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This week marks the official start of Summer and what better way to savor the season than with a BBQ feast! 🔥 From vibrant veggies to savory mains, our health-inspired recipes are here to elevate your Memorial Day weekend bash!

🥗 Balsamic Grilled Vegetables: Colorful, crisp, and bursting with flavor.
🍉 Watermelon Mint Salad: A refreshing twist with a zing of lime and a sprinkle of feta.
🍢 Summer Mixed Skewers: Shrimp, steak, or chicken—take your pick for these handheld delights!
🍔 Teriyaki Turkey Burgers: Lean and loaded with veggies, a crowd-pleaser every time!

And don't forget the sweet treats:
🍪 Lacey Chocolate Chip Cookies: Guilt-free indulgence with a protein-packed punch!
🍹 Spicy Peach Mock-arita: A mocktail with a kick, perfect for sipping under the sun!

Fire up the grill and let the festivities begin! Which recipe are you most excited to try?


Overwhelmed by Lyme disease? You are not alone. Connect with others who understand and support you at the FREE Healing Lyme Summit! 💚 Discover new ways to take control of your health and overcome Lyme Disease from June 4th to 10th. Forum Health’s Dr. Andrew Petersen will be there to guide you through the complexities of this condition.

Plus, when you sign up, you'll receive a comprehensive guide to navigating Lyme Disease. Don't let Lyme control your life – start living the life you deserve! 🌱

Head to to register!

How To Avoid Hormone Disrupting Chemicals | Forum Health 05/20/2024

Discover essential tips for minimizing your exposure to these harmful substances and learn how to support your body's natural detoxification systems.

From understanding the impact of chemicals on hormones to choosing safe products, this video covers it all! Whether you're starting your journey to better hormone health or seeking to deepen your detox knowledge, don't miss out on this valuable insight.

Join us on the path to a healthier, toxin-free lifestyle with Forum Health! Link below!

How To Avoid Hormone Disrupting Chemicals | Forum Health Join Carli Webb, Health Coach Manager at Forum Health, as she dives into the critical topic of hormone-disrupting chemicals and shares essential tips on how ...

Is Functional Medicine Right for Me? Take the Quiz! 05/19/2024

Curious if functional medicine is the missing piece to your wellness puzzle? 🤔 Take our quiz to find out! Click below to get started.

Discover personalized care that gets to the root cause of your symptoms and helps you thrive! 🌱

Is Functional Medicine Right for Me? Take the Quiz! Discover if functional medicine aligns with your health goals by taking our quiz in this insightful blog. Gain personalized insights to determine if functional medicine is the right approach for you


New 5.0-star Review: "Everyone here is professional and friendly. I just started my program and am looking forward to seeing results."

Spicy Turkey and Green Bean Stir-Fry 05/13/2024

Looking for a delicious and healthy dinner option? Try our Spicy Turkey and Green Bean Stir-Fry recipe! Packed with flavor and low in carbs, it's the perfect dish for a satisfying meal. Click the link below for the full recipe! 🌶️🦃

Spicy Turkey and Green Bean Stir-Fry Boost your health with Forum Health's Spicy Turkey and Green Bean Stir-fry. Discover nutritious, easy recipes today. Start cooking healthy!

Podcast: Hidden Health Impacts of Mold Illness 05/10/2024

🎙️ Dive deep into the world of mold illness and Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) with Forum Health's own Dr. Lynese Lawson on the Dr. Howard Robins podcast. Uncover the hidden health impacts and learn about holistic treatment approaches for recovery. If you're experiencing chronic respiratory issues, brain fog, joint pain, fatigue, or frequent infections, this episode is a must-listen!

Listen now at the link below!

Podcast: Hidden Health Impacts of Mold Illness In this episode of the Dr. Howard Robins podcast, Forum Health's Dr. Lynese Lawson uncovers the hidden health impacts of mold illness and Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) from a functional medicine perspective.

Gut Health and Hormones 05/07/2024

Did you know your gut health can influence your hormone levels? 📈 Join us as we explore this fascinating connection:

🌱 Gut Health and Hormones: Discover how your gut microbiome impacts hormonal balance and overall health.
💡 Practical Tips: Learn simple yet effective strategies to improve your gut health and support hormone balance.

Read the full blog at the link below!

Gut Health and Hormones Dive into the crucial link between gut health and hormone balance in our insightful blog. Explore how nurturing your gut microbiome can positively influence hormonal harmony, paving the way for overall well-being.

Photos from Proactive Wellness Centers, PLC by Forum Health's post 05/05/2024

Unlock the mystery of Lyme disease this Lyme Disease Awareness Month! 🦠 Our comprehensive guide offers valuable insights and expert advice from our functional medicine providers. Want access? Comment 'guide' below!

Photos from Proactive Wellness Centers, PLC by Forum Health's post 05/02/2024

Can you spot the lie? 🔎 Drop your thoughts in the comments!

