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Problem Solved Management is a company that helps families and organizations manage their financial

Problem Solved Management is a consulting firm specializing in financial and business development. To achieve this goal we offer a portfolio of various programs to help the individual or company manage their financial performance. The organization believes that most small businesses, entrepreneurs and families suffer two major problems. They lack training or development resources as will as the de

Photos from Yung Hip Professionals Inc.'s post 10/15/2020

An amazing .......Another amazing !!!!!!!!

Photos from P.S. Management's post 09/27/2020

get to the point where the are scattered, the aren't making as much sense as the used to and you feel like you hit what we call , sometimes you just need a
Well don't because our and program can aide the of your at
If you're looking for the growth in the areas of and our can be designed to meet you where you're at so we can take you where you to be
So visit our or to discuss how our can help take your to the
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Get caught up on everything we're doing in the digital space and how it can help your profession, business or brand!!!!! Links As Promised In Video:
Empowerment Institute Courses: https://empowermentinstitute.teachable.com
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State of The Union 10.2.19: Summer Recap


State of The Union 7.24.19: Building Community


Building Community


Hey .
The is finally here!!!!! We made it to the completion of our !!!!! If you haven't had an to hear of the latest releases of the podcast from our this may be the one you want check!
We had an to hear from some major players in the in areas like , , , , and even . We covered a number of including the release of our newest , and still have an to have some very and or the show.
So check out this because here we recap all of the you should check for in what we feel was an season. So tune in, check us out and don't forget to check the podcast website ( or DM us for more information ) for the latest releases of !


Special to with everything he and his are doing with the , , , and all which can be found
Truly appreciate the and look forward to continuing having you a part of our and in the of your !!!!!
If you're out there and you need help with the , , or the of your for your ....DM us or we'd love to work with you !!!!!


State of The Union 6.19.19


If and the is something you're about...you may want to take an to hear the latest releases of our our and tune into the of !!!
The biggest thing that inspired this was the of our . As we re still interviewing and guests a number of are bringing us in to work with their teams as well as groups in their .
In you'll get a chance to hear about the how this all and hear us live with some of the organizations we were to work with. It was truly an and the start of something !!!
So or DM us for more information and stay tuned for the latest releases of !


State of The Uniom 4.3.19


State of the Union 3.15.19


State of The Union 3.1.19


State of The Union 2.21.19


Episode 33- Trending Topics w/ Chrystal Stone

Hey !!!!!!

with us during as we recognize some powerful we have an to work with. If you hadn't had an check out on of our latest with Chrystal Stone of "The Stone Truth Podcast".

With her versatility in all of the major sports that influence the culture, and die hard love for for the , check her out on our show and tune in every week on the "Stone Truth Podcast" on & . Enjoy the show and continue to celebrate with us in !!!!


onerecourse.com In this weeks Trending Topics we talk with Chrystal Stone in what we are going to call Sports Talk! She is our first guest to be our this segment of our show. If you are true sports fan and want to listen to all the trending topics is sports this month than tune in now!


"Awakening The Fearless Entrepreneur"

We're doing it again!!!!!! If you hung out with us in in the fall at the you know we only pop up at of high quality. Well If you're going to be in on come join us because we'll be live at the " executive training with Leslie Inc..

If you heard her on episode #31 of our podcast you the type of energy and information she brings. So if you're responsible for your family, team, and then this training will change the way you see how you do everything. For more check this link out www.behappynewyorkcity.com and we'll see you on !!!!!


Trending Topics: Are You Caught Up In The Holiday Madness?

With here we're sure you can relate to our latest . In this episode we talk about the . Are you caught up in the Madness?

We go in detail about the spending that happens between through . You may be surprised to hear how crazy and expensive the holidays really are.

So get the inside scope on the game that you're caught in so you don't fall for the shenanigans!!!


onerecourse.com In this episode we talk about the holidays. Are you caught up in the Holiday Madness? We go in detail about the holiday spending that happens between November through March. You may be surprised to hear how crazy and expensive the holidays really are.


Welcome To The State Of Happiness with Leslie Juvin-Acker | Ep 31

Happiness is not something that exists but something that is created. Whether you're looking for happiness and positivity in your relationships, family or your company sometimes you have to bring the professionals in and let them create the magic you're looking for. Come hear one of our latest podcasts with Chief Happiness Officer Leslie Juvin-Acker and the tips she gives to enstil happiness all around you!!!!


onerecourse.com If you are a senior level manager, executive, or entrepreneur is stressed, overwhelmed, and lost then this episode with Leslie Juvin-Acker is just for you.


Ms. Marisha Talks About Marketing Her Business | EP 19

It's the lovely, the talented and beautiful Marisha Dixon. This marketing and branding expert shares her story on our latest podcast to talk about the power of re-branding and what it means to be an unemployed entrepreneur. If you haven't caught it check it out, you won't be surprised:


onerecourse.com New Interview with Ms. Marisha! Make sure you check it out. - When the vision is clear, all decisions become easier! If it doesn't exist, build it!


