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Intercity Lines, Inc.


Before and after pictures of THE PATRIOT with new graphics
In the dark blue strip ghosted in is all the state flags and in the light blue strip is all of the armed forces flags. hard to see in the pictures but absolutely awesome in the sun.
Thanks to the guys at Lv8 design group for an awesome job.
My new Corvette C8 arrived this week. First time I used Intercity and my experience has been 100% positive. From scheduling pick-up in Pennsylvania to delivery in South Florida the entire process went smoothly. The car came covered and was as clean as when it sat on the showroom floor of Thornton Chevrolet Manchester, Pa. I would highly recommend Intercity Lines
I80 eastbound echo lake overlook
So happy to be back to work
Some past photos....
Intercity Lines- looking sharp in Scottsdale!
🦚Peacock envy:
" I don't know what's prettier, my reflection, or this whole shiny truck- I can't tear myself away from either!"
I wanted to take the time to let you know your Driver with License plate number Mass 95824 deserves praise for being alert and capable of handling his/ her truck . On April 15 At 5:40 pm MT I was traveling eastbound on I-84 between Caldwell and Nampa Id when a very impatient driver didn't like the fact that he was behind the truck sped up ,cut me off with barley a car length space before he rear-ended the truck and side swiped me. He then did the same thing to the car in front of me and cut the Truck driver off nearly loosing control of the vehicle . The truck driver managed to avoid hitting the vehicle that cut him off by breaking fast enough and controlling the truck . It would have been a disastrous wreck if he /she wasn't on their toes. Give the driver a pat on the back and a HUGE thank you from me I know I would have been in the wreck if it had happened!
🚛 We don't plan our deliveries to actually 'match' the truck, but there you go, it happened!
🚛Intercity Lines ensures a safe and on-time delivery to a happy Porsche customer from subzero, snowy New England, all the way to beautiful, sunny Santa Monica! 🌬🌞
Exciting start to the week:
Special delivery of a 2016 Dodge Viper 🐍
An Intercity truck ends it's day in Nebraska yesterday, just in time to see this show: WOW! 🌤
Thank you Intercity Lines! You did an amazing job transporting my classic Jag from Iowa to Arizona. Joe Mayhan is an awesome driver. Thanks again for the wonderful service!

Intercity Lines, Inc has been setting the standard for enclosed auto transport since 1980. Intercity Lines provides the highest standard of safety and security in the enclosed automobile transport industry.

Whether you're a dealer, manufacturer or individual, we offer the most technologically advanced service available for your car's journey—door-to-door (some restrictions apply) , coast-to-coast. Our attention to detail begins even before the loading procedure! Seat covers and floor mats are placed in your vehicle to keep the interior clean. Then, using our 10,000-pound hydraulic lift gate, your car

Operating as usual


1983 911SC Targa in Slate Blue Metallic. 37,000 mile original beauty heading to our inventory. Thanks for the help @intercitylines



How does timing work when transporting your vehicle? ⬇️
Car carriers (like us) typically require flexibility in timing when transporting a vehicle. You’ll receive a rough estimate of the expected wait time after your vehicle’s first available pickup date.
These are only estimates and can be affected by many factors---weather, traffic, delays in other scheduled pickups/drop-offs, to name a few.
If specific timing is guaranteed, it’s more than likely to incur additional costs.
Learn more about how timing factors into transporting your vehicle, here:


From West Coast to East, or East Coast to West, when you need a car moved, Intercity's the best. 💪


Auto Transport Pro Tip🌟: Clean your car’s exterior before pickup.

We take great pride in the high level of care our drivers provide our customers with. Whether it’s an exotic, classic, historic, or daily driver, we provide the same, high-quality level of care.

In addition to the protection offered by enclosed auto transportation, we also cover the car with a cloth cover, and an additional plastic covering over that. This keeps the car protected while inside the trailer. But we ONLY COVER CARS THAT ARE CLEAN AT PICKUP.


Covering a dirty vehicle with a cloth cover may cause damage to the paint. Moral of the story: clean your car before it ships.


"I am absolutely confident in this business and will use them again in the future."

We're proud of the relationships we form with our customers. They trust us to transport their historic, classic, and exotic vehicles across the country time and time again.

Thank you 🙏


Always trust Intercity Lines, Inc. with all of our cars. Call them today for your shipping needs. 800-221-3936


Avoid strain on your vehicle’s clutch during transport ⬇️
When transporting your vehicle, ensure your carrier utilizes hydraulic lift gates.
Hydraulic lift gates make transporting low-clearance vehicles safer, preventing potential damage to the vehicle's front bumper and undercarriage.
Additionally, hydraulic lift gates eliminate the strain driving up ramps can place on a vehicle’s clutch.
Learn more auto transport tips in our blog:


Whether it's in the office, at the garage, or out on the road, every member of our team strives for excellence. 💪


We’re getting excited for Gooding & Company's 2022 Amelia Island concours. 💪

Interested in learning more about the event?