Struggling to shed those stubborn pounds? 📈 Hormone replacement therapy could be the missing piece to your weight loss puzzle! Learn how it works and find the answer at!


New 5.0-star Review: "Dr. Lawson and the staff at Proactive Wellness Center are amazing! Their personalized approach to care and attention to detail have made all the difference in my health journey. I can't recommend them enough!"

Photos from Proactive Wellness Centers, PLC by Forum Health's post 04/26/2024

🌿 Discover a holistic approach to managing PCOS with functional and integrative medicine. Learn how personalized treatment plans, advanced diagnostics, hormone therapy, and lifestyle modifications can provide relief from symptoms and restore balance to your body. Say goodbye to conventional treatments and hello to comprehensive care tailored to your unique needs. 💚 Read the full blog at

Photos from Proactive Wellness Centers, PLC by Forum Health's post 04/20/2024

Discover the surprising connection between stress, sleep, hormones, and weight loss in our latest blog post! Swipe through to learn how these factors can impact your health and what you can do to achieve your weight loss goals in 2024. 🍏 Full blog at

Be Kind To Your Gut 04/15/2024

🌱 April is IBS Awareness Month, highlighting the significance of gut health. Whether you're managing conditions like IBS or not, nurturing your digestive system is essential. Explore the factors impacting gut health and uncover expert tips to enhance your overall well-being at the link below! 💡🍏

How does IBS impact your everyday life?

Be Kind To Your Gut Uncover gut health secrets with Forum Health's expert advice. Enhance your wellbeing today. Visit us for actionable tips and insights.

Greek Wedge Salad 04/12/2024

🌿 Craving a fresh twist on salad? Try our Greek Wedge Salad recipe! Bursting with flavor and loaded with nutrients, it's a delicious way to fuel your body. Check out the recipe now at the link below! 🍅

Greek Wedge Salad Discover Forum Health's Greek Wedge Salad recipe for a healthy, flavorful meal. Easy to prepare at home. Start enjoying a wellness-focused lifestyle today!

Weight-Loss Journey Taking Too Long? What Might Be to Blame 04/05/2024

⏳ Struggling to hit those weight loss milestones? You're not alone! Your weight loss journey is as unique as you are, and it's not always about the numbers on the scale. Learn what might be slowing down your progress at the link below!

Weight-Loss Journey Taking Too Long? What Might Be to Blame Unlock your weight loss potential with Forum Health! Uncover hidden factors and get on track. Start your transformative journey today.

Beauty Isn't Skin-Deep: 5 Beauty Hacks to Detox Properly 03/31/2024

Discover the true essence of beauty with our latest blog! Learn these 5 essential beauty hacks to detox properly and unveil your natural radiance:

🌟 Beautify your everyday menu with antioxidant-packed berries and greens, protein-rich foods like eggs, and fatty fish.

🍃 Choose gentle, natural, and organic skincare products to nourish your skin without harsh chemicals.

💆‍♀️ Try lymphatic drainage techniques like dry brushing and bath salts to purify your skin and enhance detoxification.

💧 Stay hydrated by swapping coffee for hydrating alternatives like tea or lemon water to flush out toxins.

😴 Prioritize beauty sleep to allow your body to recover and detox properly, reducing the risk of skin issues and premature aging.

Click the link below to dive into the full blog and unlock the secrets to glowing skin!

Beauty Isn't Skin-Deep: 5 Beauty Hacks to Detox Properly Revitalize your beauty routine with our expert tips for detoxing from within. From hydrating with water to enhancing lymphatic drainage and prioritizing diet and sleep, discover holistic approaches to rejuvenate your skin and revitalize your overall wel...

Heavy Metal Toxicity, Poisoning and Minimizing Exposure 03/17/2024

Dive into the world of heavy metal toxicity with us! 💡 Curious about how these sneaky substances can impact your health? From sluggishness to lung and kidney issues, the effects are no joke. But fear not! We're here to guide you through minimizing exposure and staying healthy. Click the link to learn more – your well-being matters! 💪🗝️

Heavy Metal Toxicity, Poisoning and Minimizing Exposure Dive into the dangers of heavy metal toxicity and discover strategies for minimizing exposure. Empower yourself with knowledge to safeguard your health against these harmful substances.

Photos from Proactive Wellness Centers, PLC by Forum Health's post 03/15/2024

💤 Today is World Sleep Day! 💤

Join us in celebrating by busting some common sleep myths! 😴 Swipe through to uncover the truths behind these misconceptions and learn how to optimize your sleep for better health and well-being. 💡


At Forum Health, our nationwide community of healthcare practitioners is setting a new standard for healthcare. Our novel approach combines the powerful principles of functional and integrative medicine with advanced medical treatments and technology, data analytics, and collaborative relationships. For more information, head to

Toxins in Personal Care Products – 4 Top Chemicals to Avoid and Why 03/07/2024

Discover the truth about toxins in personal care products! Here are the top 4 chemicals to avoid and why:

🧴Sodium Laureth Sulphate: Linked to kidney and liver damage, nervous system disruption, eczema, and dermatitis.
🧴Parabens (methyl, propy., butyl & ethyl): Hormone disruptors linked to breast cancer and skin rashes.
🧴Formaldehyde Family: Causes allergic reactions, headaches, and immune dysfunction.
🧴Phthalates: Carcinogens linked to birth defects and damage to reproductive organs.

