The Shepherds Inn

The Shepherds Inn


A special thank you to the nurses Miriam and Laura on National Nurses' Day

The Shepherds Inn is an Assisted Living community & a great place to call home for your loved ones. We offer 24/hr awake staff, with RN nursing care. 3 home style meals & snacks daily.

Socialization with daily & weekly activities.

Operating as usual


Some of our residents enjoying their valentines from different USC classes! This sure did make them ALL so very happy to receive such a sweet gesture! Thank you USC for thinking of our residents ❤️💕❤️


Each of our residents received a crocheted lap blanket today from Staci Hinnenkamp 🥰 They all loved Staci’s thoughtfulness of them, and her hard work into each blanket. Staci & her boys have been “pen pals” to the resident through the pandemic, writing us & coloring us pictures & making special treats for coffee time! Each and every resident (not all wanted a picture or were busy) but say thank you 😊


Team TSI dedicated nurses! Laura, Marlene & Miriam! All geared up, ready to fight covid! They have all 3 helped us so much through these trying times! Miriam, as our DON, has done an excellent job making sure we’re up to mdh regulations, testing as needed, keeping all of our residents and staff so very safe & healthy. So thankful for this trio during these trying times.


Doesn’t matter who you are! Everyone needs and deserves to be protected! wear your mask, wash or sanitize your hands, and stay 6ft apart 😷😉


The residents made this handsome fellow along with Pat, he’s even abiding the cdc & mdh guidelines for inside visits 😉 now what to name this good lookin’ fellow????


“Donut” know what we’d do without our residents! That was our theme today to end National Assisted Living Week! The residents got to enjoy trivia, donuts, coffee & prizes with Marlene & Heather this morning! We exercised the mind instead of our bodies this morning 😉 A huge shout out to Marlene Culbertson for all of your extra help this week for National Assisted Living Week! You sure did help making it extra special for the residents & staff!


Our student aide Kylie, took some of the residents around the block for a walk! Trying to enjoy the fresh air & the beauty of our garden while we can!


Shout out to Jakes Pizza for the yummy lunch! We treated the residents & staff for National Assisted Living week!


It’s national assisted living week! We love our residents & appreciate our staff! Without all of them, The Shepherds Inn wouldn’t be such a great place to live and work! More fun to come the next couple days for the residents, and special treats for all!


Pat redid the hutch in our staff dining area! It turned out amazing! We’re going to use it as a coffee & tea station that will be available all day for staff, residents & visitors to enjoy 😊 Bill brought us some yummy coffee & donuts to try it out


Thank you Barb for making the residents some delicious homemade peach & blueberry pies! The residents truly enjoyed them!


Thank you barb stenzel & family for the beautiful bird bath in memory of Richard! It’s a great new piece for our garden area! We also received a very unique piece of garden decor from the lady where the bird bath was purchased!


The Shepherds Inn was blessed to FINALLY receive a new stove/oven/grill! The staff worked hard to clean behind & under the old set up, before the new one was installed! Lots of people were involved in making this happen! Our cooks were working tirelessly with just 1 oven, and few burners! But made delicious meals, despite lack of equipment! Now they continue to make delicious meals, desserts, snacks, and most importantly cookies for coffee time 💜 with the use of proper equipment, 2 working ovens, 6 burners, and new grill top! We’re blessed beyond words


Happy 85th Birthday to our resident Gayle! It’s so hard not only on our residents & their families during loved ones birthdays, but for the staff also! We did the best we could to make it a great day for gayle! Her family brought mocha cakes for coffee time; then came & visited and sung to her this evening! She picked ham, potatoes, green beans, fruit salad and carrot cake for her birthday meal! Happy birthday Gayle! Can’t wait till we can have a big party after quarantine 💜🥰


The residents have occupied some time this week helping the cooks prep veggies for dinner, and craft time during activities! Despite social distancing regulations, it helps all of us to still be able to do things together, because together we will get through this! ❤️


The residents have been SO happy this week with doing exercises & devotions again as a group (while social distancing)! 😊They got a little bored with the 1980’s sit & be fit videos we had going for the last few months! 😂Always more fun to do things as a group & be praying together ❤️


Best Friday in along time at TSI today! We had kids from local churches come sing to the residents outside this morning. Then received the amazing news we could do communal activities again (with the usual social distancing guidelines) but it’s definitely just another great step forward! The residents were soooo excited, and loved having Marlene there to share the excitement today! Our beauty salon area also got a updated makeover by Pat too, and it looks very nice!


