J.L. Lucas Machinery Company, Inc.

J.L. Lucas Machinery Company, Inc.


New Boring Mill looks great.
Great front page picture, Brian and Tina!
Double disc ground rotors
One more of the G-600 brake disc grinder, it is getting prepared for shipping now. Your next new car may have brake rotors that have been run through our grinder.
Last week we finished up this re-tooled Gardner SDG-3-30 rotary, for grinding powdered metal parts. It had a hand loaded feed chute, u-notched carrier, and auto size control.
Brake rotors ground last week.
Today we are going to run off a machine set up for grinding high performance brake rotors.
These are the knife blanks we ground on that machine for a popular multi-tool manufacturer.
great pictures
Good job w the page Brian
Excellent page and Web site

We have been in business since 1903 rebuilding all types of machinery.

In 1986, John Pelletier a long time Lucas employee purchased the company and moved it to Waterbury. Since moving to Waterbury our prime focus has been horizontal and vertical double disc grinders. We have provided turnkey grinding solutions for many of the top bearing manufacturers in plants across the world.


Today we're excited to announce a strategic alliance with Monzesi designed to strengthen and grow our global footprints. To see our full press release go to our website: www.jllucas.com


This past week we successfully ran off two remanufactured Gardner SDG-3 through feed grinders. They will be installed in a new division of one of our good customers. These will be their 4th and 5th remanufactured double disc grinder from J.L. Lucas. The 6th is currently being built for an early summer delivery.


Happy National Boss Day to Jack. Thank you for all you do for us! Here he can be seen loading one of his Ferraris.

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A bird decided to join the work crew on this Friday afternoon and it doesn't want to leave. I shut off all the warehouse lights and opened the bay door but it just won't leave. Too bad he doesn't paint or run a machine center we could be ahead of schedule when we return Tuesday.

lucaspartsales on eBay 05/22/2018

lucaspartsales on eBay

If you are looking for hard to find Indramat servo drives and motors, Marposs Gages, and other used Gardner and Besly grinder parts please visit our Ebay page. https://www.ebay.com/usr/lucaspartsales

lucaspartsales on eBay Follow lucaspartsales on eBay. Buying, Selling, Collecting on eBay has never been more exciting!


When the machine is too big to fit through door we bring the truck inside. It beats wheeling it out on machine skates.

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We had a big shipping day yesterday and the truck was nearly filled to cab with equipment. The Giustina R242 set up for oscillation and in-feed, coolant filter, and 4 tubs of run off parts are headed west to their next assignment in a flat surface grinding job shop.

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I had a fun time representing J.L. Lucas Machinery at the Tri-Chapter MDNA ( Machinery Dealers National Association) meeting at Orange County Choppers. Unfortunately I didn't get to meet Paul Sr., but we did get a tour of the shop and had lead designer Jason Pohl speak to our group. The new series starts in February on the Discovery Channel. -. Brian Sturdevant

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Wide spread power outages in here in Connecticut from the big storm that blew through last night. Fortunately our damage at Lucas was limited to a few broken tree limbs. Power is on and we're building machines!

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We recently ran off this remanufactured Besly H-6000 through feed grinder for a customer in the midwest. It features our in-line ballscrew conversion, Fanuc 35i controller, post process size control and grindline position gage.

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We are looking for a full time, day shift Toolmaker/CNC Machinist. Our company specializes in the manufacture of double disc grinders and replacement parts for these machines. We have a full tool-room of CNC and manual machines including the G&L boring mill in the photo. We are not a one machine, long production run shop. Most projects are short runs, repairs, and fabrications done in house on multiple machines. Please FB message or email your resume and any questions to [email protected]
J.L. Lucas Machinery
429 Brookside Rd
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We recently shipped this remanufactured model SDG-6-30 through feed grinder to an automotive blank supplier. It had an Allen Bradley control system and Marposs gaging to automatically compensate for part size, and maintain wheel position relative to left guide. It also featured a new updated through feed assembly with individually driven gearboxes. Send in your grinding machine inquires through the message app or email to [email protected]

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We recently sold our 2005 Milltronics RH-30 vertical machining center. Last week we we took delivery of our new 2016 model. The installation technicians leveled and aligned it on Friday, and this week we are back to making parts and precision tooling.

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We had a visitor at J.L. Lucas this afternoon. This bobcat was perched up on the hill waiting for a woodchuck or squirrel. I was able to pull up along side it for the picture before a blue jay realized he was there and sounded the alarm.

Timeline photos 12/08/2016

This was from 2012 when our newly nominated SBA Administrator Linda McMahon was running for senate here in CT. She came by our shop to look over the four machines we were building for Caterpillar. A photographer from the Waterbury Republican newspaper took this pic.

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Machine shipping days are always busy ones. As soon as one goes out we stage the next machines scheduled for run off and shipping. This 30" gunfeed grinder is heading to a packaging facility for overseas shipping on what has to be the lowest trailer we have ever loaded a machine on.

Photos from J.L. Lucas Machinery Company, Inc.'s post 06/24/2016

Today we said our final goodbyes to Rob. As I walked back to my car I took a minute to appreciate the surroundings. There is a ball field on one side of the cemetery and a memorial preserve on the other. I just wanted to share these two pictures of it for anyone that could not be there today. It's a beautiful place to collect your thoughts.

