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Scam Alert

Just got this email- before responding and sending the requested resume- know that the scammer got the info for the scam from someone else’s resume- It’s a jungle out there!


Hello there,

I'm Marc Devon a producer for Lions Dream Productions I saw your profile posted on film production directory, I want to inform you about upcoming short film project coming up in your area Titled (Only in the Moonlight) Start date: October 4th - 8th 2021 ‬, pay is $1800, I'm in search for effective production assistant reply with your updated resume for more information.

Kind Regards
Stay Blessed.
Happy birthday to my amazing brother! Ted Yasi Video Production Services Ted Yasi
Les Trent says we must be friends.
Hey maybe we have met in the past. Anyway. Hello. ❤️❤️
Ya baby, a little Yasi in the morning!🤣 What drone do you fly Ted?

Enhance your communications and public relations materials with video production services from our c

Ted Yasi Video Production Services of Freehold, New Jersey, fulfill the needs of broadcasters and Fortune 500 companies in the New York area and around the world to deliver the highest quality video for syndicated television, advertising, marketing, training. We use only state-of-the-art, broadcast camera equipment, advanced LED lighting and digital audio equipment to bring your vision to life. De


Here we go again!

Hello Ted Yasi..Your Resume was received from LinkedIn as an Audio. I'm Daniel Hailstone from "STONE SOUP PRODUCTION LTD", a Photographer film production company based in Taipei, Taiwan. We have a short film project coming up in your City. The start date is 17th-19th, November 2022. and we are in need of your skills. Kindly confirm your skills, availability and i will get back to you with the full job details email to ([email protected]) Regards

First: love the name Hailstone, very nice ring to it! But language- they really need to work on this part. Resume was received from Linked in as an Audio? What does that even mean?
Then… the final blow, “a Photographer film production company”.


I am sure you all remember the fun profile series I work on for Rutgers.
There are a couple of episodes posted on this page.
Well the show just one a Telly Award!
For me this is the trifecta, to work on a project with an awesome team, highlighting cool people doing cool things, and then have some critical recognition for the work!
I love it!


Ok- bottom line, if you buy a Ticket at Ticketmaster, and the show is cancelled, they can completely refuse to even deal with you let alone refund you your money.
I have never seen a business that operates more like a criminal enterprise than this ticket re-seller.
I am shocked that they are allowed to continue.
We had tickets to Macbeth and the show was cancelled due to Daniel Craig and half the staff getting COVID. Ticketmaster has shut down their customer service phone lines and only responds with nonsensical responses when contacted via email. Shame on you Ticketmaster!


Longacre Theatre
Macbeth On Broadway

New York Attorney

NewsNation on Twitter 03/10/2022

NewsNation on Twitter

Promo for a story that we worked on for NewsNation.


NewsNation on Twitter “Penn swimmer Lia Thomas is breaking records swimming for Penn's women's team. But some around the country believe Thomas, who is transgender, should still be competing against men. Tune in to NewsNation Tuesday at 8p/7c for 's full story. https://t.co/mHlvUMacff”

Faces & Voices of Rutgers: Eric LeGrand 11/19/2021

Faces & Voices of Rutgers: Eric LeGrand

Here is another installment of the Rutgers Faces & Voices program.
This was a fun project to work on. We had a great team and wonderful subjects!


Faces & Voices of Rutgers: Eric LeGrand Despite having more than 500,000 living alumni, almost 70,000 students and approximately 10,000 faculty and staff, zeroing in on the first interview for the Faces…


Faces & Voices of Rutgers: Rebecca Potosky

Another installment of Faces & Voices that I had the pleasure of working on as part of the field production crew.
The whole series was shot on Two Sony Fx9’s (Principal cameras) one Fx6 (slider) and one Fx3 (gimbal). To keep the look consistent all cameras were shooting in UHD in S-Cinetone.



Was out flying my Inspire 2 the other day, and producer and friend Ed Alpern shot a bit of the big bird in flight.

Photos from Ted Yasi Video Production Services's post 03/24/2021

We are continuing to use 3X4 plexiglass shields between interview subjects and crew for indoor shoots. They are easy to hang on C stands and offer a physical barrier between folks who have removed their mask for video recordings.
The crew however all remain masked at all times.

Sony Global - Bonus software for Sony memory media owners Memory Card File Rescue Version 3.4 02/28/2021

Sony Global - Bonus software for Sony memory media owners Memory Card File Rescue Version 3.4

This is a link to rescue software from Sony.
So if you have an issue with files on an XQD card, this may be something you can try!


Sony Global - Bonus software for Sony memory media owners Memory Card File Rescue Version 3.4 Sony's "Memory Card File Rescue" helps safeguard your most precious photos and videos. Memory Card File Rescue is leading-edge software that supports the latest file formats, helps recover data from your Sony memory media that may have been accidentally damaged or deleted

Purchase Memory Cards & Memory Card Readers | ProGrade Digital 02/27/2021

Purchase Memory Cards & Memory Card Readers | ProGrade Digital

If anyone has the new Fx6 and need to upgrade their High Speed SD cards - I have been having good luck with Pro Grade V90 cards.
There are discounts and free shipping if you purchase direct from them.
Also don’t forget- you need a new reader too!


