Shout out to our wonderful Taste NY Market Manager, Amy, for this Taste-fully delicious snowbound meal she prepared!

🥩 Acabonac Farms Ground Beef
🥫 Vine Street Cafe North Fork Chunky Vegetable Sauce
🍝 Sfoglini Pasta

All items locally sourced from our the Taste NY market the #LongIslandWelcomeCenter. 😋 YUM!

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A new pasta shape! My brother and sister-in-law sent me a box full of noodles for my birthday. They arrived today and I cooked it up for the first time — after listening to 7 podcast episodes of The Sporkful with Dan Pashman about pasta. He spent years developing this new shape and finally got it made with Sfoglini. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever personally seen and delicious to boot. It’s called “Cascatelli” inspired by the Italian word for waterfall. Have you seen or heard of this? 🍝🎁😋
Check out this awesome video by Eater spending a work day with Steve Gonzalez, co-founder of Sfoglini pasta. Most of you know that Sfoglini pasta is manufactured right up the road from us on Rt. 9W, but you probably haven’t seen inside of their awesome space. Huge bronze dies for shaping and cutting flour into pasta! Room sized machines for weighing and packing boxes of pasta! Hundreds of thousands of pounds of semolina flour! The birth of Cascatelli! So cool! Check it out and let us know what your favorite Sfoglini pasta shape is….we always have a good selection on our shelves.

Link to video: https://www.eater.com/22881958/sfoglini-pasta-factory-cascatelli-new-shape

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Watch Eater go behind the scenes at Sfoglini to see how cascatelli is made!
A new pasta shape has been invented, and honestly, we're eager to check it out. The inventor is an avid pasta lover, and he makes some very valid points about the issues with our current pasta options. The key elements he set out to impact were:

1) Forkability: which is how easy is it to get it on your fork and keep it there
2) Sauceability: How readily does sauce adhere?
3) Toothsinkability: which is how satisfying is it to sink your teeth into it?

The end result: Cascatelli! Which means waterfall in Italian, and really sucks up and holds all that wonderful sauce, which is something we can really get behind. Well done Sfoglini 👏 🍝 👏

For more info: https://bit.ly/3mBkkrj
Introducing one of our newer products...Sfoglini Pastas from Coxsackie, NY. Sfoglini Pastas are made with organic grains from North American farms and packaged in the Hudson Valley. We sell NY Whole Grain Reginetti and Whole Grain Radiators made with Hard Red Wheat from the Hudson Valley. This pasta will go great with our Vine Street Café Pasta Sauce! Sfoglini
Here's the Tuesday highlight reel (open 10-6 on this blustery day):

On Sale this Week:
25% Off all pasta (dried or frozen)
25% Off Farmer Ground organic all-purpose flour.
Get Sfoglini organic pasta at a great discount for a limited time! Farmer Ground Flour is a high-quality item that was in demand when COVID started but sales have waned and I won't be continuing to carry it, so take advantage of the Closeout Sale.

New Food Products to Try:
-Mini Round Cheese Raviolis from Codino's Foods in Glenville;
-Sambal Aioli from Saratoga Garlic (added by customer request);
-Cajun-style chicken sausage from Bilinski's Sausage (limited time only);
-Milk Chocolate Cranberry Almond Bark from Bittersweet Candy (can't remember if I posted about that, so pretend it's the first time you've heard it)

-Hot Crispy Oil (see photo montage)
-Katalyst Kombucha;
-Cascatelli (see above sale);
-Frozen Tortellini (meat or cheese options)

Pre-Order Updates: Two Little Dumplings has announced an encore pickup date for pre-orders of their fabulous dumplings. More to follow (including my feedback on the product), but orders are due by next Thursday Jan. 20 at 6 pm for pickup Friday or Saturday (21st/22nd). Ppang is still on vacation for January

Expecting a new batch of floral bouquets by the end of the day. Since I haven't been at the store myself, I am super low on photographs, so instead I'm sharing a little collage of recipe suggestions from the Hot Crispy Oil feed. If you don't follow their social media, they have a lot of fun and great ideas! Some recipes are available on their website.

Take care everybody! I'm hunkered down at home cozied up to my computer and working on my relationship with Quickbooks :)
It finally happened tonight.

I’ve been a fan of The Sporkful with Dan Pashman for years now, and even got a chance to meet Dan after attending a live episode recording a couple years back. When he shared his story of developing cascatelli, a brand new pasta shape, in 2021 I was SO excited to try some. Pandemic-related shortages made it difficult to find, so I was elated to receive two boxes for Christmas.

