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Thank you Nancy Jane Banister Digesualdo, you are a great healer and a great friend. I feel like IOU something. I have never felt better. I am so happy I decided not to go with traditional medicine. Seven days on your recommended treatment and I feel better than I have in over two years. my side affects, improved vision, rapid healing-all of the scrapes from my fall have already healed, I have greater mobility, The stiffness and all my joint pain practically gone, I feel better, so I'm happier. I'm not stiff when I wake up. So much different than the side effects I get when I go to the doctors office!
So breakfast, lunch, dinner anytime on me!
I expected it to take months for me to feel this good!
Thank you so much
Thank you to all my amazing clients!
I joined this amazing couple in love! Thank you both for the honor!
Come join us at Linn Creek Farmers market this Friday April 27th from 4-9 pm....see you there!
Dear nancy,
I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: "Nancy has a wonderful personality and a teriffic Spa with dedicated clients! I cant wait to try her Raindrop Therapy and love being in her circle of friends!"
Service Category: Cosmetologist
Year first hired: 2010 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
I so love how science is discovering the benefits of spirituality! πŸŒŸπŸ™πŸ½πŸŒŸ

Sacred geometry is a thing of beauty!
We are all connected!
Feel the divine flow of light energy!

Serenity Lifestyles is by appointment only! Peace and wellbeing through, chakra balancing, aromathea

Peace and wellbeing through, chakra balancing, aromathearpy and many other services, give us a call for more info! 573-216-3778





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Timeline photos 11/10/2022

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Andrea Bocelli W/Daughter Virginia (LIVE HD) / Hallelujah / Hollywood Bowl CA 10/24/21 11/07/2022

Andrea Bocelli W/Daughter Virginia (LIVE HD) / Hallelujah / Hollywood Bowl CA 10/24/21 Andrea Bocelli W/Daughter Virginia (LIVE HD) / Hallelujah / Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood CA / 10/24/21

Andrea Bocelli, Matteo Bocelli - Fall On Me 11/07/2022

Andrea Bocelli, Matteo Bocelli - Fall On Me "Anyone who is a parent, anyone who knows the precious responsibility of being a mother or a father, will fully grasp the meaning of this piece. β€˜Fall On Me’...

Andrea Bocelli W/Daughter Virginia (LIVE HD) / Hallelujah / Hollywood Bowl CA 10/24/21 11/07/2022
Precious! He plays in 432 hz tuning! πŸ’«πŸ‘ΌπŸ»πŸ’«

Andrea Bocelli W/Daughter Virginia (LIVE HD) / Hallelujah / Hollywood Bowl CA 10/24/21 Andrea Bocelli W/Daughter Virginia (LIVE HD) / Hallelujah / Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood CA / 10/24/21


"Help others even when you know they cannot help you back."
- Motivational Life



Connections, Beliefs, & Healing with myself & Dr. David Hanscom. New streaming product!

This video series will provide a greater understanding of the basis of life and how we respond to ongoing challenges. This knowledge provides deeper insight into the nature of chronic disease and clears a pathway for disease prevention and healing solutions.

Watch at home:

More information at


πŸ“’Calling everyone who is feeling burnt out, we got a special virtual workshop for youπŸ‘‰

We’re often so hard on ourselves, by having unrealistic expectations, impossible timelines, and perfectionistic tendencies.

So we have a difficult time acknowledging all the incredible, magical progress we make daily, in the simplest, most meaningful ways.

Tuck yourself into bed tonight and before falling asleep, reflect on all the beautiful ways you have made your life and the lives of your family, friends, and the strangers you meet along the way, more joyful and rewarding.

Remember this has been a challenging time for everyone, in varying degrees, so Be proud of yourself for being here today.πŸ’š

(Hands up if you passed your hardest moments alone while everyone believed you were fine.-unknown)

7 Things Every Child Needs To Hear 11/06/2022

7 Things Every Child Needs To Hear 1. I love you. 2. I'm proud of you. 3. I'm sorry...

Timeline photos 11/06/2022
Timeline photos 11/06/2022

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If we give in to fear during a highly charged event and react with a strong emotion, that’s a conditioned response. We’re reacting the same way as we do in daily life. We’re feeding and fueling the same patterned reactions that keep us in the known past – because those emotions are a record of the past.

But if we can learn to sit with the discomfort and overcome it; if we can refrain from judging the experience as β€œgood” or β€œbad;” a whole new world opens up to us.

Learn more about Dr Joe’s book β€œBreaking the Habit of Being Yourself” and accompanying meditations by clicking the link:

How to Make a Lion's Mane Matcha Tea 09/22/2022

How to Make a Lion's Mane Matcha Tea Want to start your day with energy, but skip the intensity of coffee? Look no further than this Lion’s Mane Matcha recipe! This unique blend provides a mild ...

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Roses are beautiful and fragrant, but they also pack a lot of nutritional value! 🌹
​The most nutritious part of the rose is its fruit, called the rose hip. Rose hips are known for their extremely high amount of vitamin C and rich supply of antioxidants.

Rose hips emerge at the end of the season at the base of the flower after it blooms and are ready to be gathered from the plants when they have become a nice bright red color.
​A popular way to take advantage of rose hips' nutritional value is to prepare them as a tea – to do this you can cut each fruit in half, soak them in a bowl of water, remove their seeds a day later, and either run them through a dehydrator or dry them in the sun. You can then use them right away as the base of a tea, or freeze them indefinitely and defrost as needed.

They also make a lovely ingredient in jams, syrups and marmalades!
❀️ ​–– What are your favorite ways to use rose hips?


Happy Sunday!! 😍😍


When a butterfly breaks free from its cocoon, an hour or two is spent shaking off a liquid from its wings until they are dry.

Once ready, the butterfly flutters in complete elegance and wonder. πŸ¦‹

We're all going through cycles of letting go of the past and preparing for the future. We're all building the courage to break free from self-imposed limitations and fears, so we may discover an ever expanding possibility for ourselves. Be easy on yourself and others❀️


HO'OPONOPONO FOR MONEY 'OPONOPONO 'oponoponoForMoney 'oponoponoPrayer this video we are going to use ...

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Choose positivity

Timeline photos 08/12/2022

You have the power to do anything! Start today!


Much love and blessings to all!

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A year ago, I joined these two into one, in the first ever wedding I officiated.
I feel so blessed to have guided loving couples into marriage over the past year and look forward to all of the love and warmth it brings. My passion is peaceful and understanding, joining love in all forms for a moment of bliss that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Profile pictures 08/12/2022
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