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We are dedicated to providing wild-harvested and organic herbs, roots, and rhizomes from all over the world.


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Integrating Du Zhong into your health strategy could be a game-changer for your personal well-being.

Learn about its potential in our latest blog post.

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Bajakah Powder!

Embrace the potent benefits of Borneo’s jungles and transform your wellness journey today.

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Attention Health Enthusiasts!

Struggling with fertility issues? You're not alone. Dive into the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda for a natural solution!

🔬 A groundbreaking study by researchers T. Biswas, S. Pandit, and S. Mondal has unlocked the potential of processed Shilajit (PS) in boosting male fertility.

Here at Back To Your Roots Herbs, we're excited to share this discovery that aligns with our commitment to natural health and wellness solutions.

🌟 Study Highlights:
Major Increase in S***m Count: An impressive 61.4% rise!

Enhanced Mobility: S***m quality reaches new heights.

Hormonal Balance: Significant boost in vital hormones like testosterone and FSH.

Safety First: PS shows no adverse effects on liver or kidney, ensuring its safety for long-term use.

👨‍🔬 Why This Is Big News for You:

Go Natural: Tackle male fertility challenges with Ayurveda's holistic approach.

Science Meets Tradition: Ayurvedic wisdom gets a nod from modern research.

Purity & Potency: Trust us at Back To Your Roots Herbs for high-quality, effective products.

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Join us in embracing a healthier, more natural lifestyle!


We've just come across some fascinating research that we can't wait to share with our wonderful community.

🤓 A study by the talented S. A. Kiyawa has revealed some amazing benefits of a not-so-well-known plant, Fadogia agrestis.

Here's what you need to know:

🔬Antibacterial Benefits:
This plant isn't just another pretty face in nature's garden. The study shows that its extracts are potent against bacteria like Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas. This means we could have a natural fighter against some infections!

💖Aphrodisiac Properties:
Yes, you read that right! The study also found that Fadogia agrestis could spice things up in the romance department. The extracts showed a significant increase in amorous behavior in male rats. Nature's own love potion, perhaps?

We at Back To Your Roots Herbs are all about embracing the power of nature, and this study just adds to our excitement! If you're as intrigued as we are, check out our range of natural products that bring the best of herbal wonders to you.

Stay healthy and connected to nature, folks!

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🧠Breaking News in Alzheimer’s Research: The Power of Herbal Extracts!

In the dynamic world of herbal healing, we've just witnessed a game-changer!

🌟 A study led by Xiao-Li Zhou, Meng-bei Xu, and Ting-Yu Jin reveals how Cistanches extracts could revolutionize Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) treatments. 🤓

📖The Research Scoop:
Their study, "Preclinical Evidence and Possible Mechanisms of Extracts or Compounds from Cistanches for Alzheimer’s Disease," explored the profound neuroprotective powers of Cistanches (ECC). 🌼

💡What They Did:
The team reviewed 20 studies involving 1,696 rats or mice, using tests like the Morris water maze to measure brain function. 🐭

🌟Amazing Results:
ECC significantly improved memory and cognitive abilities in these tests. It reduced mistakes, increased accuracy, and showed promising effects on brain health.

🔍How It Works:
The magic lies in ECC's ability to:
Fight oxidative stress and protect cells.
Reduce harmful protein deposits linked to AD.
Prevent damage to vital brain proteins.
Protect synapses, which are crucial for memory and thinking.

🌱Why It Matters:
With millions affected by Alzheimer’s worldwide, integrating herbal solutions like Cistanches is more important than ever. It's about preserving our identity and memory.

At Back To Your Roots Herbs, we're committed to bringing nature’s best to you.

📣Join Us:
Embrace the journey towards better brain health with nature's wisdom.

👉 Stay informed and proactive with us!


🌟 Exciting News from the World of Herbal Science!

🍃 Today, we're thrilled to share with you the remarkable benefits of Massularia acuminata stem, a true gem in herbal wellness.

