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More treasures making their way out to the corn crib! 😍

The weather looks like it is going to be beautiful on Friday and Saturday ☀️

June 11th 5pm-8pm
June 12th 9am-2pm

3293 52nd St Dr
Center Point, IA
LoraMae + Kay
Marty Annis
If you love vintage, come see us at the Benton County Flea Market!

3293 52nd St Dr, Center Point IA

June 11th 5pm-8pm
June 12th 9am-2pm

Katy Lynn Annis
Marty Annis
LoraMae + Kay
So about month or two my mom told me she needed a new clothes pin bag! I thoguht that would make a great Birthday present!! A few massages to Lauren later!! Here's what she came up with💜💜 Mom loves it!! Already is using it!!
Loving my new shirt! ❤️
Merry Christmas 🎄
Once again you have outdone yourself Lauren!! Leave it to you, and this delivery from The Patina Patch, to make my whole day better. Seriously in love!! 🧡🎃🧡
Love coming home to patina patch💜💜 I'm in love with my new fall shirt!!!
Lauren!!! I am freaking out!!! Love doesn't even describe how I feel about this shirt! It captures my fall loving spirit and it's sooooo comfy!! Thank you!!!! 🥰🥰🎃🎃🎃🥰🥰
Celebrated Valentine's Day early♥️♥️ love my LOL shirt♥️♥️ Thanks again Lauren Nichole♥️♥️
OMG Lauren!! I am so in love with this!!! Thank you!! And thanks to Lucy Jane for bringing you into our lives! Can't wait to wear it!! 😍
Do you own this sweatshirt? If the answer is no, you’re missing out. First of all, if you didn’t hear the story behind why Lauren designed this....you should go read that post. I’ll give you the cliff notes, it’s meaningful, it’s all about her mama & lots of love.

Second, let me just tell you this might be one of my favorite Patina pieces! The arms are nice & long (I rarely find tops that are long enough) & it’s long enough to cover my b***y which means I can wear it with leggings, skinny jeans, capris, shorts, jeans, EVERYTHING. And the lightweight material will transition into every single season. Yes, even summer....think night time bonfires! Love love love this top SO MUCH!

LOL Lauren Nichole, your mama would be so proud 💕💕
We love our new onesie! Still a bit big so will get plenty of wear time! Thank you!

Handmade tops I create from my home in Iowa!

Operating as usual

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Good morning!

New tees and tanks are at Cameron’s🥳 I meant to share last night but Amrie had her first away game and the night got away from me🙈

Here I thought things would slow down when summer break got here😂😂😂

🔸🔸Just curious if you guys would be interested in another album sale?🔸🔸

I have random tees, sweatshirts etc in the closet plus some tops with slight flaws I would mega sale🤩 thoughts?

Have a great Friday!

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Guys…thank you so much for being patient while we got the school year wrapped up. Holy moly what a year! We made it🤪 Now summer break🙌🏻🥳

I sent a big box of restocks and these two new summer shirts to @aleshas.salon.and.butik this week!

Next is my stack of summer shirts for Cameron’s🥳 Thank you for being awesome! Have a great night!


God bless the USA. Freedom isn’t free. Thank you service members!❤️🤍💙

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Another gorgeous weekend! I hope you got to enjoy some time outside😎 We got two big projects done this weekend…Amrie finish processing the rest of her chickens and we got our cows and calves vaccinated and ready for pasture🙌🏻 Thank you Papa and Grandma for you help!

And a few new tees for @cameronsandhenkle as well!

All tees and unisex fit and run true to size. Lots of details in these. Distressed looks, leopard/star prints and raw hems😍

Have a wonderful night!

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It was a quiet weekend with my little humans. So thankful God chose me to be their mom🥰 I thought about mom a lot. I know we would’ve spent the day shopping☺️ And we welcomed another baby to the farm!

Wishing you all had the best Mother’s Day you could. I thought of you all❤️

Photos from Cameron and Henkle Creek's post 05/03/2022

Shop Cameron’s for mom!


Weird moms build character…that’s a fact!

Thank you ladies for sharing! Weird mom status looks great on you! Thank you for all you do!


Our weekend project…helping Amrie harvest her chickens. She’s been working hard feeding and checking her flock every day. She wasn’t a bit afraid or grossed out! She helped with every step! Max and I stayed in the house😂🙈

My little entrepreneur has her pre orders to fill first but will have a few extra chickens left if anyone is interested!

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Good news…Garrett was able to get my designs to print yesterday🙌🏻 So I worked WAY late and was up early getting caught up on shirts. NFV sweatshirts will be at Alesha’s early next week🎉

Not so great news…Max is still not %100 better. He’s refusing to drink anything but milk but milk is causing diarrhea😔 hospital admission is knocking on the door…so hopefully he starts to get really thirsty!

