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Want to Learn Welsh?

www.madog.org More information at madog.org - including generous scholarships!

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CSANA (@csanaceltic) | Twitter

twitter.com The latest Tweets from CSANA (@csanaceltic). The Celtic Studies Association of North America promotes cross-disciplinary research and discussion of all aspects of Celtic culture, medieval & modern. Cambridge, MA

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Watch now: Language Matters | Full Episode | PBS Video

video.pbs.org Language Matters asks what we lose when languages die, and how we can save them.


Champagne Academy of Irish Dance


Celtic Studies Association of North America

Our CSANA page has 464 friends - can we make it 500 before Samhain? Please invite Celtic scholars/students to 'like' us and spread the word about the great work CSANA does promoting Celtic Studies in North America.

cornishfest.org 09/27/2014

Midwest Cornish Festival, Mineral Point, Wisconsin

cornishfest.org The Southwest Wisconsin Cornish Society was formed in 1991 to raise awareness of the influence the early Cornish immigrants had on SW Wisconsin in general and Mineral Point in particular. Jim Jewell was the first president of the organization that quickly grew in numbers with members scattered all a…

rhiw.com 09/27/2014

Llŷn's Monoglots in 1968, Rhiw.com

rhiw.com To a small and diminishing band of people living in a secluded corner of the Llŷn Peninsula of North Wales the English language is as foreign as Chinese or Arabic. They are the last of the Welsh monoglots.


MAGA - Sodhva an Taves Kernewek / Cornish Language Office


Welsh Learners/ Dysgwyr Cymraeg - Learn Welsh Here

Please Read the Caption - This is an interactive post - so feel free to add things! :)

Annwyl - Dear

Annwyl Rhian - Dear Rhian

Annwyl* Gyfaill - Dear Friend

Annwyl* Syr/Fadam - Dear Sir/Madam

* Annwyl causes soft mutation - except for personal names*

Parthed: - Re: (Regarding)

Sut mae pethau ers talwm? - How are things this long time?

Sut hwyl? - How are you? (What mood are you?)

Sut wyt ti? How are you?

Gair bach i ddiolch i chi am - A brief word to thank you for ...

Gair bach ynglŷn â ... - A brief word regarding ...

Dw i'n ysgrifennu atoch chi ynglŷn â ...
- I am writing to you regarding ...

Mi/Fe hoffwn ateb eich sylwadau am
- I would like to respond to your comments about

Dw i'n ysgrifennu atoch chi ar ran ... - I am writing to you on behalf of

Diolch i chi am eich llythyr dyddiedig ... - Thank you for your letter dated ...

Roedd hi'n flin gyda fi glywed ... - I was sorry to hear ...

(Roedd hi'n ddrwg iawn gen i - I was very sorry (Northern dialect))

Mae'n ddrwg calon gen i fod - I am really sorry that

Baswn i wrth fy modd yn ... - I would be delighted to ...

Yn anffodus fydda i ddim yn gallu dod - Unfortunately I will not be able to come

Dw i'n edrych ymlaen at glywed oddi wrthoch chi
- I look forward to hearing from you

Dw i'n edrych ymlaen at dderbyn eich ymateb gyda throad y post
- I look forward to receiving your response by return of post

Diolch am eich cydweithrediad - Thank you for your cooperation

Dw i'n amgáu siec - I enclose a cheque

Yr eiddoch yn gywir - Yours sincerely

Yn gywir - Sincerely

Cofion - Regards

Cofion gorau - Best regards

Cofion cynnes - Warm regards

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Join Us - Champagne Academy of Irish Dance (Iowa City, Iowa)

sites.google.com Irish dance classes in Iowa.


Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Cymru

Seremoni'r Orsedd / the Orsedd Ceremony

bbc.com 06/26/2014

Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru ar-lein: 'Carreg filltir bwysig'

bbc.com Cyhoeddi Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru ar-lein yn "garreg filltir bwysig sydd yr un mor arwyddocaol â chyhoeddi'n llawn y cyfrolau printiedig", medd y golygydd.



