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United Auto Sales & Service is open and willing to pick up and deliver your car within the greater Waterbury area. They can even keep the transaction contactless! PLUS their emissions testing is up and running, so you can cross that off your to-do list. Contact Charlie and the team at United Auto today at (203)756-8851 or visit them at https://www.unitedautoonline.com/
My car was a BEAST in the snowstorm last night! I'm so happy! Thank-you United Auto!
Rachel, Loves her 2015 Buick Encore. We always have a nice selection of late model pre-owned cars and SUV'S.
Andrew Petersen, Grandview Service Centre, Perkasie, PA
Terry Timm, AutoSelect, Neenah, WI
Todd LaPorta, United Auto Sales and Service, Waterbury, CT
Kyle Herron, Davidson's Towing, Pittsburg, KS
Ryan Pantusa, Pantusa Towing and Recovery, San Antonio, TX
James Riley, James Garage, Porter, TX
The October/November promotion featured free
United Auto and B&G products! A winning Team
responsible for 200,000 miles on my Lincoln Town Car!!
Richard Matt
Professional Driver
United Auto and B&G products! A winning Team
responsible for 200,000 miles on my Lincoln Town Car!!
Richard Matt
Professional Driver
The best thing about a rainy Tuesday first thing in the morning is scheduling my car in for its 6th (FREE OIL CHANGE AFTER 5!!!) oil change and a request for a tire and brake inspection, and have it done practically before I had my computer turned on! These people work magic, and I was treated just like someone who had to pay for their oil change v my freebie! Another reason to take your car to Charlie and the crew at United Auto Sales & Service. Unfortunately, they couldn't make the rain stop!📸

Serving Greater Waterbury since 1953! At United Auto Sales & Service in Waterbury, Conneticut, we understand that
trust is earned. We would like to earn yours.

We offer a variety of automotive
services and repairs. All our work is performed using quality parts and
equipment, and the work is done by technicians who are highly trained and
certified. We pride ourselves on providing our customers the best automotive
repair experience possible, including excellent workmanship, service and a fair
price. Give us a call, or stop by, and let us earn your business and your trust.


The Truth about Warming Up Your Engine

Do you really need to warm up your engine for several minutes before getting on the road? It’s commonly believed that, in cold weather, you need to warm up your car for several minutes before you begin driving in order to reduce wear on your engine. In fact, not only does this practice waste valuable time–it wastes valuable fuel as well.

Most cars run on combustion engines, and combustion engines work by igniting a mix of gasoline and air to set a series of pistons in motion that power the car’s operations. In the past, this mix of gas and air was provided by a device known as a carburetor, and because cold weather makes it harder for gasoline to evaporate, the carburetor could end up releasing a gas-air mix that would end up causing engine problems.

But that was then. Car manufacturers began to phase out carburetors in the 1980s, and these days, it’s very unlikely that you’ll be driving a car that uses one. So those old concerns about cold starts aren’t such a big worry.

Warming Up Modern Day Vehicles

Today’s modern vehicles use electronic fuel injectors that can detect cold weather and will release extra gasoline into the gas-air mix to compensate for the evaporation problem. That means the engine should be ready to go as soon as it begins running. So by idling your car, you’re just releasing extra gas into your engine without getting any use out of it.

Two consequences of this are wasted fuel and increased pollution. Perhaps even more surprisingly, you’ll actually increase damage to your engine by doing this. That’s because the extra unevaporated gas in the mix will strip the oils from the inside of your engine, decreasing lubrication and increasing the wear and tear on its parts.

That’s not to say that there’s never any reason to give your car a little time to warm up. Most significantly, even though you shouldn’t have problems with the fuel mix in your engine, in extremely cold weather, the oils that lubricate the engine are not going to be fully liquid when you first start your car. So if you consistently get started too soon in the cold, you could eventually end up harming your engine.

Via Drivers Ed


It’s the guy on the rights birthday today!

Let’s all wish Charlie a great year ahead. Happy Birthday Charlie!


Happy Veterans Day! Thank you to those who have served.


Here’s your friendly reminder to make sure your lights are in working order.

