Spadea Lignana: Harold L. Kestenbaum

Spadea Lignana: Harold L. Kestenbaum

Harold Kestenbaum, of Spadea Lignana, is an industry leader on franchise distribution and licensing law representing franchisors exclusively.

Harold Kestenbaum has been serving business professionals since 1977. In 2019, he joined the franchise firm Spadea Lignana. Harold has worked in all 50 states, and with many global businesses, including Sbarro, SoldierFit, Serafina, Mooyah, Five Guys, and Chocolate Works. In addition to serving as a legal asset to entrepreneurs, Harold has authored a book featuring a step-by-step guide to aid franchisors in succeeding in the business world.

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Spadea Lignana: Harold L. Kestenbaum updated their website address. 08/04/2021

Spadea Lignana: Harold L. Kestenbaum updated their website address.

Spadea Lignana: Harold L. Kestenbaum updated their website address.

Franchises touted as a post-pandemic opportunity 05/17/2021

Franchises touted as a post-pandemic opportunity

Is 2021 a great year to franchise?

Franchises touted as a post-pandemic opportunity Like most sectors, franchising took a hit last year because of the pandemic, losing close to 20,000 establishments and over 900,000 jobs nationwide, according to a report from the International Franch

Spadea Lignana: Harold L. Kestenbaum updated their address. 02/25/2021

Spadea Lignana: Harold L. Kestenbaum updated their address.

Spadea Lignana: Harold L. Kestenbaum updated their address.


What are the "gotchas" in a franchise disclosure document?

How can you avoid the "gotchas" in an FDD?

Harold L. Kestenbaum joined the Pillars of Franchising radio show last week to cover everything you need to know about FDDs. Watch the full episode on our website.


We had a great time celebrating the holidays in NYC with the Philadelphia Spadea Lignana team!

The Spadea Lignana team celebrated the holidays last week in NYC!

We didn't quite escape the room, but we did have a great time bringing together the PA and NY offices.


Spadea Lignana: Harold L. Kestenbaum


Kestenbaum has seen a lot of cases in his decades of practicing franchise law.


It’s important to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of franchising your business so that you make the most informed and responsible decision for your company and its existing operations, employees and bottom line.


Contact Harold Kestenbaum, franchise lawyer, today for a free consultation on how and where to start with franchise business expansion.


“Our company has recommended the legal services of Harold L. Kestenbaum and his team of Paralegals for many years. I consider Harold to be a mentor of mine since I began working in the franchise industry.”


A franchise earnings claim is information provided to prospective franchisees, in order for them to understand and predict their potential earnings from opening a franchise business with a particular company.


Kestenbaum is a rare individual who serves in the dual capacity of franchisor attorney and consultant. If you have questions on franchising your business, he is here to help.


Your franchise marketing materials are the key to attracting like-minded individuals to work with your business and grow your brand.


Am I the right attorney to help you handle your franchise needs? Read my testimonials and contact my office to schedule a free consultation. 04/05/2019

Franchise Legal Players: Harold Kestenbaum, President at HLK P.C. Law Firm

I've been featured in 1851 Franchise's annual Franchise Legal Players issue! Read my profile here to help me be recognized as a top #FranchiseLegalPlayer. As part of its annual Franchise Legal Players issue, 1851 profiled the top franchise attorneys in the field to shine a spotlight on the work they do for the franchise industry.


Based on my years of franchise experience, I wrote a book, So, You Want to Franchise Your Business, which delves into the opportunity a company embarks on the franchise path. It includes the dos and the don’ts of how to start your franchise business.


If you are at the point of seriously considering franchising a business, then a FREE consultation with Harold Kestenbaum is the next step you need to take. Give our franchise law firm a call today!


Contact us today, and we will explain how we can provide benefits, expertise, and potential cost savings to your franchise business with our legal services. Find out more about Harold Kestenbaum Franchise Attorney, New York who specializes in franchise law.


Do you need assistance with your franchise marketing materials and recruitment website? I am here to help! Contact my office today to schedule a free legal consultation.


Our experience is what sets our franchise attorneys apart. We work with all types and sizes of companies looking to franchise their new business, in all 50 states and beyond. 02/19/2019

IFA2019 | International Franchise Association

The International Franchise Association’s Annual Convention is franchising's biggest event for business development and personal growth and will be held in Las Vegas from Feb 24th-27th. If you would like to connect with me during the event, please email me at [email protected]. I look forward to seeing you there! The International Franchise Association’s Annual Convention is franchising's biggest event for business development and personal growth. Whether you're a franchising veteran or just starting out, there are sessions designed for everyone. This is your chance to network, chart the future of the fran...


It is imperative that your franchisees be successful, otherwise franchising opportunities will not work.


If you are a new or existing franchise and need legal guidance from a seasoned attorney, I am here to help. Contact my office today to request your free consultation!


Do you know what a franchise disclosure document is?

Learn more at:


Buying into a franchise is appealing to novice and seasoned entrepreneurs alike, especially when the franchise has an established brand and provides franchisees with a solid business model, ongoing guidance and support, all at a competitive price.


I am proud of the relationships I have built with franchisors across a variety of industries. If you want to work with a knowledgeable franchise attorney, read my testimonials and contact my office today for a free consultation!


Do you need to update your existing franchise documents? I am here to help!


When it comes to protecting your business and franchises, it is gold to have an experienced franchise attorney who can handle any legal issues that arise.


Is now the right time to franchise your business?

Learn more at:


Do you have questions about franchising your business?

Click below for more information!


As 2018 comes to a close, you may be wondering what the new year holds for your business. If you are interested in franchising your brand, I’m here to help!


Are you interested in new business opportunities? When your business has grown substantially you may be considering franchising your business in order to reach new customers and expand your brand.


Is your franchise in need of legal guidance? Contact me today to schedule a free consultation!


We help many entrepreneurs address the legal issues that face their franchise businesses.

Our clients include restaurants, retail stores, fitness companies, and more. Visit the link below to see a list of our current franchise clients. /


Learn more about my Franchisor Forum on November 16th!

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