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Hey folks!

The Chouteau Farmers Market will be open for business tomorrow, July 7th, 2022 5:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. at 119 W. Main St. in Chouteau! We’ve got four new vendors for this market, so get by and see what's new! We will have fresh produce, eggs, locally raised meats, hand-made baked goods, jams, jellies, salsas and more! Here's the vendor lineup for July 7th, 2022:

Backroad Vineyard - Locally made wines
D Bar Beef, LLC - Locally raised beef and more
Arms Full of Flowers - Locally raised cut flowers & arrangements
FRAGRANT FOREST FARMS - Locally produced honey & bee products
HILLBILLY JAMS - Locally crafted jams, jellies, salsas, canned veggies & produce
THE YODERS - Hand crafted baked goods, produce, eggs & more
KARES KITCHEN - Healthier baked good items made from fresh milled flour, multi grains & flax seed.
COBLENTZ CROPS - Fresh produce, wild crafted black berries.
Hundred Mile Homestead - Pasture raised pork
Longshadows Ranch - Sourdough breads & baked goods, herbal teas & salves, pickles & hummus
THE PRODUCE GUY- fresh produce, tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, cabbage, onions & more.
Lady on The Prairie - Hand-made soaps, body creams & more.
Wild Rose Homestead - Home bakery items & breads.
Cordell Organics - Fermented foods, mushrooms
Orchard Road Farm, LLC - Free range chicken (whole chickens, cuts, quarters), bone broth, beef & bread crumbs.
My corn on the grill today was so yummy and juicy. Thank you guys for getting it here in time to hit the grill❤❤❤
Them grandkids sure did love the baguettes and banana bread Wildrose Homestead made!!! Thank you!!
Come see me!

We are a small homestead located near Fort Gibson Lake in Wagoner Ok. specializing in free range/cag

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2022 market season has been a blast and we have enjoyed seeing you all at the Chouteau Farmers Market this year. Unfortunately it is time to close the season and prepare for the winter months. No worries you still have one more chance to come see us!!! We will be at the Chouteau Farmers Market today Oct. 20th at 5 P.M. for their last market of the 2022 season come see what we have to offer! We will have all of your favorites........ Ron's almost famous Cinnamon Rolls, Apple Cinnamon Rolls, Banana nut & Banana-no-nut Bread, Apple Fritter Bread, Lemon Blueberry Bread, Pumpkin Bread, Raw Honey, Peach Preserve and of course our Farm House bread. The Chouteau Farmers Market will also have 5 food trucks, bounce house for the kiddos, Pumpkin carving contest, and a free movie provided by the Chouteau Chamber of Commerce. Bring the family and kick off fall with some fun!!!!


Join us tomorrow (Thursday September 15th) at the Chouteau Farmers Market from 5PM-8pm. I hear the weather will be beautiful! We will have all of you all-time favorites including: Cinnamon Rolls
Apple Cinnamon Rolls
Blueberry Lemon Bread
Apple Fritter Bread
Banana-Nut Bread
Banana-No-Nut Bread
Peach Preserves
And new this week:
Pumpkin Bread


Ron has been hard ay work caring for his bees. 🐝 This week he was able to pull honey from the hive, Those little guys have been hard at work! Even through this crazy summer. Just look at that color. The honey sure is sweeter when it comes from your own backyard.


Ft. Gibson Lake Association is looking for market vendors. We are only taking 10 produce/home goods vendors.
If you’re interested in being a vendor please reach out to us and fill out an application.
If you have any questions please call 918-485-9336 or email [email protected]


Hey folks! We are thinking about doing a cinnamon roll pop up on Saturday mornings a couple of Saturdays a month. We did really well today selling at Orshelen's in Wagoner, so what do you think? Would you stop in at our pop up tent? We are kicking around the idea of setting it up so you can just drive up to the pop up tent, tell us what you want and never need to leave your vehicle to get a big, fluffy, old fashioned cinnamon roll if you don't want to . So the ball is in your court, give us some feed back on the idea, we want to know what you think!


Our delivery hours this week will be: 4:30 P.M. to 7:00 P.M., get your order in for delivery on Monday, Wednesday or Friday!


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Hey Wagoner come see us! We are set up at Orschelns!! We have Homemade Peach Preserves, Lemon Poppy Seed Bread, Blueberry Lemon Bread, Apple Fritter Bread, Banana and Banana Nut Bread. We will be here until sold out. Delivery available in Wagoner!


Hey guys! We have got a surprise for you! Tomorrow (8-20-22) we will be set up at Orchlins 1207 W. Cherokee from 8am - sold out. We will have homemade peach preserve and some of you favorite Wild Rose Goodies!

