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MedexLine - Online medical supplies

Medexline offers medical supplies and equipments online and is based in New York. It stocks products

Medexline finds its customers in different types of categories like health care professionals, research institutes, hospitals as well as general public. It ensures products of finest quality and promises fastest delivery. At Medexline you’ll find products at affordable prices often with attractive discounts.


Duschbalsam Nachtkerze
Dermapflege-Wirkung: Kneipp® Nachtkerze Duschbalsam mit der natürlichen pflanzlichen Pflegeformel.


Ultrasonic Cleaners & Accessories

Cavitator Ultrasonic Cleaner,Mettler- size 2.1 Quart

Cavitator Ultrasonic Cleaners come in five sizes, designed to fit your cleaning needs. These cleaners generate ultrasonic waves that create millions of tiny bubbles through the process of cavitation.


ADC Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor 66

Measures systolic, diastolic pressure and pulse.
New 8 bit microprocessor and advanced algorithm for more accurate readings.
Smart Logic™ Technology determines ideal inflation level.
Average mode automatically averages 3 readings for more meaningful results.
Latex-free wrist cuff fits 5'' to 7'' wrists.
Advanced 2 zone memory with date and time stamp recalls last 30 readings for two different people.
Two AAA Batteries Included.
Optional Thermal Printer (See item # ADC6014P).
Notes: 5 Year Warranty 08/07/2014

Infection Control products :: Ultrasonic Cleaners & Accessories :: Cavitator Ultrasonic...

Cavitator Ultrasonic Cleaner,Mettler- size 2.1 Quartus Saul Features Mettler Cavitator Ultrasonic Cleaner Cavitator Ultrasonic Cleaners come five sizes designed your cleaning needs These cleaners generate ultrasonic waves that create millions tiny bubbles through process cavitation bubbles gently clean polish surface they come contact with penetrating every…


Urine test kits
Bayer Diastix Reagent Strips for Urinalysis, 50 strips


Ameda Cylinder Breast Pump
This classically designed, economical Ameda pump is one of the most effective two-handed pumps available.
Ameda Cylinder Breast Pump

CODE: -mx
List price: $155.93

Price: $40.56
You save: $115.37 (74%)
In stock


ADC - Blood Pressure Monitor, Digital Wrist , Recalls Last 90 Readings
List price: $143.65

Price: $37.73
You save: $105.92 (74%)


Electrotherapy - Pointer-Plus Locator / Stimulator


Electrotherapy-Piezo-DX Plus Quartz Crystal Stimulator


Brandt- Luminous Generator Infra-red Lamp, Three Heads, 250W, Mobile Base


Accu-check blood sugar monitor- No button glucose monitoring system.
List price: $188.54
Price: $50.18
You save: $138.36 (73%)
-73% 05/23/2014

Baby Care :: Baby Blanket :: A Plus Baby Blanket 30X40, color Blue, 72/Case -

A Plus Baby Blanket
List price: $360.65
Price: $266.85
You save: $93.80 (26% Baby Blanket Babies blue sold case case


Spray'n Swallow, Help Swallow Pills, Cherry, 2/pk -

Spray'n Swallow, Help Swallow Pills, Cherry, 2/pk
List price: $123.10
Price: $22.99
You save: $100.11 (81%)


Personal Care Products :: Medication Aids :: Cadex 12 Alarm Watch and Medical Alert, Black -

Cadex 12 Alarm Watch and Medical Alert, Black
List price: $254.90
Price: $93.49
You save: $161.41 (63%)


Office Supplies :: Desk Top Accessories :: Brady Handimark Portable Label Maker -

Brady Handimark Portable Label Maker List price: $1,867.58 Price: $992.75 You save: $874.83 (47%)


Graham Field Multi-Cuff-5 Blood...

