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Dental implants are designed to be long-lasting, often lasting a lifetime with proper care. Their durability stems from the biocompatible titanium material and the fusion with the jawbone through osseointegration. While implants are not susceptible to decay, maintaining good oral hygiene and attending regular dental check-ups are crucial for their longevity. Factors such as oral hygiene practices, lifestyle habits, and overall health can influence their lifespan. With meticulous care and professional maintenance, dental implants offer a stable and reliable solution for replacing missing teeth, providing patients with a confident smile and functional bite for years to come.


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Different Types of Anesthesia Used During Oral Surgery
During oral surgery, various types of anesthesia ensure comfort and safety. Local anesthesia numbs the surgical area, rendering it painless. Sedation anesthesia induces a relaxed state, reducing anxiety and discomfort during the procedure. It ranges from minimal sedation (awake but relaxed) to general anesthesia (unconscious). Intravenous (IV) sedation delivers medication directly into the bloodstream for deeper sedation. General anesthesia renders patients unconscious, typically used for complex procedures. Our oral surgeon will determine the most suitable anesthesia based on your medical history, procedure complexity, and individual needs.


New 5.0-star Review: "I went in for a surgical extraction of one of my teeth and what a smooth extraction it was. Thank you Dr. Dawood and the assistant who helped. Dr. Dawood understood my concerns, explained the process before he started and also before different stages, and he was very gentle and professional. The depth of knowledge he has is easy to see when he speaks and yet he is so down to earth. I will definitely recommend Dr. Dawood to all who need an oral surgeon."


Why Choose An Oral Surgeon for Dental Implant Placement

Considering dental implants? Opting for an oral surgeon ensures expert care and optimal outcomes! Oral surgeons undergo extensive training in advanced surgical procedures, including implant placement. Their specialized expertise in oral and maxillofacial surgery minimizes risks and complications, guaranteeing a safe and effective procedure. From complex cases to routine placements, oral surgeons possess the skills and knowledge to handle diverse scenarios with precision and care. Choose expertise, choose excellence—choose our oral surgeon for your dental implant journey!

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New 5.0-star Review: "This was the best wisdom teeth extraction experience I could’ve asked for! All of the staff were so friendly and helpful at every step of the process."


New 5.0-star Review: "What a wonderful practice! Everyone is so very professional, and Dr. Dawood couldn’t have been more knowledgeable and helpful. I recommend this practice in the highest way possible. Thank you to the entire staff for your excellent care."


Signs You May Have a Mouth Tumor
Being aware of signs of a mouth tumor is crucial for early detection and treatment. Look out for persistent mouth sores that don't heal, lumps or thickening of the cheek, tongue, or gums, difficulty swallowing or chewing, and persistent pain or numbness in the mouth or lips. Other signs include changes in voice, unexplained bleeding, or a feeling of something stuck in the throat. Early detection greatly improves treatment outcomes. Stay vigilant, stay informed, and prioritize your oral health!


New 5.0-star Review: "I had dental implants placed by Dr. Akbar Dawood. It was a great dental implant experience . If you are looking for high quality dental implants in Vienna, I strongly recommend Dr. Dawood who is the best implant dentist in Vienna. He is excellent and extremely knowledgeable."


Our Vienna oral surgery team emphasizes exceptional patient care by offering innovative solutions like EXPAREL®️, a non-opioid option that provides long-lasting pain relief after surgery. With fewer opioid medications needed, our patients can enjoy a smoother recovery with minimized side effects. You can trust Virginia Oral Surgery Specialists for advanced techniques and improved outcomes.


What is a Vestibuloplasty?
A vestibuloplasty is a surgical procedure aimed at increasing the depth of the vestibule, the space between the lips, cheeks, and gums. This procedure prepares the mouth for dental implants or to improve the fit of dentures. By creating more space in the mouth, a vestibuloplasty can enhance oral function and aesthetics. It's commonly recommended for patients with limited mouth opening due to factors like oral scarring, trauma, or congenital conditions. If you're considering a vestibuloplasty, consult with our oral surgeon today!


New 5.0-star Review: "HIGHLY recommend. I saw Dr. Dawood years ago and he did an excellent job. I moved out of the area and am now living 4 hours away, but am driving back and forth to him for current care. Dr. Dawood is excellent, professional, knowledgeable and kind. The staff are also professional, knowledgeable and kind."


The Role of Nutrition in Healing After Oral Surgery
Discover the healing power of nutrition post-oral surgery! Improve your recovery by embracing a nutrient-rich diet. Opt for soft, easy-to-chew foods like soups, yogurt, and smoothies packed with vitamins and protein. Vitamin C promotes tissue repair, while calcium strengthens bones and aids in the healing process. Hydration is key – water supports overall healing and prevents dry mouth. Limit sugary and acidic foods to expedite recovery and reduce the risk of complications. Your post-oral surgery journey deserves the best nourishment for swift, optimal healing.


New 5.0-star Review: "My daughter needed emergency wisdom teeth removal. I called this office based on Google reviews The receptionist was so nice and provided next day appointment where my daughter got needed pain medication and they scheduled the surgery following business day. The surgery was very smooth. Dr Akbar was very nice and knowledgeable and explained everything in detail. Attending nurse was very caring and helpful Overall my daughter received excellent service here and I would highly recommend Dr.Akbar and VOSS should you need dental surgery services."


