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Shafer Family Farm


Did somebody say.... hay?? 💕🐐

Hay delivery day!! So grateful for the delivery service and the family discount!! 🙌🏻💚🥰

Check out Shafer Family Farm for all your feed delivery needs!!

Friday I met Shafer farms at the Stockbridge farmers market. I purchased a variety of meats. Mothers day brunch for Penny, our home grown eggs and Shafers sausage patties. I cooked them on my sear box grill. The sausage is as good as any I have enjoyed. Look forward to enjoying more of your high quality products.
Glad to have found you.
The Open Air Market of Stockbridge begins its 11th season on Friday, May 7th, on the township square in downtown Stockbridge from 4 to 7 pm.

This week, Market items include: bedding plants, hanging baskets, herb plants, rhubarb, frozen meats, cheese, eggs, honey, chocolates, jams, maple syrup, bread, pies, baked goods, fresh dried herbs, soaps, candles, herbal sprays, art, baskets and more.

Market Music is from 5:30 to 7 pm with Larry Guenther performing this Friday.

Meet us at the Market. Remember to practice safety for everyone!

The following vendors will all be there on Opening Day to welcome you back to the Open Air Market:
Pregitzer Farm Market • Heim Gardens • Shafer Family Farm• Po • Beemers • Joey • Denise
Maryanne • Olga • Carolyn • Suzi • Betty • Kathleen

This season, we will have a full line up of Market Music. Remember to bring your own chair. NPC Kettle Corn returns next week.

For more info, call Suzi: 517-851-7437
Duck strudel with plum sauce. Amazing!!! Thank you!!!
Thank you for a wonderful dinner. Duck poutine!!!!
Tomorrow is hay day!! Yay for the goats, boo for my bank account! 🙌🏻💕🐷🐐😫
I know everyone is strapped, but we could really use a little help with our hay/straw bill this month. This is our third delivery so far this winter and I’m hoping this one will last at least 6 weeks. I’m so thankful that my brother offers this service, and for our HUGE friends and family discount on hay from Shafer Family Farm!! If you need straw, hay, or ORGANIC feed delivered to you, definitely check them out!! ❤️❤️❤️

Hay/straw donations can be sent to PayPal: [email protected]
Take a look at all the options ✈✈✈

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Our friends at Shafer Family Farm just dropped off a fresh batch of their local, pasture-raised CHICKEN 🐓 so delicious!

Also, 25% OFF MILK today 🥛👍

Open until 4 ✔️


📣Today Friday, Aug 21st from 4-7pm at the Open Air Market of Stockbridge farmers market! 🎉
Shafer Family Farm, Olga Kaminsky, Suzi Greenway, First robotics team Stockbridge, Lake Divide Farm, Samuel's Soaps & Candles, Cousins Arrows

Sweet corn, peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, squash, cabbage and so much more. Frozen meat, cheese, honey, jams, maple syrup, bread, pies, baked goods plus soaps, candles, and herbal sprays, Lemonade, etc.
Peaches and watermelon sales at Betty's booth.

Greg Adsit plays 5:30 to 7 pm. Bring you own chair.

Kona Ice will be here and ALL proceeds go to the Fire Victims, SAESA sponsored.

Sandra Silfven former food critic from the Detroit for over 20 years pronounced Pregitzer's Corn "Oh my. That corn was wonderful. Small, tender kernels. Best we have had this summer.” Come get you some!!!

Check out the online auction fundraiser for OUR Market and the other 5 Healthy Towns Markets too.
Beemer Honey Basket in the auction.

#8930 Breadzilla booth
#8967 Betty's new set up
#8968 Suzi's market bounty
Just grilled up some of the pork chops we got at one of the open air markets, such a great cut of meat!! Even our pickiest eater asked for more! Didn’t even end up needing the A1. Keep up the awesome work!
Beautiful bread made in part with your einkorn flour!! Thank you!! I will be back for more 😁
I wanted to let you know that our girls just love your chicken feed. They go nuts every time I come in to fill up their feed containers. Thank you for selling great quality chick feed.