From Bro Pagan to Bro Naoned, coming soon to a Plou, Lann, or Ker near you, Redadeg 2014. May 24th - May 31st, the 1,500 km sponsored run across Breizh for Brezhoneg. Want to participate? Details: http://www.ar-redadeg.org/?lang=br

socialmediaalba.eu 04/30/2014

Latha Twitter | Gaelic Twitter Day

socialmediaalba.eu The first Gaelic Twitter Day is taking place on Thursday 1st May 2014. We hope to create awareness of Scottish Gaelic as well as create an opportunity for Gaelic learners and speakers across the w...


The Cornish are a Nation

Cornish people formally declared a national minority along with Scots, Welsh and Irish - the Cornish are not English!

Campaigners insist that, beyond its image as the motherland of the pasty and clotted cream, the county has a distinct language and culture worthy of formal recognition


Wednesday 23 April 2014

Raise the flag of St Piran. A millennium after they were subsumed into the English state and 15 years since efforts began to have them formally declared a distinct people, the Cornish are to be recognised as a national minority.

The Government will announce on Thursday that the Cornish are joining the Scots, Welsh and Irish as official members of the UK’s Celtic minorities. The decision is a victory for campaigners who have long insisted that, beyond its image as the motherland of the pasty and clotted cream, Cornwall has a distinct language and culture worthy of formal recognition.

The status of a national minority group, made under a European convention to protect them, means that the Cornish now have the same rights and protections as the more established members of Britain’s Celtic fringe.

The Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander, will make the announcement in Bodmin today. He said: “Cornish people have a proud history and a distinct identity. I am delighted that we have been able to officially recognise this and afford the Cornish people the same status as other minorities in the UK.”

The ruling is the culmination of a long battle to assert a distinct Cornish identity which saw 84,000 people declare themselves “Cornish” in the 2011 Census following a campaign for the designation to be added to the form. A further 41 per cent of pupils in Cornwall’s schools described themselves as Cornish in a 2011 school survey – up from 34 per cent two years earlier.

The Cornish language, which until 2010 was classified as extinct by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, is also enjoying a robust revival, with 557 people claiming the Celtic dialect as their main language. Teaching of Cornish has received government funding Last month, the Liberal Democrat leader, Nick Clegg, pledged a further £120,000 to promote and develop the language with such measures as an internet-based radio station.

The first Cornish language crèche opened in 2010 and dual-language street signs are now common throughout the county. Its three Liberal Democrat MPs swore their oath in Cornish when elected to Parliament in 2010.

Campaigners said they were delighted by the move, which comes after the submission of two formal reports to Westminster seeking minority status and years of lobbying.

Dick Cole, leader of the Cornish nationalist party Mebyon Kernow, which campaigns for a separate national assembly, told The Independent: “We are absolutely elated. The fact that Cornish culture, language and identity is now formally a national minority on a par with the Welsh, Scots and Irish is fantastic. We shall savour the moment.”

The Communities Minister, Stephen Williams, added: “This is a great day for the people of Cornwall.”

www.rhyddiaithganoloesol.caerdydd.ac.uk 04/18/2014

Welsh Prose 1300-1425

www.rhyddiaithganoloesol.caerdydd.ac.uk Welsh Prose 1300?1425 is a site which presents a searchable corpus of Medieval Welsh prose.

dailyiowan.com 03/13/2014

More than green beer - The Daily Iowan

dailyiowan.com St. Patrick's Day for an average Iowa City resident may include guzzling green beer at Micky's Irish Pub, 11 S. Dubuque St., wearing a "Kiss Me, I'm Iowish" T-shirt from Raygun, or a green felt leprechaun hat from Ragstock, and receiving chronic brain freeze at the hands of a McDonald's Shamrock Sha...