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Its market day!! Come see us this evening at the Chouteau Farmers Market from 5pm to 8pm in downtown Chouteau. We will have all your favorites plus a few new items. We hear there will be free live music, food truck, and games for the kids along with other great vendors!


Happy happy Saturday… Don’t forget to come visit us between eight and noon today for lots of yummy’s! We have fresh charcuterie trays, samples of our ice cream and much much more. Hope to see you soon, have a fabulous day💙

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Today's the day! We will be the Chouteau Farmers Market this evening from 5pm to 8pm. We will have all of you favorites and a few new ones!


Hey folks! So, as you probably know by now, the Wild Rose Homestead guys (John & Ron) have been selling baked goods from our little (very little) homestead kitchen, at farmer’s markets and online for the past year and a half now. Most of you also know that for two and a half years, we’ve also operated Wagoner Delivery, which evolved into a restaurant ordering and delivering service, serving the Wagoner area. That said, throughout the past years home bakery sales, our cinnamon rolls have kind of taken on a life of their own. We now have customers that travel from neighboring communities to the farmer’s market to get our cinnamon rolls, we sell out of our cinnamon rolls at each market, we offer them for sale on Facebook Marketplace and deliver to other communities, and they have become, by far, our most popular bakery item. So we have decided to take the next logical step in our little home bakery business. We have decided to use our knowledge and experience in the food ordering and delivery business to branch our cinnamon rolls off into their own little business! We are excited to see what this little venture becomes for sure! Don't worry though, we will still be selling our regular baked goods at the Chouteau Farmers Market, and selling our other breads as usual. So here’s what we’ve done.

We have created a website dedicated to our cinnamon rolls: www.wildrosecinnamonrolls.com.
From this website, you create an order for a cinnamon roll delivery to your home, business, or other location in our delivery area. (We now offer delivery three days a week on Monday’s, Wednesdays, & Fridays!) You pay for your order at the time you place your order using our secure Square checkout. We deliver your box of cinnamon rolls right to your door, on the delivery day you’ve selected. We are even offering gift boxing, so you can send a box of big, fluffy, homemade cinnamon rolls complete with a bow, a card and a personalized message from you.

We really are excited to see where this leads, but we need your help! We need folks like you to share our posts, leave us a review, place a cinnamon roll order, and tell your friends about us!

One more thing, if you’ve ordered or eaten our cinnamon rolls, we invite you to like our new cinnamon roll page, and leave us a cinnamon roll review. You can find our new cinnamon roll page at:


We look forward to delivering to you soon!

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Looking to feed to kiddos or treat the office? Well your in luck! We have a extra six pack of Jumbo Cinnamon Rolls this morning. Let us know and we will deliver right to your front door or desk!

We hope you have a great weekend and enjoy this beautiful weather!



If you've ever purchased our CINNAMON ROLLS, we want to hear about it! We are asking all of our customers to leave us a review on our page telling us about your experience, and if you'd recommend our cinnamon rolls to other folks. It would mean a lot if we could get the feedback. Thanks a million!

To leave us a review, please visit:



Good Saturday Morning Wagoner
Farmers Market and Bountiful Harvest open tell noon today

Great slicer from Proter, OK
Golden Cherry Tomatoes

Love to see you smiling faces!!


Hey folks! Just a reminder that the Chouteau Farmers market is open for business this evening 6:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M.! We will have lots of produce, and that includes watermelon and cantaloupe from River Road Farm! Come by and see your favorite vendors and maybe even try something new this week! Don't forget about our local meat producers. We've got D Bar Beef, Hundred Mile Homestead and Orchard Road Farm bringing you beef, pork & chicken, that would be great for a cook out this weekend. Don't forget to check out Back Yard Vineyard and their excellent locally made wines (samples available)! We have two new vendors this week so be sure to stop in and tell them that your glad they're here. See you at the market!


Come join us today at the Chouteau Farmers Market from 6pm to 8pm (shortened hours due to heat). We will have all of your favorite goodies along with a few new items!

Today we will have:
Our almost famous cinnamon rolls
Blueberry Lemon bread
Apple Fritter bread
Banana & Banana nut bread
Lemon poppy seed bread
Zucchini bread
Whole wheat honey-molasses (with & without seeds)

Cant wait to see you all!

Photos from Chouteau Farmers Market's post 07/19/2022

Photos from Chouteau Farmers Market's post

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Good morning y'all! We have the following breads available for delivery to your door this morning.

Banana Bread
Banana Walnut Bread
Apple Fritter Bread
Lemon Blueberry Bread
Lemon Poppy Seed
Cinnamon Rolls

Breads are 10.00 & our Jumbo cinnamon rolls are 4.00 each. Let us know what to bring you!

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Were here! Come see us at 125 N. Main St. In downtown Wagoner. Here till noon with all your favorite goodies!