Photos from J.L. Lucas Machinery Company, Inc.'s post 06/21/2016

It is with great sadness that we must share news of the passing of one of our J.L. Lucas family. Robert Marcella has spent most of the last 20 years working on just about every type of double disc grinder out there for Lucas. Rob was also our lead machine rigger, loading and unloading our 10 ton machines in falling snow, summer heat, and everything in between. We have a disassembly room here called the "Pit", and no one could have a machine apart faster than Rob, especially if he could crank up Pantera. On many occasions I'd check in on Rob and only see a pair of boots sticking out of the machine while the rest of him was all in, getting that last bolt unstuck. Rob loved spending all four seasons in the outdoors with his many friends, snowmobiling, water skiing, camping, fishing and 4 wheeling up and down New England. He also loved his Monster Garage weekends working on his or his friends cars and trucks. Rob packed more into his 38 years, than most of us will do in a lifetime. He will be sorely missed.

Photos from J.L. Lucas Machinery Company, Inc.'s post 04/21/2016

This week I visited our machine building partner Daisho Seiki Corporation's newly constructed facility in Nishinomyia , Hyogo. Daisho was in its previous facility in Ikeda Osaka for over 60 years. Their new facility has allowed them to put manufacturing, engineering, sales, and management under one roof. The shop floor has been designed to optimize work flow and has room to handle multiple machine builds and runoffs. Some of the machine builds include several robot loaded brake disc grinders in the final stages of completion. As well as a 34,000 pound vertical double disc grinder that features two Fanuc robots to load, unload, and measure well over 10,000 co-planar connecting rods a day. The building is in a new industrial development in the hills above Nishinomyia. The grounds around the building have a large number of fruit trees, outdoor break area and a fenced in recreation field.
Congratulations to Mr. Komata for fulfilling his vision to complete this new facility, we look forward to many more years of building Lucas Daisho grinders. Thanks again for the hospitality, I really enjoyed this visit to Daisho Seiki.
- Brian Sturdevant

Timeline photos 01/29/2016

I am surrounded by very talented, and capable people here at J.L. Lucas. We have been running off a remanufactured Gardner through feed grinder all week. Our assembler Pablo and I had four part numbers to prove the machine out on, and the first three went by with no problem. Our capability (Cpk) was well above the required 1.67. The last parts were 2mm thick thrust washers and the standard made to print side guides had too large of a chamfer to allow these very thin rings to feed properly. We had several feed jams yesterday afternoon, and only this following morning left to finish the run off before the project engineer was scheduled to return home. I put the call out to our machine shop manager Mike, and toolmaker Kurt to let them know of our situation. They came in early and had two new guides machined and installed on the grinder ready to run before the customers arrived. The machine ran great and parts were well within tolerance. With people like that working with us we make some pretty amazing things happen.
-Brian Sturdevant

Timeline photos 01/23/2016

Well the snowpocalypse winter storm Anna has finally started in Waterbury. It won't hamper our efforts to be ready for a two machine run off on Monday.

Photos from J.L. Lucas Machinery Company, Inc.'s post 05/29/2015

When you build two machines headed for mother Russia, you need to test them with the mother of all generators.

Photos from J.L. Lucas Machinery Company, Inc.'s post 12/15/2014

Our partners Daisho Seiki of Japan recently moved into their new building in Nishinomiya,Hyogo and officially re-start production today. They had been in their original building in Ikeda, Osaka since 1946. Although it had been expanded several times over the years this new building has 4 times the manufacturing space. We look forward to this new capacity improving our our ability to supply the North American market with Lucas Daisho grinders in 2015.

Timeline photos 10/10/2013

This is the finished product. Our CNC Giddings and Lewis horizontal boring mill is leveled, laser aligned, and under power ready to make chips.

Timeline photos 10/10/2013

With the foundation poured and outrigger tracks installed.

Timeline photos 10/10/2013

This was our machine leveling fabrication installed prior to the rest of the concrete being poured. Each leveling screw had to match the corresponding point on the machine perfectly.

Timeline photos 06/07/2013

We are breaking new ground here at Lucas (literally). Today we have started cutting out a new foundation for a Giddings and Lewis horizontal Boring Mill. This new addition, our second horizontal boring mill will greatly expand our machining capacity. Including the ability to machine several features on our new LHD-30 base in a single set up.

Timeline photos 10/05/2012

Brian Sturdevant discussing replacement parts at the CASMI Spring World show this week in Chicago. We were part of 3, spring grinding training sessions with Fives-Cinetic. The keynote speaker was Mike Kraemer. With 48 years in the industry he had a lot of good information to share with the audience.

Timeline photos 09/20/2012

This IMTS hot air balloon was only up for a short time due to the high winds in Chicago.

Timeline photos 09/20/2012

This picture was taken on Saturday just before we packed up the booth and got the machine ready to ship out to our customer. We weren't too good with coordinating the correct Lucas Daisho shirt colors that day.

Timeline photos 09/10/2012

One more showing our circular banner

Timeline photos 09/10/2012

Our video and Marposs Grindline display stand

Timeline photos 09/10/2012

The first day has gone really well with lots of good contacts.

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