Tonight I paired the pasta (one of TIME’s best inventions of 2021!) with a tofu bolognese sauce that put cascatelli’s purported sauce-ability, forkability, and tooth-sinkability to the test. I’m pleased to report that it passed on all three qualities!

You can find more info on Sfoglini’s (the pasta maker) site at: https://www.sfoglini.com/products/sporkful (no affiliation, just a normal link).

And that sauce! Wow! So flavorful! So delicious! I’ll tell more about that another time - I know it’ll be made again soon.

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TOMORROW IS THE DEADLINE for guaranteed cascatelli delivery by Christmas, so if you want to make someone in your life as happy as Serena in New Zealand here, get your orders in to Sfoglini now! We have 4 packs plus a few remaining limited edition gift boxes available!

(Sfoglini will continue to ship asap after tomorrow but they cannot guarantee delivery by Christmas.)
The Sfoglini Cascatelli pasta shape was named in the top 100 inventions of 2021! The pasta shape was created by Dan Pashman, creator and host of The Sporkful with Dan Pashman podcast, in collaboration with the artisans at Sfoglini. The shape was engineered to hold sauce, stay on your fork and sink into your teeth perfectly. It took three years to create, and once it was on the market it sold out instantly!

Read about this invention in the TIME article here: https://time.com/collection/best-inventions-2021/6112714/cascatelli
Sharing some assorted pics for Small Business Saturday (open 10-6), including...

1) 2022 bird calendars from Peter R. Barber Photography
2) Alpaca socks from King Hill Alpaca Farm
3) Dragonfly Pottery restock
4) Fat Crow Gourmet gift boxes (1 of 4 options)
5) "E is for Empire" a NY-themed book with a reference for every letter of the alphabet through Sleeping Bear Press
6) Willa's organic oat milk (unsweetened Original, shelf-stable)
7) "Upstate of Mind" winter hats and socks by Compas
8) Buffalo plaid items (kitchen accessories, scarves) from Grandma Elf herself
9) New wildlife paintings from Christine Mezzio of Scotia
10) Cascatelli, the new waterfall shaped organic pasta by Coxsackie-based Sfoglini and The Sporkful with Dan Pashman that has taken the world by storm

With your support, we can make it my best season yet! See you soon ☺️
Here’s the latest list of all the smaller markets around the country where you can find cascatelli. Go get some and support local businesses! And if you’re a small shop or you want to ask your local market to carry it, stores can order from Sfoglini through Faire Wholesale.

Traditional Italian techniques meet the finest North American grains to make Sfoglini pasta. In 2012, Sfoglini (Sfo-lee-nee) opened its doors in Brooklyn, NY with one clear mission, bring classic Italian style pasta back to New York City.

We’re dedicated to sourcing top quality North American organic grains and using traditional Italian methods to bring you the same pasta served at some of New York’s most revered restaurants.

Operating as usual


#MarchMacness20222 is back for its third year! Check out casey corn] to download your bracket and submit your picks by March 27th - voting starts on the 28th. Be sure to get your brackets in - the winner will receive an amazing prize package including a selection of Sfoglini pastas!

Pictured: our vote in the International category: Khachapuri Mac with Cavatelli

📸 casey corn]

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Exciting news for our friends in Canada - we secured excellent shipping rates to ship to Canada. Check out our shop (link in bio) to price out rates to your region. Happy shopping!


That radiator bounce.

📸 @sfoglinisteve

Photos from Sfoglini's post 03/05/2022

We’re so proud of the work Sfoglini’s @kategalassi has done with the Nourish NY Program. Nourish NY is a state initiative that helps people who are food insecure access the nourishment they need while providing a market for farmers and manufacturers to sell their products. As Chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee, this program is an important part of NYS Senator Michelle Hinchey’s agenda and we were so excited to show her around Sfoglini’s factory last week and discuss our involvement in this crucial program.


#throwbackthursday to when one of our early holiday kits was featured on the @todayshow and got the stamp of approval from @janelynchofficial


Bacon makes everything better!

📸 @mostly.just.pasta


STOCK UP WITH 15% off! Use code STOCKUP15.