Shafer Family Farm is a local, quality farm specializing in pasture raised, organically fed meat.

We are small business to the core, valuing our customers to produce a reasonably priced, high quality, humanely raised product.


Happy Mother’s Day to all of you moms! You deserve this special day!


The rain yesterday flooded our entire property. It seems to dry out just enough and then more rain comes. The ground is so saturated that the rain has no where to go.
Chickens hate it, ducks love it.

One of the things we have to navigate on the farm.


Going for a ride!
Any guesses as to where he’s going?


Feeding time is always a favorite!


We’ve got 4 geese that have been laying on eggs for a few weeks now. Underneath are Goose eggs, Duck Eggs and Chicken Eggs. Im very interested in what might hatch in the next week or so! Hoping to have some cuteness, and confused babies!


A fun photo sent to us by a customer who used our duck and goose eggs to create a beautiful Pysanki Easter Egg.


Our green and blue, no dye Easter Eggs!


We welcomed another set of twins to the farm this weekend.
One more mama left to kid this spring.
All babies are healthy and strong!


Sometimes the farm isn’t all green grass, pretty flowers and new babies.
Sometimes it’s mud, p**p and pain.
We take the good with the bad and usually the overall product is satisfying.


We welcomed twins to the farm last night!
Our first time mama delivered two healthy babies last night on her own.

Babies active and nursing and stayed warm under the heat lamps.

A doe and a buck!


Guess what we found!


Our chickens were enjoying the thaw this weekend. Signs of the coming Spring! Although our hens provided eggs throughout the winter, soon our egg production will over double!


We’ve been experimenting with a new item to add in our monthly pork shares.

Ready to eat, sliced, smoked ham for ham sandwiches.

Literally the best ham sandwiches I’ve ever had.

Starting with our pasture raised, organically fed , heritage pigs . To natural, hardwood smoking… your lunch doesn’t get better than this.


Long story short, we’ve got baby bunnies! 🥳


So nice having pigs on the farm. The pigs we have now are the friendliest we’ve ever had!

This is one pig that will be going in our Pork Shares in March.


We are wrapping up our first launch of 2022 Pork Shares.
You still have a short amount of time to sign up for our first pick up in March.

$200 Per month gets you Option #1 fresh meat EVERY MONTH throughout the year.
$100 Per Month gets you Option #2 fresh meat EVERY MONTH throughout the year.

Email us at [email protected] , Text me or Message us here to sign up for your Pork Share Today


When preparing for a winter storm, ( or any storm for that matter ) we plan for the worst. Wind, Ice, Lots of snow, and long power outages.

Today, we will be putting down extra, fresh bedding. Tightening down the shelters, making sure we have extra feed on hand.

We also always try to keep emergency heat lamps, bottles ( goats love to kid during cold stretches or snow storms )

If the storm proves to be a disappointment, nothing was done in waste.

We always miss some things and have to do work during the storm, but we try to learn from each experience.

Picture of Izzy and Squizzy for attention.


I don’t know about you, but I feel spring is in the air!

Ok, I know, a little too soon!

But I can’t help but get excited for what this garden will transform into in just a few months.

What are your garden plans for 2022? Growing more, canning more, just starting out or cutting back?


( UPDATE: Shares are currently full )
We’ve been having a lot of requests for raw goats milk.

We are slowly bringing back our goat herd shares. If you are, or know someone interested, reach out!

Did you know, in the state of Michigan it is illegal to sell raw milk? In order for you to drink raw goats milk, you must be the owner of the goat!
By signing up for a goat herd share, you become partner with our farm by owning a share of our goats. By owning our goats, you are able, legally, to consume the milk they provide.