Take charge of your health and make informed choices! Read the full blog a the link below! 💄🚫

Toxins in Personal Care Products – 4 Top Chemicals to Avoid and Why Uncover the truth about harmful chemicals lurking in personal care products and learn how to navigate labels for safer, cleaner choices. Dive into our blog for insights on what to avoid and how to prioritize your health.

Environmental Toxins are Depleting Your Energy, Here's How to Recover 03/04/2024

🌿 Environmental toxins can drain your energy more than you realize! Discover how to reclaim your vitality and well-being in our latest blog by Dr. Wally Taylor. Click the link below to learn about the impact of toxins on your health and how to recover your energy levels. 💪🍃

Environmental Toxins are Depleting Your Energy, Here's How to Recover Boost your energy by eliminating toxins! Learn more on Forum Health now.


🩸💙 Elevate your heart health game with 7 survival tips to combat high blood pressure! 🌿 Explore simple steps to regulate your blood pressure amidst life's daily stressors. Prioritize your well-being and stay informed. Read more at

How Stress Affects 6 Key Systems in the Body 02/27/2024

🚨 Stress Alert! Explore how stress impacts 6 crucial systems—immunity, cardiovascular health, gastrointestinal system, diabetes, inflammation, and the reproductive system. Learn stress-busting strategies in our latest blog. 🧘‍♂️💡 Read more at the link below!

How Stress Affects 6 Key Systems in the Body Chronic stress can take a serious toll on your body. Learn how Forum Health's techniques can help you manage stress & feel more grounded!

Photos from Forum Health's post 02/27/2024

🌸✨ Discover the Hidden Signs of Menopause! From fatigue and breast tenderness to PMS-like symptoms, explore unexpected indicators that might signal menopause. 🚺💡 Have you noticed changes like lower s*x drive, bladder leakage, or vaginal dryness? Share your experiences below! 👇🩺 Full blog at


New 5.0-star Review: "Proactive Wellness has been vital in my search to confirm diagnosis and start treatment for CIRS! I am so glad I made the decision to use Proactive Wellness the staff is so knowledgeable and helpful, I would definitely recommend them to a friend."

Photos from Proactive Wellness Centers, PLC by Forum Health's post 02/05/2024

What is the Hormone-Heart connection? 🫀💬 Swipe through to unravel the fascinating link between estrogen, testosterone, thyroid hormones, and your heart health! Dive in and empower your heart journey! 💚 More at
heart health, healthy heart tips, hormone imbalances and heart health

5 Reasons to Make Sure Your Diet is Rich in Fiber 02/04/2024

🌾✨ Fiber: Your Gut's Best Friend! 🍏💪 Ever wondered why fiber is crucial beyond calories and macros? Dive into our latest blog for 5 compelling reasons why you should make fiber a dietary superstar. From digestive health to weight control, cholesterol management, and illness prevention – fiber is your ally! 🌐 Read more at the link below!

5 Reasons to Make Sure Your Diet is Rich in Fiber Boost health with a fiber-rich diet. Discover 5 key benefits on Forum Health today!

Photos from Proactive Wellness Centers, PLC by Forum Health's post 02/02/2024

🫀 Uncover the silent threats to your heart health! Did you know 30% of heart attacks are silent, and over 50% of cardiac-related deaths have the heart attack as the first symptom?

Join us on February th from 9am-5:30pm for a Multifunction Cardiogram™ scan! Utilizing AI in a quick 10-minute procedure, this scan comprehensively detects heart conditions such as Microvascular Disease, rhythm disturbances, plaque instabilities, and more.

Don't let your first symptom be a heart attack—call 703-822-5003 to schedule your scan and embrace a proactive approach to cardiovascular well-being! Head to to learn more. ❤️

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Proactive Wellness Centers was founded in 2006 by Lynese L. Lawson, D.O., ABAARM, IFMCP and IFM Certified for the Bredesen Reversal of Cognitive Decline (ReCODE) Program. In addition to treating patients in early stages of cognitive decline associated with dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease, the practice delivers personalized precision medicine that promotes vibrant health and wellness and treatment for several prominent chronic diseases including CIRS/Mold, Lyme, parasites and fibromyalgia/fatigue and . Dr. Lawson has is The practice reflects Dr. Lawson’s passion to bring an integrative approach to patient care that merges the latest in scientifically-validated treatment protocols with the best of conventional medical therapies. We leverage genetics, advanced lab testing, functional evaluations, medical history and family medical history to develop personalized precision medical plans for every patient.

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