🔬 The Research: "Effect of Aqueous Extract of Massularia acuminata Stem on Sexual Behaviour of Male Wistar Rats," led by respected scientists M. Yakubu and M. Akanji, uncovers the potential of this plant as a natural aphrodisiac.

🔎 What They Discovered:
Male rats were given varying doses of Massularia acuminata extract.

Remarkable improvements were seen in sexual behavior at 500 and 1000 mg/kg doses.

Notable increases in mating activities and delayed ej*******on were observed.

The extract boosted serum testosterone levels, highlighting its role as a natural vitality booster.

🌱 Phytochemical Magic: Alkaloids, saponins, and flavonoids in the stem contribute to enhanced sexual appetite and overall vitality, thanks to their androgenic and antioxidant properties.

🌟 Our Insight: Nature's wonders, like Massularia acuminata, are powerful allies in our wellness journey. This scientifically-supported herb could be a game-changer in your health regimen.

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🍃 Stay Connected to Nature's Best with Back To Your Roots Herbs. 🍃


🌿 Exciting Breakthrough in Pancreatic Cancer Research 🌿

🔬🍄 Scientists Shujie Cheng, I. Eliaz, and Junfang Lin have made a groundbreaking discovery! Their study, "Triterpenes from Poria cocos suppress growth and invasiveness of pancreatic cancer cells," shows how the medicinal mushroom Poria cocos can be a game-changer in treating pancreatic cancer.

💪 The Power of Poria cocos: This isn't just a study; it's a hope-filled revelation! The triterpenes in Poria cocos, especially pachymic acid, dehydropachymic acid, and polyporenic acid C, have shown remarkable effectiveness against pancreatic cancer cells while protecting healthy cells.

🚫🎗️ More Than Just Suppression: These compounds do more than just stop cancer growth - they prevent cancer cells from invading other tissues by targeting MMP-7, a key molecule in cancer metastasis.

🌟 Why This Matters to You: Pancreatic cancer is a tough adversary, and this study opens new doors for natural-based treatments. It’s a big step towards holistic health and wellness.
🍃 Embrace Nature's Wisdom: At Back To Your Roots Herbs, we're inspired by nature’s healing properties. That's why we're proud to offer products containing Poria cocos, bringing this scientific breakthrough right to your home.

💚 Take Action for Your Health: Choose life and vitality with nature's help. Our Poria cocos-enriched supplements are a testament to the power of natural healing.


🌱 Join Our Wellness Journey: Be part of a community that values life, vitality, and nature’s wisdom. Let’s walk this path of wellness together!


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Hey Health Lovers! 🌿

We're super excited to share some amazing insights from the world of natural health, perfect for anyone on their path to better health and weight management. Get ready for an eye-opening study titled "Camu-Camu Reduces Obesity and Improves Diabetic Profiles of Obese and Diabetic Mice" by A. Abot, A. Brochot, and Nicolas Pomié, published on March 28, 2022.

🍊 The Big Reveal: Obesity and related health challenges are on the rise, and we've found something incredible. This study spotlights the Camu-Camu fruit (Myrciaria dubia), a treasure from the Amazon, packed with polyphenols and vitamin C. It shows the significant impact of Camu-Camu extract (CCE) on obesity prevention and glucose balance in mice.

💡 Key Discoveries:
💊 Dosage Impact: They tested two doses of CCE – 62.5 mg/kg and 200 mg/kg, each with unique benefits.

📉 Lower Dose Perks: The lower dose boosted cholesterol levels and fatty acids, and increased good gut bacteria (Akkermansia muciniphila), all without impacting liver metabolism.

⚖️ Higher Dose Benefits: The higher dose more effectively prevented weight gain, fat accumulation, and liver conditions like hepatic steatosis.

🍬 Blood Sugar Control: Both doses significantly reduced fasting hyperglycemia – a common issue in obesity.

🌱 Why This Matters: This isn't just science – it's a beacon of hope for a healthier lifestyle. Camu-Camu's potential in managing weight and improving diabetic profiles is a game-changer.

