Walmart Vadnais Heights

Walmart Vadnais Heights


Walmart Vadnais Heights, MN. You losr a 13 k year customer. Beyond years of buying expired stuff when it gets past me , you guys lost me when the only register open was 20 items or less and self check out. Think about that not 1 register open . My friend and I both left our full carts and walked out after 20 minutes of waiting for someone to come and work a register. No excuses terrible management.
I saw online that this store is now closed for good. True ?
Zack is horrible
Not cool for you folks to overcharge me for an item by 70 cents and refuse to correct the issue. "The physical sticker is wrong", "the computer says its more", "its after 8pm, we cant do anything about it". Please close your doors at 8pm if can't maintain anything more than 'vending-machine-like' customer service for the entire last 3 hours that your store claims to be open.
No communication from this store whatsoever. I would encourage everyone to find another Walmart store or to shop elsewhere where there is human beings that communicate with you. So disgusted.
Waited 30 mins in the underwear section for an employee to open a case. Spoke to 3 employees while I waited but none of them had a key. By far the worst customer service I have ever experienced in my life!!! This location need to be closed and all the management should be fired.
Vadnais Heights WalMart has the worse customer service. I have been trying for 4 days to reach the manager or loss in found department. No one answered the phone. Today someone did answer and was put on hold and NO ONE PICKED UP. The did hanged up. 45 minutes on hold.
Upcoming job fair at Walmart Vadnais Heights on July 6 from 3-7pm.
Why didn't Wal-Mart update their website for Covid 19 vaccine eligibility? People meeting 3/30 eligibility requirements are unable to make appointments. When Will it be updated? You're slowing the process down by not updating your systems.
Them crackers lucky I don’t quit this sh*tty a*s job Stuart is a racist and Sara is a fat pig NOBODY SHOULD APPLY HERE
Why won't anyone answer the phone at your service desk?? I've been calling your main line for over 30 minutes and no one will answer!!
Everyone i have a prayer line going for a dear walmart coworker John Galindo lots of you know him he is in California his mom has covid let's keep him in are prayer he is going to need all of us keep this 🙏 going
I lost my iPhone 11 last night (Sunday nov 22) it was somewhere over in or near clearance isle. Has Burberry case on it. I WILL GIVE A REWARD IF FOUND AND RETURNED TO ME!
I was there a few days ago shopping for things i needed and someone there did NOT stock the can SAFELY/appropriately so when I went too grab one a ton of can came falling at my face and shoulder! Made a Incident report and I have STILL not had ONE APOLOGY!! My face is jacked up.. but that’s alright since Walmart does not care that I got hurt because of THERE Negligence and can’t even check too see if I’m ok I have a I witness that was with and pictures of how it was stocked and my face from where the cans hit it.. maybe if I’ll get a lawyer then they will apologize!!
I was just here shopping with my mom, I found Maternity pants on a metal rack the price on the rack stated $5 I grabbbed two pairs there was 10 pairs on this rack that stated $5 when we went to check out the cashier told us that she had to have her manager piece check these items because there was such a difference on price, which is completely understandable what comes next is the reason why I will no longer shop here, the manager came over with an instant attitude and went somewhere to check the price I have no clue where she went because my mom also went back to show here the rack full of these pants. She never showed up to the rack and as my mom came back up the manager came up behind us and said they were not supposed to be there and that was not the price and continued to argue with my mom even though she took a picture to prove the pants were there. This Manager didn’t want to hear anything that was being told to her and refused to honor the price for someone else putting the pants in that location. She was so rude and disrespectful I hope she doesn’t treat other customers like this, I will never come to this location ever again, unfortunately this is the closest location to my home so I will be driving out of my way to go to a different location.
I'm glad as a Mexican you guys only care about the black community.. this is bs

Sam was a firm believer in listening to what his customers had to say. That tradition continues today. But now, it doesn’t have to end when you leave the store.

Pharmacy Phone: 651-486-7005

Pharmacy Hours:
Monday: 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Tuesday: 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Wednesday: 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Thursday: 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Friday: 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Saturday: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Sunday: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Services at this Location:

Guidelines for joining the discussion:

When Sam Walton opened the doors to the


We’re hosting a roundtable livestream event on all things trending, so you can find the ones that fit your vibe this fall. Tune in Weds., Sept. 27 at 7pm ET to shop our chicest Walmart finds & get expert tips from hosts 🏡 Bobby Berk, 👠 Gabi Fresh & 💄 Sir John!
Time: Sept. 27 at 7pm ET


Learn how to elevate your home look with a decorative paneling project!