Purchase Memory Cards & Memory Card Readers | ProGrade Digital Purchase high-performance photography and videography memory cards, card readers, and software from ProGrade Digital. Shop now!


Why it still makes sense to create a back-up

I just got a call from an editor who is working with a client of mine. I shot a project back in July and he had been waiting for several other elements to do the post.
The drive that had all my RONIN, Stills, and video files had somehow become corrupted- was there anything I could do at this point?
I looked on my shelf of 8T drives with date labels and grabbed the one that corresponds to last July. Made a copy of the files and Fedexed them to the editor. I just saved my client, and his editor too.
In the very beginning of non-tape based video I started to make copies of any footage that ran through my cameras- On three different occasions I completely saved a project from having to be re-shot, and created a lot of goodwill too.
Always back stuff up!

'The Gift of Room Tone' featuring Martin Scorsese, Roger Deakins, Cristopher Walken, and More | The Black and Blue 01/03/2021

'The Gift of Room Tone' featuring Martin Scorsese, Roger Deakins, Cristopher Walken, and More | The Black and Blue

A nod to the art of capturing room tone for the holidays! https://www.theblackandblue.com/2021/01/01/gift-room-tone-criterion/?fbclid=IwAR2DDF5R9obBDqvmh2ead4t3KGjRFSrV773REUMmNCGrKQNaj1_bXpnajO4

This made me smile today!

'The Gift of Room Tone' featuring Martin Scorsese, Roger Deakins, Cristopher Walken, and More | The Black and Blue "Capturing room tone requires [Criterion Collection] interview subjects to sit quietly for thirty to sixty seconds, and of course when you ask a bunch of people to do the exact same thing, they’ll all end up doing it differently. As you’ll see, some are very playful while others are more meditat...


Nice too see that the Con Artists are working the Holidays. Just remember most contacts that look like this are just people trying to rip you off. The number that this text came from is : +1 (775) 204-4609 just in case you get one. Even though times are slow, don’t be tempted to think of stuff like this as legit.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Photos from Ted Yasi Video Production Services's post 11/02/2020

The most scary Halloween Ever!

Photos from Ted Yasi Video Production Services's post 10/24/2020

Big set up today for the ABC show “This Week”. We are at the Constitution Center in Philadelphia, PA.
Call time 4am tomorrow morning to finish up - and go live at 9am.


We changed it up a bit today- but I guess it works for hunters!


We like to try and make things as easy as possible for you.
Photo courtesy of Pat Perrotto.


One of the many ways we are keeping both the crew and our clients safe during the Pandemic are by using large 3’ X 4’ plexiglass “sneeze shields” like they have in banks and supermarkets.
It is pretty easy to hold them in place with C-Stands and spring clamps.


White House Pool camera for ABC today!
We get the shot for you.

Photos from Ted Yasi Video Production Services's post 08/09/2020

When it switches from rain to sun we have you covered! 8X8 double net scrim, and some heavy duty Nila LED’s get the job done.
Today I used a Boxer for Key and a Varsa for fill.


In the never ending pursuit of providing exceptional service to my clients. During the downtime offered by the pandemic, I made an updated version of the little stand we put up during live shots so that a correspondent has a place to put their notes and coffee when they are on the air.
The newer version includes a cell phone and laptop charging station.
I noticed the panic that follows a depletion of a phone battery and found a perfect solution to “empower” your live report!
You’re welcome!

Photos from Ted Yasi Video Production Services's post 08/01/2020

We have all slowly been finding solutions to doing Video Production in the COVID-19 era.
One way to keep a minimum of people on the shoot is to have the clients and producer conducting the interview remotely via Zoom.
We took a feed from the camera and streamed it into the zoom meeting.
Then we took the “interviewers” image and put it on a prompter. So the interview with a person on Long Island was conducted by a producer in Wisconsin! The clients were also on the call, so they could watch in real time.


Trying to return to work and stay safe too.




Who could have foreseen that Sony would finally roll out a virtually bulletproof facial recognition focusing algorithm- at precisely the same time none of us are using our faces!



Great post from my friend a colleague in Boston, Ric - about how to avoid injuries as a camera person.




New production protocol- plexiglass sneeze shield.

BTN in 60 Promo: How the story began 05/06/2020

BTN in 60 Promo: How the story began

Promo for “Forgotten Champions” a documentary about the Rutgers Championship Women’s Basketball Team- EP/Director Geoff Sadow-Whoo- Rah Productions. I have been thrilled to be a part of this project over the last two years!


BTN in 60 Promo: How the story began


The tragic consequences of people lighting their own live shots!
Most viewers would just be listening to what this airline executive had to say on GMA this morning, but I almost dropped my coffee in horror.
- mixed color temperature
-angle of light too low creating Bella Lugosi effect.
-no edge lighting to separate from background
-eye socket shadow
- uneven light

I will be glad when we are all back doing our jobs to make people look better!

