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I help you build your bra nd by drawing out the things th at differentiate you from your competition. I lo ve giving my clients amazing and function al websites, logos that tell their sto ry and graphics that convert.

I'm obsessive about branding. With ov er 25 years of entrepreneurship, small busine ss and corporate experience, my experience go es far beyond just graphic design. I wi ll help you identify your Vision, yo ur Why, and then package it a ll in a powerful, creative package th at matches your target customer.

Operating as usual


I’ve got a couple openings f or some logo clients... Ask me abo ut the $159 logo & biz ca rd special.


Good design pulls a viewer in to the story. I’m fortunate to be ab le to marry my fists with my calli ng to create elements for business.

It ’s always been more than just design ... it’s about understanding the story — t he vision behind it.

Do you ha ve something you want to create b ut aren’t sure how to start?

Let’s g et you unstuck and going forward.


Vinton is the premiere overnight st op for the inaugural Iowa's Ride bicyc le event crossing the state from Ea st to West.

The theme is, It ’s A Wonderful Ride.


Sustainable farming is so cool! Che ck out the new logo we ju st made for Narrow Gate Farm in Muskeg on, MI and be sure to li ke and follow them on social med ia.


What a fun couple to wo rk with on a logo design! Aman da and Adam contracted me to gi ve them a new look as the ir clothing business continues to grow.

Aft er a quick phone call to g et to know each other a litt le better I sent them my "twen ty questions" guide (which is more li ke 10 questions, lol) to give me so me guidance into their style, colors, wh at they like/don't like, etc.

Also that help ed me determine how urgent their ne ed was. In this case there w as some urgency as they were in t he process of rebranding.

So in about a 10-d ay timeframe, voila, they have a bra nd new logo! I highly encourage y ou to check out their Facebook gro up Amanda & Adam Co and che ck out their stuff. Thank you Ad am and Amanda!


Helping others achieve their goals is t he best part of my work!

“For t he last two and a half yea rs I have created and ran a websi te and podcast called The Pursuit of Manline ss, devoted to equipping men to purs ue biblical manliness.

Thankfully in the earlie st of stages when I was getti ng started God brought James Mayhew acro ss my path and we were ab le to strike up a friendship th at has lasted ever since. During o ne of our first lunches together I shar ed about what I was working on a nd James offered to create a lo go that would become a brand ima ge for men to connect with.

T he response from men who have co me in contact with the logo th at James has created is incredible. It n ot only communicates what we are doi ng, but something we can identify with .

When I began working on Tri be, a discipleship community for men I kn ew who I wanted to work wi th when it came to create an ima ge that men would resonate with a nd that they would be proud to identi fy with. James not only created a lo go, but he brought in elements of w ho I am and what Tribe wi ll become all together.

Every person th at I have met that is looki ng for a logo or a bra nd to communicate a message I ha ve sent them to James. I cann ot imagine someone who is easier to wo rk with, who really listens to wh at you are trying to say a nd will surpass whatever image you h ad previously imagined.”

Check out The Pursuit of Manline ss!


One of my latest logo desig ns for Garrison Reekers and his consulti ng business, Plaine Solutions.

Garrison provides a varie ty of trainings, and one of h is best is safety and security f or churches.

“I asked Jim to wo rk on a logo design for my busine ss he agreed to do so a nd I am thoroughly pleased. So me times all you have to do is a sk and someone else can see thin gs you never imagined. Jim was so ea sy to work with and took t he information that I gave him to a lev el I could never have done myse lf. The design is simple y et elegant and represents my business perfectly.”

“Plai ne Solutions is a business that allo ws Garrison to take use his 27+ years experience in the law enforceme nt and EMS to teach others h ow to resolve conflict, increase safety, a nd improve moral. Garrison is a curre nt full-time Deputy Sheriff and has extensi ve study in the model of hum an behavior to include two certifications specifical ly in the DISC model of hum an behavior.

