London Fog ('60s Nightclub)

London Fog ('60s Nightclub)


from Agnes Varda's "Lions Love...and Lies"

Dedicated to the '60s nightclub "London Fog" that existed for a brief period of time on the Sunset strip. There is actually very little known about the club other than the fact that The Doors were the house band before moving to the Whisky.

This page was put together to try and get more information, stories and (hopefully) photos of the "London Fog" when it was located at 8919 Sunset Blvd. As a part of this site, we are also gathering information about the surrounding buildings such as the Galaxy Club and Sneeky Pete's (previously Unicorn Books).So if you have memories or photos of those locations or the businesses that used to previously occupy these buildings, feel free to post them!

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From Quentin Tarantino’s Hollywood epic “Once Upon A Time in Hollywood”. A must see!


London Fog ('60s Nightclub)'s cover photo


A great rare shot of one of the London Fog's neighbors - The Unicorn Coffee House - taken in 1959! This location would later become Sneeky Pete's (now Pearl). At the time this photo was taken, it was next door to the "Los Angeles Conservatory of Music", which in 1964 became "The Party", which then became the Whisky a Go Go!

[07/26/19]   Anyone see "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood" yet? And if you did, do you know why this page is asking you that question? :)

[12/21/16]   For those of you who have your copy of The Doors live at the London Fog, the original London Fog phone number is on the coaster included in the box. Guess who answers when you call? Here is the number: (855) 652-9480 Who wants to try?


The Doors

Before The Doors took the music scene by storm in 1967, they were the house band at the London Fog, a Sunset Strip dive bar located just footsteps away from the world famous Whisky a Go Go. The Doors will open a virtual time capsule on December 9 with “LONDON FOG 1966,” a Collector’s Edition boxed set that features unearthed audio recorded at the club, memorabilia and historic liner notes. Pre-order yours today.

[10/02/16]   For the past decade, the building where the London Fog was located was a business called "Melody Nails". That business closed in the last year and was replaced by a barber shop. So if you ever wanted to go inside, this might be the time. Maybe get a haircut and maybe ask the new proprietors if they will play some Doors!


Not many photos around of the London Fog's famous "Go Go Girl" Rhonda Layne. Here she is, sent to us by one of our resident experts! Thank you!


Check out the new site in our tour of '60s night clubs that are no longer here, but we continue to celebrate: The Haunted House!


In celebration of #RecordStoreDay, here is an album cover photo taken inside the London Fog's neighbor, "The Unicorn". This is what it looked like inside during it's beatnik heyday in 1958. Photo by Hal Adams.

More about the Unicorn: Opened by Herb Cohen and Victor Maymudes in 1955 and located right next to the Whisky (at the time the Los Angeles Conservatory of Music), it was the first beatnik coffee house in Los Angeles. It was a place where the young rebels of the day congregated to drink coffee, listen to live music, conduct poetry readings and play chess. The walls inside of the Unicorn were painted black with paintings of n**e women (hung upside down) and photos of beatnik heroes covering the walls. The waitresses were hip, beautiful, blunt and mean!

It was ground zero of the emerging counter-culture in the late '50s and early '60s and advertised itself with slogans such as "Where casual craznicks climb circular charcoal curbs for cool calculated confabulations". The young kids would come together to discuss poetry, politics and religion, all while sipping their brandy flavored latte's.

In 1963, Lenny Bruce was booked to play a show at the Unicorn and was arrested after the performance for violating California's obscenity law. In 1966, the Paul Butterfield Blues Band recorded a live album at the Unicorn.

After the unicorn closed, it became "Sneeky Pete's", then later on Duke's Coffee Shop, and now the location of "Pearl's"

A big Thank you to Domenic Priore, author of "Riot on Sunset Strip: Rock 'n' Roll's Last Stand in 60s" for identifying that this photo was taken inside the Unicorn. If you look at the upper right of this photo, behind the chandelier, you can see the "Unicorn" sign on the back wall.


Thanks for sharing Zay!!

you have this photo? from the back of Arthur Blessitt 'Soul Session at His Place' LP

[03/25/14]   Does anyone remember a club called "Fred Pratt's Opera House"? I think it might have existed in the London Fog building right before it became Jesse James' Opera House.. which then became the Fog. I think it may have been Fred Pratt's Opera House from 1961 - 1965. Anyone?


Hollywood, 1968

Footage of the Sunset Strip in 1968. Although the London Fog was gone by this time.. still a great time capsule of the buildings in the area. You can see The Galaxy, Sneeky Pete's and the Whisky in a few shots.

Opening shot and credits of the 1968 exploitation film, A Sweet Sickness. Great shots of the Sunset Strip and Hollywood Blvd.


The old Sneeky Pete's has now reopened as a new bar called "Pearl". Before it was Sneeky Pete's.. it was The Unicorn Book Loft/Coffee House, which opened in 1955 and was one of the first coffee houses in LA. Lenny Bruce played the Unicorn and was arrested and put on trial for that performance. So some CRAZY stuff has gone down in that location. I'd love a first hand review of what it was like when it was The Unicorn. Anyone?


Just took this photo today. Looks like the old Sneeky Pete's aka The Unicorn is no longer.


Mondo Teeno, 1967

More footage from 1966 from the 1967 film, Mondo Teeno aka Teegage Rebellion. Right at the 2:43 mark they pan from Angel's Corner Liquor all the way to the Largo. You can see the Whisky, The Galaxy and Hamburger Hamlet, but it looks like The Fog was closed by the time this footage was taken since the building is so dark.

