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I wish Walmart had a fresh seafood dept. !! That would be awesome !!
Horrible customer service! I am online for 10+ minutes, and although I was online and she knew it, when I went to put my stuff down, she tells me I am closed. Really? What happened to I am closing after you? no one behind me. I am telling her, excuse me, you saw me there. She didn’t even wanted to look at me. Not the right thing to do Joann!
I keep trying to call in to customer service about an under-year-old battery for my car being confirmed by AAA as bad to discuss a warranty replacement and it just rings forever. Where is everyone? I need to know how to proceed with this as I am not sure if I can find my receipt and it IS a walmart brand battery bought at this location, and I would need to drive there, unhook it in the lot to exchange it? I need guidance.
wanted to let you know that dwight, an employee of yours, is a very kind and compassionate guy. you should know how lucky you are to have him.
In True form - just another disappointment from an online order with Walmart Freehold scheduled to pick up today. WILL BE READY BEFORE 8pm??? Never got notified my order was ready. Now 10pm
Cant wait to see what the next email will read.
Dear wallmart it shouldn’t take longer waiting in line to check out then it takes to fill a shopping cart. Some people have better things to do then to wait 30 minutes just to get up to the slow moving half comatose cashier
2 online orders NEVER DELIVERED.
Yesterday I placed a small order and got the email today it was read for pickup. I go to pick it up and told I have to go inside to pick it up. THE END. Never again! This store is the worst!
This store is a STY! There are aisles totally blocked with pallets of merchandise just sitting there. The store and the parking lot are filthy. No one on the floor to help you. No one st the fabric dept to cut fabric. Went to customer service desk to ask for someone to come cut fabric and they told me to cross my fingers and put a call out for someone to come and said they had no idea if there was anyone to do it! I had 4 bolts of fabric waiting to be cut. No no one came! The store is filthy. Ridiculous!
You really need to hire some people to stock the shelves in Walmart 3236 (Freehold Township, NJ). Many aisles are completely blocked off by pallets of boxes. It was bad during Christmas and now it’s horrendous! The furniture/vacuum area, books, and the hardware sections are completely sealed off
I can’t believe what a dump this store has become... I used to enjoy shopping here every week... now they have more in boxes in the aisles then on the shelves... I’m sure Freehold fire company would find several violations here... Walmart please find yourself a manager and some employees that know how to work because obviously you got it all wrong...
Big thank you Walmart Freehold in New Jersey for their help and support in our #RescueChristmas campaign!

You too can be a #donor today, visit:

#christmas #christmas2020 #christmaslights #kettles #kettles2020 #salvationarmynj #RescueChristmas The Salvation Army New Jersey Division SAconnects
Had a very deceitful experience at Walmart this afternoon. A 50 inch I vizo television was marked $148. So I called to try to have it ordered online for delivery so I didn’t have to carry it. When I went back to the store they changed the price of the sign within an hour!! $298 the sign now read! The refused to honor the $148. I have photos of both. Very misleading. Very disappointed.
I have been doing curbside pickup since the pandemic started and its always been a breeze however today this is by far the worst curbside pickup ever. I have been here for 33 minutes and still no one is here
35 minutes just to go through the checkout process #incompetence
Walmart of Freehold needs to be aware of outside contract workers that are in their store. There was a woman in the hair product aisle and the man working in there ( who said he didn’t work for Walmart) was so aggressive with this woman yelling at her to move her cart calling her stupid and to get out of his face. If it was me I would have went to jail because he would have been laid out. The woman was so nice and didn’t provoke him at all.

Pharmacy Phone: 732-780-3484

Pharmacy Hours:
Monday: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Tuesday: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Wednesday: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Thursday: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Friday: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Saturday: 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Sunday: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Services at this Location:

Guidelines for joining the discussion:

When Sam Walton opened the doors to the first Walmart in 1962, his goal was to save people money so they can live better.

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Wear Transitions lenses anywhere, anytime! Fully clear indoors and darkening in seconds outdoors,
they block 100% of UVA/UVB rays and help protect your eyes from harmful blue light. Available only at .

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Inventory is underway here in Freehold! Fun times!

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Stock up for Halloween 🎃 with Hershey’s All Time Great packs. 🍫🍬 These goodies are flying 🦇 off the shelves, so 👻🧛🧙‍♀️ hurry to pick up yours! 👍💯


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TA Zena keeping up with first 100 ft !!!! Thank you !!!! We appreciate you !!!!

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Frontend TA Elena maintaining our registers clean for our customers!!!! Thank you !!!! We appreciate you

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Family Fright Night is back! 🎥😱 Lure your little monsters 🧟🧛 to movie nights with heaps of despicably delicious Hershey Halloween treats. 🍫🥰🍬


Keeping up with with first 100 ft !!!! Thank you TA associate .We appreciate you !!!!