irishtimes.com 03/13/2014

Loreto Abbey to open doors to Irish language post-primary

irishtimes.com Gaelcholáiste an Phiarsaigh to start lessons in September after 10-year campaign


BBC Radio Cornwall

The little known history of Cornwall's centuries old open air theatres is to be investigated thanks to a new project being launched today. Golden Tree Productions is being supported by Heritage Lottery funding to uncover the past of Cornish "playing places". In Tudor times there were at least 70 in the county - only two medieval ampitheatres still survive at St Just and Perranporth and are said to be the oldest working theatres in Britain.


MAGA - Sodhva an Taves Kernewek / Cornish Language Office

Use Cornish on St Piran’s day – to help you, why not try out our Pirantide Bingo?

Gwrewgh devnyth a Gernewek dres Gool Peran – dh’agas gweres, prag na assaya agan Bingo Gool Peran?

partyofwales.org 02/21/2014

International Mother Language Day – Make Welsh official in Europe

partyofwales.org On International Mother Language Day, Plaid Cymru MEP Jill Evans has repeated calls for Welsh to be made an official language of the European Union to give a boost to the Welsh economy as well as giving our two official languages the same status. Click here to read more.

dailypost.co.uk 02/17/2014

Gwynedd Council chief want to make sure every child in the county can speak Welsh

dailypost.co.uk They will set up a six-member working group to investigate exactly the how Welsh language education is being implemented in its schools

irishtimes.com 02/16/2014

Thousands march for language rights

irishtimes.com Protest held to highlight treatment by Governments north and south of Irish-language speakers and Gaeltacht communities

irishtimes.com 02/08/2014

A bumper book of sean-nós

irishtimes.com This richly annotated book is a rich resource about traditional singing

radiobreizh.net 02/04/2014

RadioBreizh.net - 4 radio ar vro - le portail des radios en langue bretonne


mapsontheweb.zoom-maps.com 01/27/2014

Geographic Distribution of the Gaelic Languages ... - Maps on the Web

mapsontheweb.zoom-maps.com Geographic Distribution of the Gaelic Languages bleacliath: “ A brief history of the Gaelic languages: Middle Irish spread into Scotland and the Isle of Man about 1000 years ago and has since...


Celtic Studies Association of North America

Another great Celtic Studies conference coming up this spring!

The 36th Annual University of California Celtic Studies Conference will be held March 13-16, 2014, on the campus of the University of California, Los Angeles. Invited speakers include Geraint Evans (Swansea University); Beatrix Faerber (UC Cork); Elizabeth FitzPatrick (NUI Galway); Catherine Flynn (UC Berkeley); Helen Fulton (University of York); Alexandre Guilarte (Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies); Ralph O’Connor (University of Aberdeen); Eurig Salisbury (Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies); and Paul Widmer (Philipps University, Marburg). There will be a special session on the expanding future of on-line resources in Celtic Studies.

Abstracts (no longer than a double-spaced page) for papers twenty minutes in length (plus ten minutes allotted for discussion) are cordially invited. They should be sent to Professor Joseph Nagy at [email protected]. Please indicate your AV needs. In light of the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend, the due date for abstracts has been changed from Friday, January 17, to Tuesday, January 21, 2014.

dias.ie 01/18/2014

Statutory Public Lecture 2013

dias.ie Professor Fergus Kelly presented the 2013 Statutory Public Lecture of the School of Celtic Studies on Friday 15th November at 8pm, Thomas Davis Theatre, Arts Building, Trinity College Dublin.

newsnetscotland.com 01/08/2014

Newsnet Scotland's Gaelic map of Scotland

newsnetscotland.com For the first time in Scottish history, Newsnet Scotland is proud to make available a detailed map of Scotland, entirely in Gaelic. That's what makes this a map for all Scots, not just Gaelic speakers.