Right now we are milking two goats. They give about a gallon and a half of milk per day between the two of them. We have two other goats pregnant that will be having kids in the spring ( actually in the next 30 days )

Many people have a bad experience drinking goats milk. But many people who drink our milk, think it is delicious, and unlike what they are used to!

One share costs $10. This will get you one half gallon of milk per week. You can set up weekly, bi-weekly or monthly pick up.
One share=one half gallon

Our goats are fed a local, organic grain.

All pick ups are at the farm.

Photos from Shafer Family Farm's post 01/27/2022

On the farm we don’t have a cold cellar or a good place to store things like potatoes, onions or fruits over winter.

This year I experimented by burying an old cooler as a cold cellar.

I buried the cooler just a few feet and insulated it with pine shavings, and leaves and Put a cover over it. I put potatoes, onions, apples, squash and a jar of water inside.

This week while the temps were in the single digits, I opened the cooler and the water wasn’t frozen. The onions and potatoes looked and felt fine. I ate the apple and it was as fresh as the day it went in.

Offering Meat Shares For 2022! 01/26/2022

Offering Meat Shares For 2022!

We have exciting news to share!

We’ve been praying and deciding how to proceed with our pigs and chickens for this upcoming year.

We are excited to announce our Meat Shares of 2022!

By signing up for a Meat Share, you are partnering with our farm to own a share of our Pigs and/or Chickens.

We have spent years finding and working with the best, local producers, Butchers and businesses to provide the highest quality, local and fresh product you can find.

This year we are working with an amazing, Amish butcher providing you with clean, chemical free, natural preservation and smoking practices.

This year, we have 4 Options Available

#1 Family Pork Share ( Beginning in March ) $200/Month
#2 Small Pork Share ( Beginning in March ) $100/Month
#3 Whole Chicken Order ( Beginning in June ) *See Graphic Below
#4 Whole Hog Order * See Graphic Below

- Our Shares are a monthly pick up from the farm. You will receive your share of meat fresh, never frozen.
- You will receive fresh, seasonal veggies for no extra charge!
- Customizable orders ( depending on availability)
- Receive a Fresh Turkey for Thanksgiving
- Receive a Fresh Duck for Christmas

What are you paying for?
- Food Security! We are working with hatcheries , producers and securing butcher dates, so that we guarantee there will be food. No food shortages!
- Organic, chemical free food!
- Fresh, High quality meat, that you know where it comes from.
- Supporting small, local farms, businesses and families.

Options 3 & 4 is for whole animals. We will raise pork and chicken for you as whole animals. The up front deposit will pay for the purchase of the animal, the feed, and the cost of butcher. After you receive the whole animal back from the butcher, you would pay the final amount owed. This option requires more scheduling and longer wait.
Chicken = 10 weeks ( minimum of 25 chickens )
Pigs = 4-6 months ( minimum 1 whole pig )

Email or Call Us Today with any questions, to secure your share or schedule a whole animal.
[email protected]

Offering Meat Shares For 2022! Click here for an update from Shafer Family Farm!


Quiet, cold morning on the farm.
Dogs stayed in their kennels. Chickens staying warm in their coop. The goats all curled up with each other. Even the cats stayed in their warm hiding places.

We’ve had a pretty easy winter. But days like this can stay few!


Our fall babies are doing so well. Our goat herd is the largest it’s ever been. This year is the biggest our herd has ever been!

We will soon be drowning in milk! 🥳


We’ve got about 20# of brats that the processor didn’t do correctly.
Flavor is fine, but texture is a little off. They don’t work great for brats, in buns, but work well as sausage in casserole, soups etc.

- $5/lb
- would love for someone to take it all, rather than one at a time.

Any takers?!?

Pick up at the farm.

Text, message or comment if you are interested! 🙂


My pretty ladies wanted some attention.

Our flock has an assortment of breeds. I really wanted flock diversity as well as egg diversity.

I probably don’t need anymore chickens, but this year I might “retire” a few old hens and bring some more color into the flock.