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Job Fair is today! From 9am-5pm

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Halloween’s 🎃 almost here! 😱 Keep those decorations coming and that candy dish full. And don’t forget, treat yourself too! 🍫💯🍬 Pick up a bag of Hershey’s All Time Greats at Walmart today!

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Please join us for on the spot interviews, on Thursday 09/08/2022 from 9am-5pm

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Frontend team in action !!!!! Go team 3236 !!!! Happy Labor Day !!!!!!


The bad news: summer’s ending. 😓

The good news: pickup or delivery is still here, so you can get all your Labor Day weekend must-haves fast & affordably! 😅

The ✨ really ✨ good news: new pickup or delivery customers can use code TRIPLE10 & get $10 off their first three orders! ($50 min. Restrictions apply.)

Walmart updated their business hours. 09/01/2022

Walmart updated their business hours.

Walmart updated their business hours.

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Thank you Joel for always keeping our frontend clean !!!!

Photos from Walmart's post 08/31/2022

Join us this month as we celebrate our Every Day Heroes with PepsiCo! Each week you’ll meet inspiring Walmart associates who are being recognized for making a difference for their teams, customers, and communities. Tap the photos to meet this week’s heroes and learn more about the program here:


Get ready to have your day made—this year’s Top Toys List is HERE! 🤩🎁 Check it all out & tell us which toy is at the top of your list. ➡️


The 2022 Top Toys List is officially HERE. ✨🎁🧸🎮 Get ahead on giving them their best gift yet this holiday season & check out the full list now! ➡️


That college student in your life still need some stuff? 🤔 From supplies & snacks to shower caddies & more, get it to them fast with free pickup or delivery. New pickup & delivery customers get $10 off their first three orders with code TRIPLE10. $50 min. Restrictions & fees apply.

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Who’s excited to fire up the grill for an end-of-summer BBQ? We know the associates at Walmart Neighborhood Market Colorado Springs - S Academy Blvd sure are!

Summer is almost at an end 🥲!! Come by 3082 and pick up some charcoal for your end of summer BBQ!🔥

Photos from Walmart's post 08/24/2022

Join us this month as we celebrate our Every Day Heroes with PepsiCo! Each week you’ll meet inspiring Walmart associates who are being recognized for making a difference for their teams, customers, and communities. Tap the photos to meet this week’s heroes and learn more about the program here:


Let’s throw a party the Afro Unicorn way! 🦄 🎉 If you Walmart, you know you don’t have to splurge to celebrate. 😉 Shop magical @afrounicorn_official merch, created by April Showers! 👏🏼👏🏽👏🏿

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We're hiring here at Walmart 3236. As an associate, you receive 10% off fresh foods and general merchandise. Apply online and reference Store 3236 to work with us:

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Happy Anniversary Rhonda from Walmart Benton - Giacone Dr! We’re so happy you’ve been a part of our Walmart family for 35 years! 💙

Happy 35th Anniversary Rhonda! What an amazing accomplishment!

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We just can’t wait any longer for spooky season! 👻 🎃

Are you ready for Halloween? Then come on by and check out all our Halloween inflatables!

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Thank you for 33 fantastic years at Walmart Supercenter Beebe, Ms. Kim!

Today is Ms.Kim’s 33rd anniversary with Walmart!! We appreciate all you do to make our store GREAT!! Ms. Kim always looks out for both her customers, as well as her fellow associates best interests!! Thank you Ms Kim!!

Photos from Walmart's post 08/17/2022

Join us this month as we celebrate our Every Day Heroes with PepsiCo! Each week you’ll meet inspiring Walmart associates who are being recognized for making a difference for their teams, customers, and communities. Tap the photos to meet this week’s heroes and learn more about the program here:

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Kid's frames have never been more stylish here at the Walmart Vision Center! 😁👀 Stop in to our Vision Center to grab a pair of frames at your Everyday Low Price. 🎉

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Help us give Donnetta a special send off by dropping a 💙 in the comments! She’s retiring from Walmart Palm Harbor after 31 years!

Today we celebrate the retirement of our own Donnetta!! She has spent 31 fantastic years with Wal-Mart and today we say goodbye and thank you for all your wonderful work. Former APOC Hector joined via face-time to be here for the big moment, Good luck and congratulations Donnetta, you will be missed.

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Start the school year off with a nutritious diet, after-school physical activities & a regular bedtime routine. Visit our Mobile Wellness Tour to learn more.