Plaine Solutions has a curricul um that breaks down the model of hum an behavior into simple and easy to understa nd methods that you can use in re al time to better communicate with othe rs to resolve and avoid conflict.

wide variety of training is availab le for individuals and especially teams th at want to better communicate with othe rs.


Craig is an extremely talented arti st and worship pastor for his chur ch in Indianapolis.

One of the be st parts of design work is learni ng about the client and creating somethi ng that captures their personality and wh at they do.

Craig Corzatt is current ly working in the studio on h is first original. Watch for more fr om this amazing Christian musician! 03/27/2018

Barb Fox, DVM | Author | Speak er | Consultant - Barb Fox, D.V .M.

Proud to help Barb Fox, D VM - Author, Speaker, Consultant get h er message out to the world. The Animals Never Lie A collecti on of intriguing case reports that wi ll inspire and amaze you. Ma ny times, alternative medical therapies are soug ht after an animal hasn’t responded to convention al medicine or when it has be en given a poor prognosis from a chron ic disease. Animals cannot fake or....


More design work for James Mayh ew, Coaching & Consulting


It's been a while since I post ed here, but I've been working on so me cool things. Many of you kn ow that I'm working on some oth er ventures... one of which is my person al coaching and leadership development business (Jam es Mayhew, Coaching & Consulting). But that 's the cool thing... so much of th at business requires some design work... w eb graphics, social media graphics, printed flyers ... even video. Here's a look at so me the things I've done recently f or that.


! Branding package for my amazi ng friends and rock star realtors, Mi ke and Connie Barnes. You will definite ly get a 5-star, royal treatment wh en you work with this selling te am.


One thing is for sure, is a wide ly varied service! Here's a sneak pe ek into the trail map for t he mountain bike trails in Vinton. It 's not quite finished yet, but we' re getting close! By the way, ha ve you checked out the awesome th at VORC and Vinton Parks have? Fa ll is the perfect time for f#bicycli ng! 09/25/2017

Barb Fox, DVM | Author | Speak er | Consultant - Barb Fox, D.V .M.

Have you ever wanted to wri te a book? Stats say that t he majority of people dream of writi ng a book. Well, my sister, Barba ra Mayhew Fox has, and she c an now add "Author" to her b io. Barb will be at the Vint on Public Library this Wednesday 9/27 eveni ng to talk about her book, T he Infinite Bond.

Here are some of t he projects I've done recently to he lp Barb showcase her talents: , , a nd I'm working on a (simil ar to a movie trailer, but f or her book).


If you're looking to buy or se ll a property in and around Bent on County, look no further than th is amazing couple. Connie and Mike Barn es are your go-to realtors.

It's a bla st to work with these two on the ir marketing projects. 08/31/2017

Barb Fox, DVM | Author | Speak er | Consultant - Barb Fox, D.V .M.

. Mayhew Design is so mu ch more than the products we crea te for our customers. It's where t he Coaches Hat and the Designer H at are on at the same time...

A nd we come up with cool stori es like this one.

Barbara, as ma ny of you know, is my sist er. She's an insanely gifted communicator a nd she now has published her fir st book, which is an extraordinary achieveme nt that many people *hope* to do *someday*.

wanted to create a website f or her that would work to promo te the book - as well as h er other business services - and th is is what we've come up wi th so far. It's just the .

Che ck it out at The Infinite Bond A true sto ry of life, love, and loss betwe en three beautiful Arabian horses and the ir caretaker, Barb Fox. If y ou have ever wondered how strong t he bond is between animals, as we ll as between animals and people, th is story depicts the true emotional connecti on they form. Even in…


I Am sermon series trailer

Creating a video trailer for a serm on series for Blessed Hope Church in Vint on is an awesome project to be associat ed with!


What better way to promote yo ur off road trail system than wi th an 80 square foot banner f or your outdoor tent?! VORC

These are my mo st favorite projects to do because it pul ls together all of things I lo ve to do... , and .

Lo ok for our tent at Boomfest in downto wn Vinton as part of Boomtown 2017.

J im Mayhew Beth Mayhew


We do t-shirts! Design and pri nt. Great prices. Fast turn time. EA SY. Message me today or call J im Mayhew at 319-929-2604.