FINALLY! Some welcoming news from MDH today! We can now allow open window visits, and visits in our garden area! 6ft social distancing, face masks, hand sanitizing, screening of visitors all still apply, but it’s definitely a move forward for residents & families ❤️ we made phone calls this morning to let families know, and just like we suspected, families wasted no time taking advantage of coming to see their loved ones this afternoon! 🥰 our garden area is blooming wonderfully so it’s a nice place for everyone to visit during this time!


Sometimes in management, you just never know what “position” you will need to cover for! Pat our Manager has been brave enough to take on the role of our beautician along with a few other staff members until we can find one more permanent 😊

[06/03/20]   The staff working last night did an amazing job making sure all residents got sheltered in place when the sirens went off. They worked quickly, but calmly and reassured residents! It was a great example of the wonderful team work here at TSI


Our activities director Pat, who found the creative technology way for the residents to still do there favorite activity (BINGO of course) while social distancing during quarantine! Also our activities assistant Marlene spending some quality one on one time with all the residents everyday of the week! I’d say these ladies have a pretty fun job visiting and playing games with the residents 😊


The residents got a yummy Mother’s Day treat from the staff at TSI!


Lots of the residents got out into the garden area this afternoon and enjoyed the wonderful sunshine, and warm air! Some family members visited their loved ones on the other side of the gate also! Together, we got this! Praying for more wonderful days like today for the residents ❤️


We would like to welcome back Laura as an RN to our nursing crew! She was deeply missed, and so glad she came back home 😊 she’s a huge asset to TSI, and the residents are happy to see her back!
I’d like to give a huge thank you to Miriam for all her extra work this last month while awaiting Laura’s return. She’s done an amazing job keeping us up with regulations and new changes during this pandemic, some tough changes to our “normal” have been difficult for staff & residents, but we’re all adapting, and thanks to Miriam’s attentiveness to this, ALL our residents are healthy!


Heather & Paula went and got all the residents popcorn from the movie theatre! Supporting our local businesses and the residents loved the special surprise treat!


All of the residents wish their loved ones a Happy Easter! Paula was our adorable Easter bunny and delivered all the residents an Easter basket from the staff! We’re all healthy and doing well!
Happy Easter from TSI 🐰🐣


Vi celebrated 100 years young today! 🎉🎂 Lots of her family visited her outside her window while talking on the phone to her, the residents helped her celebrate indoors while still social distancing, the city police drove by with sirens! I’d imagine this is a birthday for the records for her in so many ways! Happy 100th Birthday Vi 🎂

[04/05/20]   The staff in the nursing homes/assisted livings aren't fighting the same battle that the other nurses and doctors are fighting against COVID-19. Our battle looks a lot different. We’re fighting to protect our elders from the outside world. We’re fighting against depression and loneliness. We are fighting boredom and confusion caused by dementia and alzheimers.We are fighting frustration of family members not being able to visit and families who feel disconnected and fear for their loved one.
So until this crisis is over, we will give comforting words and do our best to create fun activities that can be done safely. We will hold the iPads, computers and phones so loved ones can see their elder who is unable to communicate and reassure them everything is okay. Staff will visit daily and provide reassurance, pray, sing, or just be there to comfort them. We will put on smiles even when our heads are pounding, we are overwhelmed by all the new regulations and added documentation, and we are fighting worry ourselves. We will do what we can to make sure the outside world stays “outside” and our elders stay safe. ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Please know, we’re doing everything we can at TSI to protect your loved ones! It’s the most heartbreaking thing ever to tell loved ones they can’t visit, or tell residents they can’t see their own children! We assure this is for the best interest of the elderly during this time! We are doing everything we can so you can communicate with them! Will have video messaging set up this coming week for families interested.


Residents practicing social distancing during meals now! They’re all healthy and handling the changes as they come! 💕


YAY! More mail & beautiful pictures from our new friends Mason John and Jeremy! The residents sure did love all the fun bright colors in the boys spin art! Thank you for making our day a little brighter ❤️


Residents received some more wonderful pictures in the mail today! Perfect timing for Easter! Thank you Mason, John & Jeremy! The residents loved going through them! Staci Hinnenkamp


Auggie the doggy came & visited the residents all day today! They loved having him around, he loved them all up, and they loved him up with lots of petting and snacks!
The residents also received a packed of a wonderful note, and some amazing pictures drawn by the Schutte family! So wonderful to have so many people thinking of our residents during this time!


Happy 98th Birthday Arlene! She wanted to play bingo for the afternoon, and was so excited to win 2 bingos in a row on her birthday! Afterwards we enjoyed some snickers ice cream cake 🎂 she was blessed with many beautiful flowers as well!


Our resident Mae, along with our cook Tima, playing the piano, doing what we can to stay healthy and entertained! They did an amazing job ❤️ more videos in the comments

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