Cymdeithas Madog - Welsh Studies Institute of North America

Cymdeithas Madog, the Welsh Studies Institute in North America Inc., is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping North Americans learn, use and enjoy the Welsh language.

museumwales.ac.uk 01/01/2014

Hel Calennig | National Museum Wales

museumwales.ac.uk The giving of gifts on New Year's Day is an ancient custom. In Wales it took the form of collecting calennig (New Year's Gift). Children would form groups and go from house to house, bearing good wishes for the health and prosperity of the family during the year to come. This was symbolised by the s...


Lavaren an Jydh (LavarenAnJydh) on Twitter

Want to learn some Cornish in 2014? Our new Twitter account is now online (https://twitter.com/LavarenAnJydh). We'll be tweeting a new Cornish phrase every day @LavarenAnJydh. Visit http://celticinstitute.wordpress.com/lavaren-an-jydh/ for a full archive, audio files, vocabulary lists, and more! Bledhen Nowyth Da!

twitter.com The latest from Lavaren an Jydh (@LavarenAnJydh). Learn a Cornish phrase a day in 2014! Brought to you by Celtic Institute of the Midwest (@CelticMidwest). West Branch, Iowa

celticinstitute.wordpress.com 12/31/2013

Learn a Celtic language in 2014 - for free!

New Year's Resolution: Learn a Celtic language in 2014! Check out our Celtic Institute blog (http://celticinstitute.wordpress.com/2013/12/30/learn-a-celtic-language-in-2014-for-free/) for links to free online resources for Celtic language learners!

celticinstitute.wordpress.com Have you made a New Year's resolution to learn a Celtic language in 2014? Celtic Institute of the Midwest is here to help! Starting on January 1, we'll be tweeting a Cornish phrase each day using o...


