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Sharyl's Pampered Chef Biz updated their website address. 04/20/2017

Sharyl's Pampered Chef Biz updated their website address.

Sharyl's Pampered Chef Biz updated their website address.

Quick Slice 05/21/2016

Quick Slice

Post # 6 Here's a handy tool.

Quick Slice No worries. Just letting you know we're sending you on to our New Website, where you'll find similar content or be redirected to the Consultant's Corner homepage. You'll automatically be directed shortly.

Sharyl Lim--Pampered Chef Consultant 03/03/2016

Sharyl Lim--Pampered Chef Consultant

Sharyl Lim--Pampered Chef Consultant Whether you want to shop for new kitchen tools, get free products by hosting a cooking show, or start your own Pampered Chef business, I can help you do it all.

Chicken Parmesan Soup 02/04/2016

Chicken Parmesan Soup

Need something to take the chill out of your bones?.... How about some soup?

Chicken Parmesan Soup Give this soup some crunch with homemade croutons made in the microwave!

Greek Lemon Chicken Soup 02/04/2016

Greek Lemon Chicken Soup

If you're not I the mood for a tomato based soup... Check this out!

Greek Lemon Chicken Soup This soup typically uses eggs to thicken the broth. We've lightened up the recipe by using fat-free cream of chicken soup.

Photos from Sharyl's Pampered Chef Biz's post 12/14/2015

"Do you wanna build a snowman? "

Timeline Photos 12/04/2015

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos 12/01/2015

Chop, chop the chili with beans :)


What products in the Pampered Chef line are your favorites?

Timeline Photos 11/15/2015

Slippery Chicken Potpie just like my mom used to make. ..... except for my Pampered Chef Stainless cookware. I boiled on high and didn't worry about scorching or sticking. Hot soapy water and cloth cleanup!

Photos from Sharyl's Pampered Chef Biz's post 06/02/2015

I like to multitask, and I like tools that multitask


Pampered Chef offers problem solving solutions. Quality discounted products, recipes and freezer meal workshops will save you time in the kitchen. If your family and friends are interested in eating well, reducing kitchen labor or saving some serious $$moolah$$ please contact me about scheduling a quick in home party! I'm scheduling June and July parties. Discounts on the whole catalog, including lifetime guaranteed cutlery and cookware up to 50 or 60% !!! Contact me soon for more information and service. Are you or someone you know under- or un-employed? Pampered Chef and I can help!

Photos from Sharyl's Pampered Chef Biz's post 04/17/2015

This hot cereal concoction may look a little "bleck" in the pot, but it was seriously good. I added a smidge of salt, pecans, brown sugar and served with Silk coconut/almond milk. Yummy!!

Warm Bistro Chicken Salad 03/02/2015

Warm Bistro Chicken Salad

Something to warm your spirits and feed your appetite for spring!

Warm Bistro Chicken Salad Find delicious and easy recipes perfect for any occasion. Browse for more recipe ideas and new kitchen products. Get inspired today!


HOST Special

February Host Special60% off a hot product for hosts!

Bonus! Hosts get an extra $50 in Free Product Value when guest sales at their Show reach $300 or more!

Who: Hosts of February Shows

When: February 1-28, 2015

What: 60% off one of six hot products

Why: February hosts can get 60% off a must-have Rockcrok® or Stoneware piece. With six products to choose from, your hosts will fall in love with this hot offer!


Getting ready for the baking season! Cookie collections posted on Pintrest has me intrigued!

Harmony On The Harbor 11/05/2014

Singing and dancing is what I do when I'm not at church or taking care of my kids or partying with The Pampered Chef !

Photographs taken at the Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall by permission of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra.


Now offering a variety of quick theme shows and a busy families' best friend...The Freezer Meal Workshop Party!!! Visit my website and PM me to chat if you need any assistance with ordering products, scheduling your own Show or Party to claim Free products & exclusive host discounts or for more information about the best product I sell.... The Pampered Chef® business opportunity! Flexibility, Friends and Fun!!!


Come check out the great new products in our Fall/ Winter 2014 Catalog!
I want to teach people how to prepare make-ahead and freeze meals for themselves or their family, so I am planning to do a New Pampered Chef Freezer Workshop at my house in about a month. Please contact me via my website or pm me if you are interested! I'll just have to decide whether to do menu list #1, 2 or 3 :)


Enjoy YOUR Independence!!


When you're chopping up your salad fixings this week, examine your cutting board for grooves and scrapes... especially the deep ones where stains cling. It is time to replace your cutting board!! I can help; give me a call :)


I feel like grilling something!!


Come take a look at the new Spring catalog online!! There is something for everyone. Hosts earn product discounts up to 50%-off, plus May's 60%-off bonus special. for details.

Photos from Sharyl's Pampered Chef Biz's post 03/11/2014

Our Aprons Come In 5 Sizes! Try on The Pampered Chef Apron. For as little as $99 and One month of effort, you get a sweet selection of quality tools for your kitchen valued at $340. You may just change your life!! Please contact me today if your ready for a change.


Beautiful new choices fill our new Spring/ Summer catalog. More fabulous Bamboo and a new line featuring high quality, ergonomic gardening tools. Visit the website or see me to review the catalog.


Heh... when will this winter weather stop??? Don't let the snow stop you from getting the things you want for your kitchen! Tara Miller is hosting a catalog show through my website this week. She is in the Woodsboro/ Walkersville area. Shop online 24/7.


Time to make your selections and place your orders before January comes to its blustery end. Call me to place your order today! Free Lg Serving Spatula, Slice N Serve or Mini-Serving Spatula with a $60 purchase.

Chocolate Therapy 12/19/2013

Chocolate Therapy

I think The Pampered Chef should come out with a silicone ice cream pop freezer tray.... I'd make nutella icecream pops.... oh, yes I would! :) click on the pin to follow the link to the recipe... yum

Chocolate Therapy Nutella Fudge Pops


Made minestrone from the "Noom Coach" app. It was faboo!! Got to chase my cholesterol back down.... I'm seeing lots of vegies and grain in my future :)


I saw one of our new Pampered Chef teammates posts. Her mom made a new use for the Microwave Egg Cooker. Split a loaf of store bought bread dough and baked it in there. I think she probably used a regular oven. It's stone, so that is all good! Split the two loaves horizontally, and it would render 4 proportionately sized bread bowls. 06/24/2013

Welcome To My Personal Web Site

HI Everyone, I'm going to be getting together a catalog party through the end of June. It will be shipped to Walkersville. If you need anything please take a look at the website but call me directly 301-693-0971 to order over the phone or to shop a paper catalog. Thanks!


Oh My Goodness, Summer has crept up on me! Trying to find things to keep the kids busy while trying to fill a couple more show dates on my calendar. If you want to do a quick lunch time or happy hour gathering in June we still have time. Host special available (based on sales level) for June is 60% off of one or two Items. July host show hosts may earn up to $200 EXTRA FREE product value! Yes... $200!!! in addition to other free product value, half priced items and discounts. Contact me today to save your date!!


I certainly hope the clouds dry up by Mother's Day!!


My quartet Revolution came in 8th place overall!


I absolutely love my Microwave Egg Cooker.. It works very well and is easy to clean!!




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