Timeline photos 09/24/2023

When your Halloween costume can turn into a nap pillow, you know you've made it.🙌

Squishmallow costumes AND matching pails (sold separately) are now available at your Lehighton Walmart. These will not last, stop by for yours today.

Timeline photos 09/14/2023

Walmart's have arrived! 🍼

Don't miss out on these exclusive deals & fantastic savings on baby essentials throughout September. Just like our Associate Carly, you'll discover adorable bibs & a wide range of other baby must-haves to keep your little one happy & your budget in check! 👶🏼👶🏿👶🏽

Timeline photos 08/29/2023

Who knew that Slytherins could be so cuddly? 🐍

We have Harry Potter squishmallows 🧙🏻‍♀️ these won’t last long!!

Timeline photos 08/25/2023

*adds to cart too frantically and catches a thumb cramp* 🌶️🍍

Who has tried the new Spicy 🌶️ Pinapple Jalepeno Doritos😳🌶️

These are simply the most amazing chips ever created, only at your Clinton Walmart✅


Demo your new fave complexion products with Ashley Graham!


Join Dan from his kitchen to make family-friendly meals.

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Timeline photos 08/19/2023

It's a Dogg eat Dogg world on aisle 6🍦🥣

50-year associate and Snoop Dogg Superfan Margaret knows her products, she wants you to know we have the goods on Aisle 6.

Visit your local Walmart and shop in style while getting the new Snoop Cereal and Ice Cream


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Join LEGO® hosts at HQ to explore the epic possibilities of smaller sets!


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Timeline photos 08/12/2023

Help us congratulate Chase and Ryle on their engagement! 👏💍

Exciting news!! Our Digital Personal Shoppers Chase and Ryle are now engaged 💍 💞❤️. Wishing them all the happiness and love as they embark on this new journey together. Congratulations 🎉!


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Timeline photos 08/05/2023

July 31st: ☀️
August 1st: 🎃

This is the first sign that Spooky Season is almost here again! Pumpkin Reese’s In milk chocolate and white chocolate and the Franken Cups are back! Come get your early ounce of Ol’ Hallows Eve now!

Timeline photos 08/05/2023

We’ve created Sensory-Friendly Hours this back-to-school season to continue to create a shopping experience where everyone feels like they belong & can bring their unique identities, experiences, disabilities, & perspectives into our stores.

Join us every Saturday, now thru August 26 (September 9 in select locations) from 8-10am as we work to make the shopping experience a little easier on individuals and families who are especially sensitive to lights and sounds.

What you can expect:

1. Radio turned off

2. Lighting dimmed (*Limited # of stores)

3. TV Wall set to a static, low sensory image

Thanks Walmart Jonesboro - E Highland Dr for the awesome support!


We hear ya Steel, a lot of our motivation is food-based, too. 🍖 😋

Timeline photos 07/21/2023

Got 67 problems but school supplies don't have to be one with this back to school supply kit!

📓✏️✂️📚📕Check out this 67 piece school supply kit for $9.98!

Timeline photos 07/19/2023

*slowly reaches for a pumpkin spice latte*

We know we're early but we are way too excited for Halloween 🎃 💀👻🦇
Fresh off the truck are these spooktacular baby outfits in sizes 0-3 to 24 months. Come check out our new apparel today.


Sterling’s going from the backyard to the back nine in no time. ⛳️


Barbie is everything & so are her Walmart picks 🤩


Everyone needs to know. Walmart+ Week is coming to a close, so get that 50% off an annual membership ASAP! Ends tonight at 7pm ET. Terms apply.

Timeline photos 07/13/2023

It's 🍒 season and Walmart Salem - Highland Ave picked a good bunch!

Timeline photos 07/12/2023

Walmart+ Week savings are now open to everyone! Hurry before the deals end tomorrow at 7pm ET. Terms apply.


We don't just have everything...we have Becky G's thing, Patrick Mahomes' thing & even Barbie's thing! 💋🏆💖 Check out an all new way to shop on Walmart.