It’s time to restock your pantry with delicious pasta and provisions! And to help get those shelves filled with essentials for creating your favorite pasta dishes, we’re giving you 15% OFF select items through February 28th. Use promo code STOCKUP15 at checkout. (Sale excludes Cascatelli by Sporkful & Gift Cards.) http://www.sfoglini.com


Sfoglini Pantry Stock Up Sale - 15% off - use code STOCKUP15

STOCK UP WITH 15% off! Use code STOCKUP15. It’s time to restock your pantry with delicious pasta and provisions! And to help get those shelves filled with essentials for creating your favorite pasta dishes, we’re giving you 15% OFF select items through February 28th. Use promo code STOCKUP15 at checkout. (Sale excludes Cascatelli by Sporkful & Gift Cards.) http://www.sfoglini.com

Photos from Sfoglini's post 02/18/2022

Cheers to one year of Cascatelli! 🥂 Our first production run of Cascatelli by @thesporkful was exactly one year ago today. Thank you for all your support of this brand new noodle over the past 12 months!


Is Beet Fusilli the most romantic pasta of all time? We think so. Happy Valentine's Day! ❤️


Vodka sauce is the real champion. 📸: @mostly.just.pasta


There's nothing like a big, beautiful pot of Marcella Hazan's Bolognese simmering on the stove. 📸: @mackenzie.smithkelly


Can’t get enough Cascatelli close-ups. 📸: @happytummy_702


Hot buttered noodles FTW. 📸: @italianenough_


Healthy eating? It’s all about balance. 📸: @jillthevegan


Creamy, dreamy Cascatelli. 📸: @mostly.just.pasta


The perfect Sunday spoonful: Cavatelli with sausage and broccoli rabe. 📸: @sundaydinnerdiary


Why yes, that is @govkathyhochul holding a box of Sfoglini! We’re so thrilled to participate in @nyagandmkts Nourish NY program to supply NY food banks and pantries.

How the Sfoglini Pasta Factory Manufactures Cascatelli, a New Shape of Pasta 01/18/2022

How the Sfoglini Pasta Factory Manufactures Cascatelli, a New Shape of Pasta

Want to see how Cascatelli is made? Check out this great Eater video to get a BTS look: https://www.eater.com/22881958/sfoglini-pasta-factory-cascatelli-new-shape

How the Sfoglini Pasta Factory Manufactures Cascatelli, a New Shape of Pasta Co-founder Steven Gonzalez brought podcast host Dan Pashman’s optimal pasta shape to life


It’s the side of buttery garlic bread for us. 📸: @gracestestkitchen


Better than salad: Whole Grain Trumpets with Brussels sprouts, preserved lemon, and hazelnuts. 📸: @brainhealthkitchen


One of the (many) things we love about Cascatelli by @thesporkful is that it needs little more than the simplest marinara to be stunning. 📸: @adeet77


Name a better wintertime supper than tomato-y mac and cheese. We’ll wait. 📸: @foolsgoldnyc


Ground beef stroganoff = exactly what we’re craving right now. 📸: @mamabear.makes


How are you getting your greens this January? 📸: @jennyong


It's been a big year for Sfoglini. Not only did we launch a new pasta shape with @thesporkful, but we're so proud of our continued work with @nyagandmkts Nourish NY program to supply NY food banks and pantries. We also launched our new Farm to School program to provide healther pasta options to school lunch programs. Thanks to all of you for your support in 2021 — and we're sending you all the pasta love for 2022! 📸: @agelesseyes


Cascatelli is ready for its morning show close-up! @thesporkful went on @todayshow this morning and made Cascatelli with a delicious mushroom ragu. Watch the entire clip at the link in our bio.


The week between Christmas and New Year’s calls for soup. Just ask @alisoneroman.


Hope your holidays are as festive as they are delicious! Wishing you peace, love, and pasta this Christmas. 📸: @mantry


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One of favorite things about 2021: your Cascatelli selfies (#cascaselfies!). Thank you for all of your enthusiasm for and support of @thesporkful’s new pasta shape this year. 📸: @pastawithemily


Still searching for the perfect gift? Make pasta magically appear on someone's doorstep with our Pasta of the Month Club, available in three- or six-month subscriptions. Today through December 25th, get 10% off any Pasta of the Month purchase by using the code PASTACLUB10 at checkout.


A creamy, butternut squash-y Reginetti close-up. 📸: @antarctica.starts.here


Breakfast or dinner? Who cares, it looks delicious. 📸: @foodminimalist


For Sunday suppers, simplicity is often best. 📸: @melissabethk

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Sfoglini Pantry Stock Up Sale - 15% off - use code STOCKUP15


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