TV Ready: 5 Tips for What to Wear & Win on Camera 04/01/2020

TV Ready: 5 Tips for What to Wear & Win on Camera


I am sharing a helpful post from a former colleague-

TV Ready: 5 Tips for What to Wear & Win on Camera Closet paralysis climbs to epic proportions when you're trying to pick an outfit to wear on TV. Step away from the ledge.


Sign of the times!


I must say, that only a handful of times have I ever needed to take advantage of the “Step” feature on my Avenger boom stand, but I guess it is good to know it’s there when you need it.
Safety first!


I have switched over from my Kino Diva 400’s to these Quasar Rainbow tubes for lighting green screen. I love them because they also are super versatile, they can be stacked in a bank, or easily flown they are so light- but even better they are fully RGB so I can use them to color up a white wall or background.
They make a really useful addition to my bag of tricks!


We got to work with our friend Caroline today!


Travel Hack:
If you are staying in a hotel for more than a couple of days either working or vacation, try this- first night leave a nice tip and note for The Housekeeping Staff. First it is just a nice thing to do but I can guarantee you a couple of clicks up on the service you receive.
The linens will be great, often extra towels & shampoo. If you say, why would I leave a nice tip before I even know what the Housekeeping Staff is like- look at it this way, you are tipping for the service you WANT to receive! It’s like buying futures if you want to think about it that way. I have been doing this for 20 years, and I have had nothing but great experiences with Housekeeping Staff.
Try it!


Hotel travel Hack:
One of the issues I often encounter in Hotels is that due to the heating systems they use, the air is often unbearably dry- sometimes I will wake up with a sore throat or even nose bleed.
There are a number of inexpensive portable humidifiers that are small, easy to pack, and will add to your comfort and good night sleep.
Note: if I have forgotten to bring one- you can run the shower for a few minutes on Hot just to add a bit of moisture to the air before you sleep.

Hurrah - A Creative Production Agency 02/03/2020

Hurrah - A Creative Production Agency

Scam Alert:
I just received this lengthy email that appears to be from a Singapore Production Company that is well known- the links are to that companies web site ect... BUT the email that they want me to respond to, is a similar name on a gmail account.
Don’t get fooled- they are out there!

Thank you for barking with us
We will respond to all inquiries and correspondence within 2 business days.

Hi and can only hope this year has been awesome so far, My name is Omar Jordan, I'm a Production Coordinator & Assistant to Aswini Rowan at Hurrah Production (based out of Singapore), we're putting together Casts & The crew for the second project of the year which should run between 8th to 14th of March. I would like to know if you're interested and also secure your availability for the postulated dates.

We are looking for a freelance Camera Operator to capture high quality and attractive images for a short shoot, a camera operator that has worked on a number of shoots. We want you to be comfortable around the equipment as well as able to concentrate and attend to detail. If you are a restless individual who can multi-task, solve problems and do things proactively, then you'll be the right fit for the job. The project has a 7-day budget plan and will definitely be paid for. I found you via the New Jersey film directory & I'll sure like to see an updated resume or a CV with your past work just for certification & also to keep for future references & Documentation.

Do respond with an attached resume to your email and I'll reply with more information as well as job details for the shoot. You can take your time to have a look at some of our work on the website below, you can also verify with the office via phone contact or email. Looking forward to working on this project with you & I know you'll be the right fit to work with us. Thanks and I'll look out for your response with your resume included.

Production Coordinator
[email protected]
(779) 333-1119
Production Manager
[email protected]
(409) 923-0648
40A Orchard Road #07-01 MacDonald House, Singapore 238838
[email protected]
Office: +65 6552 6999 / +1 (779) 333-1119 / +1 (409) 923-0648


The contents of this email are confidential and privileged and are only intended for the individuals or entities named above and any others who have been specifically authorized to receive it. Any unauthorized dissemination, copying or use of the contents of this email is strictly prohibited and may be in violation of the law. If you are not the intended recipient, please do not read, copy, use or disclose to others the contents of this communication.

Hurrah - A Creative Production Agency We create the best relevance for the greatest response, that unbeatable feeling when content works, the perfect alignment of creativity and brand with a narrative.


Just curious-does your cat prefer Gold-mount, or V- mount? Asking for a friend.

Video: How Christian Pulisic rose to international stardom playing soccer 01/25/2020

Video: How Christian Pulisic rose to international stardom playing soccer

We had fun in Hershey, PA the other day filming the parents interviews for this Nightline Spot.


Video: How Christian Pulisic rose to international stardom playing soccer Pulisic, who is from Hershey, Pennsylvania, became the highest-paid American soccer player of all time when he signed with Chelsea Football Club in the U.K. But it didn't come without its challenges.


I was so pleased that the Nila marketing department chose one of my “on the scene” photos to show the all weather aspect of the Nila Varsa. It was one of those rainy pre-dawn GMA live shots. The Nila Varsa’s never let me down.

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Was out flying my Inspire 2 the other day, and producer and friend Ed Alpern shot a bit of the big bird in flight.



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