New 5.0-star Review: "I came in to have my wisdom teeth removed last week and had an amazing experience! From the consultation, to the actual procedure the team was extremely kind and knowledgeable. I was anxious about the procedure but I was well taken care of by the Doctor and his surgical assistants!"


New 5.0-star Review: "VOSS was amazing, i came to get my wisdom teeth removed as i had begun to feel pain and the doctor and his crew made my extraction swiftly and painless. I felt little to no pain after removing my wisdom teeth. I have no complaints and only good things to say about VOSS and its crew! highly recommend."


What Causes Impacted Teeth?
Impacted teeth occur when there's not enough space for them to emerge properly. Wisdom teeth, often impacted, lack sufficient room in the jaw, causing them to become stuck or grow at odd angles. Genetics, jaw size, and insufficient dental arch space contribute to this phenomenon. Crowded teeth may also block the natural eruption path. Regular dental check-ups and X-rays help identify potential issues early. If impacted teeth pose a concern, our oral surgeon can guide you through proactive solutions.


New 5.0-star Review: "I recently had all 4 of my wisdom teeth extracted at VOSS. Dr. Dawood and his team are absolutely amazing and the facility is excellent. The whole experience was made to be really seamless for me. And Nurse Jenny was delightful to work with all the way through. The doctor was very kind and understanding, made time to explain things to me, and answer even my most simple and random questions. This was my first surgery ever, and I was having a lot of anxiety. The team really helped me get through that. I highly recommend VOSS."


When is a Ridge Expansion Necessary?
Ridge expansion becomes essential when the jawbone lacks adequate width to support dental implants. A narrow ridge may result from tooth loss, periodontal disease, or natural anatomy. Ridge expansion involves grafting bone material to widen the jaw, creating a stable foundation for implants. It's especially crucial when opting for dental implant placement in the upper jaw or posterior areas. The procedure enhances both aesthetics and functionality, ensuring successful and long-lasting implant integration.


New 5.0-star Review: "Friendly and helpful staff and a great surgery experience."


New 5.0-star Review: "I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed at once here and it was a great experience and smooth recovery. Everyone at VOSS was extremely friendly, helpful, and transparent about the process."


Common Facial Injuries

Beyond teeth, Dr. Dawood is an expert in treating common facial injuries. Fractured jaws, a result of accidents or trauma, find precision care under their skillful hands. Soft tissue injuries, like lacerations and puncture wounds, are expertly repaired for optimal healing. Complex facial fractures, whether in the cheekbones or eye sockets, are addressed with surgical precision. Our oral surgeon plays a crucial role in restoring oral health AND the intricate balance of facial structures.


New 5.0-star Review: "I had a great experience! Dr. Dawood and his team did a fantastic job! I definitely recommend them. I had a hard case for a tooth extraction and they did a great job during the surgery. Everything went excellent and I had a quick recovery. Thank you to the team here at VOSS for the excellent attention and for doing a great job. They are great!"


Can I Eat or Drink Before Oral Surgery?

Can I eat or drink before oral surgery? Typically, it's advised to avoid eating or drinking for at least 6-8 hours before oral surgery, including procedures requiring sedation or anesthesia. Fasting helps prevent complications during the surgery, such as vomiting. Follow your dentist's specific instructions, as they may vary based on the type of procedure and anesthesia used. Staying hydrated is crucial, so discuss with our oral surgeon if sips of water are allowed closer to the surgery time.


New 5.0-star Review: "First and foremost, the staff members are incredibly friendly and accommodating. They understand that visiting an oral surgeon can be intimidating, so they go out of their way to make patients feel comfortable and welcome. Whether it's the treatment coordinator at the front desk or the dental assistants assisting with procedures, everyone exudes a genuine sense of care and concern for your well-being. The oral surgeon himself Dr Akbar is undoubtedly the cornerstone of the practice success. Not only he is highly skilled and knowledgeable in his field, but he also possess a remarkable bedside manner. He takes the time to thoroughly explain procedures, answer any questions or concerns, and ensure that i was fully informed and comfortable every step of the way. His calming demeanor and reassuring presence instill confidence in even the most anxious of patients. I had four wisdom teeth extraction in one visit, it felt like a blink, I was done within 20 minutes. No pain at all even after the procedure. I’m so thankful and I really appreciate everything."


What is a Glossectomy?

A glossectomy is a surgical procedure involving the partial or complete removal of the tongue. It is often performed as a treatment for tongue cancer or other severe conditions. The goal is to eliminate cancerous cells and preserve the patient's overall health. After a glossectomy, speech and swallowing may be affected, and reconstructive surgery may be necessary to restore function and appearance. This procedure requires careful consideration and collaboration between our oral surgery team and other healthcare professionals to ensure the best possible outcome for the patient.


New 5.0-star Review: "everyone is amazing here. Dr Akbar is very knowledgeable and he knows what he is doing. I got my wisdom teeth extracted in the morning and I feel no pain at well; literally took him less than 10 mins. I was expecting much worse from all the horror stories I heard from friends, but Dr really helped me understand everything and was extremely nice throughout the process. Very clean office as well!"

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🔔Time for Threading a needle! 🪡
The titanium 3mm dental implant is an excellent choice for placement in cases of limited bone dimensions e.g.: atrophic bone in the mandibular anteriors This ultra narrow diameter implant was digitally planned and perfectly executed resulting in a great outcome. Ideal implant position achieved with great expertise using fully guided surgery by Dr.Dawood at Virginia Oral Surgery Specialists.
No horizontal bone argumentation needed.
Stay tuned for final result! 🦷


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