Elliott's Medical Transport

We provide medical and dental transportation for doctors and dental appointments, and transportation


Looking for a part time driver who starts work from 4am to noon three days a week. Must pass extensive background check and drug screening


Looking for an early morning part time driver for three days a week.

Must pass an extensive background and drug test.

Message me with any questions


If you need transportation for the holidays, please message us here so we can reserve space for you.


The bad weather in Portland only slowed us down for half a day.


Car shopping is tough when you don't have much time


This is the part I dislike the most. It's time to start looking for financing so I can purchase a wheelchair accessible vehicle and upgrade my two cars. All the paperwork and self serving sales staff. But it needs to be done so I can expand into two more counties


As I look forward to 2015, I had to reflect on 2014 and the ups and downs of owning a business. It's definitely a fun ride. I want to thank everyone who has supported me and all of my clients who put up with my music in the car as I drive them where they need to be. I already know that 2015 will be a success. I'll be adding another vehicle next week and two more employees. Looking forward to the stress of keeping everyone happy.


Business has been steady. Usually Monday thru Saturday we have multiple rides. I'm beginning the tedious process of securing financing so I can pay off and upgrade my vehicles. I hope to add two more employees by the end of this month.


A very busy month. Multiple runs per day all month. A very welcomed problem. And we're finally in a position to hire a couple part time employees.

And I also have to give Lisa Ann Jarrell a big shout out for being very patient while we got this business started with very little money. We fought like two old ladies at the back yard fence. But now we can see the future. So stay on the ride with us.


July is finished. A good month. Looking forward to hiring another driver sometime in August


Month number 2 is in the books. Staying busy and hopefully by September I can add another vehicle to service Columbia County


After one month of business, I'm looking forward to the month of June when we should have more quality runs. Plus the wedding season is upon us





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