👉 Embrace Camu-Camu: At Back To Your Roots Herbs, we're all about natural, effective supplements. Our products, inspired by these findings, make integrating Camu-Camu into your daily life easy and beneficial.


🚀 Take Action: Your journey to a healthier you is unique, and we're here to support you at every step.


🌱 Discover the Power of Alpinia Galanga for Enhanced Focus and Alertness!

Exciting news from Back To Your Roots Herbs! We're delighted to share a breakthrough in the realm of natural cognitive enhancement.

🔬Groundbreaking Research on Alpinia Galanga
A recent study titled "Effect of Alpinia galanga on Mental Alertness and Sustained Attention With or Without Caffeine: A Randomized Placebo-Controlled Study," led by experts S. Srivastava, M. Mennemeier, and Surekha R. Pimple, has shed light on this lesser-known herb's ability to boost mental performance.

🌟What's Alpinia Galanga?
Alpinia galanga, a herb that was primarily known for its benefits in animal studies, is now making waves in human cognitive enhancement, especially in improving alertness and focus.

🧐Study Highlights
The study involved 59 individuals and explored the effects of Alpinia galanga compared to caffeine and a placebo. The findings are remarkable:

✨ Increased Alertness: Those who took Alpinia galanga showed significant boosts in alertness at several intervals after consumption.
✨ Enhanced Focus: Combined with caffeine, the herb notably improved response times, indicating better sustained attention.
✨ Safe and Tolerable: Participants well-tolerated Alpinia galanga, highlighting its safety as a cognitive enhancer.

🍃Why Opt for Alpinia Galanga?
Alpinia galanga stands out as a natural, effective alternative for anyone seeking to enhance mental sharpness and avoid the pitfalls of caffeine.

🧠Boost Your Brain Health Naturally
As your trusted nutritionist and psychologist, I recommend Alpinia galanga as a key element in your cognitive health toolkit. It offers a natural, safer way to stay mentally alert throughout your day.

🌿Easy to Incorporate Into Your Routine
Back To Your Roots Herbs offers high-quality Alpinia galanga supplements, making it simple for you to add this powerful herb to your daily wellness regimen.


🌼Take Control of Your Mental Clarity
Embrace Alpinia galanga for noticeable improvements in mental alertness and concentration. Check out our website for more info and make this life-boosting herb part of your everyday health journey.


Hello, wellness enthusiasts! We have some fantastic news to share with you about a natural approach to preventing osteoporosis, a condition that causes bones to become brittle and weak.

🌱Discovering Natural Alternatives for Bone Strength
A groundbreaking study, "Prevention of Osteoporosis in Ovariectomized Rat by Stimulating Nitric Oxide Production," highlights a natural solution for combating osteoporosis. This research showcases the power of a unique natural blend, COMB-4, which includes Paullinia cupana, Muira puama, ginger, and L-citrulline. These ingredients are key in stimulating nitric oxide production, which is vital for bone health.

🐀Impressive Findings from a Unique Experiment
In an insightful experiment with ovariectomized rats that simulate menopausal osteoporosis, COMB-4 was tested against estradiol, a common estrogen supplement. The results were astounding! COMB-4 not only restored bone and serum markers to healthy levels but also showed an increase in bone mineral density and content, demonstrating the potential of the nitric oxide-cGMP pathway in bone health.

🔎A Closer Look at COMB-4's Impact
Further examination using MC3T3-E1 cells revealed that COMB-4 enhances all three nitric oxide synthase (NOS) isoforms, promoting calcium deposition and bone formation. This positions COMB-4 as an effective, natural option for bone wellness.

🍀Embrace Nature's Solution for Bone Health
This research offers a glimpse into the effectiveness of natural solutions like COMB-4 in osteoporosis prevention. It's a promising step forward for those seeking holistic health approaches.

👍Take Action for Your Bone Health
We encourage everyone to consider natural alternatives like COMB-4 for maintaining strong, healthy bones.
Stay connected to nature's best solutions for your health!



