts, touching doors and handles etc. Paying attention to these contact points can be very important. (to be cont.)

[03/26/20]   How serious is Covid-19?
There are very real reasons people are so concerned about this new virus. It does present a new challenge different than the other virus outbreaks we have had in the recent past. Especially due to the way it transmits. Also since so far there is no well proven treatment for it. Most hospitalization only treat symptoms as they arise and provide treatments that are supportive in nature. This leads to the obvious result of people of higher age groups and compromising pre-conditions being effected the most seriously. it can also be very taxing for our medical facilities if the numbers get out of control.

[03/26/20]   Hope everyone is still doing well. As Covid-19 cases continue to grow we are all getting a lot of updated information about the disease from many sources. There have been some questions from patients and students regarding the current situation addressed to Dr. Zhang. So he is going to share some general thoughts, and maybe have a few simple suggestion purely as personal opinion and not as medical advise. Again there are so many experts on the subject and great information everywhere. ANHC will be posting some common short Q&As coming up.


Austin Natural Healing Center Inc.


If you have to stay home all the time might as well enjoy a cup of Acorn Tea. Order some at

[03/15/20]   Please Make orders and appointments through our email:
[email protected]
Thanks and stay safe!


The clinic will take a short Corona induced vacation to insure public safety. Phone consultations appointments are still available during this time. Everyone stay safe!


Live Oak Acorns

Our Acorn Tea has its own page!
Also it is ready for grown up time with a infused vodka drink available at Russian House restaurant or at your home with a recipe coming soon.

Delicious products made from roasted live oak acorns. From acorn tea, to flour, concentrate, beverage, infused alcohol and much more. All natural ingredients with minimum processing.


A bit of late news but Dr. Li is back in Austin and is ready to hit you with a table top....I mean see patients at the clinic.


China Health Center, Inc's cover photo


It has come to our attention that Google Maps has mislabeled our business as closed. We are NOT closed!
We feel fine and dandy.


Dr. Zhang is sightseeing in China for 2 weeks. Office closed this Friday for maintenance.


After 20 some years, our time warner, road runner email is finally dead. RIP. New email address is [email protected]

[01/16/18]   The clinic will be closed today due to weather. Stay warm friends!


An early Happy New year to everyone. Help China Health Center join the modern age by liking us on Facebook and Yelp. Thank you for your support


Also don't forget $10 Acorn Tea and $5 Longevity Soup.


There is currently no internet or phone service at the center because service cable was broken by road construction on Bee Caves. Time Warner/Spectrum is "working on it". If you need anything please send an email, we will respond as soon as service is restored. Thank You!


New batch of Acorn Tea just in time for the Holidays!


Dr. Zhang and Mrs. Zhang will be out of the country for a couple of weeks. If you need appointments or orders filled please plan accordingly. Thanks!

10/02/2017 11/03/2016

Austin Natural Healing Center Anti-Aging November Special! Enjoy $30 Off Thank you for letting Austin Natural Healing Center be apart of your health! Start your holiday season feeling fabulous and looking great! Please enjoy our special offer through November 30th.


NEW time for the tea class. Now 19th of May. Sunday. sorry for the mix up.


We are going to be having a tea party! Learn about and taste varies types of tea such as Oolong, Jasmine, PuEr, White, green, etc. Know which is right for you. Open to everyone, come and have a good time!



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