I cleaned and pictured my kitchen this morning to clear my head. Sometimes it’s the little things❤️


Hello I’m still alive🙈 it’s quiet because it’s been crazy around here…

I have been emailing (because they don’t accept calls) back and forth with software company that runs one of my printers. It quit working over the weekend and the best I can get is “we’re working on it.” 😭😭😭😭

Both kids caught whatever stomach bug is going around.

This weather is KILLING me! And let’s be honest we’re ready to be done with the school year.

Did you know Mother’s Day is 2 weeks away? So I dropped the ball on new tees on that.

Today I’m really trying to focus on the positives.
-I have another printer I can use.
-both kids are on the mend🙌🏻
-I saw almost 60 and sunny next week
-I did get the ivory floral mama sweatshirts done for Cameron’s and I’ll be dropping them off today.
- it’s coffee day at school🙌🏻

Again…thank you. Thank you for being patient and not leaving me when I can’t get my poo in a groo 🙈 love you guys! Seriously thank you SO much. This is all minor stuff and I’m being whiny😂 but I promise I am doing my best to get more goodies to you😘😘😘 Have a great Thursday!


He has Risen…Hallelujah!

Happy Easter!

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Good morning! Hope everyone had a great weekend😎 We had a great time up north…it was much needed❤️ And on our way, we dropped off these sweatshirts @aleshas.salon.and.butik

Spring MAMA sweatshirts and New NFV crew necks! You guys are keeping me busy with these school shirts🎉 Thank you so much!!

Have a great Monday!


I am who I am….🤓🤪 I’m taking these shirts to @cameronsandhenkle this morning. Then we are heading north!

I haven’t been home in a LONG time. I’ve been busting my butt getting as many shirts/orders done so we can chill….for a little bit anyway😝

Always so thankful you guys keep me busy!! And also very thankful for time to chill🥰

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New distressed Vikette sweatshirts🖤💛🖤💛 these are light weight and run true to size. Great for…I was going to say spring but this weather😑 It’s gotta get warmer eventually🙈

In hopes summer gets here soon…River mode tees😎 These are a new brand I’m trying and they are soft like Bella’s!

Taking these to @cameronsandhenkle tomorrow🎉


Another Spring/Easter long sleeve heading to @cameronsandhenkle tomorrow! This will be it for Easter tops. Long length and light weight.

I’ll keep working through my stack of shirts and share as soon as they are ready😁

Have a great night!

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New Postville pirates and restocking NFV sweatshirts for @aleshas.salon.and.butik this week!

Photos from LoraMae + Kay's post 04/04/2022

I’ve been bussssssssay this weekend! Here’s my starters for @cameronsandhenkle 😍🎉

First is a light tie dye sweatshirt with terry cloth lining. It literally feel like wrapping up in a soft beach towel! How perfect for after the pool this summer to throw on🤗 I would recommend sizing up.

Next, my new favorite! This two textured mauve sweatshirt. The top half is also a terry material and bottom is soft cotton. I added the “be yourself” quote under the terry for a different look! Runs true to size!

Finally “mama bunny” I feel like I missed the ball on Easter shirts but I finally got the pink gravel shirts in and finished for y’all🎉

Find these at Cameron’s tomorrow!


You are…

Never Alone
Always loved

Just a friendly reminder☺️

I’ll have these new light weight sweatshirts dropped off @cameronsandhenkle tomorrow.

Have a great night❤️


You asked and here they are! NFV sweatshirts are on their way to @aleshas.salon.and.butik today! Fleece lined and runs true to size.

Have a great Monday!


I use to LOVE to play with makeup in my teens and twenties…then kids 😂🙈 but for real if we all get out the door in the morning on time is a win! Which usually means I skip the makeup part.

Thank you Wendy for helping bring back my love for makeup! And best part this makeup is full of good stuff for your skin🙌🏻

And even if there’s days I just don’t have time for makeup…she’s helped me find the best skincare so I’m ok if go with or without😘

AM/PM faces

Check her out!



Hair in a bun, gettin stuff done today😎 These new sweatshirts are heading to @cameronsandhenkle today🤩 And more shirts came yesterday! Which was way faster than I was expecting but that’s ok! Lots to work on now🥳🥳

Hope you all have a great Saturday!

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Bleached long sleeve Vikings shirts heading to @cameronsandhenkle today!

Have a great Wednesday!

Photos from LoraMae + Kay's post 03/23/2022

Rain is a sign of spring right?!🙈 Not exactly thrilled for the chance of it for the next 7 days but what can you do🤷🏻‍♀️ Embrace the mud😂 I’m working on spring/Easter shirts! These long sleeves are going to @aleshas.salon.and.butik

I love the “gravel” color with the mama bunny design. It’s so unique! I was able to snag these before they sold out. Bella brand I have a medium on.

Also this hooded floral cross shirt is AMAZING! Looooove the longer fit with slit sides. It covers your bottom if you want to do leggings! Perfect design for Easter and anytime. I’m wearing a medium so very roomie/stretchy🙌🏻

More shirts are on their way to stock Cameron’s as well😅🎉

Have a great night!