Invitation to Wellness Advocates!

We're thrilled to present a transformative study that marks a significant stride in our ongoing battle against Alzheimer's disease. This pivotal research, led by the distinguished trio of Aina Fukuda, Souichi Nakashima, and Yoshimi Oda, meticulously examines the neuroprotective qualities of the revered Indian herb, Bacopa monniera.

A Beacon of Hope in Alzheimer's Research

Alzheimer's disease, a formidable foe in healthcare, manifests as dementia and relentless neuronal deterioration. Central to its pathology is the accumulation of amyloid-β (Aβ) aggregates, primarily targeting the brain's cholinergic neurons.

This groundbreaking study unveils a phenomenal finding: Bacopa monniera's constituent, plantainoside B, exhibits an extraordinary ability to bind to these detrimental Aβ aggregates. This action not only shields neurons but also markedly diminishes memory deficits.

Revolutionizing Neuroprotection

Plantainoside B emerges as a formidable agent, effectively preventing Aβ from adhering to neurons derived from human-induced pluripotent stem cells. In mouse models, it significantly counteracted memory loss caused by Aβ.

Additionally, this compound actively slows the progression of Aβ aggregation, providing a two-pronged strategy against Alzheimer's: both as a shield and a potential remedy.

Harnessing Nature's Healing Essence

This study shines a light on the untapped potential of natural elements in addressing intricate health issues. Bacopa monniera, long esteemed for its memory-enhancing attributes, now stands at the forefront of the fight against neurodegenerative disorders.

At Back To Your Roots Herbs, we are dedicated to offering products that encapsulate the essence of Bacopa monniera. Our meticulously formulated supplements are engineered to bolster cognitive health and holistic well-being.


Be a Part of a Health-Conscious Future
Join us in embracing the synergy of age-old herbal wisdom and modern scientific breakthroughs. Opt for Bacopa monniera-infused supplements and become a part of a community that cherishes health, the bounties of nature, and the frontier of scientific progress.


Embrace the Night’s Enchantment with Brunfelsia Uniflora also known as ‘lady of the night’, this miraculous plant is not only captivating but also boasts remarkable anti-inflammatory activities. Dive into the world of nature’s marvels!

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Boost Your Drive Instantly: Discover the Secrets to Enhanced Male Libido! Explore our latest blog post ‘Instant Male Libido Booster’ and find out how to revitalize your energy.



Discover the Ancient Secret for Modern Wellness with L-dopa Velvet Bean!


Benefits of Velvet Bean:
1. Parkinson’s Disease Treatment: Velvet bean contains high levels of L-dopa, which is beneficial in treating Parkinson’s disease by increasing dopamine levels in the brain.
2. Male Infertility and Sexual Function Improvement: It has shown promising results in improving testosterone levels, s***m count, and motility in men with infertility, and it also improves sexual function and libido.
3. Mood Enhancement and Antidepressant Effects: Velvet bean exhibits antidepressant effects by increasing levels of key neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine, which can improve mood.
4. Stress Reduction: Studies indicate that velvet bean can help reduce stress, which is particularly beneficial for individuals facing infertility.
5. Ayurvedic Aphrodisiac: Traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine as a powerful natural aphrodisiac, it is also used to treat nervous disorders and arthritis.

These benefits, particularly for conditions like Parkinson’s disease and infertility, underscore the potential of Velvet Bean as a natural therapeutic agent. However, clinical evidence in humans is limited, and consultation with healthcare professionals is advised.

Pao Pereira And Rauwolfia Vomitoria: Discover The Medicinal Power Of Pao Pereira And Rauwolfia 11/12/2023

Explore the synergy of Pao Pereira & Rauwolfia vomitoria in our groundbreaking tincture. Dive into the details on our page.