I love to promo te our client's businesses... Check out Uniq ue Metal Artwork by June Stein.

If you' re into off road bicycling, check o ut VORC and .

And the BEST fo od around is from Dawnette and Bre tt Richards.


Once a photographer, always a photograph er. Even though my stable of photograph ic equipment is limited to an iPho ne, the fact that it's so ea sy to use and it's always wi th me make it my favorite came ra of all time. The ability to ta ke a quick snapshot and make it in to a creative, organic (non-paid post) soci al media ad to promote a lifesty le of cycling is so rewarding. It 's cool to see how iPhones a nd apps like Snapseed are unleashing t he creativity in millions of people! Wh at a time we live in whe re we can communicate so vividly, so urgent ly, and so authentically!


Great looking flyers help get yo ur message out. Here's one of my late st projects and something you might wa nt to consider attending, too!


This is an example of h ow design helps get your message acro ss. I'm a designer, but I'm al so building a business to help tra in leaders and create great places to wo rk (see James Mayhew, Coaching & Consultin g). Good content is punctuated by havi ng great visuals.


Blessed Hope Summer In Town Missi on Trip 2017

This video represents some of t he other types of work I do a nd it's where my worlds and tale nt begin to collide; design, story telli ng and faith.

I was asked to he lp Blessed Hope Church put a vid eo together to share their in-town summ er mission trip to encourage people to g et involved. They're doing great things f or the community and sharing the Gospel.

If you'd like more information on t he tools and resources I used to ma ke this video, leave a comment bel ow. You might be surprised.


Mayhew Design's cover photo


Check out this new advertising opportuni ty at Lindale Mall in Cedar Rapi ds. We installed these eye-catching, vibrant, n ew banner stands this week in cent er court.


YES, we do t-shirts! Design a nd fulfillment. Minimum of 24 pieces up to WHATE V' quantities. Competitive prices and quick turnarou nd. Message or call Jim at 319-929-26 04 for a quote.

Because people alwa ys ask, here are the main facto rs that influence the price of a shirt:

Quantity. The more pieces, t he lower price per piece.

2. T he garment. Obviously, sweatshirts or premium to ps are more pricey than standard te es.

3. Number of colors in t he design. Call me simple, but I kn ow the power of good design a nd working with limited colors is a gre at way to minimize costs but sti ll have an awesome shirt. Less colo rs = lower price.

4. Where printi ng happens on a garment. More locatio ns, more cost. (Front and back, etc .). One location designs are less expensi ve than multi locations.

5. Ink col or changes. If some shirts need pi nk and others need black ink, th at influences the cost.

6. Sizes. You th sizes and plus sizes are mo re expensive than standard adult sizes. Th is is due because the garments a re more expensive, and it's likely th at the art will need resized. T he same art size on a You th Medium looks teeny tiny on a 3 XL. You get the picture.

A f ew other things influence the cost includi ng turn time and special design reques ts. That's why I quote everything o ut so you know exactly what you' re investing in your project.

We've do ne a lot of shirts over t he years with a lot of hap py customers! It never hurts to ha ve alternative options for apparel. Message me tod ay!


We offer all sorts of co ol, custom printed products! This custom 10x 10 outdoor tent for VORC is arrivi ng this week. Can't wait to s ee it set up at the 3 rd Annual Benton County Community Health & Wellne ss Fair on April 1st.


Mayhew Design's cover photo


Mayhew Design's cover photo


What a busy couple of wee ks! I completed three new logos, bui lt an entire set of social med ia graphics, and learned an entirely n ew Wordpress plugin. Here's one of t he logos I designed for a chur ch in Indiana.


Sorry, but this is funny stuff !


Ask the right questions. Listen to understa nd. Speak the truth.


"Run, Vinton, Run!"

I build brands by sharing experienc es and interests.

How could you u se this for your organization? Let's g et the conversation started!

Vint on Parks & Recreation Department VORC

Running Riverside Park Trails with frien ds.





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