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Happy World Down Syndrome Day! Where we celebrate differences and embrace similarities by wearing crazy socks!

Got your socks on?? Let’s see them!


Shop Cameron and Henkle Creek today!

are open til 7 pm tonight, Friday 9-5 and Saturday 9-5



Because he’s always there….especially the days when I’m done with adulting🙈😝

Cameron and Henkle Creek

Photos from LoraMae + Kay's post 03/15/2022

Our four day weekend is over and back to school tomorrow, but it’s supposed to be a beautiful week🙌🏻🥳 I’ll be sending these vintage Vikings design to @cameronsandhenkle tomorrow.

Vintage/retro school tees will always have a special spot in my heart! Maybe Amrie will pull one of these out someday and wear it😄

Shirts for Easter/ spring shirts arrived today! So winter needs to be done😝

Have a great night!


Alright doing my best to share my absolute favorite jeans😂 Guys flares are baaaaaaack🙌🏻 these aren’t the crazy big bell flares but the flares we had in high school! I’m. Here. For. It.

I’ve had so many compliments on these when I wear them❤️ They fit great. Love the wash and you can tell they’re made with great quality materials. It’s amazing a great pair of jeans does to your mood🤩

Thank you Karilea @cameronsandhenkle for helping me find these!!

Also did you catch what’s on my shirt?? Pretty much my life🤣 thank you @aleshas.salon.and.butik for the best shirt! 🐄👶🏻

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Snap shot of our weekend🥰

I dropped off St. Patrick’s day tees last week at Cameron’s🙌🏻 I won’t be making more, so be sure to snag yours in store! I’m ready for Easter/Spring🌸

Speaking of spring….we have a baby! It’s a healthy bull calf. Amrie named him Stormy.

Uncle Matty came to visit! The girls love Uncle Matty😂

And our bathroom deep cleaned and a few things switched out for spring. I TRY to start the week with a clean house……heavy on the TRY🙃

On a much serious note…our home was not damaged by the tornado this weekend, however many buildings and homes in town were. Please help send them prayers and good vibes❤️ No one was hurt thank goodness, but storms are scary nonetheless.

Have a wonderful night❤️

Watch this reel by cameronsandhenkle on Instagram 03/05/2022

Watch this reel by cameronsandhenkle on Instagram

Find your GREEN Cameron and Henkle Creek!!

Watch this reel by cameronsandhenkle on Instagram Cameron's & Henkle Creek shared a video on Instagram: “Get in the St. Patrick’s day spirit at Cameron’s and Heckle Creek! ☘️ ” • See 3,342 photos and videos on their profile.


Anyone else? Just me? Ok cool🙈

I have shirts and I promise I’ll have new stuff to share. It’s been kinda crazy trying to get all these things done on the list.

Life’s all about balance right?!🙃

Thank you for being patient as always! You guys are the best❤️❤️❤️

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I almost said happy Sunday🙈😂 this four day weekend got me all backwards lol but I almost forgot to share these hooded long sleeves are @cameronsandhenkle already!

I thought they were sweatshirts like the youth ones but these are a light long sleeve😁 I’m wearing a medium.

Have a great night!

Photos from LoraMae + Kay's post 02/21/2022

Irish or Iowish?? Find these @cameronsandhenkle tomorrow!

Watch out Bella because these JA sweatshirts are amazing!! Fleece lined, unisex fit and very stretchy. I’m wearing a medium.

I hope you all got outside today! It was gorgeous out. Just in time for a snowstorm😑

Have a great night!

Photos from LoraMae + Kay's post 02/14/2022

Ok…that half time show🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

Now I can get ready for bed😂

New retro Vikings sweatshirts are ready! I’ll send them to @cameronsandhenkle tomorrow. I LOVE this sweatshirt. Lots of raw edging. It’s heavier and very cozy. I’m wearing a medium so it’s loose fitting too! Did you sneak the Vinton Shellsburg on the arm?😉

Have a great night!

Photos from Cameron and Henkle Creek's post 02/07/2022

Plenty of time to snag a Valentine’s Day shirt at Cameron and Henkle Creek ❤️❤️❤️

Find beauty with life’s scraps...

Hi friends! Welcome! I’m so thankful you stopped by! I create unique tops with different fabric cut outs with Iowa farming in mind. I learn to sew from both of my grandmothers and my amazing mother. They all taught me to use every scrap. Whether it was for quilt tops or patching holes in shirts, we always had scraps. That’s where I add the idea to use scraps to create t-shirts, pillows and tea towels. After I lost my mom in 2016, I decided to open The Patina Patch to continue her sewing traditions. I even use her sewing machine to stitch each and everyone of your shirts!

You can find my tees on Etsy or if you’re local (Vinton, IA) shirts are in Henkle Creek. I also enjoy crafts shows during the summer! I will post when are where I’ll be here on this page.

Thank you again!


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