More darkness with the time change makes this a top safety issue.

Be safe out there, for you and others.


Happy Halloween!!

With so many more pedestrians out this evening remember to drive extra slow and be safe 🎃


Here’s part 2 of preparing your car for Fall.

6. Check your Heat.
Check to make sure your heat is working properly. You do not want to be without it when cold weather hits. Make sure the defroster works, as well. Driving with a fogged-up windshield is unwise and unsafe. If either of these components are in need of repair, it’s time for a trip to see us.

7. Check the Brakes.
It is important to get your brakes checked before getting well into the Fall and Winter seasons. Brakes are crucial for safe driving. Cold weather heightens brake problems, since the roads have the potential of becoming slippery from snow and ice. Listen for unusual noises that may point to failing brake pads.

8. Install All-Weather Floor Mats.
Consider investing in all-weather floor mats. These mats are long-lasting to protect your car’s floors against water, snow, dirt, and grime. These mats will even shield your car from stains and spills. They also do a good job for holding up against general wear and tear. You can use them all year long, not just in the colder months.

9. Check the Lights.
Take a walk around the exterior of your vehicle. Check to make sure that all your lights, including headlights, taillights, brake lights, and flashers, are working as they should. If needed, replace a broken or blown-out bulb. These lights ensure that other drivers see you on the road, even in bad weather or other conditions where visibility is low.

10. Check the Battery.
Check the battery for charge and signs of corrosion. Most of the time, this is at no cost to you. If you car needs a new battery, bring your car in to get your battery replaced. The battery is critical to start your vehicle.

As always we’re here to help, call or schedule an appointment online with us today!

Tips via National Dispatch


Congratulations Bob!


Fall is here in Connecticut!

Treat the Fall season as a time to prepare your car for the harsh chill that Winter brings. Cold weather makes it more difficult for your tires to maintain grip and makes the windshield more defenseless against cracks. What can you do to prepare your vehicle for the drop in temperatures?

Here are 5 Tips to Preparing Your Car For Fall:

1. Check the Belts and Hoses.

2. Check the Fluid Levels.
It is crucial to replace your car’s fluid levels, as necessary. This would include windshield washer fluids, transmission fluids, coolant, brake fluids, and power steering fluids.

3. Check the Tires.
Check the tread, inflation, and overall condition of your tires. Rotate your tires, so that your tires wear evenly. Make sure your tire’s contain the appropriate amount of air. Maintaining proper tire pressure is very important, because cold weather causes tires to lose air quickly. Make sure you have the proper tires. This time of year comes with the potential of snow and ice. Consider if you live in a location where you need snow tires.

4. Prepare for the Cold Weather.
Getting stranded on the side of the road any time of the year is not fun. As the weather turns cooler, you especially need to be prepared for a roadside emergency. Be prepared if a situation like this were to occur. Stock your vehicle with the following items:

Ice scraper
First aid kit
Jumper cables

5. Check the Oil. Change your oil at the recommended oil change interval.

As always we’re here to help, call or schedule an appointment online with us today!

Tips via National Dispatch


Protect what you already have, we can help 😊


We hope you’re enjoying this long weekend!


Happy 70th Birthday Joe!!

It goes without saying you’re the best and all of us at UA hope you enjoy your day 🎊


Happy Independence Day!

Have a fun and safe holiday.



Happy Father’s Day!

To all the Fathers and Father figures in your life!

We hope you can celebrate with the ones you love today.


We remember and we are grateful.

Happy Memorial Day


Thank you so much CARFAXinc we have the best customers!


Wishing you a very Happy Mother’s Day!


I travel 30 minutes one way (60 minutes) just to bring my vehicle into United Auto Sales & Service on 219 Congress Ave. in Waterbury, Ct. I am so grateful to have found such reliable, professional and honest mechanics. On top of these incredible traits, they perform the utmost highest quality of work on my vehicle. Their prices are the impossible to beat and is the cherry on top.

I bought a car from someone who told me he had always used this place for any work he had ever had to have done on the car I bought from him. He told me to ask for Charlie. That there is no place better, period.