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Hey y'all! Wanted to let you know that starting next week we are going to start offering some healthier bread options! All of these breads are made with whole grain flours and have NO REFINED SUGARS OR OILS! These breads are sweetened with natural ingredients like honey and molasses. Y'all get ready to get natural with Wild Rose Homestead! We will be adding more healthier breads each week!

The new breads are

Whole Grain Brown Bread
(Sweetened with honey and a hint of molasses.)

Honey Wheat Banana Bread (Made with whole grain flour)

Whole grain Zucchini Bread ( sweetened with raw local honey)

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Come see us tomorrow evening at the Chouteau Farmers Market from 5pm to 8pm! We will have all of our market goodies!


Hey folks!

This THURSDAY, JULY 7TH, 2022 the Chouteau Farmers Market will be open for business! We will have four new vendors this week who will be bringing fresh produce, pastured pork, cut flowers, herbal teas and more! We are excited about our new vendors! So, stop in this Thursday and see what’s new at the Chouteau Farmers market! The Chouteau Farmers Market is located on Main St. in Chouteau, OK. at 119 West Main St. The market is open 5:00 P,M, to 8:00 P.M. on the first and third Thursday of each month June to October 2022.



Sweet corn is going fast not much time left. Get down here before it's gone! Located next to CJ's convenience store just before the Ft. Gibson lake bridge.

We accept cash and credit/ debit cards!


Sweet corn time!!! Come see us next to CJ's CJ's at Taylor Ferry. We will be here until noon today! We accept cash and credit/ debit cards we also accept cashapp, google pay and apple pay. Hurry it wont last long.


!!!!!SWEET CORN!!!!
SATURDAY 07/02/2022

Update: We are sold out for today (Friday 7/1) we will be back in the morning (Saturday 7/2) with fresh sweet corn!

The Wild Rose Homestead guys will be set up at The Venue at Taylor Ferry east of Wagoner on Hwy 51 with sweet corn! The address for our location is 33914 OK-51, Wagoner, OK 74467. NEED IT DELIVERED? WE ARE OFFERING FREE DELIVERY THIS YEAR AS WELL! We will be on the east side of CJ'S Convenience store under the white tent with American flags in the Venue parking lot. Come by early because when it's gone, it's gone for the season this year! What we have tomorrow is all we have! Stop in on your way to the lake and get a bag of fresh sweet corn for grilling this Fourth of July weekend! Got a boat or trailer in tow, no problem. There's plenty of parking and turn around room! We can accept cash, debit/credit cards, Google Pay and Apple pay, as well as Cash App Pay this year!


Who's ready for the pork! Hundred Mile Homestead will be at the next Chouteau Farmers Market July 7th, 2022! They will be bringing their PASTURED PORK products, raised locally in the Muskogee Oklahoma area! If you are looking for Pastured Pork, Bacon, Ham, Sausage or Brats, make sure you drop by and see them from 5:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. on July 7th! (Price list subject to change, please check with vendor for current pricing)

Photos from Chouteau Farmers Market's post 06/30/2022

Photos from Chouteau Farmers Market's post


NEW VENDOR! We want to welcome the folks from Longshadows Ranch, who are located near the shores of Lake Fort Gibson to the Chouteau Farmers Market group of vendors! Stop in and see them July 7th starting at 5:00 P.M. for herbal teas and salves, some French Quarter sourdough loaves, cookies (gluten and dairy-free), eggs & produce!

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When it comes help rather around the homestead or at market there is no better than Miss Layla. Join us in wishing this sweet girl a very Happy 11th Birthday!


Not much left! Better hurry and come get it! 2 Banana breads, 1 Lemon bread and 1 Cinnamon Rasin bread!

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Come see us! 125 N. Main in Downtown Wagoner!

Wild Rose Homestead updated their website address. 06/20/2022

Wild Rose Homestead updated their website address.

Wild Rose Homestead updated their website address.

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Get out of bed you sleepy heads and come grab a cinnamon roll for dad! 125 N, Main St. In historic Downtown Wagoner. We are here till noon!

Photos from Chouteau Farmers Market's post 06/17/2022

Photos from Chouteau Farmers Market's post


Need plans for this evening? Well come see us at the Chouteau Farmers Market from 5pm to 8pm @ 119 W. Main Chouteau, Ok we will have all of your favorite goodies! The market will also have several things for the kiddos to do along with a great BBQ food truck. Go check out the market page to see all the activities they have planned! See you there!!

Photos from Chouteau Farmers Market's post 06/15/2022

Photos from Chouteau Farmers Market's post

Photos from Chouteau Farmers Market's post 06/15/2022

Photos from Chouteau Farmers Market's post

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