Ladies Offering Valuable Encouragement Like Us Inc. | EP 21

In the season of giving and sharing of love, come hear about an organization that is all about it. Ladies Offering Valuable Encouragement (L.O.V.E.) are a group powerful woman who regularly meet uplift each other in in all of their personal and professional endeavors. Something that you don't see often is flourishing throughout this group and we want you to take a peak and feel the L.O.V.E. that's taking place!!!!!!


onerecourse.com New Interview with Patrice Jackson ! Make sure you check it out. Ladies Offering Valuable Encouragement Like Us Inc. is a sisterhood that is dedicated to empowering women and encouraging one another to become positive and beneficial contributors to our communities, families, and most importantly, ou...


Drinks on us! We Talk about Liquor & How to pick up Bartenders | EP 23

Drinks are on us!!!! Join us as we talk liquor branding & how to pick up bartenders! Our very special guest on this podcast is Ms. Samantha Lawson CEO of Yung Hip Professionals. They are New York’s premiere affordable hospitality service. They are industry leaders in providing, certified bartenders, waitstaff, and bar-backs, for our client’s events.


onerecourse.com Tune in as we talk liquor branding & how to pick up bartenders w/ Samantha Lawson CEO of Yung Hip Professionals the premiere affordable hospitality service.



Entreprenuer or not...One thing that's always certain...."Cuffing Season". Check out our latest "Top Joints In Rotation"segment on our podcast to here commentary on our cuffing season playlist:


onerecourse.com It's Cuffing Season and we have playlist to prove it. These are the songs that we’ll be carrying with us throughout the year and beyond.


Trending Topics: New York City Movie Premiere | EP 25

If you haven't had a moment to hear our latest trending topics segment and guest appearance by Shirley Uyi aka "Shirley The Writer", here is the replay!!! One of our best shows to date!!!


onerecourse.com Welcome to Season 3! In this weeks Trending Topics we talk about our first onsite recording and 3 movie premiers. We also have a return special guest Ms. Shirley the Writer to talk about how it feels to have been recognized for her short film.


The Progression of PS Management | Diary Of Entrepreneur | EP 18

You've been on our page.....You've gotten information, stories, inspiration, direction, and a ton of business content. Take a moment and hear the story of how it all began, and where we're going!!!


onerecourse.com Listen to the progression of PS Management. This a really special interview. Get to know the man behind the Mic my co-host Mr. Mitchel Backus.


Community Access

Local elections are our the corner so it's always a good time to talk business and politics!!!! Listen to one our latest podcast to hear from someone that is approaching the political sector in away you've never heard before. Enjoy the show!!!!



The Return of the Jedi Knight Mr. Nehemiah Davis | Ep 14

The jedi knight is back!!!! We are happy to have Mr. Nehemiah Davis back on the show. In this episode with Mr. Nehemiah Davis aka Jedi Knight he talks about his new academy and what it means to be productive over being busy. Check out one of our latest "Diary of an Entrepreneur" segments on the One Recourse Radio Podcast!!!!


onerecourse.com In this episode with Mr. Nehemiah Davis aka Jedi Knight he talks about his new academy and what it means to be productive over being busy.


Ocktober Film Festival

Only a few hours left..Get you tickets to check out Shirley Uyi 's new film S;lence at the Ocktober Film Festival. The One Recourse Radio Podcast will be their live covering the event so come hang out with us and let's make it a great night!!!

filmfreeway.com The Ocktober Film Festival (OFF) is a New York film festival that serves as a platform for artist to express themselves through film and new media. We are he...


Top 10 Joints Music Lovers Should LISTEN To 9.28.17 | EP 20

If you hadn't heard it on Itunes, Good Play or from the One Recourse website, check out our podcasts new Top Joints In Rotation List and which one of your votes made the list!!!!!!


onerecourse.com One Recourse Business Entertainment Podcast is back at it again with our September Top Joints in Rotation!. We will continue to bring you Music every 4th Thursday of each month!


Let's Be Honest: Are Black Businesses Having Success Or Nah | Ep 13

As social media becomes more and more a part of how we market our businesses, understanding digital influencing and online commerce is becoming more important to become relevant. Check out this featured episode on our podcast to not only get tips on this area, but to allow them to despell certain myths on how your ethnicity or culture may be doing in today's marketplace:


onerecourse.com This is the Let's Be Honest segment where we ask the question are Black Businesses having success or Nah with Kristal Spell. The good, the bad and the ugly truths about businesses in today's market.

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State of The Union 11.6.19:  Playing Digital Is Playing Big!!!!
Special #shoutout to @joeayinde with everything he and his #team are doing with #goodhygiene the #movement , #euphoriath...
State of The Uniom 4.3.19
"Awakening The Fearless Entrepreneur"



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