I took my 2008 Lincoln MKZ to them in the summer of 2020 for the first time and I was blown away with the way they eased my concerns about my car. They called me every step of the way. They took the time to explain what they found was the problem, then took more time to properly explain exactly what that problem means and then called me first to ask me if I was ok with them going forward to do the work. They went above and beyond to alleviate any stress I was feeling which made all the difference in the world.

Before I found Charlie and Bob, my other experiences with mechanics were always very stressful with no communication and I know now after using United Auto that I don't have to worry about any of that anymore. I trust them every step of the way 100%. I trust their whole process and believe with all my heart that they truly look out for their customers. That they value and respect everyone of us and that they take great pride in their work.

I have found my mechanics that I will use for the rest of my life. I would never take the chance of ever bringing my vehicle to anyone else but United Auto Sales and Service.

I have this overall sense of relief now as well. I know when I drop my car off that it will be an honest assessment that is extremely thorough and that when I pick my car up that it has been worked on by the best in the business. I always have a smile on my face when I first get into my car and start to drive home. I am never disappointed, never.

I highly recommend this place for any and everybody out there who are looking for mechanics you can trust, who are courteous, extremely knowledgeable, who take great pride in their work and who perform the absolute best quality of work in the business. There is nobody else and as far as I am concerned, just United auto Sales & Service.

-Thank you Normando!


Happy Easter from all of us to each of you!


Happy National Puppy Day! Lets see those four legged friends in the comments below 🐶❤️



“May the road rise up to meet you.”

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Photos from United Auto Sales & Service's post 03/04/2021

Had to share these awesome sculptures made of recycled tires!

Artist Villu Jaanisoo


21 days to Spring! Time for a great clean inside and out.

Did you know we detail at the shop?

Call to schedule an appointment and be ready just in time for the new season.



Prepping for another storm! Who’s ready?


What a storm! How much snow did you get where you are?


Update from Charlie:

I have been recuperating with some medical concerns, and have been absent from work. In the process I have learned to be grateful in all circumstances.

Working in a family business can be very difficult when unforeseen circumstances happen. I want to take an opportunity to share my gratitude for the incredible work the men and women of United Auto are doing.

I am so Blessed to have each and everyone of them. Professional, caring, and dedicated. These men and women work hard and they are super dependable. God Bless them all.

All The Best,

Charlie Longo


You’ve been apart of our team for 30 years!

Thank you for your hard work and skills over the years.

Congratulations Louie!!


Happy New Year to all!!



Merry Christmas from all of us at United Auto!


How’s everyone doing after yesterday’s storm?

If you dug your car out remember to clear out the wheels of your car thoroughly. The compact snow can cause vibration as you drive.

If a snow brush doesn’t do the trick simply take your car through the car wash.

Drive safe and stay warm!


During this season of giving, we would like to shed some light on organ donation.

Every 12 minutes a name is added to the transplant list. 22 people die each day waiting for and organ to save their lives. Just think what an impact you can make.

Please visit; neds.org for valuable information, and assistance in making the decision.


Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and your loved ones.

We are so grateful for your continued support and trust in us to make sure you are driving safe/ reliable vehicles.

Tell us below what are you grateful for?


Historically the day before Thanksgiving is the most heavily traveled day.

are reminding us to make sure we have our emergency supplies in each vehicle.

This includes blankets, snacks, and water.

Though a lot less people are on the road, with Covid-19 help can be delayed.

Be prepared and stay safe!

Photos from Waterbury Police Activity League's post 11/20/2020

Thanksgiving might be different this year but the community is still coming together!


Happy Birthday Charlie!

We are all so grateful for all you do and your tireless efforts to make our community better for all.

Enjoy your day boss 🎈


Today and everyday.



Today and everyday.



Happy first snow!

Is your car ready for the season?

Here’s the rundown.

❄️Adjust for optimal tire pressure.

❄️Check the windshield wipers and fluid.

❄️Time to change to snow tires or make sure your all seasons are not bald.

❄️Car safety supplies and ice scraper back in the vehicle.

We’re here to help you get your vehicle Winter Ready! Stay safe and enjoy the scenery.

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