As for the benefits of the Pao Pereira & Rauwolfia vomitoria Tincture:

1. Selective Support for Healthy Cell Growth: This tincture selectively supports the growth of healthy cells, which is crucial for overall wellness.
2. DNA Damage Targeting: Both extracts target the damaged DNA characteristic of destabilized cells that underlie chronic health problems, inducing the removal of these defective cells from the body.
3. Synergistic Effect: Combining Pao Pereira and Rauwolfia vomitoria yields a synergistic effect, enhancing their individual benefits.
4. Hormonal Balance in Reproductive Systems: Rauwolfia vomitoria extract has a secondary benefit of normalizing the balance of hormones in male and female reproductive systems.
5. Potential Anti-Cancer Properties: Preliminary studies suggest that Rauwolfia vomitoria may have anti-cancer potential, although it’s early to draw definitive conclusions.

These benefits should be approached with caution as clinical evidence in humans is limited, and consultation with healthcare professionals is advised.

Pao Pereira And Rauwolfia Vomitoria: Discover The Medicinal Power Of Pao Pereira And Rauwolfia Discover the powerful cancer-fighting properties of Pao Pereira and Rauwolfia Vomitoria. Boost your treatment with natural remedies that can amp up your fight against cancer. Take control of your health today!

Pao Pereira Extract: Get The Best Pao Pereira Extract For Optimal Health! 11/11/2023

Discover the Miraculous Benefits of Pao Pereira Tincture!

Dive into the world of natural wellness with our latest product.


1. Cancer-Fighting Properties: Research indicates Pao Pereira’s potential in inhibiting the replication of cancer cells, showing effectiveness against various types of cancers such as prostate, breast, lung, and colon cancer . Although preclinical studies suggest anticancer activity, it’s important to note that these extracts have not been studied in humans.
2. Antioxidant Support: Pao Pereira is rich in antioxidants, playing a key role in protecting the body from harmful free radicals and supporting overall cellular health.
3. Liver Health: There are suggestions that Pao Pereira may promote liver health by aiding in detoxification processes and supporting optimal liver function . It has been used in folk medicine to treat liver pain and laboratory experiments indicate that Pao Pereira extracts relieved pain in animal models.
4. Anti-Inflammatory Effects: Compounds found in Pao Pereira have potent anti-inflammatory properties that may help reduce inflammation throughout the body.
5. Immune System Support: Preliminary studies suggest that certain components in Pao Pereira may enhance the immune system function by stimulating the production of white blood cells responsible for fighting infections.

Additionally, Pao Pereira has been used in folk medicine as a sexual stimulant and to treat malaria, digestive disorders, constipation, and fever. While it has shown antimalarial and pain-relieving properties and may help improve cognition in preclinical studies.

It’s crucial to approach the use of Pao Pereira with caution and consult healthcare professionals.

Pao Pereira Extract: Get The Best Pao Pereira Extract For Optimal Health! Discover the powerful benefits of Pao Pereira extract for treating BPH. Experience the natural solution to improve prostate health and regain control of your life. Try it today!

Teas For Liver Health: Detox Your Liver With Herbal Teas! 11/07/2023

Sip Your Way to a Healthier Liver! The secret teas that detoxify and rejuvenate. Discover the brews on our latest blog!

Read blog:

Teas For Liver Health: Detox Your Liver With Herbal Teas! Boost your liver health with our premium selection of teas. Experience the detoxifying benefits and rejuvenate your body with the natural power of tea. Try it today for a healthier you!


Ever heard of the magical properties of the Gouro root? Dive deep into nature’s well-kept secret and discover its astounding benefits.

Don’t miss out!



Experience natural healing with our Massularia Acuminata product. Boost your immunity, energize your body, and embrace wellness like never before.



Ready to transform your tummy? Dive into our latest guide and uncover the secrets to rapid belly fat loss. From health-boosting foods to effective exercises, we've got you covered.

Click the link to explore our full guide: 'Lose Belly Fat Fast'. Begin your journey back to your roots!