Timeline photos 07/11/2023

Buying a Barbie item every day until the movie releases 🛍️

Come on Barbie let’s go shopping at your friendly Alton Gloor Walmart. Where you can find a wide selection of Barbie’s toys and apparel.

Timeline photos 07/06/2023

The glitter is on! Glittered they will be! Friday 7/7/23 we shall see who will come out sparkling! #2087


CMN Float a dollar for a float had an amazing turn out today! Perfect day for cool treat!


Timeline photos 06/30/2023

It’s float a dollar root beer float day at Walmart 2087! So don’t forget to stop and grab a refreshing treat while showing support for CMN!

Timeline photos 06/29/2023

CMN Ice bucket challenge! Sara got the most money raised for CMN...please help us and continue to donate at our store!

Timeline photos 06/27/2023

Hey small business owners! 👋🏽👋🏻👋🏿 Did you know we’ve got tools to help you get ahead? Check out our latest webinar, featuring Alisa S. Joseph of U.S. Black Chambers, Inc. & our own Ashley Hubka, on best practices to advance your business now:

Timeline photos 06/26/2023

It's not JUST Walmart, it's Save time and order your 4th of July necessities online for pickup or delivery so you can focus on what matters most— debating if charcoal or propane makes the best burger.

It’s not just any grill. it’s an AMERICANa grill. It’s not just Marquel, but Marquel from Apparel 😌

Timeline photos 06/24/2023

If you think Blue Bell Ice Cream’s new Dr Pepper flavor is making these associates from Walmart Gordonsville smile now, just wait until they actually get a taste. 😋

Timeline photos 06/19/2023

It’s CMN time! Come grab a popsicle or ice cream sandwich and show support with Lisa!

Timeline photos 06/12/2023

Whoa! That's a lot of celebrating for one day.👏 Help us wish Mackenzie a very happy birthday AND happy work anniversary! 🥳

Join us in celebrating Mackenzie! She is celebrating a birthday AND work anniversary! Happy happy birthday & work anniversary Mackenzie! 🎉🥳

Timeline photos 06/08/2023

We love it when a work bestie becomes an IRL bestie. Here’s to these two amaze associate BFFs Kassyndra & Tammy on . 💛 (h/t Kassyndra.Gadlen)

Timeline photos 06/06/2023

Let’s hear it for our associate grads. 👏🏽👏🏻👏🏿🎓 Excited to cheer you all on in your next chapter—like Steven of Walmart Bethany who’s been with us for almost a year & is taking on trade school!

Photos from Walmart's post 05/27/2023

Time to shine the spotlight on our incredible associates this . These superstars bring their passion, expertise, & vibrant cultures to our stores every day. Join us in celebrating the unique voices that make us stronger together! 💙🙌

Walmart Pisgah Forest
Walmart Rock Hill - Dave Lyle Blvd
Walmart Arkadelphia
Walmart Neighborhood Market Gulfport - East Pass Rd
Walmart Plaistow
Walmart Waco - Franklin Ave
Walmart Mobile - Rangeline Rd
Walmart Supercenter Beebe
Walmart Asheville - Hendersonville Rd
Walmart Broken Arrow - W Kenosha St

Timeline photos 05/26/2023

Hey Wendy's we don’t mean to stir the pot 🥘😉 but we think your new canned
chili is one of our favorites!

We now have Wendy's Chili!!!🌶🌶🍲🍵

Timeline photos 05/24/2023

Are you an individual with mild to moderate hearing loss who can’t afford hearing aids that cast an arm and a leg? Stop into Walmart and see what we have to offer! With price points a third of the price or more, you can’t afford not to!

Timeline photos 05/19/2023

Heather is out here trying to hook you up with all of the good finds👏 Tag your Walmart run buddy to let them know it’s time to add more to the closet 🛒

New apparel Team Lead Heather wants to let everyone know we have tons of items on clearance! Come get them before they are gone!!🥳🥳🥳

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Wow! 😄 Check it out at - See you then!
Crank up the volume! Great news for anyone looking for a great paying career. Apply at
Come join our amazing team. 🤑Apply at - Store 2087.See Bryan for more information ⬇️ #Walmart #ready...
Join us at Vadnais Heights on July 24th for Walmart Wellness Day from 10am-2pm! We will be offering free health screenin...
Deals for days is coming soon. Join us starting June 20 at 7pm EST for huge savings on the hottest items on ...



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Monday 7am - 11pm
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