At Craft Nutrition we help you create your healthy and new lifestyle. We create delicious Smoothies and Specialty Shake that give you the boost during day.

The nutrient your body needs. We create a positive environment for everyone and make new friends.! Smoothies
Protein Donuts
Pick up,curbside only
Also delivery it’s available
(Must be 3 order more.)

Operating as usual


Good morning im I got my baking product yesterday.

Imagine you can do all kind of stuff for baking ... here are few of the recipes.
-sustained energy & satisfies hunger
-High Protein
5G of fiber
21 vitamins
No artificial sweetners
Combine with Formula 1

-baking something today .
-Dm if your interested in getting yours .

✨Great for snacks
✨love bread enjoy this with out regrets.
#bakinglove #protein #bakingtherapy #bakinghealthy #proteindonuts #proteinwaffles #proteinmuffins #oroteincookies #bakingtime


You create the life you want.

Create it wisely
Create it positively.

Attract others with good vibes .
Attract other with a good example.

Be the leader you supposed to be.

#mompreneur #momboss #positve #energy #leader #nutrition #lifestyle


When you wake up with no Energy #momslife
Need to boost your energy to clean your house.
Made my self the “TEA BOMB “

Liftoff Lemon
Regular Tea
AL Mango
Lots of Ice
Topping :Tajin (optional)
But it taste good!!!!
-craving mode
#energy #mangoconchile #mango #lemon#tajin #mentalalertness #vitaminsandminerals #antoxidants #energia #antoxidantes


Shake delivery!!!!!
Making sure she’s getting her nutrition.
#shakenutrition #mapleflavor #smoothie #protein


Protein Café with praline shake extra shot of energy.
Now this cute little mini Pronuts (donuts) coffee drizzle with pumpkin spice topping yum... extra protein for me . #donuts #shake #delicious #snacks #breakfast




Craftnutrition's cover photo


Craftnutrition's cover photo


Love the products but not yet a member .
If you don’t know we also have the prefer membership which you get discount towards any order you place for more info DM I’ll be glad to help you out.


I’m loving the new flavor to Maple 🍁 Pecan is the 🔥 😋

DM if like a Sample...


Enjoying this afternoon a
Pralines and cream homemade donut with a cold lit tea .
I love bread but when you have a goal there another option and hit right on the sweet tooth .

Pomegranate cold lit tea with blueberry syrup on top .

Staying healthy #nutrition #heanthy #options #yummy #craving #protein


Color is a power which directly influences the soul.
-Wassily Kandinsky #addcolortoyourlife #smile #createeveryday #addsunshine #creatahealthyhabit #staypositive #bepositive #bestoftheday


Have you tried like everything.
I know I have, so let me tell you little more about this amazing drink FYI is so 😋 delicious 🤤 you’ll fall in love 😍 with this drink.

So Horchata Duo will help you with that Tummy problem yes!!!! If your trying to lose weight this will be great for you! Or just have that postpartum baby fat or beer Bell definitely you must try it!!
This will support your weight loss program.

• will curve hunger
•Reduce fat
•Helps decrease body fat 😱
•A unique emulsion of palm and oats oils
Helps reduce calories intakes and provides a feeling of fullness
•stimulant -free

May take 2 twice a day Am and Pm while you sleep .

Would you like the full recipe? DM for the rest info.


Sometimes we get bored 😑 taking the same thing every day.
Will teach how to make a simple shake and turn it to fun appetite meal replacement.
Make a fun delicious meal with out running out of ideas.

If your are doing
•weights loss
•gain weight
•gain muscle or
•just want to be healthy

Let us help to create a fun nutrition meal!
DM for more info.


Life can be a puzzle 🧩
Sometimes we just need to find the right spot so we could fit in perfectly.

Today’s Why not on a chilly day enjoy a Blue Island lit 🔥 Tea.
•Energy Boosters
•Burn Calories
•support Brain Function
•accelerates memory recall
•Help reduce mentally fatigue
•Loaded with Vitamins C,vitamins


When you take the first step to a better health lifestyle. It’s time to keep shedding those pounds off.

Shake : Piña Colada
Waffles: Chocolate truffle






Have you tried peaches and cream?

It has:
Protein as amino acids and carbohydrates to spike insulin levels ,allowing the amino acids to enter the muscle for optimal recover.

For more info DM to get the full recipe.
And Enjoy 😉 🥰 😋




Craftnutrition's cover photo


Craftnutrition's cover photo


Anyone thirsty ?
Enjoy a cold refreshing drink on a hot summer day.
#summer #quenchyourthirst #refreshingdrink #coldandicy #watermelonlittea #summer #h#liftoff #


Your chosen to be my family...
Shake flavor: Apple with caramel
We join together to become a positive environment.
We join together to laugh
We join together to become one.
#friends #family #ichooseyou #positivity #nutrition


This drink benefits:
•Make you feel full
•boost your energy
•Quench Thirst
•support brain function

Just add some fruit on top just decor your drink.

#antioxidants #proteinjuice #coldrink #brainfunction


Always love making my daughter her shake and add this booster .
It has all the vitamins she needs to start of her day.
Shake flavor : Crazy Mango 🥭

#breakfast #shake #kidsapprove #tasteamazing #kidsvitamins #booster #powder


One of my favorite Lava shakes
To boost it little more I added raspberry tea.. it tasted delicious 🤤 #littea #teabomb #shake #icycold #pinkliciouslava #boostenergy #energy



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Promoción estaré regalándo 3 lit 🔥 Teas Para poder participar necesitas seguir cada paso.Darle like a esta página Instag...
Lava Shake one of my favorites
For a sample please send a message




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