Celtic Studies Association of North America

Celtic Studies Association of North America
Annual Conference
Virginia Tech at the Hotel Roanoke
March 6–8, 2014
Thursday, March 6, 2014
8:50: Opening remarks
Joseph F. Eska, Chair, Department of English, Virginia Tech
9:00–11:00: Session 1, The Medieval British Isles
9:00 Claire Adams, Harvard University
Constructive Conflict? Warring, Raiding, and Fighting in the Early Medieval British Isles
9:30 Lindy Brady, University of Mississippi
The Welsh Frontier in Bede’s Historia Ecclesiastica Gentis Anglorum
10:00 Georgia Henley, Harvard University
The Transmission and Use of English Sources in Medieval Welsh Chronicle Writing
10:30 Joshua Byron Smith, University of Arkansas
Walter Map’s Welsh Reception: How a Twelfth-Century Cleric became a Great Man of
Letters in Nineteenth-Century Wales
11:00–11:20: Break
11:20–12:20: Plenary 1
Thomas Charles-Edwards, University of Oxford
Peniarth MS 35 and Medieval Welsh Law
12:20–2:00: Lunch
2:00–3:30: Session 2, Irish Literature
2:00 Geraldine Parsons, University of Glasgow
Editing the Acallam: A Single-Witness Edition of Rawl. B. 487
2:30 Anna Pagé, University of California, Los Angeles
Ambiguity and Taboo in the Conception of Irish Heroes
3:00 Matthieu Boyd, Fairleigh Dickinson University
Eochaid Feidlech’s Family and the Framing of the Táin
3:30–3:50: Break
3:50–5:50: Session 3, Politics
3:50 Anne Connon, Ohio Dominican University
Carving up Crúachan: The Division of Ceremonial Sites between Rival Septs in Early
and Later Medieval Connacht
4:20 M. Joseph Wolf, Virginia Tech
Was the Tynwald an Óenach? Trying to make sense of the Tynwald as a pre-Norse
Assembly Place in the Isle of Man
4:50 Patrick Wadden, Belmont Abbey College
International, Political, and Cultural Connections in Do Feartaib Cairnich
5:20 Daniel Melia, University of California, Berkeley
Lady Macbeth was Right
6:00: Reception
Friday, March 7, 2014
9:00–11:00: Session 4, Medieval Literature
9:00 Lawrence Eson, Front Range Community College
Weaving, Fate, and Female Voice in Celtic and Norse Heroic Literature
9:30 Elizabeth Gray, Harvard University
Visible Raven, Virtual Wolf: Deirdre as Satirist and Fénnid in Longes mac nUislenn
10:00 Amy C. Mulligan, University of Notre Dame
A Transnational Irish Sea Current: Cædmon, Cenn Fáelad and Vernacular Literary Origin
10:30 Charles MacQuarrie, California State University, Bakersfield
Is the Early Celtic Poetry of Scotland any Good?
11:00–11:20: Break
11:20–12:20: Plenary 2
Peter Schrijver, University of Utrecht
Linguistic Light on Dark Age Britain: The Loss of Cases in Latin and British Celtic
12:20–2:00: Lunch
2:00–3:30: Session 5, Saints
2:00 Eric Graff, Pontifical College Josephinum
On the Hidden Chronology of the Catalogus Sanctorum Hiberniae and the Implications
of a Rehabilitated Text
2:30 Julianne Pigott, University of Cambridge
Cumann Comnae: Setting the Boundaries of Salvation in the Lismore Life of Saint Senán
3:00 Máire Johnson, Elizabethtown College
The Injuries for Insult: Punishing Verbal Assault in Ireland’s Medieval Hagiography
3:30–3:50: Break
3:50–5:50: Session 6, Law and Medicine
3:50 Robin Chapman Stacey, University of Washington
Revisiting the Burlesque (in Medieval Welsh Law)
4:20 Lizabeth Johnson, University of New Mexico
Coverture in Medieval Wales
4:50 Deborah Hayden, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies
Observations on the “Doors of Death” in an Irish Medical Catechism
5:20 Bridgette Slavin, Medaille College
An Irish Medieval Murder Mystery? Duinetháide in Early Irish Legal and Literary Texts
Saturday, March 8, 2014
9:00–10:30: Session 7, Medieval Welsh Sources
9:00 Helen Fulton, University of York
NLW MS Peniarth 50 and the Medieval March of Wales
9:30 Myriah Williams, University of Cambridge
Ys celuit ae dehoglho: Interpreting a Dream?
10:00 Nahir I. Otaño Gracia, University of Massachusetts
Reappropriating Wales, Reappropriating Arthur: Brut y Brenhinedd as a Rewriting of the
Historia Regum Brittaniae
10:30–10:50: Break
10:50–11:50: Plenary 3
Edel Bhreathnach, The Discovery Programme, Ireland
Senchas: How was History Created and Used in Medieval Ireland?
11:50–1:30: Lunch
1:30–3:00: Seminar Text
Cyff Clêr: Poems for a Bardic Roast
Led by David Klausner, University of Toronto
3:00–3:20: Break
3:20–4:50: Session 8, The Classical World
3:20 Michael Meckler, The Ohio State University
The Introduction of Wine among the Irish
3:50 Paul Russell, University of Cambridge
Ofydd, Fferyll(t) and Dwned: Welsh ofydd “Love Poetry,” fferyll(t) “Magic,” and dwned
“Elementary Grammar”
4:20 Timothy Bridgman, Binghamton University
Names and Naming Conventions of Celtic Peoples in Pliny the Elder’s Naturalis Historia
4:50–5:00: Break
5:-00–6:30: CSANA Business Meeting
7:00: Conference Banquet
CSANA 2014 Organizing Committee: Charlene M. Eska and Joseph F. Eska



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Scattergood Reunion 1965-1975 Scattergood Reunion 1965-1975
1951 Delta Ave
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This page is for the alumni and former staff who were at Scattergood during the years of 1965 to 1975. We'll be holding a reunion on the Scattergood campus June 15-17, 2012.