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If it wasn’t for Mike this thing wouldn’t have happened. I broke the key off in ignition. Locksmith before him gave up after 3 hours and still charged me $125 bucks. Mike never gave up. Amazing service. Fast , friendly, clean and courteous. If you have a vintage car you can trust Mike.
Hello, I wanted to let you know that Mr. Mike did an excellent job last Saturday, thanks mike great job !! we appreciate very much your quality of work .. :)
A few days ago I couldn't get the key in the ignition of my 03 Honda Element. I called Mike and he was at my home in 20 minutes. Within 1 1/2 hours he made new keys replaced door locks and fixed the ignition.Thanks Mike and Mika!!👍👍👍👍
Mike was professional and courteous! I highly recommend his company for all your lock or key needs! Thanks Mike!!!!!
Best locksmith in town. I had 4 other people look at my BMW and none of them could get in. I called roadside assistance and they recommended him and i said ok no matter the cost. He drove from 45 min away to get me in the car. He had the door open in less than 20 min. Will use him from now on no matter what happens i know ill never be locked out again.
Great job knows what he doin....

Locksmiths Unlimited is a family owned and operated company in Wesley Chapel, FL. We specialize in Automotive, Commercial and Residential for all your locksmith needs.

Operating as usual

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2015 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid:
Providing Smart key & insert key for lost key situation. Cutting to code and programming.

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2019 Ford Fiesta broken remote head key replacement.


Cutting 2019 Ford Fiesta remote head key

2019 Ford Fiesta remote head key

Short video cutting key for customer after original breaking in 2 pieces, next step will be programming new key to the vehicle.

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Rekeyed lock cylinders, cut & programmed all new keys with remote for 2017 Chevy Silverado for customer due to keys and information being stolen. Extra precautions to keep peace of mind and to help prevent additional theft.

Key machine cutting an Acura RDX remote flip key 07/15/2017

Key machine cutting an Acura RDX remote flip key


Key machine cutting an Acura RDX remote flip key Just a short video using a Pro Extreme key cutting machine to cut our high security sidewinder keys. Fully automatic key machine.


Newer automotive keys do a lot more than just lock and unlock doors. Keys are becoming more advanced with remote access, remote start, push start options, adding advanced security options is among it's most important feature. A signal from an invalid keyfob can trigger an alarm system or even disable the engine. This way, if someone enters the car without a valid ignition key, they won't be able to start the vehicle and drive away.


Interestingly, the oldest archaeological find of a wooden lock (although the key has been long lost) was near the ancient city of Ninevah in the ruins of the Khorsabad Palace. It’s believed this lock dates back to the 8th century BC.


Instead of keeping a spare key in an obvious location like a mailbox, under the doormat, or on a nail behind the garage, wrap the key in foil. After that, bury it where you can easily find it if you need it, but in a spot a burglar would not think to look.


Locksmiths not only unlocked locks but have historically made entire locks. These locks required hours of file work and hand cutting screws.


Do you like the idea of not having the front door of your business left open but worry about people who need extra time to enter? A commercial locksmith can install a special type of door closer that has a delayed action that you can set.


Ever heard of a biometric lock? It's a marriage between electronics and biology -- and you don't need to be a science fiction buff to appreciate the technology. A biometric lock uses a scanned fingerprint as a unique "key."


Auto theft has been a concern since the first car was made, with car manufacturers constantly coming up with new deterrents. Unfortunately, these also make it hard to unlock your car when you lose your keys. Locksmiths keep on top of these advancements to make sure they can help you.


Tumbler locks are fairly commonly used by businesses and residential properties alike. There are three basic varieties: lever tumbler, disk tumbler and pin tumbler. Of the three, which is the most common? If you guessed the pin tumbler lock style, you're right.


One common misstep that often leads to locked keys in a car is not immediately placing the keys in a pocket or purse when leaving the vehicle. When keys are momentarily set on the dash or on the passenger seat they can easily be forgotten.


Have you lost a house or business key recently? The most security conscious option if you, a family member or an employee has lost a key is to have your locks changed immediately. It's the smart thing to do.


Have you ever heard of a Maison key system? This is a keying system that permits a lock to be opened with a number of unique, individual keys. There is also something called a master key, which operates a set of several locks.


While you may have multiple employees with access keys to your office building, that doesn’t mean all those employees will be able to get to the office when you misplace your key. If you need help getting into your building, we may be able to help.


Good locks are important, but other aids can help keep you safe, too. Consider adding a 180-degree peephole to your front door for added visibility. That way you'll have a good view of exactly what you're opening your door to.


If you like the idea of integrating the locks on your facility, an interconnected locking system may be for you. It combines the functionality of both a deadbolt and a latch in one. From inside, the door can be unlocked and opened in one easy motion.


Early locksmiths were forced to develop their own tools and servicing methods and pass down their trade. Interestingly, skeleton keys and flat steel mailbox keys were usually duplicated by hand with a file or hack saw.


Getting locked out of your car can and does happen to everyone at some point in their lives. When you can’t wait for hours for someone to get to your with a spare door key, we’re always ready to step in to lend a hand.


Do you have any workers who are disabled and have difficult manipulating a key in the front door of your business? With a keyless entry system, a commercial locksmith can install a keypad or magnetic locks that can be opened with key fobs.


Originally, locksmithing was both a science and an art. Locksmithing was the art of making and defeating locks.


One of the advantages over using keys with high security transponder chips, compared to remote control Fob keys, is that transponder chips are crafted out of glass and do not need batteries – unlike remote control Fob keys which can lock you out of your car if their battery runs low or quits.


Worried about locking yourself out of your house or car? The easiest and cheapest way to make sure you're protected is to have a spare key. Since most keys can be duplicated, we can help you with all your key cutting needs.


If you have hundreds of workers in different buildings in a commercial campus, a card access system not only provides security but can tell you when one of your workers last entered a particular office.


The combination lock was invented and required no key. Instead these locks needed rotating discs that aligned markings in a specific pattern.


If you accidentally put the wrong key in your car door lock (this happens more often than you would think), do not try to force it out if it refuses to disengage. A locksmith can safely remove the key and preserve the integrity of the lock, saving you the added expense of lock and key replacement.


It’s important to remember that the same features that make your vehicle less attractive to car thieves can also create headaches for you when they stop working. If a digital locking system is the only way to access your vehicle and it stops working, it may be necessary to contact a locksmith for help.


Just as important as having external protection for your business is having internal protection. If you don’t have a security and safety plan, you should write them or have them written for your company and share it with employees so everyone has clear expectations.


While tubular locks offer superior protection to pin and tumbler locks and wafer tumbler locks, they are also more expensive. However, they are much harder to pick and require much study on the part of the locksmith to master.


Did you realize that a new style of crime involves robbing homes and businesses to remove structural elements like copper piping and other materials? To understand if you have adequate security, use a facility security checklist to perform an informal review.


Have you ever caught yourself hitting the lock button on your car’s remote and then setting it down on the seat while you gather your belongings? Remember to keep our number handy in case you ever don’t get them at the last second and lock yourself out.

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Cutting 2019 Ford Fiesta remote head key




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