Kaizen Foam Inserts

Kaizen Foam Inserts


Would be really awesome if you guys could take special orders, like I have a decked d-box and I'd like to put a DeWalt flexvolt advantage reciprocating saw with some extra blades, a 6AH flexvolt battery and a 6amp charger.
Just order my foams. Can’t wait !!!
Need a winter or rainy day project? Got an old drill or tool case taking up space? Make a cool bike tool kit out of it.

We used Kaizen Foam Inserts for the foam. We also have tools and l**e from WPL in stock to help ya out filling!

Oh yeah and don't forget the stickers!!
Craftsman tradestack foam has arrrived. Kaizen Foam Inserts
I placed an order (c19992392007783.1) on March 14th and still haven't gotten my kaizen insert. Tried calling but I can only leave a voicemail. Sent an email on Saturday and still haven't heard anything. I'm about to contest the charges with PayPal.
Kaizen Foam Inserts.
I SPY a mallet, a drill, some skeeter repellent, a BIC, a Coleman, 2 DRAWERGANIZERS™, a D-Box, a Crossbox, and some fine china stored in Kaizen Foam Inserts. That's what's in Brandon from F8_trailers drawers. ⠀

PHOTO: Idarado Media 🇺🇸
Finally got around to using some Kaizen Foam and I think may have found a new addiction! This stuff is awesome!!! If your gonna try it make sure to get the hot knife to go with it. It does a great job on finger holes and flattening the bottom of the cut out after you peel away what you can. I even have a little room left over to add a few more red tools!!!
Hey guys! I'm cutting out my Nanuk 950 right now. The top two layers will be my DSLR camera and layer 3 will be my drone. I want to rig up two straps for either side so I can lift the top two layers out to gain access to the drone.

What spray adhesive works best with Kaizen foam to weld the top two layers together?

And do you have any tips on attaching straps to the under side of Layer 2?

Can I pls ask, is there any Black Friday deals??
Got my 1/2" drive and 3/4" drive boxes done. Now to get my 3/8" drive and charger/battery box done

Makers of custom made foam inserts for you brand name tool boxes. Projects and ideas of how to use a


When we are creating Tool insert files, we always need to confirm the fit. This is often what the CNC table will look like during the process. After fitting is confirmed, we will create the final inserts.


If this doesn’t satisfy your OCD, nothing will! Everything has a place and every place has a thing!


Have a custom project? Reach out to us! Send a DM or email to [email protected]


Here is the Kaizen team all together with the exception of our customer service, Kim.


Our setup at


Come see what we do at our tent here at - grab some Pica products, Fastcap products, and of course Kaizen Products!


Our mini Kneeler is now on the website for $12.85 Measures 10” x 18“, will fit in most toolboxes!

In stock, as is our other sizes, get one at www.kaizensource.com!


A few trade show display panels we made for

are you looking for something similar? Reach out to us at kaizensource.com

frames, logos


showing us a great use for Lift-Out-Layers

Like having organized tools? Hate having to look through your entire box to find that one little stubby screwdriver you need this one time? Go check out and get your tools organized! Got these lift out layers for my pack out rolling toolbox and anything I need on a job is one glance away!

Get your foam inserts at www.kaizensource.com


* Click the link in the story! *
This install cart is the birth of Kaizen Inserts. A personal quest for job site organization turned into a Global Brand!
We greatly appreciate all of you that have been part of, helped, and purchased our products over the years!
Know that you are supporting small business and a handful of families that make it all happen! Thank you!

Purchase your inserts from


Looking for extra PackOut trays for your 8425 tool box? $4.50 while supplies last!

Link in description

Photos from Kaizen Foam Inserts's post 06/14/2023

Who uses a Starlink? What are your thoughts about a custom wall mount? We are tossing around some ideas for this Sprinter van


What’s everybody working on this weekend?

Photos from Kaizen Foam Inserts's post 05/05/2023

Inserts for the small toolbox now available on the website! Others coming soon!


Kaizen Kneelers are great for decking work! Get yours at www.kaizenkneeler.com - also available in large quantities with your company logo!


Just fitting up more tool systems

Photos from Kaizen Foam Inserts's post 04/14/2023

HOT setup from

Finally got around to putting this setup together.

This setup holds just over 3 boxes of staples. I also included the label off of the package to always have it with the kit just in case the Inspector wants to see the approvals.

3D printed bins are made by and work perfectly for these staples.

Using foam makes life so much easier.