Check out the official concourse website page, here:


Planning a return trip from Florida to the northeast? ⬇️
Book your order now for best availability.


New to automotive shipping? We've made a guide just for you ⬇️

Learn the differences between open and enclosed transportation and which option might be best for you in this blog:


Considering shipping a non-running vehicle? Maybe it's a classic that needs a little TLC. Or a race car you'd rather not have started. Good news: We can ship non-running vehicles so long as they meet a few criteria.

Learn more about shipping a non-running vehicle in this blog:


While the snow comes down, this '33 Factory Five Racing hot rod is getting loaded up, strapped in, and headed for its destination. 🚛❄️

Stay safe out there, Drivers!


Delivery in action. 💪


From our family to yours, Happy Holidays! ❄️🎅🏻 🎄


This award-winning Ferrari 410 has us thinking back to this year's Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance and looking forward to next year's.🏆


The work we do wouldn't be possible without our drivers. What's their favorite part of working with us? Working with the best drivers in the industry 👇

"When you play racquetball, you never play with someone that you can beat---you want to play with people who are better than you. Working here makes you want to be the best you can be. Drive with the best, become your best by working alongside first-class drivers."

See more reasons Larry loves driving with us in this blog:

Stay tuned to learn more about


What do our drivers like best about driving for us? 👇

"I like delivering directly to the end-user—I'm like Santa Claus every day."

Beyond this, Chris takes great pride in knowing that our customers place great levels of respect and trust in us to deliver their high-end, classic, or exotic automobiles.

See more reasons in this blog:


Always proud to provide fantastic service to our customers 💪

"Had a fantastic experience with Intercity Lines Transport. Constant communication from pick up to delivery and the car was even covered inside. Guy even waited between rainstorms before taking it out."


The Porsche 959 is beautiful, elegant, and powerful.

It was our pleasure transporting this one. 👌


Another beautiful day on the road 🇺🇸


Considering shipping your exotic car? 👇

Check out these tips in our most recent blog, here:


Thank you, Veterans, for your dedication to keeping our citizens, country, and freedom protected. 🇺🇸 🙏

We'd like to extend a special thanks to our Veteran Drivers. Thank you for bringing the same dedication and effort you exhibited in the armed services to our team and our customers.

Photos from Intercity Lines, Inc.'s post 11/09/2021

Ferrari Club of America's Annual Experience 2021 has opened!

Our team, is at the event and loving the Ferrari fun.

At the event? Be sure to speak with them about our enclosed shipping options.


Our trucks are arriving at the 2021 Ferrari Club of America Annual Experience, delivering beautiful Ferraris!


Delivering for heavy metal legends at Las Vegas Concours 🤘


Ferrari Club of America's Annual Experience is right around the corner!

As the FCA's official transporter, we're looking forward to moving vehicles for and attending the event ourselves!

Visit us at the event and learn why we're the industry's most trusted transporter.


Enclosed auto transport specializing in high-end, rare, and historic vehicles, like this Ghia-bodied Corvette. 💪

Copley Motorcars

Photos from Intercity Lines, Inc.'s post 10/27/2021

Our drivers take as much pride in their trucks as our customers do in their cars. 🇺🇸

Congrats, John! The truck looks great! And thank you, North Country Signs, for the beautiful decals.


The best way to keep your car safe through a long move? ⬇️

Use an enclosed trailer pulled by first-class drivers (That's us😉).

Learn more about our enclosed auto transport services.


Greenwich Concours

Looking forward to the Greenwich Concours d'Elegance this weekend!

Photos from Intercity Lines, Inc.'s post 09/11/2021

Americans throughout history have always stepped up to help others in need and to defend our Country, each other, our rights, and our Freedom. Through the darkness and tragedy of 9/11, Americans from all walks of life stepped up and did everything they could to help. They got our country through that day with their courageous acts and often the ultimate sacrifice.

We will never forget those heroes and the ones that came before and after. We proudly display the 🇺🇸 and “Freedom” on all of our trailers and many of our drivers have their own patriotic tributes on their trucks. We do it to honor our Country’s countless heroes, the Americans they helped, and the Freedom they defended.

We will never forget 9/11 and the Americans that got us through that day. Thank you from the entire Intercity Lines family. 🙏🇺🇸


We are proud to be the official transporter of @luftgekuhlt and are transporting some exciting cars in for the event! Be sure to come to the show this Friday in Indy to see what incredible cars we brought in!

📸 from

Photos from Intercity Lines, Inc.'s post 08/14/2021

Pebble Beach Season! We’re here for all of your Pebble Beach Auto Transport needs! We are on site at Gooding & Company until Wednesday ready to get your new car home!

Not on site? No problem! Visit to request a quote or call our dedicated Pebble Beach line (413) 563-8545 to book your transport!

📸 @dbaderphoto


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Intercity Lines #4 Enclosed Auto Transport Trailer
Loading a Porsche 993 Turbo S from our friends at AutoKennel
Jay Leno's Preferred Auto Transporter


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