Footage of Hollywood, the Sunset Strip and Los Angeles from the 1967 teen exploitation flick, "Mondo Teeno" aka "The Teenage Rebellion". In this footage you ...


Mondo Freudo, 1966

From 1966, some of the only known footage of The Galaxy (next door to the London Fog). You also get to see the Galaxy overflow along with the Whisky. If only they had filmed the Fog too!

Footage of Hollywood, the Sunset Strip and Hollywood Blvd from the 1966 S*xploitation flick, "Mondo Freudo", available at In this foo...

[07/05/12]   For those of you who were on/around the strip in the 60's, could someone post a little bit about the Galaxy club, as we seem to have become the only real place with consolidated info. I have been getting questions about the interior, plus how the "overflow" worked. I'm stumped! Anyone?

The Doors live at the London Fog, 1966 04/27/2012

The Doors live at the Fog, 1966. Screen capture from The Doors' DVD "Mr. Mojo Risin': The Story of L.A Woman". Photo inserted into "She Smells So Nice" photo montage.


Galaxy Ad from January, 1966


London Fog ('60s Nightclub)'s cover photo


Galaxy ad from November 18, 1965


A wider shot from 1966. Same time as the Mondo Bizarro footage shot from the top of the 9000 building. You can see the Whisky, Galaxy and the London Fog (with the Doors on the marquee)

[03/29/12]   We’ve dug up a few more tidbits on the history of The Galaxy. It looks like it started as a restaurant in 1960 called “The Golden Violin”, later in 1960 officially changing the name to “Paginini’s Golden Violin”. The interior had ivory and gold walls and with the sound of violin music as the diners ate. According to a review of the restaurant in 1960, the ambiance was very tasteful and needed in West Hollywood, but the service wasn't very good. Between 1960-1964, the owner, Rose Deitch, closed the restaurant and reopened it as the Galaxy, dedicated to dancing and live entertainment.

[03/29/12]   From a 1965 issue of the publication 'Nite Life West' regarding how Jesse James came up with the name 'London Fog': "Asked how he came to call it 'London Fog', Jesse replied he was combing his hair to look like the Beatles, and with his hair down over his eyes, he remarked, 'Looking through my hair is like looking in a London fog'. Immediately the idea struck him as the name for his new club."


1966 Mondo Sunset Strip Riot

This is the footage that the two recently added Galaxy images were taken from. It is actually from a '60s s*xploitation film called "Forbidden", which is very similar to Mondo Bizarro. It is in fact made by the same film makers. In between the staged shock-scenes, you can see some great 1966 footage including the Whisky, Galaxy, Dino's Lodge, Ciro's, Continental Hyatt House, the Fifth Estate and one of the first up-close shots I've seen of the Cinemathique 16 theater. At the very beginning of this footage, you can see glimpses of the 9000 building and the Melody Room. At about the 1:50 mark is great footage of the Sunset Strip riots and Pandora's Box.

footage from old doc about Sunset Strip from1966 includes Pandoras Box, Bullwinkle Statue, DInos, Ciros and other landmarks.


Pandora's Box ('60s Nightclub)

A new destination has been added to our daily '60s nightclub virtual tour!!

Dedicated to the '60s nightclub "Pandora's Box" that existed for a brief period of time on the Sunset strip.

[03/04/12]   I have received a few questions lately on a list of bands that played at the London Fog. Here is the list so far: The Doors, The Us, The Enemys and The Lost Souls. 03/04/2012

Driving in Los Angeles 1985 Part 2 of 3 Hollywood/Sunset Blvd

Although we tend to focus on the 60s when it comes to these buildings, here's some interesting footage from 1985. You can see the Whisky building right around the 7 minute mark. It is painted white and the taper makes the comment, "We passed what used to be the Whisky a Go Go, but now it's a boutique or something". Also of interest is that the Shell station was still there in '85 and some of the original building front on the London Fog was still intact in '85. It was all replaced by 1990. 101 FWY to Hollywood Blvd west and also Sunset Blvd West


1960's - Sunset Blvd, dusk

Our favorite block, sometime in the mid '60s:

1960's - Sunset Blvd, dusk


1965 view superimposed onto what we see today.

[03/02/12]   Cory Wells on his band, The Enemys: "It was a slow grind to go from one club to the next. We worked in a club not far from the Rag Doll called The Palomino Club and that was half rock and half country. We played The London Fog, The Red Velvet, Gazzari’s, and The Action on Melrose." The Enemys later became the house band at the Whisky, were featured in the film 'Riot on Sunset Strip' and even had a cameo on the tv show The Beverly Hillbillies! After his time with The Enemys, Cory founded the band Three Dog Night.


"The Us" at the London Fog, 1966


Sunset Strip in the 1940s. VINATGE LOS ANGELES on Facebook

Another incredible piece of 1940s footage via Vintage Los Angeles and the Producers Library! You can see our favorite strip of buildings right around 2:15:

Vintage Los Angeles courtesy of PRODUCERS LIBRARY. For more Vintage Hollywood please log on to VINATGE LOS ANGELES on facebook


Sunset Strip 1964. Courtesy of "VINTAGE LOS ANGELES" on facebook

Great 1964 footage of the area around the Fog. You will see "The Party" (later becomes the Whisky), Unicorn Books (later Sneaky Pete's, now Dukes), a place called "Dimples and Harold", Golden Nola (?) restaurant, The London Fog, Cavalier, then Hamburger Hamlet. You can't really see the London Fog building very well. Not sure if it has become the London Fog at this point, or if it is still Jesse James' Opera House with the canopy taken down. Thanks to the Vintage Los Angeles Facebook group for this great footage!

this footage can be licensed from Getty Images,

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