Photos from Kaizen Foam Inserts's post 04/11/2023

Great looking backpack setup from .garage

RAD GARAGE will be hitting the road!

I think I’m ready for Chicago! I got all my video stuff packed in my gear bag using foam. Should be good to go!


using his you’re not kneeling on the ground without one, are you?

available with your company logo at www.kaizensource.com


Will you really know when a tool is missing if you just toss your tools in a box, bin or bucket?

Contact us at [email protected] with inquiries

Photos from Kaizen Foam Inserts's post 02/26/2023

Awesome looking job on these from

Finally getting some packout tool boxes reorganized. Not sponsored, just like the products.

Photos from Kaizen Foam Inserts's post 02/11/2023

A classic from

thank you 🙏 .

Photos from Kaizen Foam Inserts's post 02/05/2023

Such an awesome project by

Unseasonably cold weather meant a day indoors yesterday to jump into the world of . Like those that have come before me, I elected to go with industry leader and paired it with a solid yet affordable Apache 4800 case from . Most of my tools are also budget minded yet have endured several years of use without fail. Swipe right for layer by layer detail and some of the process. I made several mistakes and learned a lot but overall am pleased with the first iteration. Feel free to message me if you want to create one of your own!
Grab your


Nice looking setup using our by - let’s see your DeWalt setups!

Get your Kaizen Inserts and accessories at


fans, We just added the Decked Double Drawerganizer to our line up! Go to www.kaizensource.com


Here’s some quick shots of 2022 Inovations at the shop, looking forward to a new year and new product innovations! Thanks to all of our customers and friends for the support, we wish all of you a healthy, happy and prosperous new year! - the Kaizen Team


Wishing you all a merry Kaizen Christmas and happy holidays!


Looking to get anyone that last minute gift? Grab a Kaizen gift card and the coupon code will be emailed to you, it can even be personalized! Go to kaizensource.com

Photos from Kaizen Foam Inserts's post 12/16/2022

Any of you with mid sized trucks like a or etc… use the system? This is a set of inserts for the slim drawer, check out www.kaizensource.com for all your decked foam accessories!

Photos from Kaizen Foam Inserts's post 12/15/2022

The 2.0 small parts organizer is on the website, more to follow!


Are your tools and boxes coexisting together?
Thanks for the pic .bryant

Photos from Kaizen Foam Inserts's post 11/27/2022

Amazing setup by .hinds
Here's my entry that makes the OCD bit of my brain happy and is pretty useful at race weekends, when travelling or at work in the workshop. Made to carry everything I need whilst still being compact and easy to drag around (thankyou wheels), weighs 20kg. I used 935 with the layers made from hand cut foam glued to aluminium plates for support and a combination of magnets and clips for the lid.


Making some inserts for shipping McClaren ECU’s
Reach out to us at KaizenSource.com with any questions on your next custom production project!

Photos from Kaizen Foam Inserts's post 11/17/2022

Check out this awesome setup from

I’m super excited about this kit! I was reluctant to take on another battery platform but man these are some nicely thought out, compact, quality tools! Bosch knocked it out of the park with each of these and while it had its challenges, fitting all this into such a compact packout case is a major win!!!


Check out this kit from our friends at - it wouldn’t be complete without those custom

What a kit! We're now offering the Ultimate Dog Pack Bundle Set! By purchasing this bundle, your save over $65 compared to buying everything separately. You get 16 Chamfer Dogs, TDS-13 Set, a Kaizen foam insert, and a Systainer, making this a one stop shop for all your bench dog needs!


Meet Jess! She is a gangsta when it comes to wrapping packages! If you received something from us, chances are, she wrapped it! She did about 100 packages today, Drop a note in the description and say hi!


Check out these new Amana Tool sets, of coarse custom inserts by us!
Side Note: Amana Tool is all we use in the shop, check out www.KaizenSource.com for more info!

NEW! AMS-119-T includes RC-1148 (60 Deg), 46200-K, 46202-K, and a stackable storage case. AMS-299-T includes RC-45711 (90 Deg), 46200-K, 46202-K and a stackable storage case. Contact your Amana Tool distributor for pricing.
Repost from


Checkout this awesomeness from

Just a couple drawers left to layout in my project…….it’s been a journey! Finished project photo shoot coming soon.

Checkout KaizenSource.com for all you foam insert needs!


Who was aware of a mold change to the Milwaukee PackOut?
- A customer inadvertently figured it out when going to install our single divider in the 8425 box

Does anyone know why? Or if there have been changes to other boxes?



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