We also really need to introduce a second rooster in. Typically it’s about 1 rooster for every 20 hens. Well, Big Bird is trying to do the job all by himself, and doesn’t like competition. He’s getting old and not doing a great job keeping up if we want to incubate eggs.

So, who supports us getting more chickens?


Our newest animal comes to us as a rescue. His mama wouldn’t feed him and he was becoming very weak.
We took him in and our mamas are doing a great job feeding him! Sure beats bottle feeding.

He is a Boer Goat, which is a breed specifically raised for meat.

He will go nameless here on the farm. Although his days are numbered, we make sure he will have a great life, full of pasture, space and kids to pet him.


Free Delivery Service!
We are expanding our delivery zone for Local, Organic Animal Grains for your farm. Check out our website today, and see if we would be a good fit for delivering grain to your animals.

Delivering to Lansing, Howell, Brighton, Fenton, Chelsea, Durand and all surrounding areas.

Free Delivery. Local Grains. Organic.

We beat or match any organic prices from TSC, Farm and Home, Rural King and other local stores and mills.

Contact us today for weekly delivery service.

See products and pricing at our website:


2021 was a great year.

-We raised 55 pigs
-185 meat chickens
-45 ducks
-Had 8 baby goats born
-We bought a new stock trailer
-Drove 52,000 miles
-Used 3,250 gallons of gas
-Increased our feed delivery by 85%
-Partnered with MarketWagon , a new online selling platform.
- Got 2 new puppies

But, 2021 didn’t come without its challenges.

- We lost nearly our entire garden due to an August flood.
- Our first dog, French Fry, died after 15 years.
- Mosquitoes ravished our property due to rain, standing water and the heat.
- lack of early season chicken pre-orders stunted the amount of chickens we decided to raise.
- Gas prices, butcher costs , material costs, sky-rocketed for a loss in profits.
- sales at farmers markets were down 40%

We believe we made some good and important decisions for moving forward in 2022. Some of our strategies will be changing. What we raise will be different. Where we spend our time will different.

We always want to be open minded to change on the farm. Using wisdom, and following Gods guidance.

We are very excited for the new year, and the changes we are implementing.

We thank you all for following our journey, supporting us, and being our friends!

The Path To Our Farm

In 2010 our family made the decision to begin eating better. We wanted more nutrient dense food, sourced locally. We started shopping locally at co-ops, local heath stores and visiting farmers markets. We noticed such a difference in quality of food, our health and the way we felt after meals. We stopped eating out as frequent and ate fresh!

In 2014 we decided that we were capable of raising meat and veggies for our own family. The only problem was, we were renting, and didn’t have the ability to raise and grow where we were. So, the hunt was on to buy our own farm! This was an adventure of its own and the process was long and hard. Finally, in 2016 we purchased our own farm on 3.5 acres. We began with goats for milk, and a small veggie garden. The Spring of 2017 we purchased our first laying hens. I was supposed to only get 8, but 16 came home with us. We increased our garden space significantly. The Spring of 2018 we added pigs and meat chickens.

By this time, our farm was really growing. We had always had Goat Herd Shares for people to get milk. This helped pay for the feed, and some of the farm expenses for the first few years. But once we started getting into the pigs and meat chickens, our farm expenses started to rack up. We decided we needed to start making some income on the farm. We sold pigs for meat, and partnered with another family to raise chickens for them which paid for ours. But the farm vision was just beginning.

The Winter of 2018 God put it on our hearts to use the farm as a ministry. We valued so much from learning, raising and eating our own locally sourced, nutrient dense food that we wanted to share it with those in need. While serving at local food pantries, we noticed the need for fresh, nutrient dense food. We decided that God had gifted us with the passion and abilities to help our community in this area.

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Wrestling Kittens to brighten your day.
Planting potatoes on St.Patricks Day!



Whole Chicken, Goat Herd Shares,Pork,Eggs



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