Graham Field Multi-Cuff-5 Blood Pressure Kit List price: $221.16 Price: $80.69 You save: $140.47 (64%)


Defibrillators :: Defibrillator Pads :: Defibrillation-Pace-Cardioversion-Monitoring Pads,...

Defibrillation-Pace-Cardioversion-Monitoring Pads, Adult, Pack - Conmed PadPro
List price: $183.33
Price: $59.70 04/10/2014

Could genome sequencing of MRSA allow doctors to gauge strain severity? MRSA varies greatly in toxicity from case to case, which makes prescribing appropriate individual treatment challenging. Could whole genome sequencing help doctors assess toxicity?


Droplets from coughs and sneezes travel farther than you think Researchers from MIT have found that droplets from coughs and sneezes travel up to 200 times farther than previously estimated, thanks to 'gas clouds.' 04/07/2014

Aircast Air-Stirrup...

Aircast Air-Stirrup Ankle Brace, Left, Large
List price: $177.35
Price: $56.40
You save: $120.95 (68%)


Ankle Braces & Supports :: Achilles Tendon...

Achilles Tendon Support BFD-3141-7071
List price: $280.07
Price: $113.31
You save: $166.76 (60%) Achilles Tendon Support 04/04/2014

CDC: e-cigarette-related calls to US poison centers have soared A new report from the CDC reveals that the number of monthly phone calls to poison centers related to e-cigarettes has dramatically increased over the past 4 years. 04/04/2014

Scientists identify protein that spurs spread of colon cancer Scientists already know that colon cancers sometimes have high levels of PLAC8. Now, a new study shows the protein spurs normal cells in the colon lining to help metastasis. 04/04/2014

Forget wristbands, the future of health tracking is skin-mounted say scientists Stretchy skin patches with off-the-shelf tiny sensors, circuits, radios, and power supplies floating in microfluids offer effective, cheap, comfortable wireless health tracking. 03/28/2014

MRI tracking of genes to offer insights into memory and learning Biological engineers are adapting MRI for small-scale use so they can visualize gene activity inside the brain and see how it controls processes like memory and learning. 03/28/2014

Expert warns of lung disease 'time bomb' in UK UK incidence of the rare lung disease idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) is rising at a rate of 5,000 new cases a year, prompting need for urgent action for early diagnosis. 03/25/2014

E-cigarettes 'should not be marketed as smoking cessation aids' A new study finds no link between e-cigarettes and quitting smoking. Consequently, the authors call for regulations banning the marketing of e-cigarettes as cessation aids. 03/25/2014

Better sleep 'should be prescribed to treat metabolic disorders' Poor-quality sleep can increase risk of metabolic diseases, including type 2 diabetes and obesity. A new review of the evidence makes recommendations on how to avoid this. 03/25/2014

Much of bone comprises shock-absorbing 'goo' that stops it shattering New research shows that much of the mineral that forms bone comprises goo that allows tiny mineral crystals to move easily, giving bone flexibility and stopping it shattering. 03/20/2014

Vision Testing :: Occluders :: Good Lite Butterfly Occluder Glasses -

Good Lite Butterfly Occluder Glasses
List price: $140.77
Price: $36.14
You save: $104.63 (74%) 03/20/2014

Vision Testing :: Eye Test Charts :: Good Lite ''E'' Chart for Insta-line -

Good Lite ''E'' Chart for Insta-line List price: $131.03 Price: $30.74 You save: $100.29 (77%) 03/19/2014

Alzheimer's onset could be triggered by sleep disturbances Disruptions to sleep could act as a trigger for Alzheimer's and dementia, researchers say. They suggest it accelerates pathological processes and damages synaptic connections. 03/19/2014

More women experience cardiac arrest during childbirth than is reported According to new research, incidence of cardiac arrest during childbirth may be seriously under-reported, but so is the percentage of women who survive this rare event.


Reducing anxiety with smartphone app Study suggests turning a scientifically supported psychological intervention into a smartphone app offers a promising new way to help people with high levels of anxiety.




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