Chuchuhuasi Spiritual Benefits: The Spiritual Benefits Of Chuchuhuasi For Your Health! 08/17/2023

The Ancient Spiritual Secrets of Chuchuhuasi!


🌿Discover the mystical benefits of Chuchuhuasi! Dive into our latest blog to unveil the spiritual secrets behind this ancient herb.🌿

Chuchuhuasi Spiritual Benefits: The Spiritual Benefits Of Chuchuhuasi For Your Health! Discover the healing power of Chuchuhuasi and unlock its spiritual benefits. Relieve pain and experience profound transformation on your journey toward inner peace. Try it now!

Do Walnuts Kill Parasites: Get Rid Of Parasites With The Power Of Walnuts! 08/13/2023

🔍 Ever wondered about the power of walnuts? Discover how they might be your secret weapon against parasites! Dive into our latest blog post now.

Do Walnuts Kill Parasites: Get Rid Of Parasites With The Power Of Walnuts! Eliminate parasites with the powerful properties of black walnuts. Discover how this natural remedy can help you get rid of unwanted guests and improve your overall well-being. Try it now!


Revitalize your health with our all-natural Mulondo Bundle! This traditional herb boosts energy, enhances libido, and supports healthy testosterone levels. Plus, it’s great for digestion and has anti-inflammatory properties. Experience the power of nature! 🌿


Kigelia Africana Gel (Sausage tree)🌿

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Welcome the new sensation in your skincare regime - Kigelia Africana gel. Experience the transformative power of nature.


Cistanche and Tongkat Ali! 🌿


💪 Boost your vitality and enhance your well-being with these potent herbal allies. Harnessing the ancient wisdom of traditional medicine, these botanical wonders are here to elevate your energy, stamina, and overall vitality. Embrace the natural path to a vibrant life! ✨🌱

Tongkat Ali:

1. Enhanced Stamina: Tongkat Ali is known for its ability to boost energy levels and increase stamina, making it popular among athletes and those seeking an extra edge in physical performance.
2. Libido Boost: This herb has been traditionally used as an aphrodisiac, believed to improve sexual desire and performance in both men and women.
3. Hormonal Balance: Tongkat Ali may help support hormonal balance by promoting the optimal levels of testosterone in the body, which can contribute to improved muscle mass, bone density, and overall well-being.
4. Stress Reduction: It is believed that Tongkat Ali has adaptogenic properties, helping the body cope with stress and reducing the negative effects of cortisol, the stress hormone.


1. Anti-Aging Properties: Cistanche is known for its potential anti-aging effects, as it contains antioxidants that help fight free radicals and protect cells from oxidative damage.
2. Immune Support: This herb is believed to have immune-enhancing properties, helping to strengthen the body’s natural defense mechanisms and promote overall well-being.
3. Vitality and Energy: Cistanche is often used to support vitality and improve energy levels, making it beneficial for individuals looking for a natural boost to their physical and mental stamina.
4. Kidney and Liver Health: Cistanche has a long history of use in traditional medicine for supporting kidney and liver function, promoting detoxification and maintaining optimal organ health.


🌊Witness the power of the sea, Ecklonia Cava! 💪 A natural, potent alternative that’s outdoing Vi**ra!



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Attention Health Enthusiasts!Struggling with fertility issues? You're not alone. Dive into the ancient wisdom of Ayurved...
We've just come across some fascinating research that we can't wait to share with our wonderful community.🤓 A study by t...
🧠Breaking News in Alzheimer’s Research: The Power of Herbal Extracts!In the dynamic world of herbal healing, we've just ...
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Hey Health Lovers! 🌿We're super excited to share some amazing insights from the world of natural health, perfect for any...
🌱 Discover the Power of Alpinia Galanga for Enhanced Focus and Alertness!Exciting news from Back To Your Roots Herbs! We...
Hello, wellness enthusiasts! We have some fantastic news to share with you about a natural approach to preventing osteop...
Invitation to Wellness Advocates!We're thrilled to present a transformative study that marks a significant stride in our...
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