Johnson's Organic Food

Johnson's Organic Food

Local seller of cold press juic es and corporate catering Since 2012, Johnson 's Organic Food has been bringing co ld press juices and corporate catering througho ut DC, MD and VA.

We partner with local farms a nd vendors to support our communities whi le making it easier than ever f or you to put healthy, wholesome fo od on your table so that y ou can focus on the things th at matter most. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarant ee lets you rest easy knowing th at we're picking only the freshest ite ms for your family, carefully selected by peop le who shop for you like th ey would shop for themselves.

Operating as usual


Timeline Photos 05/06/2014

Coke to drop flame retardant chemic al from drinks Coca-Cola says it is removing brominat ed vegetable oil from its drinks. T he chemical, known as BVO, has be en linked with flame retardants.


This really works. Every time I cle an fruits and vegetables with this soluti on the water turns dark with a fi lm, yuk. Please clean your fruits a nd vegetables.


Johnson's Organic Food's cover photo 05/03/2014

Ooh, Look...: Aubergine....! Honey and Haris sa glazed Eggplant

What to do with that eggpla nt in the fridge? Try this 05/02/2014

Grapefruit Avocado Salad with Poppy Se ed Dressing

Goes perfect with this weekends weather.


Happy Friday!


Our 3-Day Organic Juice Cleanse Bottled


On my way to Spin Cla ss. Taking some of our juice wi th me :)


Throw out the takeout food fr om your fridge and replace it wi th our Beginner Organic Juice Cleanse 6 pack 04/23/2014

Weekend Organic Juice Cleanse Delivered

We have received a few reque st for Dr Oz & Joe Cros s' 3-Day Weekend Juice Cleanse - Juic ed. We'll offer a special pri ce until 4/29 along with free delivery.


Happy Earth Day 2014!


Are you gluten free? Our Glut en Free Box is coming! 04/20/2014

Raw Mango Lassi Recipe (Vegan, Pal eo) - Eating Vibrantly

Washed it down with this. No dai ry. You won't feel bloated afterward. This raw vegan mango lassi is swe et, tangy and creamy. Full of fre sh, whole ingredients - mango, banana, cashe ws, dates - it's like dessert in a gla ss. 04/20/2014

Aloo Gobi (Potato and Cauliflower Cur ry) with Simple Naan | Crush Recip es

Love this recipe! Instead of na an I used lettuce leaves and add ed some sichuan peppers (be careful t he peppers will numb your lips) Heat the ghee in a lar ge saucepan. Once the oil is h ot, add the mustard seeds and cur ry leaves – be careful because t he seeds will pop. Add the onio ns and garlic and fry lightly. A dd the cinnamon, ground coriander and grou nd fenugreek. Continue to stir so th at the spices do not burn.


Before buying organic products do yo ur due diligence on who really ow ns the company. FYI - Wild Oa ts supermarkets were acquired by Whole Foo ds in 2007


Looking for some organic fruit a nd veggie treats for your furry frie nd? Try our Organic Doggie Box 04/14/2014

Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer

Did you miss my "Juicing F or Your Health" seminar this weekend? Y ou can still buy the Omega J80 06 for $345 with a 3 we ek Organic juice box subscription. Sale en ds this week


Did you know that one sma ll papaya has 4 times as mu ch Vitamin C as a large oran ge? So many fruit and veggies to explo re, so little time.


Remember those weeds you pulled o ut of your yard or driveway? Mo st likely they were dandelions. Did y ou know that organic dandelions have t he following health benefits?

Stimulates urinary function to he lp flush out toxins (diuretic)
Promotes optimal digesti ve function
A natural source of minerals su ch as calcium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc a nd iron
Provides the Vitamins A, B, C, a nd D
Acts as a blood purifying agent
mild laxative for constipation symptoms
Contains t he antioxidant luteolin
Supports normal bile production (cholagogue)
Nourish es and boosts overall liver (hepatic) performan ce


By request, we are adding so me not so common organic fruit to o ur inventory. Looking for something special? Ju st ask.

Asian Pear
Manila Mango
Pitaya Cactus Fruit 04/12/2014

Barbecued Sirloin in Dijon

On a Paleo Diet? Try th is recipe for BBQ sirloin Juicy barbecued sirloin: a serious dinn er to satisfy a serious appetite.


Timeline Photos


I know its hard to e at everything organic, but try to on ly eat these fruits and vegetables as organ ic and in season. They are call ed the "dirty dozen", due to t he amount of pesticides they normally car ry in conventional.

Cherry tomatoes
Hot peppers
Sweet bell peppe rs 04/12/2014

Israeli Couscous Taco Salad

Perfect weekend for refreshing food. T ry this amazing Couscous Taco Salad Israeli Couscous Taco Salad with Avocad os, Black Beans, Red Bell Peppers a nd salsa! 04/11/2014

Subway 'yoga mat' ingredient to be remov ed in a week

Another reason why eating whole fo od is so important. Who knows wha ts really in our food.,0,888765.story#axzz2ycHblnlP After a spate of bad publici ty over the use of an ingredie nt also used in the making of yo ga mats, Subway confirmed that the chemic al will be removed from all of i ts breads in a week. 04/09/2014

Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer

We now carry all Omega juice rs. Buy a juicer get a jui ce box for free. Free delivery!


Eating whole food (less processed), jui ce cleanses and an occasional chocolate cover ed strawberry :)


We are now delivering our delicio us organic chocolate covered strawberries. Normally on ly available by pickup or at o ne of our farmers market booths.


Johnson's Organic Food's cover photo 04/07/2014

Beginner Organic Juice Cleanse Bottled 16 oz

New to cleanse juicing? Try o ur beginner cleanse juice bottled. Mention Facebo ok in your checkout comments and recei ve an extra two bottles for free. If you are new to cleansi ng this is the juice cleanse f or you. A great blend of organ ic fruit and vegetables. Slightly sweeter th an our intermediate and advanced cleanse juic es.


Did you know that 6-ounces of asparag us has 2.5g of protein and 22 mg of calci um? Stem them for 5 minutes a nd put a tablespoon of juice fr om a lemon and a little s ea salt and fresh cracked pepper. Enj oy! 04/03/2014

1 Day Organic Juice Cleanse Bottl ed Sale

Try Our 1 Day Juice Clean se Just For $40. Regular Price $54. 00 Sale Ends 04/06. Ship Anywhere in Unit ed States Try Our 1 Day Juice Clean se Just For $40.00. Sale Ends 04/ 06


One way to get my s on to drink his veggies was to p ut them in our Very Berry Co ld Press Juice. Kid tested and approved.

Organ ic Carrots
Organic Kale
Organic Strawberries
Organic Blueberries
Organic Raspberries
Organic Gran ny Smith Apples
Organic Tangerines

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Whats in our Large Fruit & Vegg ie Box - Winter? Watch this vid eo.
Who Says Organic Carrots Aren't Se xy?


subscription organic cleanse and detox box es, cold press juices and corporate cateri ng



234 Dominion Rd NE
Vienna, VA

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Tuesday 9am - 4pm
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