BB Ace Hardware, Wesley Chapel, FL Video September 28, 2020, 5:47pm

Videos by BB Ace Hardware in Wesley Chapel. Home of the Paint Queen!

Jennifer turns 30!

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Jennifer turns 30!

larry bonus s
Larry tell us about Bonus S w* *d & feed!

ryan soap
Hey Ryan tell us about Du ke Cannon's soap!

tommy grill
Here's Tommy sharing his favorite Web er grill.

caroline shoe
Caroline tell us about Shoe-Pourri!

Hey Bob tell us about DeWa lt tools!

Caroline Spartina
Caroline tell us about Spartina!

teresa solar lights
Here's Teresa sharing her favorite thin gs about the LED solar lights.

Hunter 30 sec
Hey Hunter, why is 30 Seco nd Outdoor cleaner so awesome?

Tommy Dewalt drill
Here's Tommy telling you about h is favorite Dewalt impact driver.

Bob dogfood
Hey Bob tell us about Taa te of the Wild!

Larry Bayer
Here is Larry telling you h ow great Bayer Grub Killer plus is.

Ryan gereber knife
Here's Ryan with his favorite Ge** er knife.

Spooky motion activated door decoration 🦇👻🎃#foofoolandgiftsh op #happyhalloween

9 Ladies Dancing
On the nineth day of Christm as my true love gave to me a vid eo of ladies dancing because they fou nd their favorite paint and color wi th Tina, Teresa, Caroline Jay, Lorraine, Car ol and Jennifer.

Happy 4th of July!
Happy 4th of July!

Happy Father's Day
Happy Father's Day!

Memorial Day Tribute
Today, we honor and remember t he brave men and women who ga ve their lives to protect our freed om. Thank you to all who ha ve served in the Armed Forces.

Happy Easter
Happy Easter!

Corned Beef on the Grill
Corned beef on the grill? Ju st in time for St. Patrick's D ay!

October Safety Month
October is Safety Month! Remember to chan ge your Smoke & CO detector batteri es!

Control Rodent Problems
Get rodent problems under control by followi ng our quick and effective tips. S ee how our TRAP method of Tr ap, Repair, Avoid and Prevent will ke ep your home pest free.

Make Painting Easier
Adding new color to your spa ce doesn't have to be challenging. Che ck out our 10 products picks th at will make your next painting proje ct a breeze.

Ace & CMN
Ace is a proud sponsor of Children 's Miracle Network Hospitals! Purchase featured Proctor & Gamb le products this month and Children's Mirac le Network Hospitals will receive a donati on. See store for details.

Homemade Applesauce
Get the bragging rights in yo ur household when you serve up a si de of fresh and homemade applesauce. S ee how it's done with thanks to Ba ll Canning.

Homemade Applesauce
Get the bragging rights in yo ur household when you serve up a si de of fresh and homemade applesauce. S ee how it's done with thanks to Ba ll Canning.

How to make your own sal sa
Stand out at your next par ty with this delicious salsa recipe fr om Ball Canning. Watch this recipe a nd get cooking!

Unclog your bath tub drain
Watch as we show you h ow to quickly and efficiently unclog yo ur bathtub drains.

Infusing flavor when you grill
Discover new techniques for infusing flav or into your food the next ti me you grill.

CMN Bucket Event
Friday & Saturday August 4th & 5th He lp Ace Help CMN and the Kids! Dona te $5 to Children's Miracle Network a nd receive a 5 Gallon "Miracle Buck et" plus get 20% Off the regul ar prices of everything that fits in t he bucket. Power tools and small applianc es qualify for a 10% discount. S ee store for details. Over the past thr ee years, the “Miracle Bucket” has rais ed over $1.7 million for the C MN Hospitals - an extraordinary number! La st year over 2,300 Ace stores acro ss the United States participated in th is promotion.