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Did someone say new 🍕 flavors? Limited edition Marketside flatbread and pizza now comes in Mexican Street Corn & Nashville Inspired Hot Chicken! The enhanced crust in all Marketside pizzas will keep you wanting another slice.

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You can’t deny our team has great taste in music. 😍 Join our associates & tell us your favorite album for National Vinyl Record Day! 🎶 Comment yours below. 👇🏼 👇🏾 👇🏿

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There’s still time for summer fun! Look for life jackets and other swim items in the clearance section!

Don’t be afraid to go overboard with our life jackets. We currently have a variety on clearance for as low as $5 . Swim on in to see how else we can help you save !


We’re partnering with Getaway, where you can unplug, unwind & enjoy your free time in the great outdoors! 🏕 We created The General Store for all your camping wants & needs (plus faves from local businesses) to help you escape with ease. 💙 Book your tiny cabin in nature today:

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Is your pharmacy open to serve your needs?
We are open 7 days a week caring for all our patients!
Monday through Friday 9 am to 9 pm, Saturday 9 to 7 and Sunday 10 to 6!
We put the CARE in HealthCARE!


Walmart Live x LEGO®: 90 Years of Play

Join our of Play Celebration as two "Masters" take you behind the scenes for build-alongs, giveaways & more featuring exclusive Walmart LEGO® sets.

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Congratulations on 15 years with Walmart Pratt, Jammie! 💙

Help us congratulate OPD associate Jammie on 15 years with the company today!! Thank you for all you do for us!!!

Photos from Walmart's post 08/09/2022

Calling all bookworms! 🤓 It’s & our associates are sharing the one book they wish they could read again for the first time. Check out some of our fave answers & share yours below. 📚

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Help us say thank you to Ashley from Walmart Mount Pleasant - N Grand Ave for all that she does by dropping a 💙 in the comments!

🌟🌟A big thank you shout out to Ashley is knowledgeable and does a fantastic job at customer service! 🎉

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Moving into your first freshman dorm? Or maybe you're a senior & landed that ✨ coveted ✨ off-campus apartment! No matter which, we’ve got what you need to transform it into the ultimate study space. (All at A+ prices! 😉)


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Folder, pens & a new backpack? ✅ Now just add these must-haves to keep their minds & their tummies full!

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Shout out to our wonderful Pharmacy at Walmart Booneville - N College St thank you for helping us continue to live better!

Stop by your Booneville Wal-Mart pharmacy, and say “Hello” to our pharmacists. We would love to take care of your health.

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Now they can literally eat, sleep & drink @cocomelon_official. 🤣 Get it for less ASAP with pickup & delivery. You’re welcome!


Shop right from your school's supply list with Walmart. Tune in today at 4pm to watch @joshlewispitt & @Marlon_Dewey_social show you how easy back-to-school shopping can be.

Marlon and I are back at it again tomorrow! This time we are featuring Back-to-school class lists. 3 pm CST on Marlon Dewey Social


Do your back-to-school shopping but keep on summering! Grab your list & tap the app for A+ supplies, snacks, & more. Choose pickup or delivery. New customers get $10 off their first three orders with code TRIPLE10. $50 min. Terms & restrictions apply.📓✏️🍎

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Stop by today to order your eyeglasses 🤓 and we will have them back just in time before school starts. 👓

Timeline photos 07/26/2022

It’s time for back-to-school! Come see Mrs. Bobby at Walmart Jonesboro - Old Winnfield Rd for all your back-to-school supplies!

Be sure to come see Mrs. Bobby for your school supply needs! She is excited about Back to School!


Chris “Ludacris” Bridges Reads The Great Shine-A-Thon Showcase

Tune in to hear Chris “Ludacris” Bridges read from the first book in the series Karma’s World! Meet Karma: She’s smart, talented, ambitious & ready to change the world! 🎤✨❤️ Grab your copy of the book here: ➡️

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Bring your family out for a day of fun. Join us Saturday July 23 at 10am. See you there!

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Join us at your local Freehold Walmart for Walmart #WellnessDay on July 23 from 10 am - 2 pm! We're making excellent pat...
Coming Soon… #goldencart #numberoneFTPR
Come take a swim in our elite pool for $344
Come on down to your local Freehold Wal~mart.
Getting the vaccine is easy! Walk in or schedule your appointment online at
Did you know we can vaccinate anyone 12 years old and up at our pharmacies? Walk-ins welcome!!! Get your Pfizer Covid19 ...
Freehold of Walmart is now hiring!!!
Getting the vaccine is easy! We carry Pfizer, Moderna and J&J. Walk in or schedule your appointment online at www.Walmar...
Getting the vaccine is easy! Walk in or schedule your appointment online at



326 W Main St
West Freehold, NJ

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Monday 6am - 11pm
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